The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1947
Page 6
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- ftl* ' . , ,< 1V.0EM KN V BLrTHEVIJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Railroads Told To Equalize Rates South i« Step Nearer To Fruits of Victory In Long, Hard Battle iWASHTNGTON, July 19. (UP) — The South is about to enjoy the fruits- of victory in its tattle fol- lower'railroad freight rates. The Interstate Commerce <X>m- missiob yesterday jmde effestive its rate equalization order reducing "Olass lette by 10'per cent in the South and West (except in (Mountain Pacific Territory) and boosting them-10 per cent in Die Northeastern ^states and the . Western rMlroads were lighting It in the courts. Class rates apply largely to man- ufartuied goads. They constitute's bhsie rat« structure cut actually apply to only about four per cent of the traffic volume '4hd six p;r cent of freight revenues. Nevertheless the south has contended that they have kept away new business and retarded what was already there. As . soon as the railroads can lile tariffs tying in the adjustments with an over-all increase allowed .the first of this, the new Dualized rates will go into effect, trie ICC'.said. Thc over-all .increase was 25 per cent in Ihe Northeast, 2Q per pent elsewhere, and'22-l{2 per cent on traffic moving .from the Northeast to other rate'territories. Yesterday the commission".;' held that the railroads should wipe out these increases so far as class 1'ites are concerned and substitute a flat 22-1(2 per i cent increase on the equalized rates. The net result. of the readjust- Students Learn How to Plant A Joke But Not How to Bury One Smotliercd by his own »ag. Professor George Lewis (center! has Just ny III.'K'I' BRANDT NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, (NEA) — In " these on the rest of the country, "Prof." •• Read Courier News Want Ads. George Lewis called tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights 'WTien disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it rhay cause natrgina backache, rhcumnticpams, Z«ff PUIUK. loss at pep and cnenry. getting up night*, swelling. puffmeBs Antler UK eyes* teadKbe* and dizziness. Frequent or scanty with wnarlinz and burning so sam w wnarnz an urnng sometimes abow« there }j soroethjn£ wronf with your ^ddwys or Uadd«r. r Do« n 'a «es&rull7 n. Dotn'j e iv e y a«r. Doat ^U Askybar d Pitts, a stimolant diuretic. by millions lot ow tg Bun's Pitti. • class to ordei'. A hundred or more young men in sport coiits :ind slacks lounged comfortably, legs across desk-n,-in- of their chairs. Note pads on knees, they noised pencils [o take clown the .solemn words of their shor:, well-fed mentor. "Professor" Lewis plumped down a Iwick-rccl flower |>ol o n the rostrum. In o:in hand he held a folded piece or paper. With stubby lingers he jabbed the p.i|ici- into "the po-,. "And that, dear students," he declared, "Is Ihe easiest way to- Whcn the laughs died down. Lewis launched into his two-hour class in gag writing. Lewis is lier.d i of The Gn« writers' Institute, thc only school in the world dcvotril I to molding jottc-Bcniuses out or as- GOSPEL MEETING Church of ftflsf ,) 1210 West Main Street July 6th fro JuSy STOY PATE, Evangelist J Shsiwnee, Oktaliomu ; J. G. PEEVYHOUSE, Song Director ! • Cnrsnvay, Avl<. I SERVICES: Sundays 10:50 a.m. and 8:00 p m { 1 Weekdays: 8:00 p.m. President Urged To Make Political Tour of Midwest WASHINGTON, July 10. <up>_ ['resident Tniman Is helng urged to tii> some political slumping on-a tour through Ihe Midwest nr.d Southwest, it *ri.s learned ye^ter- day. His political atlvlsenj were reported to have told Mr. Tniman In swlj;tai)ce: The people have heurd (if you, now they want to sep yon. it was learned that a plan fi',,. ;l l,a!»" i jay ,s-|>ccc}i nt Chicago in Koldlcr Field has been put up i o Ilie White House. Thus far, however, Mr. Truman has done nolh- iiu; more than to give it his con- Mdoration. Tlic /.iiggestion that Mr. Truman hit tlie road as did his predecessor Kmnklin D. Hoosevelt. came a'gahi lodfly from Democratic state leaders who callrd at the White House The president met with national fuinniiUci 1 mcinbcrs and stale chairmen from Arkansas. Kentucky Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee anil Texas. Mr. Truman's possible rival for the presidency in 1048, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, now is on « tour of thc Midwest, .strengthening his political fences. Separation of Beebe High School, Ag College Seen BEUBE, Alk., July 10. (UP) — !>{nt'atloii of the Becue Junior Agrlcuiturnl College and the 'Beebe High School was promised yesterday following jin agreement he- tw»n LIP well-known Ablngton brotliers of White County. Dr. E»?enc' Abington is chairman ol the Junior College Board while Dr. \V. H. AtiiiKton Is the vele- /n» political leader who allegedly premised to divide the two schools in order to net -a larger approprm- ii(-M for the college from the 19t7 legislature. Ifi^h .s-.