The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 1940 CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rftto per Hue for consecutive intertioni: Minimum Charge 60o 1 limp per liae 15o H times i»er line per tUy l'2o a tliues per line p«r day ___ Oc <> limes per line l>cr <l»y 7c 12 times i>cr lin« 1'cr day 5c 1 Month per lino flOo Count five average words to tlie line. V ^3 ordered fur tbree or E(X tltoo* and ittepped betar* expiration wJJL lie charged vtr ihe nuujber of times tlio-ail spjir.irej tod nJjuatJiifrU of Mil liiaiU-. All Classified Ad vert j sing copy auVj- milled )M pei-soris rvsitlitij,- out&iil«'of i)i« city must lit' aciuiiL|iaiiJi'd Ly cash Hales may be easily computed from iliu above latle, Advertising on!or for Irregular insertions take* tit*' one lime iale, No rfsptJiisHjiJity \viJI In- Ufceii for more Ui»ii one incorrect Jnaeniuii ol my cJas- tifli-d ad. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'. COURIER NEWS FORSALI PAGE SEVEJ* For Sob Atiracllvo modern nom«. Norlt, riii ciireil for. KpaeEous >arU, bi'tuliful I shrubbery. ImiuedlnH. |ioss.'sslon Kc» or c«ll ilux I.OSKII. I'boiii; 502. 6 luli< n.,,,1,1 J,,l m I1 ffrl , „,„! p nn ,,,lj rai-,,,r» uhh nil ,<,„;,„:,, „, I'lmu, For Rf of £ room /iirnlvlied n|iartmrut l(t-a*iiu:ilil<> f..ll|il..s Lilly. S1U W. As.ll. 2UJ>k.S7 l.lili! liniiM-keo|iiui; room. 1'tiom- is:'!). 40-Sl) iir '100 arr,!s of Kuoil !an,l to rrra. fan fiiniisk (ra.'tur wr uiulos if ilrMrcil. .1. f. Kills, J.liouo Oil. i'rk'J') Nicely furnished from uvdraom. Slrsin _f.i>l w»u-r, 1'liune 32D1. i:tk-lIJ Sttvicu (5 room residence near high' school. Now renting "for! S65 a month. I'riue $500(1. ' Has one side now vacant. '• H. C. CAMIWKU, ; I'hone -I-)(i or 2<Ki(). '_ 3-26-pk-4-3 I; vl '"'- 2ll.|ik-28 . I-' I. t.'all nalil.. nil..*. Ill) Mast UiiTr'r*. Mr'.. ir ..( vacuum <'!,-ali.:rs. lliii, h . i, L. 'If; Asli. Any mukf clcnncr. !M l.inn William It. Ovi-Vton, acliiiK County Stirvi-yor. I.ami Surveys iintl ilraK line First lime D ., till: market. Tlireo rjeil- rufirn him,,,; in K'io.1 coiuiiiiuii, lutlxl ID ft. lul. Otic i-Juck oil ciiy bus line. !.•«• Ux Jill.-, ],l..|ity ,.f B ii,il,.n siia.'^. rouius UK- lin^-c IIILI] comfoitabk-. rca- ^<JlHLlJly [.ricu. Kvo m call .Max I-ognn, |ilio!lc r,02. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith v;urk. Delta Implement Co. ['hope for Trade n/i Tr-jfilaljli- yrot-ory nntl meat" maikei. Kn- 1 •'-i..»_Hii;k ami fiMiire. C.,,,,1 lu.-Bli.ii].-;t- 'j">-j>k-t;H — - I iikel. Kn- ' luvbtion - ' •-•r,-i-l'-:8 I'OJl M |.l.,riin,ll trnclor and " b,,uil.]iict,l '" o" 01 ' ^'»>"dil"i)II fi>r II or luler A- Help Wonted n— SAI.KSMAN WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Car ro PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's W/iat We'// Do:— ' Check Compression '1'csl, ('loan iipcl SIKICO S|>ark PhiKs (!k'jin iiiul Adjust Distributor Chirk Coil and (.'onilenser Ciict-k Oi'iit'i-iifor and Viilta^e KefViiUitor Cli-jiii, Adjust Cai'burt'tor and Clean Fuel Piiiuu Service Air Cleaner Tighten Hose Coiineclinns 'I't'.sl and Service Mattery and liadery Connections ^- Soe Us for Kxporl lindy-l'eniler Ifepnirs \ • We can give immediate Service on the installation of New Windshields and \Vim|f>\vs -k 'lust Keeeivuil—a Complefe Stuck (if Seat Covers for A)l i\l;ikes and Models New Dny! