The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 12
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BLYTHEVILLK, (AKK.) COUlUEtt NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS co., PUBLISHERS .'. ' ' 0.K. BABOOCK, EtfKor .a W. HAJNB8, Mnrtttr* Minager • Sole N«tion»l AdveriWng Representatives: Arkansas DaiUej, Inc., Ne»' York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, DaUu, K»nsM City, Uttle Bock. Published every Afternoon Except Sunday, Entered is second class matter at the post office al BlythevUle, Ar- k»nsas, under act of Congress Oc-— tobcr El, 1917. Served by tlie United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Blyllievlllc, 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance, By mall within a radius of 50 miles, »3,00 per year, »1.50 for six months. 8Sc for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive. $0.50 per year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per yenr, payable In advance. A Prophet is Needed Wluil this country rcjilly needs, perhaps, is a system of augurs like those of ancient Home. If some iiulhoi-ilativc functionary could only go out on the sti-ps of the capitol building at Washington every so often, peer nl the internal economy of some luckless pigeon and then tell, us which of our ambitious plans were going to work and which WCIT. not, life would flow along a lot more smoothly. It seems to be our fate in these days to do a lot of things that have never been done before and to rlo them without any definite knowledge whether or not they arc going to, help us. We know only that to do nothing is !•" walk straight into complete disaster. Otherwise the sky is blank and no sign is vouchsafed u.s. * » » A good cxninp!oi of our pvrplexilics is • to be found in the talk about inflation and the commodity dolhi 1 . It is a pretty fair hot that before very long we arc going to do things to our dollar that have never been done before. No one knows what the outcome will be. The army is going to strike out in the dark, over unknown terrain against a foe of imca! ciliated strength. It is goiiif; to do it simply because the pressure on the rear is too great to be resisted any longer. * * * -• •.-. l>\v".'v- ~:a*>i And there is this to remember about this move: An attempt is to be made to gain an end we all desire—the cessation of wild price fluctuations, the attainment of a dollar thai is worth when you pay it back exactly what it was worth when you borrowed it, tlir creation of ? a monetary system under which trade and industry can' operate with some degree of regularity. -Maybe 'the attempt will, work and maybe it won't; but buck of it there stands the plain fact that the system we have been using lias not worked worth a lead nickel. We may be jumping into the lire, but at least we arc jumping out of an unemhmibly hot frying pan. • Meanwhile—well, it would be handy if we only had an auijur who could read the auspices and tell us what's going to happen to us. —Bnicc Gallon. OUT OUR WAY Comon Sense Senator William E. Borah can usually be counted on to contribute a note of genuine common sense to the discussion of a problem on international relations; and he xwms to have done so in connection with the current Cuban The senator proposes simply this: thiil Americans in Cuba whose lives are endangered by the turmoil of revolution be evacuated by. this government until the danger period is over. It would be no more difficult to do that Ulan it would be to land sailors and marines to protect them, :md it would have an infinitely better effect, on our relations with Latin America generally. KurUicrniora, it would (jive the. Cubans a belter chance to pick a government thai llicy themselves wanted and not just a government that would suit American financial and