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The Danville News from Danville, Kentucky • Page 5

The Danville News from Danville, Kentucky • Page 5

The Danville Newsi
Danville, Kentucky
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TORNADO Conference, The Kentucky Con THE DANVILLE NEWS FOR Big Sale. Our enterprising merchant. Mr. C. P.

Cecil. sold one ference of the E. Church South, day this week 15,000 pounds of Deer meets this year In the little mountain Sweeps Through Cast Cnd of Bovie Ing binder twine to Cincinnati job city of London, September 3rd, and Bishop H. Comorrison will preside. fiis Field Feejge County And on to Garrard, Doing Much Damage, bing bouse at llf cents per pound ilRiCfl ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY.

TUESDAYS AND Subscription Price, $1.00 Year. Danville Is looking up a bit when she can sell things of that character to a A severe rain and wind storm passed tfadu of large, stronsr wires, heavily gal 'ft 1 'mi 1 A tl Vii TT T- wit- wl rL f.iA fvrt in'iitn over Boyle county on Wednesday night, doing a great deal of damage to wheat and other crops. One house O. C. R.

R. TIME TABLE. WORTH BOUND." 1 10 (Daily except o9.i nd Only Best, 1 was blown down at Hedgeville, how I I i tee! wires ul wayg of uniform m. 6(Daily) ual'iy, Never. goes mm riR No.

.4 (Stop tot Iter) s6n.m. No. a (Daily, top tor Sag). 4:14 p. m- Subjects.

Rev. Mr. Vaught's subject next Sunday morning at the Methodist ehurch will be the "Limitations on Life," at night at the Union Service his subject will be "God's Method of Making a Man." Patriotic Service. There will be a Patriotic Service at the Second Presbyterian church next Sabbath morning at the usual hours for services appropriate to the Fourth of July, conducted by the' pastor, Dr. Ramsey.

unter. Mr. June Hunter, of uuuer no.v yreaS a ttrain THR- SOUTH BOUND. big city concern. Keep up the good Charller- TTt 'CT" Denham-Pofe.

Mr. Walter Den-ham, one of Danville's leading coal merchants, and Miss Maude Miller Pope were married on last Wednesday morning at the home of Kev, J. O. A. Vaught.

They left immediately for Cumberland where they will spend a short while before returning to Danville. The bride Is quite an accomplished young 'lady and Mr. Denham Is fortunate in winning her hand. ever no one was Injured. A dozen farm houses were destroyed by the hard wind In Garrard county.

An iron bridge was blown several yards. The 820,000 residence of Mrs. Joshua Daniels was badly damaged. im ti. if-vjs not, i 1 r-rzrr- i i i i i i i I up Mi i -i Ko.

I (Dailv, Mopifor 11:46. fia. li 1 Tii i t. i im No. (Daily except Sunday) --H-t-fafe.

No. (Midnight, flag) ..11 p.m. Biciently TUHN CATTLE, The residence of Thomas Dalton was HOGSPlGS I easiness locals. Winchester, will represent Central carried twenty-five yards and himself and family, consisting of five members, were injured. Rev.

Ira Partln, his three children and a farm hand were all injured. is Sheriff Lawson's orchard was uprooted and outbuildings ruined. The Unl versity to-day in the annual ora Much Preparation. Prof. John EVERY ROD OF AMERICAN FENCE GUARANTEED BY THE MANUFACTURERS.

torical contest at the Chautauqua grounds, LexlngXoui Mr. Hunter will C. Acheson, who will have charge of Caldweil College the coming session, is Something new In a Lard substitute have as his subject, "The Man With for Trying, at uecirs. v-u certainly "the right man In the right the Hoe," loss in that particular locality is very large. Fine line of new Cutlery, every piece place." He is clustering around him CALL AND SEE IT.

Can show you bom it 'will save you money And fence you fields so the? will STAY FENCED. warranted. Gentry uumore, i-u At Berea, Madison county, the same Branch Studio. Our enterprising Nina lot of Show Cases for Sale some of the best talent that" is possi. ble to obtain in this State, and he evinced bis wisdom yesterday when he gale blew down the house of John Pon friend, Mr.

Edward H. Fox, has open cheao. Csntry St Cllmore 99 tf q. w. -chesnut; der and May Ponder, the grandfather and a young grand son were killed.

