The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 11
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FEDNESSAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 193§_ BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN First of \c\ Bridge Problem !-> Series STOUY 0.. BY 1V.M. K. McKENNEY l-creiary, American Bridge league •Today \ve begin presenting a Icblcm « Jay in contjnct, l>er- Ttthig you to leain more about |e game by aclually playing the Inds. lEach problem will be taken from |im-s already played by experts tournamenl compelitioii. All or I'fl of the four hands In Ihe deal 1H be shown and the problem Itemed. •The following day. (he solution |ll be given as Ilie original play- aclually bid and played the I'.nd. This will enable you to letk your own game with llie ex!"••=. t ..J' Here Is Ihe first problem: 1'odav's Contract Problem Charlfo A. Hall nf rinrlii- :;ill. [ilayiliK Simlll. hirt ami niidf! MX lirarls wiili a club ilienini;. Can y<>« <l<> it? Nurlli: d> A 7 V fl 1 C r, 4 j i o C 3 t. \ o r, East- A K 10 C 1 v J :; i 4 7 :, * J 'J S 'i South: * () J S VAK10S « A K Q S * K -1 I'.Vesl: 4 9 '< '•', 'i t Q -I + II-I 2 .1. 1C 7 03 Solution in next issue. -7 California Seen at Cattle Breeding Center SACRAMENTO, Cfll. tUP)—Cfil- lloriila soon be tlie nation's who, slio snj's, left liome before she wns bom and whom slio has never seen. Until a few yours ago, Mrs. Nelson said, her mother always told her the father was tlentl; then she ra'.irco of breeding slock lor both dairy flnrt beef cattle, according to predictions of Demi H. H. Kll- dee of Hie Iowa Slnle College of Agriculture ami Kenneth C. Ike- —,—, ler. Union Stockyards manager (U smt«s. Ofcden, Utah, Klldee's prophecy wns mnde nf- r judging entile for n week at slate ialr here. clet'. 1 ! concurrcnfe rntnc nfwr beef cattle at the fair. Klldee said the uniformity lown in ealtle eviilbll' 1 !! here was ivtiatlnit that alirornla's elluiale exerU a Wn- flclal Infliu-nce on slock strains. wns lold her llifre wos alive. nee thfn Mrs. Nelson luu llif fallier, Joseph Jackson "Hayes, In several southwestern 3.2 Income Shows Drop Over Pre-Prohibition Dayi OHEAT FALW, Mont. (.UP)-; Income from 3.2 beer taxes has n chnnce he been far lew than revenue received lieforo prohibition In Great )aughter Seeks Her Father for Six Years Ipor today's complete hand. I lesent one giving the declarer a (d break in uuinps. but which can make nevertheless. Tlie Bidding •Soulh opened the contracting llh one heart. West pa-ved am Ijrth. went to three hearts. Eas Isscd. Ifhc bid of three hearts by North Iks that South bid cither four • art.-; or three no trump with a 11 would be construed as a slam Oklahoma Family Have i Dizzy Dean's Home Town Own Alumni Group, Boasts Another Star NORMAN. Okln. (UP)-The W. 1 SPAUI.D1NG, Oida. lUPl-Thls T. Huff family, of Norman, may i Oklahoma oilfield town noted as organize its own University of! the former home of Oklahoma Alumni iironp. for us : I 5 ""! Dean, sensations members have won eight diplomas 1 Cardinal pitchers, exacts to turn since 1920. mid a ninth is in pros- out another major ler.guc star in Diz/.y and St. Louis 'e pcct. !n- John 1, Sullivan wear U* same shoe;, according to Sullivan brogans. Unemployed on Farms To Build Own Wagons MONTftEAt lUP) — Montreal unemployed who wcnl to live on fntms under n government back- lo-lhe-lnnd scheme tills suiiiincr, will have to bnltlil tlielr own form BROKEN —Mrs. H. I AH11OW, Okln. (UP) Nelson, 31, has been Foils and Cascade Counties, records show. Latest estimated returns to the county from beer taxes total S0.802.C3, wlille tlie city, second Inrge.U In llie slate, collected ap- )>ioxlrnalely $4.300 In beer license Pros. In 1918, tins lasl yenr before lirolilblllon In Montana, county Income from beer and ll<j"or licenses, not Including lho?e for biewers, totalled approximately $04.020, nnd the city collected nn for next spring, 'llie clly, estimated $23.000 from the same will supply tlie wheels. | source. Infrnnu'd thai llie wallers nccd- eil it wutioii, one of Montreal's al- dertnen discovered thai Ihere were Old Warrant Cost Slate $103 SAI.EM, Ore. (UP)-Orcgon Is thousands of wagon-wheels un- joul $105 as a result of tlie finding Used In tile city yiml, liiivlnu been I of an old. uncashed warrant, for discarded when the rt'il of the] (lint amount by H. J. Burning, of on n manhunt, ukme and pvuc- wagon. formerly used for elly Ml. Angel, The wnrranl was seven Icnlly unaided, for six years. work, fell to pieces. They will be | years old ami had erroneously She Is looking for her futher. [ fenl to the farmers I been omllled from pasl "calls." pros- few years. Tiplon Huff started the proccs- j Wallace Flxico, IG-year-olcl *ion with a DA degree Bella dian youth, struck out all but two, Huff won her sheopski nin 1925. ; of 15 batters who faced Inn. in a I and since then there I only two commenceniei Eomc member of the fa -. march across the platform. ! professional play. Lorenz Huff look two degrees, j making up for Curtis Huff, who' was '23. but left without a diplo- Olsmuki'S Famous Crystals ! Mineral Wrlls, Texas, arc tl j genuine, from the natural • water, uilh A-l govcrmiient anal; i sis. ami :nosi ixxsltively and un- Sulllvan said his war record. |n-1 C0 m!ltl6n.illy 5iiaiautcrd to thor- cluding -single-handed capture of ougllly ,. lth i y or wm , v nilu 3 ly re- a Geinmn machine gun unit oli hll)(1 j. 011| . ,„„„„.,_ j, B( , U |U several 1C men. paved llie way for his, tensjxwnfuls crystals to each B nl- Prcsident. Mr. i )on o( • J . culr t | r | n itii| B water and meeting with (ho Roosevelt, noticing (he ex-service: ]lolc „„: wonilc ,. fll | results. You ma. The youngest sister, Alice, is a sophomore this fall. ma » - s shoes were worn had him , „ ,,„„., hlmi . ;vllat voll |ire oulflUeil with a pair of his own,! m|Es j , im! , ml lvc u (l trl!ll . ^icl, (H perfectly. They werC: O|( , Tow ,, G ,: ? Oscco - m . <lls . have been , Hughes County junior high school «"= 5'- ' tributor.s. svill giadly give anyone s it which I hnscball tournament. Coach Julian Sullivan, whose home is in New; hmK]rc( , s „,- n;llm . s ,„.„,,!,, yml w ,.|| ]^*^ ""'X ^ ve±; ik " m ' "'' 10 ' >1T J " nl "" B l ', W ^ ! guibhed Service Cioss. Vcrdn i . molls cry.Mals regularly nnd would ! Medal - lwo Frcllch Crolx de !nol be wltl-oiil this wonderful B|id fl Mcxkflu Dorder! IIl|llcra , , uuc , ,, t nnv |)rlc( ,. No I bad i^ at ,,n. ' i ' — --- i Rubin! mi Drug Co.. j The sisn weighs smOOO times as) Fmvln- Drug Co.. •much ns {lie earth; lv<o lliou- ! g t . i-vanris Drug Store. Better Values For thirly years Jot Is:iiii-s lias given you ht'ltcr viilucs nnrl tinluy this is more (rue thim ever . . . Our store is ehock I'«U of new 4lesirulile merchandise with many uriees holow the present nianHlactiirini; fast. World War Vet Walks . n • i ,• i Ill rresidenlial '»«""• The United States exports about i CONNELISVILLB. Pa. IUPI-; sand million million million 3.5CO.OOO rnilroad ties annually. . President Roosevck and Corporalj lion limes. —Adv linimum hand. To make any other Id three spades he showed a de- Ivitation, therefore \vhen South •re to go further on the. hand, lorth was then ustified in junip- I to five hearts and South car- lad the contract to sis. The Play I lie opening of a smnll club by P.-st w'as won by the declarer Ath the •nee.'.