-hool classes will be-held at the Brebe Grammar School. The ssparslion cnmo as a result n( rrconnnenclations of tlic State Heard of Education which recently set out a series of rccommciuln- licus which thc Brebe school must meet Ijrjfore beJna Riven nn "A" ' Senate Body Okays BUI To Freeze Old Age Tax WASHINGTON, July 10. (UP)... Tile Senate Finance Committee yesterday umtnln::u:;'y -pp-jvecl legislation to free:;, f "> «--'»i So- Notice to the Public: I hiivc moved my office In] ituthrock Drugstore Dr. C. E. Wilson He!p Wemfed Ofllce Manager and I!ookkeefl-r. Alan preferred, good s-jl:ny, R0 i>.| working ponilllions ana jjerma- ncnl position. Job requires person (hat is A-l bookkeeper. Call 861 or see Tom A. Utlle. Hi: BlytheviHe r Co. showed his students licw to plant a joke. They'll!'violating school code h'.Uuhint; too hard at, somebody else's joke. sorted clerks, salesmen and oifice workers who, not without ambition, tin ns|>!ro to the ?3000 pulled down weekly by top gas; -writers for network radio shows. "In the past Km;-wrilcrs came' from vaudeville and show busmen." : Lewis explnlns. "13i:i now the wi'll is drying up. We've got to tram our own mii! writers or they'll K o and i beconie extinct," "Anyone that's Interested can! sign up for the 22-week course. I And for free. "Dsnn" of the fn- .stltutc Is inoon-inouthed comedian Milton Berle. Griuluntcs re 1 I 1 1 <'"'•' 1 I I I I . . - ceive diplomas ccrtiryjiig them r-- "Bachelors of Gngology." Hut Lewis hastens to add that that doesr/i mean they are renily hot-stuff gmr- men. Studying gng writing Is no monkey business. Students must dream up weekly scripts, assigned by Lewis to be modeled niter shows of such comedians as Henry Morgan Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Fred Allen. Then, at th c weekly class sessions the students read their scripts before the class. The institute has n unwritten code "Don't laugh too hard nt anybody else's gags." And that guarantees a dead -pan audience. Lewis tips into each script smothering cliches, injecting "punchy" linns and explaining how to anticipate niidlcnce reaction. "Guest lecturers" such as Bcrle and Goodman Ace give the class an intimate be- hmd-lhc-mike view of the comedian and his problems. "ft only Benny were doing this —with in., liming and his pacing!" exclaimed a desperate scholar after hi s best K ags shriveled up and died before a slrnight-lippcd audience, lie's got .something there On e wr'iers aren't actors.' But if thei.- stulf clicks despile bad timing and super-critical audiences well. muytK. th t , $3(100 in crisp' green bills every week't just vision after all. IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY A cranky, troublesome car can ruin a perfect, vacation; Make sure your car is in A-l condition before you start off for vacationland. I) r ive in today and let our expert staff check yovir car from bumpci to bumper. Tune up U le motor, adjust (!><• brakes, change oil—do everything: so important to your car's "health" and your happiness :tnd safely. CMC TRUCKS LEE PHONE 519 OLDSMOB1LE SALES INCORPORATED Rugs Cleaned Safely! Careful handling -s-ifegutrcLj color mid textures. Have them cleaned while you're vacationing. Complete resizing. Wd'rk guaranteed! PEERLESS CLEANERS I1G So. Franklin I'lmiic \ cui'ity lux at one per cent each on employers and employes for THURSDAY, JULY 10, nvnid i\so ye:us. ' T)ic bill, already passed by -thej sent law the rate would hav jumped from one to 2-1 2 ner CPIK | iitxi. Jan. 1. House, would continue the present ] i'J.te unlil Jan. i, jsso. UIV..M- pin- Heart Courier News Wunt Ads. HAPPY HOUR to Give the Family a Treat Cocoanut Cake Large 2 layer Cake, smothered with fresh, tender,' shredded cocoanut On Sale Saturday Only! HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR Last Weefc Car Tqg None Telephone Number if your phone number or your car toe; number is m this ad you can corne to our store and get Pound Bag HAPPY HOUR COF! HAPPY HOUR FOR QUALITY HAPPY HOUR •"""•GROCERY * *M A R K E T 108 E. Main St. Rhone 814 Fri.. Sat. & Mon., July 11, 12. M Happy Hour for Delivery We Wili Continue Oosmg Wednesday Evenings During Summer Mothers Best, 25 Ibs $1.95 Purosnow, TOO Ibs. $7.59; 50 Ibs. $3.85 25 Ib. Bag $1.55 10 Ib. Bag 76c 5 Ib. Bag 50 Ib. Con $11.00 4 Ib. Carton 36c 8 Ib. Carton $1.72 mm FLAKES Great Northern 1VSRY SOAP lOlbs. - - $1.35 25 Ibs. - $3.25 LARGE IJAK I8c MRT1HJM HAK . DRINKS All Flavors; With Deposit Per Case 1.14 PICKLES Sour or Dill Gallon PEANUT BUTTER Quart PORK CHOPS Lean Center Cuts, Lb. BEEF STEW Lean, Meaty Pound . BOLOGNA Pare Meat Sliced Lb. BLACKEYED PEAS Fresft Ho. 2 Can PORK & BEANS 2 No. 2 Cans TURNIP GREENS Con IOC MUSTARD Quart lOc 3 Tall Cans or 6 Small 1 Pound Sunshine 3 No. 2 Cans Fresh Pork Pound Fresh Ground Pound :r >' •3 •D -< I O C 73 Si o C I > •D -a -< X O c: 73 x > -o -v •X. O C 73 X > TJ "O -< I O c 73 TOO'/: Pure Pork Pound BEANS No. 2 Can 2 No. 2 Cans GREENS Can Gallon PHONE NUMBER 2145 CAR TAG NUMBER 147-189

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