The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1949 BLYTirEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Harris Praises Congress' Work Lawmakers Also Lauded for Things Did Not Do They WASHINGTON. Oct. 21— Congress should be coinmeiied Jo things it declined to do as well a tor the things it did accomplish Rep. Harris ID-Ark) said today. Harris was getting ready to head home to El Dorado, Ark. "The work of the first sessio when appraised will be acceplabl to the people," he told a reporter "Personally, 1 thin* It has btc an outstanding Congress—not on! for what it has done for the wel fare of the people and the countr but for what it has refused to do. Among outstanding accompltsl JC-ents of the Congress, Harris us "Emphatically carrying out of foreign program—such as reciprocal trade, extension of the EGA, and Initiation and providing for arms aid to Europe to prevent aggression and a threat to world peace. Among legislation he classified the minimum wage, farm bills, social security changes, vetreans aid A MOTHER'S COMFORT—Mrs. Carl E. Heissner comforts her 10 year-old son, Roger, after the lad was knocked (ram his blk« (background 'Cbri/ess/W Is Admitted As Evidence HAMBURG.'Ark., Oct. 21. (AP)— A purported confession to the slaying ol his falher was admitted as evidence here yesterday In the first egee murder trial of Hugh While, 0-year-old former Texas convict. White Is accused of the fatal eating of his father. City Marshal lean W. White, 4, In his home at Portland, Ark., last August. The peace officer aided In obtaln- ng freedom toy his son who was entenccd to 40 years imprisonment rom Ward County, Tex., June 2, 933. WluU was charged with the slaying of G. H. Weaver, an oil vorker. He won conditional pardon in. 20, 1044. Prosecutor John F. Gibson read [he purported statement White made to officers following the death of his father. The prosecutor said the ex-convict admitted beating his father with an Iron pipe while the older man was in bed. When first questioned White lold officers that a "stranger" had attacked him and his father In their house. After selection of the jury yester Girls' Journey from Illinois to Texas Takes 48 Days—By Horse and Buggy following a collision will) an auto near his home at Garden City, N. Y. measures, housing bills and P>'°-| Tlle boy, suifering fracture of right leg, abrasions of the arm and body vision for flood control and reclamation funds. and a cut lip, was removed to a hospital." (AP WireptiotoJ. . "On the other side of the picture-things Congress refused to do — Iwould Plate civil rights legislation first," Harris said. "Then taxes, pass socialized medicine nnd to approve certain appointments." Harris said that among Hie big disappointments o! the stssion was the "inability to reduce the budget and to pass federal aid to education." "The most alarming of these is the fiscal picture, which sees us returning to deficit .spending," he said. Exchange Student From Sweden Tells Rotations They Hare High Taxes, Too Phillip Weidman, 24 year old ex-i He said Sweden needs manufac- cliange student from Sweden, yes- j tured goods of the United States terdny oddressed members of the! but can't afford to buy nearly the Blylheville Rotary Club. ' \ quantity it needs. The apartment Mr. Weidman, who is In this Cation »i cities he said is even ounlry under the Pain, Youth worse than in America, an rogram. is currently visiting on throat of Communist Russia day, the state presented Mrs. B. A , Coiirson, wife of the Ashley Count) shcrltf. who testified that she wrote out White's statement that he kill eel his father. Arkansas Slate Hospital Supl. Dr George W. Jackson testified that h had examined White and found hii sane. While was expected to take th witness stand today. Autumns First Snow Dying Out In Western U.S. By The Associated Press It The first snow storm of the autumn season appeared dying out today, leaving a blanket of white across many western states. Only light snow fell today in Wyoming and North Dakota. But there was a wide belt of rain in the middle and upper Mississipp Valleys. Pair weather was reported In the rest of the country. The mid-October snowfall left a total of 15 inches on the groum at Billings. Mont,, and 13 inche at Cody. Wyo. The