The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1947
Page 8
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FOURTEEN Russian Gold Invested in Grain in U. S. WASHINGTON, Jul ylO. (UP>.Chairman John Tnber ot Appropriations Committee said yes- (erday lie had been informed that Russia's European satellite conn, tries,; using Soviet gold, linve been making heavy Jim-chases in Die Amerfcan grain market. This, tho New York Republican said, has resulted in keening grain and meat prices up. Tabor said he received the information from "excellent sources" he talked with by telephone this morning while making !i survey or the crop situation. "I have -been told," he said, "lint Soviet Russia has transferred Bold to Poland, Yugoslavia nncl Bulgnin ad that those countries have been buying grnin heavily, particularly at Chicago. This has bsen responsible for' keeping grain pi-ices up and for the resultant price jumps in meat." Taber said he was making a fur ther check on that situation. He explained he was "worried' about the crop situation in this country. Crop conditions, Tnbcr said, might necessitate new demands on the treasury. The whole foreign aid program, now under consideration by his committee, would have to be reviewed in that light, he said. BI/TTHEVJLUS <ARK.) COURIER NEWS Forrest City Voters Reject Parking Meters FORREST OOTY, July 10. (UP)Forrest city's lengthy fight over in Flying Disc Turns Out to Be Saw Urges Meat Gnawing To Keep Tooth Healthy K03TON <UI>)-lf you're'over 30 and you w.inl to suve your toelh llmnv away your knives and forks That's the advice of i>, Charles' II. M. Williams of tho University of Toronto, who believes 'th-Vi tearing into meats will) your icetli i-'i much l:cltcr than cutting lh<; c-di'.!lrs into dninly bit; before chewing their.. Once tin; average ;idult has ras--' ril the S5-yrar milestone, he i., in as much dant.'er of losing •eetj) from infections, and tinm dlsi*u.S".s us through decay and accidents ( Dr. Williams lold the MnKsachu-i- etts Dental Society. The only thing most people \\v Ihelr front t«'!Ji for now, he slid, is smiling and Ijitiiij! into npplr.s and that's a mistake. Table inn.i- inji's and soft diet work a lot <A i havoc in American mouths ho 1 added, nnd a little jaw exercise '.vould do a lot of good. Father Joseph Hrasky of crafton. V/is., holds what was reported to bo "flying <liw" which struck his church. The disc liirnctl oul U> te a, circular saw with two small tubes and several wires attached. IX'lcphoto.) stnlliitlon of parking meters hns emleil today after the citizens h:ul their Miy ut the polls ycstrrdoy. The votu wns 2T1 to 541 uijiilmt installation of the meters in the business district. Meters were Installed last year on action by the City Council but were later removed by court action which was upheld by the Arkansas Sunu 1 Court. IV TMJTH MILLER returned to Hope House at 11:30 with the once- coveted blue in a paper box. She had forced herself to buy it. It was'all she had left ot the new lite slie.had planned. A few hours before, when she had confidently walked into the future, she had come face to face with the past. Run, she had said to herself, run; you still have n chance. Bui she had been running for years, from city to city, from job to job, putting time nnd distance bchveen herself and n screaming promise, and her route had uecn a circle. Above the chatter in Ihe lobby slic had heard one voice. In n sea of slrango laces one face was not strange. It's a scheme, she'd said, it's a destiny.* I'm lost. But she had run again, out into the night, pleading with herself to be calm. She'd thought of Mrs. Sutton,. maybe Mrs. Sulton would take her in and ask no questions. Maybe she'd listen am! advise. But , then she'd remembered that Mis. Button was leaving town, .She'd begun to cry, standing on a-corner and fuming slowly and steadily as i£ she were surrounded. The fog was thick and the passersby were dim and shapeless. She could follow me and I wouldn't know it, she wept; I wouldn't see her. My eyes— •That was when she'd remembered- the eye doctor. The only man she knew except Mr. Ben?..; And his office wasn't far awayj an office and apartment com- bincd. She'd talk to him nnd he'd loll Her what to do. He'd been, elt—friendly, ife'd been, well— interested. She'd climbed the slnirs to his office, but no one had answered her ring, She'd slipped a note under Die door, askim; him to call her at Hii|K> House. "Leave a message if I'm not there," :;hs'd written, "and toll me where I c-an rcndi you. 1 need some advice. It's important to me." She couldn't tell him how important. She couldn't write a word like deV.h. It would look hysterical. tat CHE'D left (he doctor's building and walked to Fourteenth Street, Iclliiijr herself to buy Ihc blue because hci would see lior in it. But the scheme took care oi that. Ten minutes nfler she left (he building a ckanini; woman s\yei>t the note into the hall, down the single flight of stairs, and out into Ihe gutter. ' Later- on the ' rain washed the words away. Outside the shopwintlow she had Jooked at the blue and talked to licrsclf again, '/'diked am) argued. Maybe I made a mistake, she'd said. Lots of people look alike, you're always hearing of cases. There was oven a jmuixvho looked like (he President, And she didn't act cju-Jer when she saw me, she acted Jiko she'd never seen me before. So I ronld be wrong. . . . But she rav; her own shaking hands and knew in her heart that there was tin mi;,!alce. But I'll j;o back there tonight' she'd said. I've sot t-j. Tl-.rre'a my suitcase and ihe Telephone call, hing can happen if I r;o i-<i-;>it-ht to my room tonight ;nv| lock the- door. A bif! houseful of people. I'll be safe for_ona ni",iit. That's' ail I'll need, one nisht'.' jit'll call tonight or tomorrow and he'll tell me what to do. Maybe I'll lau-h about this in a day ( ,r : ,>. I bet'I laugh, I be Pur Boarding Housewith Maj. Hoople to IsuiKti the.