The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1946
Page 6
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PAGISO. BLYTIIEVILLK (ARK.) COURIEtt'NEWS BETTER HOMES TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 194G More Insulation Board Available Increased Supply To Aid In Construction And Repair Of Homes Insulating board will be available lor bone building and other private-construction on a considerably larger scale this year than in 1945, according to J. B. Blackburn, manager,-of the Insulation Board Institute. "TTiis does not mean there will be sufficient to meet all demands immediately," he said, "but steps noif being taken for increasing \n-o- ctuction will be felt progressively as the year goes on." Since 1941 production has been well in excess of a billion feel a yetri'Now that the greater part of the output again is being channeled-to civilian users, insulating board will be an important factor in getting "residential construction under way. Standard insulating board in the half-Inch thickness has proved versatile building material for many uses. Light in weight handle, it fills ihc and easy need for to large, all-around building board. In addition, it provides insulation aud sound absorption values. In view"of the emphiisls beiit'i placed on low-cost housing, a \:'v\ demand is anticipated for . insuLi- iing board shealhing In the half- inch thickness. It is low In cor.l, has a good rating for strength and rigidity and is a very .satisfactory residential sheathing matcrhi.l Insulating board o[ all types will be used in (lie reconversion ami n 1 - habllitation of existing houses. Even under the most fnv.irnblc conditions. it would take years lor new housing to supply I lie need for homes. The FHA and other sources are urging that the maximum use be made of dwelling which can be made livable by repairs and remodeling. Farm Demand Up Mr. Blackburn said he expected a steadily increasim; volume of insulating bonrd would go to t'l" farm market. Wartime emphasis un the value of insulation was effective in showing farmers the ;ulvantai;v of protecting farm animals from weather extremes. Hy using insu- WALLPAPEl at PRE-WAR Prices Considerations In Arrangement Of Furnishings Furniture nrraiigeinent In every room should be Ijasecl on three vital con.sUlcnitions: (a) the activities conducted, (b) comforl and convenience 1 , ic) effectiveness, .says Bclli'i 1 Ifnities itr Onrdcns In tlie sixth of n s<Ties—tile AUC's of Ccnvcrsatlonal eliminate neck rooni shcmtinu. table, and two groups craining, A sofa, n occasional should t-ros.s- coffee chairs, Advises Caution In Construction Losses Not Inevitable In Building New Home, Housing Expert Says Hubert Seymore Buys Residence • On West Walnut asbestos „„., board is permanently pro- well. The materla ihcsc old buildings are still slrue- tec led against wenlher and the new servntlve treatment lurally sound, but their sidings are'exterior is a guard against, fire as proof, rot-proof aiv Jjatily cicleriorateti und cracked. requires no pve- and is rotlent- iti terniltc-uroof. •• Refllllr «c f WASHABLE ", NOW Regular 30c LIGHT-FAST NOW 20$ Regular 221jc W/UJ.PAPICH NOW 15$ a window scat wilh coffee' table miri occasional chairs make comfortable conversational groups. Tile ideal srlting, of course, centers nronnd :i fireplace. I3alance n davenport, on one side of tile fireplace \vith Iwo occasional chairs, or use twin loveseats. Coffee tables IR-U.- ;ii - e nlso friendly and (tccijnitive. A modern fireplace looks especially well with an extremely simple. well-balanced March Issue grouping;, magazine. Cue needn't ohvayu use match- " Til is Is ins pieces of furniture to balance yronpings. A small kneehole desk a^nln^t cine ai-rn of a sofa doubles us an endlable and balances with an cndtnble at Ihc other end of the davenport—matching lamps help lo acliicvc balance. ! If yon don't liavc room In your house for n den. make n reading room out of one end of your living room with n wall of bookshelves, n desk, and comfortable rendinn chairs. Arrange your furnilnre around your large modern window to take advantage of tile view. Such a window Is wasted If you do not have a view. Problem ucdroom can be varied bv sliding twin beds together, or pulling H double bed in Ihe corner. A modern and artistic arrangement is lo put the beds nlonti consecutive walls—witli their bends apnmst a sturdy square clu'.st in the corner. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Ecymore have purchased the residence at li;<i) West Walnut, from Mr. anil AIJS. Erwin Jones who bought the pi. ( ;:erty a short time before from Ui. and Mrs. I'aul L. Tipton. Despite present high cos;s of buy- j The fieyinores are having exlen- ing or building n home, there arc slvr improvement made before mov- ways In which the caulious buyer ! tin; into ihc three bedroom house can protect himself to some extent I which has a combination living ' " '- ' kitchen Farmers in many sections of the ! country arc successfully and eco- I nomically reconditioning their old building by re-siding them with large asbestos cement sheets. Made in 4 by 8 foot sheets, asbestos cement board covers large surfaces quickly. A building re-sided v. T ith in the opinion of Miles C'olean, former Federal housing expert. Asserting this Is it lime for caution, not dismay, on the part of Ihe person who Is forced to 'acquire a dwelling, Colean sels forth two Important rules to follow: "Don't buy or build a larger or more elaborate house lhan you absolutely need, and do not borrow any more than you absolutely have | to." he urges in an article In the and dining room and with built-in features. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have taken mi apartment at 203U Chlckasawba where they will make their homo unill they build their own house on n lot In the i:!00 block of West Walnut, which they purchased. of House IJenutiful frankly no lime to get VANE-CALVERT PAINT Do Your Spring Decorating Early and Avoid the Rush! Buy Your Wallpaper and Paint While It Is Available. Nalive Italians arc cents, payable on the kissing in public except wells at railway stations. "This into the liousc market just for the fun of it." he slates. "What, though, if you have no other choice lhan lo buy or build? Under present costs is n loss inevitable?" "A loss may be possible but not inevitable. Prices are much higher than before the war and Ihc future trend of prices is hardly clear. They may be lower in six months or a year from now. It is certainly a time for caution. "There are. however, ways lhat the cautious buyer can. to some degree, protect himself. And there arc still some compensations In owning that are not available to people who rent." As between buying a <!wellim; arrangements rnu |ji,j|dhi e a new one, Mr. Colean feels that, if you build, you will n( least have the advantage of iM newer article al an expenditure lhat is likely to be no greater, ami perhaps somewhat less, than yol would be charged for an oldei house. He also points out that if yol: .build, it may be possible to save a large part, of Ihe 30 to 3!> pel cent of the total cost which,goes into actual construction by [loin much of the work yourself. There May ..Be _ife In That Old Barn Yet One of the most serious problems :idng many farmers today is that f economically restoring their old, 'orn service buitdings so they will rovide adequate protection for u-stock and crops. Years of deterioration have ta- en a heavy toll of all types o arm stiructm^s, particularly bi; larns which usually are the ceiite if operations. In many instances fined 15 spoil for for fa re- lating board.v farm service buildings can be insulated as they are built or repaired, wilh a single co:-,t for Insulation and structural' materials. Before the war. insulating building board and other decorative interim finishes were employed on a wide scale in the remodeling and building of stores, offices, churches, fchools.- hospitals and other commercial and institutional structures. With the lift ing of construction restrictions, jobs of this kind will briiiK a big demand for insul- [iithiR board products. This is the Sign of BETTER PLUMBING Dream Home for Sale . . . Completely furnished modern home in choice location.with Attic fan, electric refrigerator and hot water heater. Butane bottle gas cooking stove. Equipped with Sheetrock walls. Will sell furnished or unfurnished Don't buy until you see this fine home. Sec or call Gordon Herrick hone 2290 —1" • It's so Easy to do Your Own Decorating WITH TRIM* HEADY-PASTED WALLPAPER No Pastel No Tools! No Muul . .. .Proved in More Than ^._. 1,000,000 Homes ,. * Anyone con do if! Already posted — • Ju»t dip bi -water and smoolh on lha "jroll. Mas In 20 minutes. 1 • Go«"iip fas!.' Start after breafcfasl — zoom's done before noon. Or slait and ; stop 01 you pleas*, in spate time. .1 «.W6 tearing up tho house — you don't •vcn hav* to cover th* fumVtuiel _« Guaranteed washable and fadeproof ' . .. guaranteed to sVtclc or your money ' .bock! ' • Inexpensive! You save up to 50% on decorating coitj. Three S2.I9 boxes — .