-The .ace of trump l\s played and West showed out, Iscafding a club. Declarer now Infinitely knew that it wa s im• i££iblc for him not to lose a liart Irick. owcver, he can li"y play the hand sq as not to lose liythiug ir.oie. lEIis proper play is to lead a Pnal) club and win in dummy with •>c king. The king and a smnll liade are led from dummy and lie nine of spades ruffed. Dcclar- •• then returns a club and trumps his own hand with the deuce hearts. JA small heart is won in dummy lith the king and the nine o' • ?arts returned, East Locring with le ten and declarer winning with J.e queen. He then returns the l:cd queen of spades, discarding 1 diamond from dummy. I'rhis gives the declarer a perfect • tint on the East hand. If East lumps he must lead a diamontl l?ay from the king, while if lie • >es not trump South must lead lie heart, throw him in Ihe lead, lid force him to lead a diamond. Only SIMMONS could such a Value! ost and Found Bureau i Sought Owner oi Skull J •PITTSBURGH <UP>—Although llse teeth, wooden legs. wigs, liss eyes and other artificial por- l;ns of the human anatomy frc-1 "y turn up at the Pennsyl- Railroad's iost and found mcnt. attendants hatl a real liftrise recently. •Opening a brown paper bag Tund on a train, they discovered ran skiill. A short time later le skull vas claimed by a Pllts- lirgh medical student who had Irn iiFing it in his studies. DRESSES for every occasion Sizes for r\Vryon«: 14 (o :;u, 2(i In 44. A bi-Hulifiil allowing of ihi- Dress iiui()t.'s. for winter wear . . . Frocks for sports, uflernoon, cvunini; ni«l l)ttsi- ness wuiir . . . the mosl ilusiralilu materials and color eoniWiialions. Wu invite you to inspect tins showing Imliiy. Gtnu/ne SIMMONS eepsieep Inner Spring Mattress and vflien it comes to Used Cars the want-ad folmnns of the Courier News can't be beat. II yon want prompt results phone 305. Courier News Want Atls A matlrcss IOPR known for its comfort and Hurabilily. And now with these improvements . . . new riam;i«k covers with button tufts: 5 pounds more cotton fell: pre-buili border fastened to the inner row of coils . . . it's :i far better mattress, and yet we are offering il now at nn increase in price. S rr.75 21,ow<:r L'ricwl Dress Groups $0.95 $C.9'5 SO 0.75 Note These Exclusive Simmons reatures Pre-lHiilf stele unUs io the outer row kcc|rs mnltrcss in shaye. L Si-ccinl ITPW uamask cnvrr.; \\Hli butluT; lufts. A I hick, deep mattress with 5 pcunds more cotton fell. The HeeprltTp is made with HIP famous Simmons inner rniiMruction '•f finely t*mp- rrcd coils l>ctw;en il e c p layers of cotton fell. There ar* shin wall ven- U'.iiors to keep U fresh aril clean. Straps make turn- in* easfi-r. SMART HATS E v e r y concciv able slnpe in Beret, 'i'am inni Brim mmlels— all priced moderately low' all head sizes and dozens o( styles from which to select. $1.95 to $3.95 SUEDE SHOES : Popular For Fall Urovvn nnd black Siieric Pumps ond Tiw shown In most all lu-els — vulnis nt • $.9.48 Black a li d brown Kid Pumps' an:l HU ARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. The Famous CURLEE Guaranteed SUITS For years nnd ycart> Ciirlce have been making history with their qurunnlccd clothes and this Fall is no exccpllon—beautiful new lialtcrns and every garment guaranteed to give t>crfect salLsf. clion. WALK-OVER OXFORDS 19 75 Young Men's FALL SUITS Snippy patterned suits made in styles that will appeal to the younger man. ..three popular priced groups to ."elect from. $8.95 $9.95 $13.75 New Fall HATS A good quality Felt Hat shown In all the new sliivpfts and colors. JT.39 $1.69 JOE ISAACS, Inc. HAS SERVED YOU RIGHT SINCE 1902

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