The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1937
Page 6
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''PAGE six BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)' COU11LER NEWS T LEU! Fill Lf Early Correction Essenlia - Says Winner of Augusts Tourney } [ Uy 1 BYRON-NELSON Winjirr of (he 1931 Augusta' Meiers' Tournament It was against .the advice of m, rarehls ni:d I lie professional o[ in" rlub" that I turned profussiona Nov.-23, m'>.. : wasn't at all cer tain' tiat I was taking the righ In my own mind I st'll ivisn' a finished [>o!f'-r. bv unv mean: Among my fnul's v::.s sliding in t'Ody in'lsi<[ of pivoting. That Is I vtoul'l brhv>'m.v Mm Inck will the c!ub on ills' baekswing. Dick Grcut. who had ••••c"»-j -• Ted Loiifftcrth us p">'"ssfr"iiil n' Ihe Glenn Garden Country CluV of Fort Worl!). i'D[n'-, : i tlik mil lo me. and I pracllced to correct it. Whenever golfers who want lo ( Improve their game find sliots go- fn'; baB they should go lo their , ch>V professional and ask him to watch (hem Ml a few balls. Then •Ihey should heed his advice and practice. Don't try to work oil limits your- ,sclf by ornctlclii7 without knowing .where the trouble lies, if you do you inay find that tlie fault has become grooved. In that case it will take Just about five times as long to. straighten yoursjlf ou t. • I shot 300 for ,fhe 72 holes and •collected S75 In Ihc Texarkann Open, it was jnst a little more than four years baforc I won Ihc Augusta Masters' Tournament and collected S1500. To lell tlie truth, lhat $75 gavc:me more of a thrill :i wanted lo frame Ihe check, bill had too. many other'tilings lo do with the money. ' , Hyron's Siart as I'Liyln" •1'ro I'ar I'Viini Auspicious My success in the Toxarkann Oirai led several Fort Worth -business men lo poo] money for the purpose of financing ins throuvh tlie wmlci circuit, .•starlln-; on the Pacific .coast. I made mv d-bii' iiixthe big lime nrofessionnl leaijir In Ihe Los Anielcs Quell, Dec 15 1032. I finished thirteenth anc Won $62.50. But everylhln? went bad thereafter. I v,as out of the money in' the Sintn Monjca,. Pasadena, and Agua Caliente Opens. By IhaMlmeJ I was nol only out of tin mousy but out of my money as well, and my backeis hirlced out, so I returned to Fort Worth in mid-Fjb ru'an 1 . I heard that the T.'xarkana Coithtrv Club iVns Inokinc for a professional, applied for, the position, and was signed, April 13 1933 it was ray first job as a professional It.di.ln't pay much, an:' when another winter season rolled aroi'nd I'didn't have quit:; ciitmtt- money to again make tils coast circuit. ; It was my fathcr-in-law-to-b' who made It possible for m» io make the trio. He had faith ir me and loaned me" what, money I reouired. I. played In four California lour- naments and didn't quite make expenses. But on the way back to Fort Worth, I banged out a GG In Ihe first round of the Texas Open at San Antonio that enabled me to finish second, one. stroke bchin. Wiffv Cof. and win 5325. I also finished second in the Galveston Opsn, winning $100, so wound up about 4500 ahead on Ihe trip. For the first time I felt that. I .hod found myself. Nelson Breaks Little's Long Match I'lay. Slrinsr I was married June 21. 1DM. an worked harder than ever lo im prove niy game. I began Iryins; too hard. My-wrists bscamc too tense an tight at the top of the baekswing I bagan using my body loo much The result was that I was pushini the ball to the rhht and to th left, I wasn't hittln? it. These faults were pointed but t' me by J. K. Watltev. a Texarkan oil man whom I consider +l1 Figure It Out Yourself •cu A BASE TRICK . . . - - - , By SATURDAY, MAY 1, 193? 8, ,-:o help us. is ii ]>:>xlnr> inntcli, Tlio legs waving In the :dr iii! to Vtrneli Williams of Gary, 1ml., who lltcntlly was knocked n loop. Williams cniilil take It. nowever, find cmne tack In tlic ucmidlni; round* jo win a decision In a Kentucky-IncUanu A. A. U. tournament nt Gary. 