-. but it hod sounded wronjf. s * * ISS ri.UMMEU looked up from her embroidery when Until cumu in. "I've been wailing for yon," she said kindly, "Kitty sairt yon had pone out." "Have I had 'a telephone cull?" "No, dear. You had me worried, .itayiny out so late ;ill by yourself. Wo lock up at mklniKhi, except in tile case oC a special pass, and I wondered if you understood. Been buying soinclliin;; pretty?" "I bought a suit." "Tint's nice. My name's rium- mnr. lithe! Phimmor. My sister's tho hoiisclicepcr here nnd if you're humjry f think I can get you a little soniclliiiijj." "No thnnk you, Miss Plummer. 1'cl.ratlier j>o to bed." "You're a sensible girl, I cnn sec that. Your suitcase is in' yimr room, dear, cirid yon can run yoursclt up in the elevator, that is if you're not timid about machinery." 'I fiiess I am a little. I don't think I've ever tried to run an elovatov." "Well, never you mind, I used to ba afraid myself, but you'll pet over it the same as I did." I'll take you in> this lime and vou'll sec !IMV c;i::y it is." On the seventh floor Miss Plummer pointed clown a bare, dim hall lined on one side with closed (lours. "You sec that big door slraiijhl ahead? That's the fire door. You go right on through to (lie other side. There's a short hall bad; there, with tho bath, the telephone. and your own room. It's Ihc only room at that end and it's nice and tiiriet. almost like a little huus<; pet nir to ilself." 'Miss riummer?" Her voice broke and she tried again. "Miss Mummer, d'.. outside c;:lls come in on that plioucV" "Oil yes. \V!icn that happens v/o rnv; a i)t;II in your room." Miss r-lumnior smiled a ,'jood night, and the elev.-.tor closed. Her room \vas dar!:. She could hcv.r ntithinr; !jnt she knew some\v;;s there. The unknown roommate, already in bed arid rssioen. It Ind to be ihe roommate, it couldn't be anyone else. (Tu I!o t'onliinied) The U. S. bus around 14 pr-r cent of the world's lead reserves. When you're dealt a hand In poJ-- er, the chance-; are 049.140 to oiie that you won't ijct a royal flush Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1017 313 E. Main Phone Z4S1 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm lie Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. R1TTNEK KILL WILSON "I don't know why his music is so appealing to me rule I cion't like married band Inatlnr^'" -as a FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOPSER Mystery Solved THE LAsr MESSAGE, SIR, Bur we CAMT DECIPHER If! SPIES, " 111. ,, ' BEKHA f ' Club 61 Blylhcvlllc, Arfainsas — - Highway North Dine and Dance w. Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly ~~~ i Owned By A. (Red) Blcbershiff and George For Reservations Telephone 044 Pjrd GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch M ft. ft. 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Ca ' vort 1.35 2.65 SchenJey 1.35. 2.65 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2 65 Hill & Hill 1.40 2^75 Old Taylor 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 5% 4.15 4.15 4.15 4,15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 GAS ' Bccr .................. '-per Case $3.35 '7.9c; ........ Etnyl 19.9e AH Brands ITES - - $1.35 On. \ Buy 'em Here! ACCORDING To TMJS MESS.AGE "THE CAT" \Y AUNT is BLACK'/ HIGH SCHOOL FPEMOI .' ra^; AFRAID We've TAPPED A PRIVATE. Chasnbisn Sales Company Sales — Sludcbaker — Service Von'rc bem hearin;; a lot jboui Sliukbakcr Postwar aus . . But have you noticed Siuilelmk- cr trucks arc lining? Buy With Confidence From Chamblin 1 Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks I!!I7 Chevrolet \t, ion pickup lOlti Y : ton |ii<k»p 1915 Dodge <<• ton [ilekilll 1911 Chevrolet }; ton ISiB Ford Super 4-.ionr Sedan 1941 Sluclebalifir C'l.impioii 4 iloor 1941 Punliac 8— 4 Oiior Sciliin 19J! Plymouth Deluxe f door LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete Line of Studeljaker Paris and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studchakcr Dealer "First by Far Vfilh a Postwar Car" Kill ClKiinuliii —UR & Ash St., riione 2135— I,ex Cbar,:bl'u Out Our Way ByJ. R. WiHiams -HA,.' 60 IT'S VOU, HOOPL6.' ~L TGn=,T XOO KNOW !rt £ PEMM.-VY IN ST .' TM, 5 COURT IS E TO FIND A crnzgro OP VOUR SLIPSI40D CHM^XCT = E. ^ ^ 08:J£ ^ LESSOR To E\)eev AUTO DRiv/eR iNi TH CITY/ X^v WO!%SOEQiM& IF |S TOO MILD A WP W-\k'E IM UP FOR ME WILL VOU, soys? THE MAGIC WAMD T Hope She's l.islcniiv iMICHAKI, O'MAM,BY and lisper made a f rab for me, but too late. LANE WASH Til BBS ST4RS HOfiUfflEP AS TIKE SLIPS FKOW HEE CATCH- 6P-.'S FINSER5.. AND PLUMMETS Her BELOK, SICO ROWWESMESFC3 A PE5PJCM6 HY LFSt,m TUKNBK BY Irl- U-UCY OOI Yes, There WELL. NOW THAT I'M FULL. as DINNER, ro BSTTt START LOCKIN' CVECJ MY ISLAND--IF IT IS AN ISLAND.' HER BUDDIES T. HAM UN Is Tori i fie ViP TVfc MXT^Vfb.WO^V. 1 HWfc I COM£.l VKK11 HARM AN

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