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW livery Wcclnf.scliiy Niglil, U:ai)-10:co KST nu the CHS Network. Political Announcements Til 8 Courier Nevn few fca •u.horlzeti to wnouno« th» fallow- Ing CA'nUa»te«, iub]ect to the Demacrntla primary:' til IKK IFF AND COIXECTO* JACK KINIJ5Y RCiMINBON WILLIAM llEHUYMAr/J COUNTY JUDGE GENS E. BRADLEY ROLAND GHEErt FOR TAX ASSE8SOE DOYLE HENDEKSOM CIKOUIT CIJERK HAUVEY MORRIS . COUNTY COWHT CI.EKK" BLUSAUETH BLYTHE COUNTY TKEASUBU DEU^A PUR'n^ STATK KKPKKSKNTAT1VK ALENE WORD E. C. PLE15MAN LESLIE "nuiCIE" SPECK L. H. AUTnY STATE SENATOR J. LEE BEARDEri PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lilylhoville, Ark. Tel. 45.1—454 The following are candldntcs tor office In'the Blythcvlllo Muiilclinil Kkvtlon to be held April 2: 'CITY C'l.KltK FRANK WIII'rWOUTIt Cll'Y ATl'OUNKY PEUCV A. WRIQHT (Par He-clcctlon) HOWAR15 N. MOORE \VA1U) <(NK Al.DKHMAN JESSE M. \VIIITK AI.DKUMAN WAKI> TWO JODIK U NAIiEHB Al,ln:i£.MAN WAKTl TI1KEE RUPERT CKAFTON Get our special price on a complete paint job to- Day 6, WRECKER Phonc 5J g SERVICE Specializing in 4 r,i«ni -(intisp $lf,i)D. Half Casl, Ualnnci' VM I..T month. -Vow unpty. Osi-ar Alr.\j<liil<.r, li^al E»liile iill.l Jit- KIT W. ilaln Si. l'l,c,ni- in Lin- li m . linnal A,lv,'rli>,-<l' ]'rf>ilu l i-t ' nmv avi nt.l,'. Kolil ,lir,Tl In us,.!-. Kvi-ry t.n ,-s. «r, ...... rn. inslilnlit,!i. larin u li.-U,-]- ,l:i^ i>t htMii,. ft llvo |.r,^|tr- Kar | '. ' ' : ; ; ~' l '"~ '"*. Is fl.-a,/ Will''n.|i',r'y,l|' J '|iVi,',,f'of"'!lie , , ilio ami lu-nlL-r. Jfric.'J Ijcdon Ni> liUCI (,' c, I'hunc. 7«(i il ; l( lilr.'s>. A«* . I'. (). llox !>S:i, auj sot r>f s|itini;s. ' 1'r.n- Family lo mnke sliaro trap »n,l lirl|i ' Al-oul llii; t ,l;icp. (JuiKl huuse. Mrs. ('. *•• Fisk, Ktalo Lin,'. 1'liono 7 1^. IHok'.f . [ii-opcrly on .Main Slrpel Wi-ll t. J'lioiu: 1)711. 2;VrV-4-l 22" '.i h[i. t-k'ctric fan mount'-il on G 1 _i.l!jiiil!lr.l. \-'l lint Davis. L'il-i.k-^7 ^ loo Internal ionnl ]»irk-np Iruck. l*>:ui NioJi-l. .Mnrr's Auto SrrvicP. Ash i 19ir» iiioil.-l c:nshiivati Mntor Scoolc-r Ooixl uiiiiiltliun. Call Jliil, ur!l auil :i-i:l«J KIIHNITUUK: IJp.lriKjrn sp.t and Lrpak- fast >«!. fall 2KIX ..... 2a;ct'-2'7 Hi-vcral <I*'sT - olil styk 1 .luhn Ooere irarlors' "on . McH.! ciiiiililion. For iiloiiL-liinK ^*»lc|isrini;. Will .-.-ll ,>r trnitc (or yolms ^/jr.^p.s ur iiinlcs. Ht'u ilu-jn :v [ .Mill. ^M'rjili! Ailillon. U. S. Hc.llison. 22-ck-l'J (irnrory More y.-i|li living .itnrlors. In- Kl-llicr with .1 n-nlal IIUIIM-S. A|ipn>x- iniali-ly 2 ^rrc'S nt Iniiil. Fronts on Jlw.v. 01. burili-rs on CoMoii licit l(. J!.. i.lenl loc.trion fur inihmlry. Hc,^ liiu'liannn's (3 rorery, A S. llwy. (il. i-'j-pk-^'J .Several B o°J Elcclric Vacuum Clcauurs. _Krc ill 1U45 Alii. U-21-iik-4-21 f:iioiro Ijlllcry fryt-rs, nbont 2 Ibs. riant ers Oil Co.. Munilu. 