100 engraved cards with plat $1.50 contracted with Mrs. Archie Robertson to take charge of the Elocutionary ed up a branch studio in the city of Lancaster. He has all of the modern equipment requisite to a first-class studio and will no doubt please his It you nave plate 81.00. jxkws omce 97-tf Main Street, Danville, Ky. Fine Trip for K.

P. A. The Ex Try our Jellico Nut Coal for cook patrons in that city." ecutive Committee of the Kentucky Press Association met in Louisville stove, uuaranteea not to cnnKer. II. Llllard.

r'-tr 4) l) ft 0 l't Uj- Good Selections. The Trustees this week and completed plans for the Ileinz'8 Goods are PURE, according of the Shelby City School have select Department of that institution. Mrs, Robertson Is recognized as one of the finest teachers in that line In the State and she has been highly successful bpth as a tutor and a performer. Prof. Acheson is to be congratulated upon the start he is making.

Under his supervision Caldwell College will undoubtedly be one of the leading institutions of the South, as 1 1 ought to be. annual outing of the editors. The 10 me rure jjooa ijuwb vi jveutucsy Sold by P. Cecil, Jr. ed Mr.

Hartwell Linney, at Danville trip will be one of great joy this year. as principal, who by the way will The business sessions of the associa For short time we can take your future orders for Helnz's Goods at the make a good one, and Miss Mallie old price. C. P. Cecil, Brand as assistant, to conduct the She! by City School next year.

tion will be held July 22 and 23 at Owensboro. A splendid programme will be arranged. Hon. Henry Wat-terson has been Invited to make the principal address. The association Letter heads a specialty.

New line of tine linen paper and envelopes Just Choate's Studio, ATEST STYLE PHOTOS Painfully Hcrt. Little Rue received at the jnkws omce. 7-ir Fitzgerald, son of Jailer W. S. Fitz will leave on the night of July 25 on a eerald.

fell out of a window at the jail 'Blackberries, Raspberries, Peaches. Plums. Pine ADDles. Apples, Fay-Lyle. Mr.

Allen Bradshaw Fay, an Instructor In Gallaudet College, Washington, D. and Miss Margaret Ashby Lyle were married on Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Ellen J. Lyle, Second street. The yesterday and was painfully hurt.

Dr and all the Fresh Vegetables at Cecil's. Special train over the Louisville, Henderson and St. Louis railway, arriving at Cincinnati at 7 o'clock the next Dunlap took a few stitches in a wound If you suffer with headache take in the scalD. and the little fellow is Little Britian Headache Salts; itaever morning. The next 6top will be at coming around alright.

falls to cure. For sale by J. is. btout. Toledo, where dinner will be taken at ceremony was performed by the Rev Beautifying.

The Masonic Hall We have for sale three nice, modern Dr. E. M. Green In his usual Impress Is undergoing an overhauling. It will ive manner, before a few friends and 2-story cottages; all new with bath room in each newly papered and painted; price of each lota are 60x225 feet.

Call on us for real estate members of the family. There were be papered, painted and otherwise beautified. The Lodge, is enjoying no attendants. The bride looked quite a boom at present, similar to the pretty and was gowned 'in the dress bargains, for purchase or for sale. Lillakd Berry.

one at this time Jast year, quite a that her mother was married in, car number of petitions having been pre A -The report bav- rylng in her hand a bunch of sweet peas. Those present from a distance sented recently, Best equipped gallery in Central Kentucky. New Backgrounds, Posing Chairs and Groups; newest line of up-to-date PICTURE MOULDINGS I Satisfaction in both photographs and picture framing guaranteed. ing gaineu circulation mat me uiiu of Genvry Gilmore refused to agree tt nrnrvKiMnn tn close stores at 7 were: Mr. and Mrs.

John Lyle, Paris; Rural Change. The Postmaster Miss Lucy Lyle, Lebanon; Miss Lizzie 5 4jt General last week, 6lgned an order o'clock, allother grocers also agree Lyle, Lexington; Mrs. Herbert Day, ing, we oesire ut say mat me re making a slight change in the divl Washington, D. Miss Janet Lyle, a sions of the rural free delivery service port is untrue, ana we oeneve a uia lip.ldiw falsp-hnod. dona for the Dur sister of the bride, of Louisville.

Im Kentucky Is taken from the middle nrKA nf iniiinncr us. We have agreed division and added to the Ohio dlvt mediately after the ceremony was performed the happy couple left for Can to excuse our clerks at 7 'oclock the hour set to close, which we, have slon. The latter now comprises the ada, where they will spend some time the St. Charles Hotel. At Toledo the steamer City of Alpena will be boarded and a week's trip on the lakes will begin.