industrial interests. The government at Washington has made it pretty clear that if it has to intervene it will do so 'n protect lives rather Hum pronnrty. Kvacuaiion would protect the lives belter than intervention. Why not try it? Witch Doctor Medicine .for Economic Ills Former Oov. Philip F. Iji Toilette ol Wisconsin, who surely Is no reactionary, said In nii- (Irefslns a mccllti" of business men at \Vaukesha: "When It come.; 10 dealing with Ihc world of economics, ivc hi ill's coimliy apparently slill believe In witch doctors." People who believe in witch doctors ignore or lly in the [ac-.' of (he natural laws or the physical world. There arc likewise natural laws, proved by ample experience, in the economic world. Hut from time lo time movements arise—generally In ixrlocls of low prices—which Ignore or fly In the face of ihcsc laws, which in their way nre us immutable as physlcn 1 laws. Right now there if. agitation for legal lender Issues—greenbacks—to [jive the nation more currency ami (he people "more money' 1 . The United' States resorted lo an issue of "pa(>cr money" during thc Civil War, and "Continental money" (afterwards redeemed nl 1 for 100—SI In coin for 5100 of the stamped papeV) used In thc Revolutionary pcilc-d. Fiance. Germany, Italy nnd :nost of the other World War combatants used legal tender to pay their bills. Every one of these flat money adventures has brought the same results, differing only in decree. England tried to peg crude rubber prices without reguliithig production. lirszll attempted the sume thins with cotfec mid Japan with raw silk. Each of these cxpcrimciil.'i was disastrous to the very ix-ople It was soughl to help. Nevertheless the Federal Fnrn Hoard tried thc very same thins; with wheat :md cotton. H seems lo be lm|iosslblo lo devise n brand- new economic trap to gel caught. In. Every economic proposal that is made no\v hns been made before, iierhnps not hi identical form, but in all essentials the same. —Arkansas Gazette. Waving of wands pate real economic tary of Agriculture SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'I'm afraid she is started looking me over. Her parents have Training of Young Women In Infant Caae Important UV 1>!I. AlOItltIS FISilllKIN . htlltor, .l(iurn;il of tin! Anirriraii Mcdicul Asbcmtlun, ami .,f lly- | jrcia. tin- Ileallli Mi;:r/!ne Miss Llcldiard, leader of [his form of education in Great Britain II the gh] manies ufler having had this training, she becomes a corn„. pelent and careful mother; if she does not marry, she may carry on in There was n time when .my worn in thought herself quite ;apab'.e of nking care of a child mid h'jiphy c rear i! ' Wlth a sm " ctv o! a good home life Now so much hns be. n learned i " Md a " "uiwrtanl inllucncc about child training, about proper I ys im<1 slrlr> of tne future. this occupation tor many years nitrition in childhood and cimilar subjects associaicd with the development of the child. Itur. the cave ol the cliild has become a distinct profession. There are in this conn- try. as N-cll as abroad, so-calied inotbercrafl schools and o'.hor oi - - ganl/ations for trnining.uomcn :n this special vocation, Olid nmon s the menia today proper irseful Is recognized training for tlits vnrk lsj ft is iwlnted put that the girl tha lakes such training should first o "11 be healthy because parents dc not waul (o trust their ciilldrsi to delicate or .unhealthy jwople. The girl must be practical. ~3h must have not only, a sentiments love for children but an_enthusias steadi - altitude i-u, • Mill| y of ">c British schools Tie Ihr-' nt!uici thc equivalent of our high ut, special vouliuon. iuvu iui Limtuen uut an_en[ Once upon a time tho pc*:ion~f j for l ! lc ™ rk , balanced by urse or governess was couriered . '"^ '" hl ' r Character ami BLYTHEVILLE I 10 YEARS AGO Ftora the Hits of the Bljtlmlllt Dally Courier -- THIS CURIOUS WORLD -i-l^t^-v^ ^ 'V-^ ___<__ >i ' ,f'- _i; r" S^V T\T<v-7r- ^^?§ HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLES i i,OT COME FROM THE ISLAND OF liurtduy, Sept. 27, 1923 John Drewer rciiorts the sale of he inside lot of F. V. Mclirlde, in iVest Walnut street, to Dr. p. n. th, the consideration beinu 2,100. This price is believed to he he best price for a single inside ol, 00 by 140 feet, lhat has been eporled. Dr. Smith plans lo uild a stucco bungalow this fall, f he can find idle mechanics. A little bird from Osccola iclls us that Congressman Driver, In a pecch nt a community meeting In )is home town this week, took dead aim at the commissioners of I he north and south hard road. I >nylng llie road was the worst I nanaged, slowest in construction,! and most penetrating thorn in J -he flesh of the entire bad unid- lled up road problem In Arkansas. The Girls Reserve of thc hiyh •ehco' rrnrgnni/ed Wednesday morning willi Miss Ivfary Roney as president. The club will miss Miss Selma Lent?, but Misses Hardy. Ferguson and Wann will aid (he girls this winter. Lake's "Baby" Submarine To Try New Fields URIDOhPOHT. Conn. lUF) — Simon Lake's "baby" submarine, :hc Explorer, is going on an am-1 jitious cruise wilhin the next few | nonths which will include search for nesv sjiongc beds Icpths of 30!) feet, an invasion of j tame is true of all heavenly the pearl beds and possibly a try'they appear much higher in at hidden treasure in thc hulks of : sunken vessels. Lake said the tiny submarine, ins latest development in underwater craft would stare south bo-[ i j j D 1' for the first of the year, accom- j JUOg8 5 Killing lanicd by the mother ship, Norma.i A try at the strange beds in the; rjahamas will be the first objcc-' ;ive. Four men can ride in the. Explorer when it is submerged. ! SEE TKS SUN THE AW.OSPHL1RE I BENDS THE BAYS SO THAT £ SEE THE ENri DI5K V/HfN 1 SON IS RfcALLV JUJT 6ESIMNIKG| TO APPcAK ON THE HORIZON. THEY ARE C.ROV/N ON THE ort-iER ISLANDS OP THH ONE- FnufJTH OP THE WORkPRS OF | THE UNITED STATES AT<S ENSA5EO IN LINES OF SER'- % -Ji UNKNOWN 3O YEARS AG At the horixoi; line.the almosphoic bends ;he lays o! the sun. I a "iits disk, so to speak, a distance equal lo Us apparent diameter.! bodies. When jEcrn the iky than (hey near the Ij really are. NEXT: What Insrci groivs its oivn list 1 . 1 Hion. • u -i - w I-L -I ! ' ' Iho jl;d!!C n ' lc<l that tllc family \VashbOlter ;^ "°t nreo lacto an insti Over 700.000 acres cf United States public lands have been added to the Navajo Indian reserva- ticn in Utah controversy. to -iettle WALTHAM, Mas;;. (UP)—Dis-i trict Judge Michae j l J. Connolly; icfu!>etl to permit forfeiture of a wnshboilcr seized by police In a. raid on the home ot Demonic : Miller in Watertown and allegedly. manufacture of beverage, for it miyht hnvc| used for bathing llie baby, clothes, or some other do: purpose. Chicago has five scheduled a 20-year . used in thc manufacture' of "bath- ings to points on tlu A'.lantij tub gin." or eunic* similar conccc- beard. BECIIM 'Ill-nil-. Vi: HAVI.KSS. r :.\Itl,r. II.Mt\I--. :i K .T ot 'I'ODAY elly liKnl HADIOIt. :\ nilCMI. llii-k rcgnrtllcss of the luiare j scno01 education before a girl may i ?,' Ucr , for . (hL ' ; occujjation. Some of u , ,. . plans ot the girl who undertakes it. ! Ulc schools limit themselves lo thc As was iccently pointed oi:l by! ale of " IIrtr ™ from birth to the I am just a common gnrdi-u vnrlcly ot American clllren come to Chlc.ico to .