'Al ruling lim For Duly xlubition Grime Slated f"i; Sundav Afternoon at Fairgrounds. 'I!ic I.Mylhevllle Giants will gel llielr second exhibition test tomorrow afternoon when, .weather |:(i milling, they will meet the strous Crosxlown semi-pro club frcni Memphis. The game will be (Oiled at Walkt-r Pork, starting at :> P. M. 'lucvdav afternoon fliey wil' uicciinlcr their first Northeast Ar- konsu.s lengiic oiij-osltion In a preseason game wilh I'nragoiild. Tele- crf»ili|» ncccplance of the Ic'cal dub's. InvllnMun for a game here us iidl-wi late ve.stcnh'v from llovce WII!liiim,"'Piii'iisoi]l<! malinger. '- - Injc's were not imnresslvc against 'I«ftv" Al:xander's Indqieiul a-<-t Sundav. thonijli they did 'win iTVier oiisilv. (1-0. Thcv wen held to four hits by Blackard uid Wail. The Giants will bs nnt lo redeem themselves wilh 'lie willow (otiuirrow, and luiltj- ing from Hie \vav they have'been ppiitlnx (lie pellet this we:k, they are due for a comeback. Tlie Crosstowners arc brliijjiiit- one of the mast powerful senil- pro outfits in Shelby county vrur they laid claim lo the title by virluc of their twenty wins as compared lo but D losses. It took the Memphis Chicks. Class A-l. ten innings t 0 w i n a . 2i thanks 16 Handy Andy licesc's extra session home run. Russell Stfwart. Giant second baseman was n member last year, and said they will offer plenty of competition. T. 13. Marshall, a tall right- hander with a sweeping side arm curve ball, will likely start for the Memphians with "R«l" McCormick, veteran catcher, his bat- lery male. The remainder of the lineup will likely include Ed Griffith, first base; Bill Gods-ay, second; Owen Hill, short; "Robert Hill, third; Al Sieglcr, formerly iti the Cotton Slates Ica-nic, Icii field; Marion Hill, ccnlerfield, nnc Ed Marshall, rlghtfield. i Skipper Uobo's likely first lineup will include: Frank Miller, Hi; llussell Stewart, 2b; I'etc Pavich ss; Bobo, 3b; George Pratt, If Carletoh Lannek, cf; citlier Frank Hiii3 or Charlie Byrkctt. rf. Julian Harrington, giant right hand- er from Lewiston. N. C., will bi on the mound and Frank Man- cusp behind Ihe plate. There will lie a small admission charge to defray expense, of the visiting club. No aim gets more lender.'treatment, or attention than the million lollar v.'lnu belonging .to Master Robert Feller, sensational young strikeout artist ~h{ Hie Cleveland Indians. Trainer Lefty Weisiimn applies hot towels to the spcedball pitcher's arm to bake out the inness. Feller strained Ills arm in his first start of the campaign. The Iowa farm boy struck out 11 St. Louis Drowns in six Innings. Introducing - Bobo's Giants PETER EDWAKH P A V I 0 H, SHOUT STOP. 18 years old, born June 10, IftlO. at South Amboy, S 1 . J. Home address. 313 John Street. Father is a mechanic with he Pennsylvania Railroad. Nceth 'nly four months to finish Hal G, HuIIman high school, plans to :o back in thi: r.ui nnd take a •pccial examination to receive hii diploma. Was an excellent stu- •Jcnl. While at Huffman high :chool they did not play football. Several years before the 7ame was barred because a slu- 1enl was 'crillnilly hurt. Played tour years of basketball. Forward and guard. Captained the -ioain Captained the Tech baseball Iciim two years. Captained the All- Memphis nine his senior year. Was chosen on the all-stnr team three of four years. Pitched and played third base. Walloped the to- inato for .315 average In '35 performed with Liberty Cash Grocery semi-pro team. In- cidenlally they were city champions, too. Continued his habit of playing with winning ball clubs last season. With Crosslown he hit .300, played third base. They wci'o nlso considered! the best team in Shelby county. Andy Reese of Memphis Chicks had to hit n home run in the tenth to beat them. His father is a mechanic but is retired. He haJ two brothers, bolh ball players The older, now 2G, played severa' years in Memphis. Tills spring Glenn beat Russell out for Hit keystone job at Greenwood, n i.iis Junior and Senior years. Was the summer he works for J. H rmarte't. golfer outside of th- pro fcssions's. Practice a-vj concentration cl inated the faults. I managed to save enough mono through the summer and fall 19M to take ths winter circ ,ft»ain I had m» tost, success in San Francisco wt.cre I defeated Lawron Ultl.