Detroit will be reached Thursday evening. Cars will be waiting. The editors will be the guests of the Detroits Lodge of Elks and will be entertained at the Elks' carnival. The night will be spent on the boat. After breakfast there will be a ride through Detroit.

The 6teamer will leave for Port Huron at 9:30 a. m. The destination will be reached at 2:45 o'clock, after a trip through Detroit river, St. Clair lake and St. Clair river affording a good view of Belle Isle, Winsdor, Marine City, St.

Clair City, the beautiful St. Claire Flats the American Venice. At Port Huron there will be a ride about the city and a visit to the famous Sarnia Tunnel. Sarnia, Canada, will be Included in the day'B sight-seeing. The next stop will be at Mount Clemens, where the editors will hold a meeting and will be welcomed by the Mayor at the Casino.

Later there will be a public reception at the Avery Hotel at St. Clair Flats the editors will be given fish dinner. After a trip to Star Island the party will return to Mount Clemens, where there States of Ohio, Kentucky and West done ever since the bin. Keports to the contrary not-wlth-standlng. Gen Virginia.

Comic Ofera. The National Stock try a uumore. in in i in in Just as a Gentle Reminder. Company, under the management of 1 ft '0 (t Mi C5 NEW YORK Knott A Beneficiary. The Washington City Correspondent of the Lexington Herald says: Under the terms, of the will of the late Adolph Sutro, of California, which has J.

C. Cohen, will appear ljere the week of August 4th-9tb, which Is Fair week. They have seventeen voices and will present several popular operas during That now Is the time you want light bats for mid-summer and for the week. The company comes well been going through a contest in the San Francisco courts for the last four years, former Congressman Proc recommended and will no doubt do outing, traveling, etc We have what well. tor Knott, of Kentucky, receives $3, you need in Duck Hats, White Felts, Fine Fair.

Secretary Buchanan, etc. A few iuROMNsleft in trimmed 000. Thirty years ago Sutro secured the passage of a bill giving him the ritfht of way to construct a tunnel to of the Crab Orchard Fair Association, hats. NOEL SISTERS 1 was here Wednesday looking after the interest of his Fair. He says they the "Comstock Lode," Lyons county, Nevada, 8nd authorizing him to pur will give one of the best Fairs In the chase the necessary land.

Sutro amass whole State en July 23, 24 and 2o. Beat the will be a banquet and ball at the Hotel Avery, tendered by the citizens of Mount Clemens. The return will then ed a fortune estimated at several mil They have a kite-shaped track and the lion dollars. His will remembers whnln nf it ran he seen at a tr lance twenty members of Congress serving from the am pi theatre. Therl will be be made to Detroit and the trip resumed by water to Put-in-Bay, where some fine racing each day during the there will be a ball at the Hotel vic meeting.

the house and Senate at that time, and provides for the payment to their heirs should the members be deceased, which Is the case In all but a few in tory. Alley's Island, Sandusky and Weather. Showers to-night and Saturday. Will Be Here. The Lexington other points will be visited.

On the homeward trip there will be a stop at Cincinnati, where the Business Men's stances. Among other beneficiaries Lodge of Elks has decided to make trips to the various Fairs in the Blue were Proctor Knott and "Pig Iron" Repairino. The face of the town League will be a host. clock is being done over. Kelly, of Pennsylviana.

Grass region and has appointed the following committee for the Danville Fair: W. G. Dunlap, C. D. Portwood Gardners of long experience Pension.

By special act Milton The State Fair. Headquarters PARKSVILLE. Brown, of Junction City, has received for the Kentucky State Fair, which will be held the week of September 22, and Louis Felber. The duties of this committee will be to make arrange an increase In pension to 117 per will have no other. Gentry month.

V---. Mr. D. Hagan is on the sick list ments for a special train, 'etc. The members of that Lodge will be warm In Louisville, have been opened at rooms 24 and 25, Board of Trade Building, with L.

B. Shoprshire, of Lexing George Carter is at home for a few Preaching. Rev. Joseph Ballou will preach at Willow Grove school ly welcomed to Danville by all of her days. Gilmore buy only the New York If you want a successful ton, In charge.

