The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 2C, 19-10 Discloses Nazi Contacts In U.S. Bohle Nomes Consuls In 4 American Cities As 'Confidence Men' Mar. 25 (u.i'.i A German witness told the war crimes court Monday (hat, N eoimsnls In four Amcrieau cities (AUK.) COUHllOH NEWS Worm Kanc/i Keeps Fishermen Supplied With Sure-Fire Bait „ .. , KV I)AVE HOWARD t in 1D3D. when llufilics cnmo Home United I'ress Staff Corrrspondtnl to attend lo family business after SAVANNAH. Telin., Match 20, [Ills brother Paul's (tenth in a lisli- (UPl—The "rod wiggler" and the ; Inn accident, thu Hughes Worm lltmcli consisted of e. three-fool box in the backyard and a worm population of less than 1,000. Today. th e much is n (jau<ly carnival of unmboo dells, humorous signs, and 42 wonntieds, 'fen men are employed at the ranch from "brown angle" Ilirust their heads up from behind a couple of old cabbage leave to see all th c liusl- Hiif nt the Hughes Worm Ranch today, took one look, and then scurried downward ngnUi. "Why," they probably thought, "should nice Juicy worms like us ,be exposed hooks to the perils of fish and a Washington attache were classified as "confidence men" hi' s wllcn . w(v llavc n " "' the German effort to organize folls ° S n wonnhole here? overseas support. Ernst Williclin liolile, former Nazi leader of affiliates abroad, testified regarding Nazi contacts in the United states. He denied that his "Ausliiiut" or foreign Rroup supported the Cerman- American Bund. Identified as "confidence men" in the Ausland organization were German consuls Fritz wiedemanii of of "Lot's wiggle up to the brass vail n»d have a drink of that good dish water Mrs. Hughes throws away." thc red wiggler said. "And here's a nice old tomato for the morning after," thc angle answered up. But Chesterfield Haidin Hushes and about 10.000 other devout fishermen liave other plans for the 7.500,000 odd worms vacationing. Ssn Francisco, Gcorg Gyssling Los Angeles, Baron Edgar von Spiegel, of New Orleans, Orl of Boston, and Fricdhelm, a Washington attache. (Stale Department, records in Washington listed no Boston consul named Orl.) Bohle claimed that Rudolf Hess actively objected to the German- American Bund. Col. John Amen. U. S. assistant prosecutor pushed the subject and trapped liolilc into the "confidence" admission. Bohle said Hess dissolved the party organization in the United States in 1934. Hess' attorney testified that the former Nazi Party deputy delivered a four-point peace "intention" from Adolf Hitler to the British ^Jovcrninent when he flew to County Council Leaders Named Mrs. George Bunch Elected President For Coming Year Fin-in women throughout Mississippi County are leorKaniziiiR their home demonstration clubs iu preparation for another .succc.vsfn] year loving and multiplying at the worm ranch. Fish hooks have been lowered in the muddy Tennessee River since March 1. and on April 1 the lines sUirt dropping In northern streams. "Looks like I have z. pretty good thing," Hughes said. "Fishermen pay good money for lively worms, and I aim to keep them .supplied." With modesty unbecoming a fisherman, Hughes admitted he sold 3.000,000 worms last year and received "Say...well, uh....say about SlO.OOfl." Whatever a "well, uh" and "say about" comes to at a bank window, Hughes seems to be doing right well for an ex-Cincinnati conservatory student and ex-showboat Jazz pianist who took ii)> worms as a hobby to keep his own hooks baited when he went fishing around Pickwick dam on the Tennessee. "1 grew up on the end of a bent pin and cotton line,," Hughes recounted. March until November. A gem-clary :akcs care of mail orders, which °f rural home Improvement under conic in from the 48 states. Canada sponsorship of the two home de- anct Alaska, and everyone stays busy monstration aBcnt.s. Miss Cora I.ce filling local orders for fishing par- Colcman for North Mississippi tics head for thc river. County, and Mrs. Hazel Malt hews "A uood worm bed consists of any- Summers for South Mississippi tiling lh«,l decays," according to Comity. the rancher. "I "use straw, cotton