--cc (he fnir. —Herbert Hoover. CHURCH EXCUSES Uy Gee. \\. Itarham will not sulltce to dissi- problem* — U. S. Secre- Henry A. Wallace. Wf.en I married .lim—that's my husband—it uas pencrally conc;:l- etl by my friends and his acquaintances Hint he was much bene.ith me in n social and intellectual way. I beinj; thr soloist for our church and be being the sen itud assistant caretaker bul behif: a rather keen observer nflvr noticing hLs wcnder- , of two years, whereas other _ i schcols train the girls fcr the care ! of l::c children up to 12 years of ase. | In the school that specializes in j the care of infants, the student j firs! learns general principles, then , spends lime in nurseries and diet : kitchens. In !lie diet kitchens sr.e : is tannin to be clean, to measure j accurately, lo prepn;c vegetables | and all of the special foods eaten i by Infants. ful physique, I could not help but .. - ; -• -•" '•'"••' vision the ivntiderrul possibilities in : "_' s ln . " lis nclrl - It nscs ICK lrnclli»]i HUiiurliili rtit tn rnkr rhnr); ftton jnli lu Ilio lll rcriuirc :il tru cunililrle Out l-i\ e rr l>llk him. JIOXA AI.I.KN. i-Liii iliKliUcK K«c null Is rnnslHK Iriiulil?. !jtitj T* rcMUkiisi- lilr fur ocvcrnl nii.slakCK tur t^hlcti i-:vc it lilnmril. .111111.1 Is rrlitilll) \lllh THKHO.V IIKHCM uliu fnri.C5 iitiWL-lcuinc utluiilluns "Yes, Muryn do.'s seem to have 1 to go to nick sl : .e Bust ovorytbiu^ uo\v!" Arlei.e said oil a^c. Almost four mo the way homo. *'Snt Elic Is EO elapsed Phico she had rccei iwect ;nul iiu.selfis'h tbat you want loiter fron] hijij. If .sba \vrot :: tier to have fill of (lie yofiil things in life—a lovely homo, a devoted Imslnmt nnd a bcautilu! cliild. And ivrilcr, on .1C. L'nknimn to Dirk. f:vr !in.l liccn pl.-iyinc; l]ie ^rork innrUrt. !>nr- ru«%in|; nitiucy friilil her nnithrr mill nilli-r. Slic liur.1 this. IIK ivcll nx nil licr ntin nnvtur:^ onj ^IIHI IJii-k U-ri In tho IvniLk. at ClirlKtnuiN, nrvr in ilhii-h i:ic I|I>I]>ft-k. She i-, tnu . nilt Iirrsrir In Ul>i,ln^fir. l:ve ^ llie iillli-c, trying lrnllljlr». HIT vT*it hrr nnd trlli Klve up hrr Juh . i:\c Is nliinmt p »hi> learnt* Ihcit I ilolinite untlerstauding wiib about tlio future. Hke decidd lust lo tc:l lie one but her nl'| and Arleiic wliera FJIC was ' I nlvr at bcr The first requisite for good chpestiou is :i prelly waitress. —A. A. McVitlie. Denver restiiuraiit man. By William? him and it lenk me months of the niosl lactf:;! and patient work to get his coi:rate up to tr.c point where he uould even lo^k at mo. and when he first noliced me doing my so'o. I Iviirve he had ibc most soulful expression Unit I rad U-ctrd ti> succeed Mm. NOW CO O\ WlTIt TI1F. STORY XI,V sed slie \V/ITH new energy live pluns '" Into her work aflor s thai I had lust r u::.i; -,{ my voia 1 . The paslor was \,-.i much disturbed over my work ,.;,;i! he found j about Jim—IhV.'s jr.y husband— and then he found \,.iys ot keeping turn busy in o-'ix-i parts of the i church until my p.i:t of the p:o-: Sratn vas over, am; ..< usual. Hie other girls t-jgan t i -,-e him nfier : I had made t!:r- i!;.-rnvcry. and when I began trt si:;.: more seducl- CITV. Mo. <UP> - A son ;inrt daiight.-:- of Mr. mil Mrs. nre twins. b;ii will have different birthdays. The girl was bom at. ive songs, be coi,:,i -•„-. Me them: i J.^f 5 ! ' '"' anrt hcr "rather ' ap-' R\Gv-vr BEFORE. ,VOOR - RtGwr UKIOER '•/DOR NOSE — RtGvAT iKi PLAIM SIGHT IM "Tt-< < suetv/c. of ' CMSR TirtT AM FOOR =,U-.TS OF ToP OF T^EM nnd. of course. i:-> penrance played ;:- (Copynd.l MOTHERS GET She also learns the simple points of first aid and hygiene and the elements of sewing for the baby. Later each of the trainees is £iven *'""= a" 11 <i""i «'' actual practice for a period of three weeks in (he care of thc baby. One of the most eminent author! - Trnbv King. who is credited with havin* brought Infnnt mortality rales in New Zealand (!o-.ui to "the lowest of all in [he world, has Ihis to say about the child's first six years: "Every child is more or less ma <lc or mnrred before f:'p ordi-. ever seen. I w.i.