Mr. Shropshire was citizens. J. P. Boling, of Danville, is visiting house Sunday afternoon at half past bis parents.

nERR-ELLiOTT. Mr. John A. Herr, Chief Clerk in charge of the Live Stock Department of the recent Charleston Exposition, and is one of the most capable men that could have Frank Irvine was grantd a pension of 112 per month. The wheat crop is short, but oats are looking well.

The blackberry crop been selected. The Executive Committee of the Kentucky Live Stock Breeders' Association, which the last Potato Is short. a traveling man, of Pittsburg, and Miss Florence Sinclair Elliott, the pretty daughter of Prof. Milton Elliott, President of the West Ken-tucky College, May field, were married on last Wednesday morning. They left immediately for Pittsburg, where they will make their future home.

Mrs. Herr is a sister of Dr. Mack Elliott, of Bryantsville, and formerly ii A)) 1 Mr. Wm Huddleston, a former citi zen of Boyle county, died at Nicholas-ville last week; Legislature placed In charge of the State Fair, has begun the appointment of Superintendents of the various departments in which will be The raspberry supper given by the lived at Lancaster, where her father was principal of the graded school. awarded the 15,000 of premiums given by the State, as well as the thousands of dolla'rs that will be contributed in prizes from other sources.

J. Maccabees at this place last' Saturday night was well attended and they are very grateful to those who contributed to the good course. buy of headquarters. You will find us headquarters for everything in groceries. Base Ball.

There will be a game U. Harper, who Is connected with the Kentucky Experimental Station, has of base ball at the Centre College Athletic Park, Saturday afternoon at three o'clock, between the Danville been appointed Superintendent of the grain and field seed exhibit, for which UNION SERVICES. Following is the schedule of the un unior Champions and Picked Nine three o'clock. Low Rates. The Q.

C. R. R. Is making a rate of, one and one-third fare for the round trip to Lexington during Ch.yitauqua. Walker.

Mr. Marvin Adams was called to Chattanooga last night by the death of his nephew, Everett Walker, of this place. Lakge' Attendance. Fourteen hundred teachers from all parts of the State attended the State Teachers' Association at Lexington this week. Commandant.

Capt. George L. Byroads, U. S. upon his own applied tion, has been appointed to succeed Major McKee as Commandant at State College, Lexington.

1 Postoffice Robbed. On Monday night the postoffice at Gilbert's Creek, between Lancaster and Stanford, was robbed of forty dollars in money and thirty-five dollars worth of stamps. Won Contest. Miss Lena Leav-ell, of Bryantsville, who is well and favorably known in this city, having attended Caldwell College for a number of years, won first prize In the vocal contest at Lancaster on last Tuesday. Miss Goozella Byrnes, ofSelma, Alabama, who is the guest of the Misses Gaines, of this city, was awarded second prixe.

ion services: from Fifth Street. Both teams feel large premiums will be' awarded. Henry Nanz, President of the Kentucky Florists' Association, has been confident they will be able to win the Rev. Vaught. game and considerable interest is manifested in result of the contest.

An admission of 10 cents will be July 6th appointed Superintendent of the floral exhibits. There will be flower rings for amateurs as well as for profession i in harged. Ladies free. The line up is as i follows: Junior Champions, Cecil Tray nor, catcher; Ernest Frank, pitch als, with large cash Either Sousa's or some equally famous band will be secured to furnish the music. Dr.

Green. 13th Presbyterian Rev. Sumrell. 20th Dr. Ramsey.

27th First Presbyterian Rev. Vaught. er; Walter Tillet, first; Frank Cooper, second; Wm. Harris, short; Lowry Marks, third; Bud Rawlings, centre; Crab Orchard Fair And Racing Asso ciation. Aug.

3rd Feland Hughes, right aLd Noah Hen-son, left. Fifth Street. Aleck Lin Remember the big Fair at Crab ney, catcher; Albert Linney, pitcher; Eugene Coomer, first; Harry Temple, Orchard, July 23, 24, Rev. Sumrell. Dr.

Ramsey. 1 17th. Presbyterian Rey. Garrison. 24th .1 Dr.

Green. Liberal premiums, good music, com Main and Third Sts Danville, Kentucky. pf-4-m-i' second; Henry Benge, third; Lafe short John Smith, left; Frank Haonigan, center and Huston Grain, light. fortably stands and a jolly good time is assured all who attend the big Fair at Crab Orchard, July 23, 24, 25 19 20..

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