fail at Mile City. Mont., measured 11 inches'! the last 24 hours. Snow also fe over parts of the Dakotas, Colorado Idaho, Nevada and TJtah in. th lost four days. Heaviest rains today were in No] them Missouri. Southeastern towa ami Western minors. A small tornado hit about a mile south of Hoyt, Kas.. yesterday, causing dam- farm of A. C. Duclos in the 'romised Land Community. a speaking to the Rotarians, he overed varied phases of life III iweden. "forever casts a shadow over our country." , Mr. Weidman was introduced by Jack Duclos. Guests at the meeting included Jonesboro; H. McPadden, Pine Blulf; and Coleman Borowsky. He pointed out the importance Hju,dajl_ Schislei', .f the Gulf Stream lo Swedish conomy; the fact that the average itizen of Sweden enjoys practic- lly as high a standard of liv- ng as does the average American, nd the fact that the average Swedish citizen complains about the ;ame thing—taxes. "Taxes in Sweden are very high . . too high, really." he said. He pointed out that universal military training and public welfare services consumed the largest portions of Swedish revenue- delegates to discuss removing the military establishment from thc Governor McMath Tackett (D-Ark) were group. "In the higher Income brackets taxes are becoming so burdensome that they act to discourage people from making or trying to make more money," he stated. In spite of this, Swedes are essentially happy people. 'As I said before, we enjoy H rather high standard of living and while we haven't as many automobiles as you have in America, we find our fun In activities which don't require as much travel," he said. 10utdoor recreation is highly valued there. Mr. Weidman pointed out that community dancing cen- Arkansas to Receive U.S. Wildlife Funds WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. (AP) Arkansas will receive $103,325, for development of wildlife resources during the next eight months. The money, appropriated .by the federal government, is derived from the 11 per cent federal excise tax on ihB manufacture of sporting arms and ammunition. age to crops and property. No Injuries were reported. Sub-freezing temperatures were reported over the snow belt today. Mild weather prevailed from Eastern Iowa to the Atlantic Coast and throughout the gulf coast stales. Texas had summer reading yesterday. The mercviry hit 96 at lar- edo. in contrast to a high of 27 at Williston, N. D. Livestock ters, usually located outdoors, afford most persons entertainment. Principal sport in the country ; however is skiing and skating. : "Practically everyone in Sweden enjoys these winter sports," he said. Turning to problems now facing j ills country, Jvtr. Weidman listed | lack of American dollars; scarcity j of apartments and homes in cities, and Russia as most important. federal Office Building Sites to Be Inspected WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. CAD An fiscal of the public buildings commission will be in Little. Rock in the near future to inspect site for a proposed new $5.000,000 fed el'al office building. Rep. Brooks Hays of Arkansa was advised yesterday that the rep re.sentalive will taok over about fiv possible locations for the building. Defense Officials Probe Request To Keep Chaffee FORT SMITH, Ark., Oct. 21—< deactivation list. —Defense Department officials t day began investigating possibiiti of keeping Camp Chaffee open f cruit training. Closing of the camp, which qua the Fifth armored divisio been ordered by Defense Sc tary Johnson. However, folio g a talk with Arkansas officla eluding Governor McMath, Job n, has promised to reconsider the 1 ccision. I He sent two Army officers and 1 civilian aide to inspect the camp I id to talk with,.civic and biisl-i ess leaders of Kort Smith on he matter. LI. oen Thomas B. Larkin, chief f logistics for the Defense De- artment, Brig. Gen. Aaron Brad- haw and T. A. Young, civilian at- ache, arrived by plane here yesler- .ay. .They were accompanied by Senator Fulbright (D-Ark) and Rep. •rimblB tT3-AriO. The were to meet with Fort Smith ^ Throat of colds. Rub VapoRub 011 throat...chest. Melt lome In mouth, tool NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Til Oct. 21- -M>>—(USDAl—Hogs 10,- • 000; weights 200 Ibs UP 50 to 75 , lower than Thursday's average; ' lighter weights and sows 25 to 50 lower: bulk good and choice 110210 Ibs 18.00-25; top 18.25 paid mostly for 170-230 Ibs weights; odd lots 270-320 Ibs 17.50-18.00: 140160 Ibs 16.15-18.00; 100-130 Ibs pigs 14.15-16.75; good sows 400 Ibs down 16.25-17.25; few 17.50: heavier sows 1-1.15-15.15; stags 12.00-14.00. Cattle 1,250; calves 600; limited supply of cattle finding sale at generally steady prices in cleanup trade; odd lots common and medium cows 1400-15.35; good cows around 1600; canners and cutters 11.00-14.00. NEW Bus Opens \Vceli l>ajs 1:M pm Matinee Saturday & Sundays Mal.