•acb'ftqual to 3Vi ordinary rolli wall- ptpvrnd including 20 It. milching bor- 10x11 room for only SS.57. today — se» the many •mart, colorlul Ttirai patterns lor tveiy TOCO in your bora*. ' ~ :. (HVE YOUR HOME NEW BEAUTY WITH THESE OTHER fklMZ PRODUCTS nnc READT.rurtD CEDA» nosir pArnt— qi ~* ~, aroma «C rwl ««dar wood. Ttmz BUDT.rXJTtD ^ Plata o. fobMd wall , TUW KUT-Oim— Alnadr cul eul . . . oltsadr polled! ny B« Mous* amd Do&old Dock. Jusf Dip fn Waier-and Up it Goes! Thru Box«l p = P « r I h • Av.rag, Room Electrical Aids Add Beauty And Comfort Adequate wiring mnkes yon rooms adaptable to furniture arrangement with plenty of con veniencc outlets, so be sure tlin in building, modernizing or re decora t inn, you also modcvniz your wiring facilities, snys Practical Builder, Chicago. Tit th 0 living room, \viriug au thorllies suggest that duplex out lets be placed so that no point at the floor line is more than G II. from an outlet, nlso one outlet in ench smaller space 3 ft. or more in length, which makes it possible to place furniture where desired. A convenience outlet set flush oil top of fireplace mmitel for lamps, clock or light over picture, and bookcase, cove ami vnlance lighting nre all important items to be considered when you plan your wiring needs. In the bedrooms, bo sure to include triplex outlets near each bed and behind dressing tables for amps, clocks, heating pads, radios, electric blankets, etc. Hem ember the comfort of having lighting in the closets. In the hnHs. lights should be placed nt the head and foot, of each stairway. Plan on Including duplex outlets near table or chest for lamps, vacuum cleaner, etc. A night HgJit in the upper hall will insure safety lo children, invalids and guests. In the bathroom, liehls on both fides of Ihe mirror will Rivn cven- light, and outlets near t hg m i r ror will p rov i d e f o r the shaver, hair drier, sun In mi), etc. Plenty of convenience outlets nt counter height in the kitchen should l:c planned to tnke c^irr of nil present and probable future noeds. Lights arc necessary over the sink nnd food preparation counters. F O R" S A L E 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Slccl Hacks for Oil Heaters We SlocI: and Install All Plumbing Fixtures Jess W. Provence 127 Knst Vine Strerl Phone 2719 imoibMii cmd calor a»u4 wladowi, doon. For Sale by PLANTERS HARDWARE CO. !M W. Maim Incorporated Phone 515 ruutntial FARM LOANS Low Int«rwt t/ F«Jr Apprmluil <l Prompt S*rr1c« RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section for Zl 115 So. 3rd, Ulj-llicvine, Ark. Tune in Prudential Program ' Sanil 'y " * P.m. ,,vcr WKEC F —On City Property YOU CAN RORROW up to 80 per cent of the appraised value of existing constructions in Blythcville by using the modern, KDvernment- sponsorcd P. II. A. Loan, with <li/> per cent interest. Tlic monthly payments on these long-term loans almost always run less than your present rent. And you have full pro-payment privileges, which mean thai you ran pay oft" Ilie \tw, at any time you are al)le. See us first on those, the hest city loans that you can get. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. Walnut ABSTRACTS- Phone 2331 -LANDS—LOANS Plant a breeze-enticing sjiade over verandas and terraces with SLATS-O-WOOD Awnings and enjoy solid comfort this summer! Made of fine J wood, sturdily put together with rust-proof nails and screws, these good-looking vcntilaiwl awnings are enduring as the house itself. Our designer will gladly make the personal inspection required for an accurate estimate, as SLATS-O- WOOD Awnings are individually tailored to fit the lines of your house. To insure early installation, phone NOW for this free service. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE TJenjamin Moore Paints 104 So. First Nil-Enamel Paints Phone 469 Hrnce Floor Cleaner Suil.iN Cleaner 25c per pkjj. Prime Cleaner 79c jier i|t. WisKs Waterless Cleaner. all sixes. Be Sure to See These Bargains Before You Buy T£J NO MORE SCRUBBING! per 10c per roll and up. Ceiling paper to match any wallpaper. r or Wooii F'cs's and Linoleum I'cr Oal. Outside White $3.50 Linseed Oil - - $2.00 Cum Turpentine --- $1.75 Floor and Dock Enamel ---- $3.50 Keystone Flat Paint. High quality Gloss White Enamel $3.00 to $5.50 per gal. Muraltone C o s i e n Paint $2.25 per gal. Avito Class Cut (o Anv Si/c ARKANSAS Plate Class nncl iMirmrs Cut PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER CO. T « A ->-'»«- 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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