-. makmc the rim : ""^ scllc - 11 a .W of five lo six years. h , ai1 1! , rs for the high noie of i':ic'ssnj and | , so ,. V"-"- arc of far greater nlmosi missed ii. In fact, there r Io " lna ' lv e and constructive impor- was many of the enn«:i-g.«!on '' . 1CC llul " tlir "C-xt CO year;, no: looked uiy way. ;*-rr.K,s ihmkin-r. "" y froln lll ° standjwint of bodily 10;m - Physique and freedom frcm disease, but xso .is concerns Ihc miiKl. moral nature and wl:o> future habits and character o' the IneitvidiiAl." to for(; I her nillll-* lo i:vo K!IC- xhoulil TLI! ^n to lllck. rtAuailcU. Thrn hiriir.H, Ihc nil. U Icnviii^ the linn liCL-n >c- niiglit hi not ignore HI Then no ilbcr plnce she wanted t| for lier vacation. Slie felt , still keeps up lier interest in jlbat before sbc took cliarfic o| . She managed lo accomplish department she should have to a lot last year. You consider career very iiupoi-lant, don't you Kvn?" "Ves." answered ICvc siinply. "Well," Arlene ratne b:n: ! ; 111:0.1- peplly, "f don't. Net for a womnu j A RI.EXE anil Sam took Eij nficr marriage, I mean, licforc! (be train yalnnlay evenin thai, yey. Heaven hcln a i^irl if the • Sum eongi'aliilaled bcr on monotony pets iu loo soon! I lis-! I'ron-.otion. "To bc-come advl nre it's good for all of us to learn ! inr; mmu^er of llixhy's woul| almisllty doljar is earned, '.quite a fcjitber in anyonc'5 Tlicu it seems to me that a sir! | be drolnrc'l. "Itarucs l:as del who lias worked years i:e-jnne piece of work there awll foro marriage is iiiclinc;! lo take 'attracted wide atter.lion by it.| ^n their nntiiral order. I menu sbe'3 not so likely lo make a fool of herself trying to do thc tecu ase thinqy in licr luirlie^. J no wonder lie has lliis new I but re-ally it's a fine break for! olio to tako up Ins work licre.j Eve felt tho importance off know llmi [ marry ing to enjoy my liome. Jars jam on th" cellar shelves and little boys lo eat it!" That was a long sjicerli for Ar- I'm go- inroniotinn too but just llicnl was nerve-sick nnd weary, weeks at 1'iuo Forest with siunlh! set her up anil K'P- fre=li cnlhu?!asiii with whic| learned that she was to take charge ot tlio department when Cornea left for Chicago. Kbc put more eiitbnsiasm Into nil bcr tasks, driving licrsclt relentlessly. Kastcr Siimlay arrived ami ilcne but she bad not ye; linialicil. ! u n d e r t a k e the resnonsibil Ere," slio went on. "when I ! ahead, am married HixhyVcaii just mil i up some business sdiotil ami give j ai-.olber beginner a cliam:-?. That's | bow iliey found inc. you know, i JJanios said be nre. r cirul a be'-in-' as her finest tor i !ler ]lo touU | i^j,, U) 6OI , 1CO]1C v .-itli tlio day. fchc found tbc little j ,,,,, ro c \iierieuco who inislil have wnlD-.v's cotiiiiamonsliiii rosidil. ,|im c ,,Hy ntljuslins ber.;clf to bis Jlra. Penney was always poised rind mct ho:ls. And I was the shining unrnllle.1. no mailer h:i;>- listll ti]C E( .|iool sr-iu him:" pcncrt. Kve felt that slie drew' •ed at 12:01 later in another day. minutes! from Ibis fricnilrliip. Ttiey atlemled rlmrrli los-:lber. ilincil at an nttractvic re.-lauranl aad (lien strolled aiont; llie avon-ie in the afternoon sur^iiine. They wntclieil Hie Kastcr iiromcnade ami it was to tlicm more tiian a iropulnr j| ]U[ dlvcrfion. Tliey lockeil at the : smartly dresscil men nnd women not liecanso they adinivc'l tlicir at- traclive coslnmej ln;t because tins;.. irr-nally she r^Icd well S'lithiKiii but tl-.nt i:i;bt Kvc tl aiul Hivn:d for byiirs. I'l'I lov, aril n;o: nil 1 .", slie tin iiito sleep, in Iho meaiitiinc c .IT in v,iiic;i hlic rode was i from llie c.islliou:nl train eoi:|ilcil lo the mail train i:nrth. Kvc awakened n They hail readied t'uo trnnsfer (the ti-aiii to 3:1 abrupt ai.'