20-lik-l".t Wanted cinl ' 310 in giri-ri fo Wanted to Rent r. ('nil Krn^t <',ah' 3 or 4 lnl.ln- 1m us EI or n r*:irl in f»t N'f> .'ioy . KlliiHt-n, plimiu Hli::. lil-rk -*JS C or 7 room unfurnished house. Thone Lort Smnll ilark yelLow.i'ersW row Dfltnrju-a wi-arius a hnttpr. l-' jih-as,. iiuti f.v .Clay M,-,llin. Ill; \V. Hos,' St or full .'J24U. 2:1 i>k :!7 The kiwi is a flightless bird of New Zealand. The sun has about .one-lialf as much pull on the tides as clocs th Two Moline 7. Tractors and equipment. One practically new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imboden, A.-k. ' 3-12-pk-4-3 Bal,y chicks, •v.iil ! ible all (tie time. Jlvavy Ircods. Mrs. llnck MeUrs, 3U1 K. iliin, |,hunfl U1U. a-i,k-4[ll U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and $ydan seed. L. K. A8HCRAFT CO. jf'l'honc 4!)3 3-12-ck-tf Btn^ljerrj- pltnlt. Marie Ilarnisli. 17Iy Chict;a3mvl>s. 7-l.k-4|7 llaljy cljicl.3, different varieties'. Also nuullry nnil [inuHrr feeds. diL'Sler ^i.ewis, I'onllry. 413 E. Main. 7 pk-HT Alfalfa Hay ami mule drawn farm impls- monls. TcfF|j|iono 33. W. A. Jenkins. tilefle. Mo. ].|,k-4ll Kal.ljit mannro. CQc a nnshcl. Beat for flowers nnd Barilcn. 512 .^. llth Wt. Cl,ick«:aw Ruhljit fartna. l-jik-411 Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener., 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-2G-pk-4-26 i'-30 Tractor nnd Cnlliv.ilor. 2 Lolloin disc hreaMne vlo*.'- 3 mules ftiioollic inonlli. (lilln'Tt J.yncli. Victoria. Ark. "It Pmy« to SC0TT ALLEY N. FnnUtn BL Order Your New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the New Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. You're waited for It. Now you can jet it Just Phone 2650 R, M.' Graves, Local Manafer Let Me Erect Your Prefabricated House Free Kslimalcs—No Obligation O. W. FARR1NGTON •IlHi So. Lilly BlyCncvllle, Ark. For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forms of Swamp Feve: Daytime—Phone 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co Night Phoiic—2138 Cqmo Hotel. E. Main St WhiU You Wait ta Cleaned and Block M Mlnmt* Service The John's Shop MS W. Mate Bt. Cash Buyers for Property! „ Oirl 5-on ever notice thai In my »<b I n»l only give rou ll.e DOWN PAYMENT on the property, but also Ihe esict amount yba me to pay. Yon know the price before JOB commit me. A tood way lo adrer- I.tst your property with m r. My cvmrninian U 5%. , C.CAMPBELL Wonted To Buy «ill ].»)• .-n«h for II or .12 I'lir-! vnih't .,r rlyni.Milll. No ilcaU-r* II.' Til- 1 -''). L'.'.-|ik-t I ilv t,l IllUM' J lli,vc rllilu nay casli. SUB ,., rail .Mil* I...can iib ran. Int.. Irl i-nr t'.ini-li nr si-< No O.-al.-ls. IIA.M 1 I'.ll.tJ. A|il. is liav- cash ii^e.l fnrnilurf. 1 |ii<>.-r or il I,,- full Call SllCli. AKiii ilver service in sn'xl condition. Write I>. 0. Hox S80, IJIyJhcville. 3-12-ck-ir i We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Whojesaie or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 180 E. Main Phone 973 Tlic clnys lire loneci- In Okl:i- lioina tlinn they nre" In Nebraska in the wiiHcr nionllis. Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Plume 2<JI8 or 2642 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member N'at'L Pest Control Au'n. 115 S. Third 8*. Phone 2751 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUK 8EBV1CK- Phon. 2241 Read Courier News Wnnt Ads. LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop .108 South First Street !*rrfurl roiKiIrhi^ for loilny's vx- ijiiEsltu rniit>vi;ar ussurcil vvlsun ro- hullt hi mir nnulnrii shnp. REPAIRING WRECKED CARS BODY and FENDER STRAIGHTENING POPY and FENDER REFINISHING FRAME STRAIGHTENING BENDIX WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE WHEEL anc) TIRE BALANCING ' * "Service Is Our Business" toy Eich Chevrolet Texqco Gas qncf Off- 301 West Walnut Phgne 578 Till-, Dutch, oi|c) IBrlllsli, In turn, hnvc liold goylon, U'Uicli \vnfi un nnclei\t ccntiu' of PRESCRIPTIONS Frnheet Stock Gnarmnte«<l Bent PricM Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE BIan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespedeza I RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types F.icepl Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic 514 Main, Bljlheville, Ark., Phone 2SZ1 Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! so... It's lime (o come in for Hint Spring checkup. Here arc just a fc\v of Ihe IhSjiR.s lhal your war-weary car nccrls: • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. Hring U.s Your Puiiit anil Hocly Needs . . . We Are Kqnipl>c<l t'p Hancllc Them See Your Studeoaker Dealer First. We Ilu.v and Sell Good Used Cars CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Soybean and' Garden Se«d. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main I'hone 85G B]ylh,eville, Ark. FOR SALE ' CONCRETE 8TOR|\I SK>VJ3R All, SI/.KH Cheaper Th«n Bridie Lnmher PSCEOLA TffcE & CULVERf.^6. Oawola, Ark. Dr. J. L. Gur Ojttoimtritt Lex OuunSlta K.K. * AA Sto. AR' Sec ns about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechan- workin(r with modern lools anil efjiiipmep), ca.n put yiiur nir ti lop condition. We also have .a |iaint and. body shop repair service. We" \yjll fix your car or buy your car FOR CASH. DON EDWARDS Typewriter T. I, SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slocks of Farts For Chrysler I'rodacU 1ZI E. Main Pl,,ne _';«tmf, OOBONA. A^p TYPXWfUTKIUi BOOTS AND 1IICR BUDDIES KDOAR MARTIN; WNOVJ'. IHPK Of WOO'S 1 MKN'ft'E. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Supreme Pcnall} ' RY MERRILL.BLOSSE | ---AMD THE BOVS ARE \FORA VJ-MLE WEEIC \ GOSM ' THAT OR&ANI2iW<= WHAT THE/ THEVRE GOIUS TO ,/MEAK|S NO DATES THEY GOT rue IDEA FROM PHI KAPPA-TAU AT1H6 UNIVERSITV CALL "WOM4M-HAT£^5, INCORPORATED. "' \n Important G\i\ / ROOSTER? ME 3 VVHATOIA MEA.M ROOSTER? IT SiaKES ME ALL THIS ABOUT 15 A WASTE OF EFFORT \SHAT WITH "THE NEkV GIRL HARP AT WORK f? 1 LiOK! ITS 'TlME'\OU !?EALftED MV •SJ IMPORTAMCE AROUNP TH19 LAB! SICK! DON'TCHA, )H4!NOTSO'S WHERE'D THE.M LOM&HA.1RS 8E \\VTH THEIR TlNAE-RESEWiCH IF IT \\ASWT FOR ME? , Bffl ChuabBa

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