-. 5 ai-l 4. It brok^ his phenomenal strinj of match play victories ( beat Victor Gher.-.i the rnllowhiT day. bv-t in mv third iwml m-t-h I W.T: defeated bv HaroH M-Suiden. who went on to win tli» tournament. I nett«d abnut. $700 on t,h? trin and in tr.e sprina of 1935 I was invited to the Masters' Tournament for the first time. I finished ekhth, but that wn?- n't imnortint. Th.; Important thiin •was that It was there it-at I m-t George. Jacobus, president of the rr-fewion->l Golfers' Association. It was the b:sl thins that's ever George , combed Unqualified Ihc latter part of r 3(5 'realise of part'.ripaling in games A'ilh the Sacred Heart profession- d team. Ruined his chances to go to U. Penn. via a scholarship. Because he had signed a contra "t viih (lie Jorsey City team he did lot play baseball his last year, •rt got in Hires years. Was short- kp with Ihe Tottcuville A's. .vho won Ihe South Shore Con- 'ercnce. In Ihe playoffs wilh the North and South. East and West % inner*, they won to be rccog- lizcd as Champions. Hat- 'ed .4'tt) during the season and ras placed on the all-star team, '•'re:! liendel. spoils editor of Ihe Newark Evening Journal rccom- noidr-ci him lo the Giants. Eddie Brannick. Giants -secretary, recciv- Watkins' Co. Blytheville fans hope iiFseil's luck of playing with win icrs holds out this summer. Will Be First Exhibition' Lll(lc Rock Game For Osccola Club Kirciiofl's " e: ""!!; s Nashville Chattanooga Atlanta OSCEOLA, April 30. — Osccola New Orleans ... 'Ill open It's exhibition season at Birmingham Jackson, Tenn.. Sunday, playin_ 'Dutch" Welch's Generals' of the Kilty League. Efforts arc being :tiade to schedule games with Jonesboro and Paragonld before Ihc season opener at Blytheville, ['Imrsday. May C. The next game the Giants help the locals pry off lid here. Mills. Grcenbriar, who Iro ° kl 5' n Knoxvillo National League VI. L. Pet St. Louis 7 1 New York 5 2 •Pittsburgh 5 2 Philadelphia 4 4 Uoslon '.. 4 5 Aultman To Meet Riley On Monday One malcli that should appeal iarticularly lo Ihosc who like tor -heir grapplers lo stick to grap- ilins. and another that would like- y feature the rough-house .variety are on 1 . Monday night's wrestling "apl at th: Legion arena. Tex Hiley, the fast and scientific voimgstcr who seems lo be coming alon fast, and Dutch Aultman, a Sutchman of reputed ability, clash n one of the 90 minute, two-out- of-thrce falls affairs. In the other match, Joe Dillmnn. the durable Greek who likes the going lough ,and Jack Kenny, the powerful newcomer of late, will match skill in what will probably end in a socking spree A boxing preliminary will open the show .starling at 8 o'clock, and Mike Mcroney will bo the third man in (and out) of the ring during the grunt and groan pcrform- Western Boxer Wants To Fight With Boots on ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. lUI'l- Llkc the old-time cowboys who Grady led the centci fielders last year and who has been ' a persislent '.loldout, came to terms with Secretary-Business Manager D. Fred Taylor yesterday. The terms were lot made public but both parties icemcd "satisfied." Henry Gulp, he only left hander on the pitch- lie staff, arrived from Lafayette, '-».. and completed .the club ros- •,er. ..With the campaign less than: ft iveek ago, Manager Elmer Klr- :h(jff has a gigantic task of re- luclng his squad. '2'i players arc n camp and ten must be whacked iff before Thursday. The biggest .iroblcms lie in the hurling de- Mrtment and among the