. point and I-lvo rose lo leavo l!ie ini; ball, "Good-by" called Ailene s"i'. v "See > ou in llie ir.ornii;»." Cl'i;ixr T was once more wi ^ her ninsie on a dreary Ig-JO'TKomas Amefican. cartcort Lit, born.. - It l,,l 1910-presidentTafi puts all assistant postmasters under civil service rale^. ^ 11,000,000^ fit? job. "Hey! Wh.-H's i:m innltcr?" y| fellow |m->c:-.-t-r. I "Xulliin' nt all. Mill, iiotbinl workiiis : :! |l." iniswercil the t -irtT. "J 1 world itrec Ibat fell nf-i';~.= Tb? Iraci; l-;ve fulled to re^r.ond to the • the cnirine<:r had to 1:10;; 1 new season. Tiroil wben she avva'c- . Miilil-.-is-likn." eueil in Ilio iiiornltiS. s!ic drajseil , "K::dilcn Is riHi'.:" gr.™-lpil| lic-rsclt tliroiigh each iby until. at!:nnii across ti:o sis'.c. " rii- UIJ ian early hour, she won', wcurily lo jllie wholo ila:;.-'e:l Ir.nin ha<! parada of new finery was a mcas- |i ic .j. uj-t cvell \ m - r.ijbts of resl hjk-d ami fa'.lni down." frilled to refresh her a:nl at lr; = l, After Kve iciMnlucil •' afier conslaut nrsi:u, s'.ic ptrniit-Ininl walrlicil tbe day break ill tc;l Arlene to "ta!;c lier to o>:i.=iilt i ni,r.i::la!ii3. She harl no;icc.l| 13r. Sliariie. Tho doc'.or. nf:cr j ;r.oi!i;:(t-;>- lUe invis lengthy qiicttioniii;:. pave I-'.ve a ' whK-h lllicrc.l tlircus'i the wi:j li^lit tonic ai::l a lic.ivy rtiuo of : oroninp. advk-e. i Th;ie was lilllo lo indicate I Yo:i art^ pinin? away for llnl '(hey were aT!- t iroai.'li3ii^ tbc vil luisband of yirnv." lia tulil her. of Pino :'mc,-t. Sc-oniinsly CIl | o .. . ..^ paci-llicp yiv.i a;o making i=|wo-^,lj were broken only by baby! Jlarya is the lovely little'fi-arcely wonli v.-!;il\ l.-ii;; r.Her ; Like?, licro and there Kve cal artist who was at the store before i you ar^ go:io I^ixby's t-:o:i? wlli'a E-in-,p=e ^f pnmnier colt.iges f you came. How like her to l.ave a |still be in existence for r.o one j windows doors boarded! baby girl on Easter Sunil.iv! S-)r,ie-i porsoa Is ever indi.-iie-.iiMG lo a : Alr.iot! vill-.oiit warning the [ bowl believe Madonna lilies would hisine;?. If yo;i re;.lly care fcr ! ihirlor wa= raliius out "Pina | always make me llilnk of Marya .your future ncal;!i a-.-.-.! ln]-,-,ii:icss est" ami Kvo found of tlio success ot Disby's ad- voi'tisiiiR camiiaicii as well 33 tbe advertising of olli'.-r ftores. At last It was twilight and tliey were havins -tea f:i llve'3 apart- -, incut. The teleprmiK- bell rn:ij nnd i the voice ot Mary.i's mother came i wer the wire to Uve. She lurned to Mrs. IVnnsy witb im.^. tlw aiiuounccme!!!. "itarja baj a -The even If siie had not been an l£a?lc-r .1 think you tliouhl innke a trip to bride." Pine Forest now. That's a mo^-t * * * attractive place at any time ot the ArAUYA'S friends at Dixliy's were 'year bsit in the spriaB it should dsligrited with Ibc news. One [ be iiolhlng siioil of i-arr.clifo." j ot Ihc girls exclaimed. "Now slio I That ilay Eve asked lo bcr has everything!" Ami ^o it seemed . vacation the hii-t week of April to Ailene and Kvo when they went jinslcail of laic in tlic rummer. . lo ECC Jlarya and her little daugh-;13.irnes, whose capable n-.-nrl nil-: icr. Tbc baby's name was to bcjjusteil Itself i;i:k!ily to cuierscii tui'ol. Mary.i rcsardeil tbe liny in- ; cies. gave hij i-o-.uent. fsiit w|(!i prlds antl tsnil r rr.ts> and Eu'. lilsr v.-Sic; Ev» fij .ilr::; li-.EE smlk'l »sr>»Bely at her old. in h?r ai-ir'.nifnt n- •:;• down into a little It station. Thero were five or| men loitering about. Evo for the ancient statio:in-.astc| finish excbancint; sosslp and[ pose of tho'Runu.iy \iapors. slie asked fcr a taii to lake ho] Mr.-. yVilH.'.uis 1 bn.irdin.? Sillin; In tbc iiiivcrlug oW in^, ICvc gicw niorc with every that (To Be '-st her.' 'Jviitiiiucrl)

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