Officers of thc North Mississippi boles, barnyard <lhl, and whatever County Council of Home Dcinou- stufr my wif c throws out of the slratlon Clubs have been i-lr-etcd kitchen. The kitchen sink supplies '<"' Ihe new club year, the finest water I know of." | They arc: Mrs. "ocor K e Hunch, When he dlsjs up a batch of bed- president; Mrs. Essie Davis vice dine with a heavy long-or by president: Mrs. U'e Stiles, sccrc- hand- he proves lie knows a good tary mid assistant treasurer- Mrs wormholc when he sees it. Hun- J. A. I'ayne. treasurer- Mrs otto drcds of "lively, luscious, tempting, i nradbcrry*. rcixirtci- Mrs c M Ab- wlggliiif; fish worms" come up wllh j bolt, recreation chairman- Mrs Attorney Rudolf Scidl said that Hess talked to Viscount Simon, then Lord Chancellor, and Ivone Kirkpatrick of the Foreign office shortly after he landed and gave them the grounds on which Hitler would make iieace. Tlief were. (1) A definition of spheres influence, giving Europe to the Axis and letting BriUtin retain! her empire. | (2) Return of the German colonies taken from her after the First World War. (3) Mutual ideuinification of'bMs on 20 parcels of real estate in German and British Nationalists''he Uycss Colony area, former FSA in each other's territory. | rehabilitation center, which thc <4) Simultaneous peace with *~~~ ' Italy. Hess was agitated and vigorously nudged Hermann Gocring in box while Scidl cadi dig. "Watch those two making love," Hughes said. "We call that knot the 'Fisherman's Bend'." "In about a week those worms will swell up and lay eggs. About a month later four to six worms .will hatch from each CUK. And they'll be mature in another 120 days." Hughes prefers the red wigglcr for his own fishing, although he sells tli e larger brown angle to local fishermen who are looking for black bass, carp, crappie and Ini'dc catfish. i "I never lose >:l irh bait. Way io tlo it is to hook tlie form aboiit 11 half inch down his middl.e Leave both ends wiggling. You can't miss," dc advised. Nope, you can't miss. Just nsk any fisherman. FSA Accepts <Bids On Dyess Real Estate The Farm Security Aciminlstraf.ion Saturday announced it had accepted a water distributton and sewngc disposal system remained to be sold. Double Duly Toys FORT DEVRN'S, Mass. lUP> Lovell General Hospital jiatlenis made 1.270 toys in the occupatio;;- thcrapy depaitoient during 1945 and sent (hem to sick children in seven New England hospitals. I'his Separation Center. A veteran of 34 months service, he served 20 months in the Cen- 'ral Pacific Theater. John Goodman, seaman first class, 'as been discharged from the Navy 't Memphis separation Center uf- i'r I•! months service. Nine months vi-rc .spent in the Piiclfle. Dennis I.ce Moore, son of Mr. 'ml Mrs. Joseph Moore, has been icparaie-d from the Navy at Ihe t-'i'hirr In Memphis. Of 2U months ••ivice, 20 montlis wore In the Pali ic Then lor. I'lwil llershi'l Johnson, fireman irsi class, of Manila has been <liu-lunt:cd from the Navy at I hi! S Nnval Air Station In New Oi lea ILS. '•' Is a veteran of six months service In the South Pacific. ''vt. Loon Williams has KIanted a~dlschargo from I ho »l Camp Chaffcc, Ark. PAGE FIVB slurs, 1 Prior io eiiteilng (lie army. Caplaln cross was a bookkoepor- accoimltint for Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation In Klylhcvlllo and a member Of Ihe Junior Chamber of Commerce. He Is the son of Mr. und Mrs. lirow It Crass of 300 Ijikc Avenue, Has New Assignment Jr. 1ms ]•'!> illy Ivcrson Morris, musician: Mrs. T ?. Watson, victory chairman; Mrs 'V. J. Fields, citizenship chairman Mrs. li. A. liugg, safely chairman; Mrs. silica. -I-H Club Kund hairman; Mrs. !