outfielders. Since only five pitchers are '.o be retained during the season :he skipper must decide between John Miller, Harold Barntt, Johnny Sain, all six fet and better, ind weighing ISO pounds; Waller "Rud" Lutes, Joe Hcring. Joe- Miisick and Gulp. He plans to have at least one southpaw so .wo righthanders' must go. The outfield situation Is even more perplexing. Returning, In Addition to Mills, Is Thomas Mabry. The newcomers are: Paul Lange. a protege of Johnny Tobin, ex-Brownie; Hal Bernnsek. Bill James, Rolf Gary, and George Hearne, a graduate of the Kay Doane school at Hot Springs. Only ;hree will be retained. John Scolinos. first base, George Carson, second base, and Kirchoff are almost sure lo stick. Gene Williams, John Shefpka, George Weber, infieldcrs, must fight it out for the other Infield post. James White and Robert Lynch, Jr.. catchers, have a two way scrap for tile receiving post. Because White can play third and Boss Kirchoff is an nblc catcher, it is believed that White has the inside job. The fight Is on and places will not be decided finally House Of David Clul) At Bailey's Padc On Sunday Victors over the Parngould Re bels of Ihe Northi'asi Arkansa league Friday the House of David baseball team meets Harry Bailey's Booker T's. negro nine, at the state line ball park al Hermondale tomorrow. - ..«. u,..,ii:. fti-ticii.K. iLxi-it-i Tlle House o! NiN'ld has one ( :d his autograph to a contract.! 0 ' 'I 10 ., In , os , 1 c , ololf " 1 iudcpendenl I Reported with Travis Jackson's ' "~~" larscy City team at Guffpott in rcbrnary. Tcok part in game iraiui.t Memphis Chicks. Has a younger brother, also a shortstop. who will bo heard from later. Pete says. We will be looking for to die with their boot' Jack HitSDn. 225-pound weight boxer, wanted lo wear' „. • them when, he climbed into the' 8 ' ring for the Golden Gloves Tournament here. until Thursday, Kirchoff slates. The whole squad will be taken to Jackson via Mathls Bus lines Secretary Taylor said. Welcl nnrttr t*it *>««.*»,j uiia iiiit^ boos on. Sscl . etMV Taylor ^ We]c: ( „'":!"[ lormerly played with the Osceol !„._,,, (Engineers and is well known hen Australia Honors Flier •We had a hard time .arguimrj SYDNEY, NSW (UP) - Sir ^k nut. nf flrthlln.r ,,-m, I,;- u. _, ' _. . _'. ' *wrj oir Jack out of wilh lils boots on nt Clovis," said Lcs Showers director of Ihe lourncy. Jack, son of Deputy 6hcti|f UJK sisted that he had neve: In anything but his to me' in golf. Jaccbi's liked the way i . ( mv hair, or something, us signed ms as l;ls assistant • at Ridsewoad, i JAMES RUSSELL N. J, for the summer of 1935. second base. Bora ,,,, 5 ^ *-,, ,.^ «. u .,,, ^uijt-rs wno pull 1010, at Memphis. Tcnn. Home the unusual and keep the crowd address, 120 N. Claybrooki Grad- in an uproar with their antics G-rraa"- Slrcr-s jNordic Names BERLIN !UJP,1f-German; parents baseball clubs In Ihe country and as a traveling asBivpatlon covers thousands of miles every season The team boasts Mime of the best ball players outside tl:n majors and belter minor clubs. Their' beards and long ti TK ,-ps make them unusual. The game wilh the Booker'T's will slau al 2 o'clock I ( Tuesday Ihe Hooker T's will STEWART, take on Ihe Canadian Clowns a August 14, troupe of ball players who pull Troupe Visits Mine for "Color" CLEVELAND (UP)—To get 'color 1 ' for their production of "i"— Black Pit," 27 members of an ; tcur theatrical society n^- spccial trip to Vciuisylvanu' mines. Charles Klngsford-Smilh, famous Australian flier.' who disappeared while on a flight from England to Australia 18 months ago, is to bi in-[honored by a memorial at Masco. "''' i Aerodrome. Sydney airport. The idler's famous plane, the Southerr I Cress, and other flying relics wil be housed In the building. .3 5 hicago 2 ti incinnati i o .875 .714 .11 .500 .445 .375 .250 «Y UICUAKI) McCANN NEA Service Sjiorls Writer H is rcjiorted that Mr. Burleigli (I'd Just as Soon'Leave, Anyway) Grimes Is keeping score on the number of base hits that bounce off the right field screen In Eb-'•• Field. . • Under the present ground rules at the Platbusii Sanitarium, any drive striking said screen entitle* the batter only to the number of bases he can make safely. Mr. Grimes would change that! - Ho has the notion that (his screen is going to be quite an easy tr.r»ei for his tophcavy left-hand batting order and for the first few weeks he Is going to count the mmfer of drives his boys bounce off the fence in comparison to the enemies' totals. And if the Dodgers dent the screen oftener Mr. Grimcr; Is jjo- ing to notify the league that henceforth, hereafter, and until further notice any drive hitting he screen shall be and Is hereby home run. 3 a A Manusli Can Do If Tills useel to he the old ground le at Platbusii until Casey Sten- I found that in 1335 the vislt- B firemen practically lore the siting apart. "Of course," says Mr. Grimes iy boys have got to show me yoncl any doubt that they can t the scren more often than the her guys. I think Heinle Man- sii will do It enough, all right, it I'll need more than just Hein. If Winsett, Lavagctto. Brack ucher, and Phelps can bang balls IT the netting, then I'll change ic rule and make those drives -me runs." Mr. Grimes isirt by any man- er of means the first baseball ian to arrange, his park for the encfit of his ball players. Why nly a few years ago when A! immons was sold to Chicago by lonnic Mack. Mr. Louis Comfekey 'ent to the trouble of digging up he home plate and moving it a it tic closer to the left wall, hop- ng and thinking that the Poling ^le would belt out a flock of ionic runs. American I.ea<ru« / York Detroit .. Jcston ;ievelaii(i "hiladclphia Chicago it. Louis .Vashington 5 .' : 4 3 4 3 3 2 2 W. L. I'd Yesterday's Kesults Southern League Memphis at ciiattanooga. rain, little Pock nt Atlanta, rain. Knoxville at Birmingham, we grounds. Naslivillo at New Orleans, rain. National League New York 11, Brooklyn 2. Boston ID, Philadelphia 2. Chicago 7. Pittsburgh 2. St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 1. American League Washington 4, New York 1. Detroit 4. Cleveland 2. Boston 15. Philadelphia 5. St. Louis at Chicago, rai.n Today's Games Southern Leajfm- Memphis at Chattanooga. Little Reck at Atlanta. Knoxville at Birmingham. Nashville at New Orleans. American League Boston at New York. Washington at Philadelphia. Chicago at Detroit, Cleveland at St. Louis. National League St. Louis at Chicago. , ' Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. New York at Boston. Jersey City Sets New Minor Attendance Mar Champ Trains Old Mack Helped Grove Connie Mack, himself. While lawyers bickered over wr.ethcj- there diculd be a li^ht and Manager Joe Gcuhl ran arouiul the neighboring countryside looking for a place to train. Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Braddock worked out in a Chicago gymna--; shim for his proposed bout wiui »' Joe Louis at Soldiers' Field. June 22. in the dirt around Ihc pitcher's box .so that when the rival liurler rub his sweaty hands in he dust his grip on the ball would be lessened. The Giants' pitchers, of course,'had been tipped off bv McGraw where the doctored dirt was and they weren't affected. And that reminds me ... I wonder if Ihc Boston Red Sox grounds crew still sprays the left side of their infield before each game like they did last year m that it wouldn't be loo fasl Tor Mr. Joe Cronin, the shortstop? ' ' I Chick Tracksters In • State Competition Today t; MTTLE ROCK, May 1—Byron i Walker will run the 220-yard dash. nus.scll Mosiey will compete in the 1180-yard run and a 880- , yard relay team composed of ' Walker, Mosiey, Homer Beshaisc vasn't above fixing up his park ' nn(i Bunch will race under o aid his players'. | Blytlicrllle high banner ' in the the orites to cop . tlift rtveepstakes ! with the Russellville and Nashville