>. s. Parker, health chairman. HONORABLE DISCHARGES Monte F. Grimes. CiipC. Clroi'Kc E. Grass l)ri'll ii!»lKllO(l to AM' 'I'nilnlni; Commniul hnu Ituntloljih Meld, Ti'Xiis, ns un cx- ci'WIve office i- of (ho Bliillslkinl Cmilroi Section. A vt'lernn of nillHiii'v service since seplcinlxn-, I1II2. he went to tin- hci<el(iiiiu-li'rs nl Randolph f''i>m Si'lmiiu rldd. Monroe, l,u.. where ho huil been statistical con- tiul officer. Hi' huil previously served nine mcMillis US a Miuadiun navl^nloi' In ______ ............... _____ mute second class, son of' Mrs. Hal- tic M. Grimes of Manila, has been discharged from the Navy at Mem- CiTillteil wllh SO coinbnt. inls- , ""s he wears the Unit Cltullnn phiiiin.ieisl | with an Onk Lcnf dilator. Air Medal with five elusions. iin<l (he; Kiiro|>cnii-ACrlenii-MI(l<lle Kislnrit Tlieniei' ribbon with rive buttle D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Dclintcd, Ccresan Treated. Germination 80 to 90 per cent. Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 90% Germination Lloyd Stickmon Phone 3210 wilt. X<v»tu«<»i«y "TOM THUMl" B BoHxy l.<-itivcl|;hll 1.111 Imlkl brttu-ry nfiierutui honrlnii ixm-cr Huil will nmmo youl I1ONK KKCKIVKKS. 1.1 well in nm K M,,llc fully iKTiuuIi'. Uiyy are ucliuilly "Ill-mini;,,.,"l ACOUSTICON DaaUr'* Nam* and Addrttii 1-rOINT ACOUSIICOIJ HfARINO SYSTEM Wiife tot Vulunltta fre« Booh! Refrigeration Service! W« have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Serv- Phone ice; also Electric Motor Service. 41 c We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all make* of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices; . Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Blytheviile, Ark. Mr. G. II. Sullioi'liiud will he id the Cliff I Intel Wednesday mid Tlnirsiliiy iiflcrnooiis and even! UK'S, March 271 li and 2Slh, niid will make apimiiit- nu'iils at yiuir home on Wednesday and Thursday inorii- Mr. Sutherland, \vilh many years of experience in the hearing field is <|imlil'ied lo Til :mil advise you as to your hearing-aid rei|iiii'eiueiits. lie will appredale (lie opportun ely of consult ing with yon on your huii ring problems. on center, which agency has been ordered to sell. List of .successful bidders houses and lots are: Dyess School District 56. six dwellings and one vacant lot; Dyess Central Baptist Church, one vacant lot; Dyess Church of Christ, one dwelling; Dyess Masonic Lodge the defendants' read a few paragraphs from minutes of the meeting. Seidl attempted to introduce an affidavit, from Dr. Frederick Gaus.i arlrt Dyess American Legion 'Posi. former head of the German For-; cannery; Homer J. Johnson, one eigii Office legal department, ve- dwelling; Bernie Cox, dwelling; F. parting what was described as a ! A - Owen, dwelling; Carl Cazort. one secret 1 •Gcrrrian-Russiatr ayi-eement j dwelling. Enrage--and five vacant made three days before the in- lots: J. R. Forrester, one dwelling, vasion of Poland. Seidl said the'" ncl R - °- Frost, and D. E. Black- agreement outlined spheres of in- j fluence. I Sir Geoffrey Lawrence, presiding l»Vsticc. ([uestioncd submission of me affidavit. Gen. Roman Rudenko. Soviet prosecutor, objected to its introduction. Scidl said that if he could not submit the affidavit, it would be necessary for him to subpoena Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov to testify. Sir Geoffrey ordered Scidl to submit the affidavit for the tribunal's consideration. Joachin von Ribbcntrop, whose defense will be heard next, was absent from the court with a cold. So 'Was Julius Stretcher. man, postoflce and cafe and fire station. Total price for the 2G items is $26,206. The FSA said it had rejected bids from Hudson Wren of Wilson nnd his associates in the total amount of $600.000 for all property within the village which has not been sold. In addition to the real estate sold, a gin and store arc bchig purchased by co-operatives, whose membership is made up primarily of the families living on .the 312 farm units, the agency said. FSA said 22 houses, an administration building, a community house, four warehouses, 17 vacant lots, and T&I1/&FVK FOR SALE 1939 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan 1931 Model A Ford Coupe Good Condition 1933 Plymouth 4 Door 1946 3 Wheel Scooter Stake Body, Practically New 1946 Scooter With Side Car Practically New Ethyi Gas 16 l-2c; Reg. gas 14 l-2c CHICK EGAN GULF SERVICE STATION Phone 927 or 3639 State Lino japan Hawaii phi«PP" ineS China en for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Gravel Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. • CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Approved Avery Sales and Service. Let us repair and service your Avery equip- men. FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR CO. A. C. OWENS, Owner & Mgr. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3617 CONSTANT PKoreariQNi e CICMfNTS , KEEPStUDGf FROM YOUR MOTOR. B* i; SURE YOU '' HAVffNOUOH " ON HAND. BETTER GET i AN EXTRA : CARTON TO ; BC ON THI i SATE SIM. Starting THURSDAY, March 28 The following Stores will be closed each Thursday afternoon during the Summer Months KROGERS Piggly-Wiggly Liberty Cash Mkt. for generations the imnginalioii of American yoiilh lias turned lo adventure in far-away places. Mow ... today «.. tliosc dreams can conic true. A 3-year enlistment in the Regular Army means that you can choose jour arm or branch of service and your overseas theater. It means thorough training in one of over 200 skilled trades. And it liic.ins thai, under ihe G! Bill of Rights, you will be able to complele your cducn- tbn when your term of enlistment is up. You can get the complete details, without obligation, at your nearest Army Recruiting Station. Highlights of the Armed Forces Voluntary Recruitment Act 1.'Enlistment! for l'/2, 2 or 3 years. (One- J-cir enlistments pctmillcd for men who have bctn in the Army six months.) 2. Enlislmenl ogc from 18 to 34 years inclusive (17 with parents' consent) except for men now in Army, who may rcenlist at any age, and former service men depending on length of service. o 3. An increase in the rc $50 for rnch year of bonus was last paid, service. cnlhlnienl bnnus lo since Inst entry into 1. Up to 90 days' paid furlough, depending on leiiRth o( service, with furlough paid lo linme ,ind return, for men now in the Army who rccnlisl. 5. A 30-dny furlough G. Mu vcry yoar at full pay. (baled upnn length ustering-out pay (baled upnn of service) lo all men v, lio oro dischnrfcd to reeiilist. 7. Option lo relire nl half pay for the rest of your life after 20 years' service-increasing to three-quarters pay after 30 years' service. ( Retirement income in gra.Ie of Master or First Sergeant up to $155.25 per month for life.) All previous active [ctlorat military service counts toward retirement. 8. Bencfils under liie Cil Hill ol Ri B hts loi men who cnlisl hetore October 6. 1945. nlist- or re- WASH TUBES 9. r'amily allowances for the term of ment Eor dependents of men who enlist enlist before July 1, 1916. 10. Choice of branch of service and overseas theater on 3-year enlistments. 11. Reserve and A. U. K. commissioner] officers released from active duly may or enlistel in Grade 1 (Mnslrr Sctceant) and still retain their reserve commissions. at Y°ur Nearest Local Army Recruiting Station PAY PER MONTH-ENLISTED MEN In Mditior, lo fat, Lo^in,, Oloihej and Mcdiul Cit, MiMor Serf;™ill TccliniiMl Scri-c.iiu SUIT Sci-ccam . . . . . I' I-'irst Cl.iss . I'rivalc . . . (a)-l'hll 20% Inrr (I)) I'lmSr>% il Mn 1'lu* 5 f .o ir Imc Pay Per Month i!13«.0a ll-t.OO 7B.OO firt.OO 5-1.00 50.00 150 for MONTKLT RETIREMENT INCOME AFTER: 20 Veors' JO Tron' ServFco Strvlce ,•055.25 7-1.10 128.25 62.-IO 108.00 50.70 •12,'JO 33.10 32.50 a 7.75 7'!.25 (in.75 36.25 Service .hrr of I-"Jyin K Cro 1'ay tnr Jinch 3 U. S. Army c; Is Thiil So? N0300V KNOWS ENCXfSH A&3UT rW) 8ACK6ROUNO TO PROVE W\ NOT LISTENcTONI,,,WHOEVER KEPf E\'A WOULONT OARE ADMIT IT. AND TH 1 sNftTCHERS AWT UK6J.V TO SQUEA1.0N'E)A. BESIDES. JULWfc IS SIZZL1MS AT HEK LE*DiNSHLW INTOTH' TRAP THAT CAJSHr HIW THEV Vv'OJfT LOSE ANN SLEEP OVEBTH'KIP BEINS GVPPEPJ OR TH 1 PERSON WHO REALLY KEPI EVA, DENV THAT VALK TOOK TH' WRONG KID TO JULKIE I KNOW SLIT KEEP THAT MOUTH SHUT WHILE I WORK DETAILS AH WELL SOON BE &TW PRETTV! SAM stot. ' j ' DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BlyHi.vilU, Ark. BE WISK*BI AM Early Bird-QROcnM DON'T WAIT!!! We Will Pay You Trie TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR Drive In Today —Get the Cash! 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