i teams slated to give them the f strongest opposition. t When long and lean Lefty Grnv? • f ' ln ' c hisii school track'mect -here i vas rearing back and firing them *''' s afltruoon. for the Athletics a few years i The Little Rock K. Mr. Mack had his ground- keeper build up the Shibe Park pitching mound to the maximum Height of 15" inches above the .ionic plate. Indignant rival . managers, sick of seeing Grove's firebaH' sweeping •lown on the batter 'from '(tie clouds, claimed that Mr: Mack really had the mound higher than permitted by law. Mr. Clark Griffith had dlffer- nt. ideas when his speedball king, Walter Johnson, was reigning. Sir Walter, you see, was so uperior to his American League contemporaries that he needed no jeoiogical help, but, on the other 'land, the Washington hitters, as ever, were rather weak. So Griff had the Washington pitching mound shaved down to the level Jf the rest of the infield, Ihns •nabling the local boys to find the rival pitchers easier lo hit. , John McGraw, who learned liis -.tuff from the old Orioles, was lot above such tricks, either. He was once accused of raising Ihe Polo Grounds base lines ;light!y, making the field somewhat saucer-shaped, so that his '•cam, all of them expert hunters, would be just that much bi>ttp>- at the art of laying 'em down ind beating 'cm out. And another time, the boys say that McGraw put powdered soap Drs. Wert & Wert OFTOSIETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Jop^shprp-Blythevilie •(} Goff Tourney Postponed The inter-club golf lournament uttwecn the Blytheville and Jones boro country club golf teams scheduled for tomorrow afternoon . at Joncsboro, has b;cn jndefinit-- ^1 ly postponed. It was announced this afternoon by the tournament committee of the Blytheville club. 'Ihe game was postponed because of weather conditions a steady downpour of rain at Jones boro today making it, inadvisable to go through with "the tourncj tomorrow, it was slated. Tlie two clubs will agree on another date later. Chiblngorsk, a Russian cilj founded a few years ago on the Kola peninsula in the Arctic ocein has a population of- 30,000. Have You Visited Our New Modurn Service Station? White Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires \Villard Itellcries Iload Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SERVICE Call 033 For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. ^1 A r 1 H>- NEA Service JERSEY CITY.—Rochester's Red Wings defeated the Jersey City Giants, 4-3; in a 12-inning Inaugural contest In the new $1.000.000 Roosevelt St ad ill in here before a record minor league attendance of 31,23-1. The former minor league at - tendance record was" established two years ago at Chattanooga when 24,639 witnessed a night game. Good clothes deserve good care --i-. , ••- • I-...-.™ «ated last year at Tech High,bill still manage to win a hrce h-ncefoUh, mav.i .-not . give their In Memphis. Played three years number of Ihoir games. With them chl.dren {orclgn^oundin» • names,!of toskctboll, four years in' base-1 Is Ed Hamman, ih c priiriual ars brin».adv[,christen' J;n!i, was n forward and was laugh' provoker of the -worei-i Mrtittari jvltli purely German selected to captain the mythical lion. ' ••i'V",*y"u j»iiii |ILIICI> ytcuu^ti LULLLL-U tu cuplitin tnc myimcai 111011. •Kordlcn!iah^cs.:ni:h as"Wp.tan" , Al!-Mcinphis case leaml " ffech or "S.ic-airjwJ".: ?';- ^ •: ; 'was city champions -35 and ':«.' Read Courier News FISHERMEN We Have 1'lrnl.v of MINNOWS nnil ROACHES Open >** For al 4 A. Your M. Kirkindall's WRESTLING All-Star Curd JOE DILLMAN vs. JACK KENNY TEX KILEY DUTCH AULTMAN American Legion Arena Monday Night, 8 O'clock So much depends on good appearance. Thai's many people arc pleased wilh our laundry and dry cleaning work .' . . their clothes look heller and wear longer. • • » • 9 mf^B* y * •••» iv^ AUNDRY

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