-Sun 1 p.m Conl Showin Manila, Ark. Shows EVERY Nlttlil WACO, Tex., Ocl. 21. (AP) — It* look a couple of Iccn-ased girls 48 days to travel from Illinois to Texas. Slow? / Not the way they traveled. They came by horse and buggy. The girls, Ruth Kenyon, 18, nnd Alice Michaells, 19, stwlcd out, horseback from Chicago Sept. 2. They arrived here yesterday. They picked Waco as their stopping place because they likcrt the sound of the name. In St, Ixjiils. they sold one of (.he horses and bought all an 1808 bugg> ] for six dollars. The girls were met on the edge of Waco by .about 3.000 residents Mayor Mike ' Crow presented the [keys to the city. The Roosevelt Ho tcl offered a week's free lodging. A cafe offered a weeks supply of fried I chicken dinners. , The girls, who plan to stay for th ENTERS BEAUTV CONTtST— k| nter , nlso received gaudy cowgir Iss Betsy Ogltsby of Uttle Rock, sl)llts ond ^onls. rmerly of Blytheville, »nd a niece . dru| , stol . e 0 ,„.,•.•< tor offered thci Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Robinson L ^ _,„„'„ folmtn in. ,- I ,„ K. 11 ? feaC ? t ,H "No thanks, they chorused. "W et MEASES! r °' :rndC^ i;1 " Ch0rSOmCW ' 1Cl The contest will be concluded No- ember 21. The girl, from the six nallsts, receiving the most votes 111 represent Arkansas In a na- onal contest, sponsored, by a sonp manufacturer. The national winner will receive trip to Hollywood, complete ward- cbe, screen test, and a chance to ppcav personally over the L.UX Raio Theater. Six girls from Arkansas still are the competition. They Include diss Ogle-sby. Miss Katie Pride of Hot Springs, Miss WARNING ORDER HIE Clmm-rry Court. CM ia District, Mississippi fount Arkansas. Horace Iloytl Godwin, P1U. v s . No. 11,081 Wanda Godwin, Dft. The delcmlnnl Waiuln Godwin hereby wimicd to appear with thirty duys in the court named the caption hereof nnd answer t . u . _._ - ^aVL^ of the plaintiff llora •ack of Hope, Miss Harrlette Brooks B(> >' <1 aoavi\ n. of Warren, Miss Martha Gnrlaiull Dnlcd Uiis 20 (lay of Octohtl, W of Conway and Miss Barbara Lewis of Little Rock. June Haver, screen stai, will Judge the 15-year old beauties. Harvey Morris. Clc By Betty Ball. D. Percy Wright, attorney tor phi tiff. 10-21 10 plit Threatens 'olice Group in Annual Election HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Oct 2\—W> I'he Arkansas Municipal police soclatlon had to shake off threats a split In its membership here re-electing Lt. Jack Kerr of tile nock lo his 13tli term as esltlent. Members of the I.illlc Rock and •orl Smith Police Departments yes- rdny objected to Ken's election id threatened to withdraw from c orennlwilion. They nskerl that her officers have a crack at the •csident's Job. A vote was called and Kerr won 0-1 over colice Capt. nert Campbell of North Little Rock. No ae- on was taken on llws suggests ithdrtuval. Other officers elected were: Chief Jnn WntkUis of Hot Springs rst vice president; Chief G. I! Cole of Cnindcn, second vice prest cut, and Civpl. Campbell, secret ry-treasurer. The two-day convention will clos flday. Littles wins picked as Hi D50 convention site. Sign Language Used By Court in Imposing Lite Terms for Trio MABTINSBURG, W. V»., Oct 11. <fT>)—A Judge spoke through sign language Interpreter yesterday »nd ' sentenced three younf Virginia dea( mutes to lite In prison ! lor slaying a filling station operator. The penalty was imposed upon Miss Almeta Cressel, 18, of 8t»un- ton, Buddy Edmond Spears, 16, of nchester and Hugh Auslln White of Clearhrook. 'hey were charged with, robbing year-old Clinton Johnson of »it $20 and shooting him In the ranch June 30 at his nearby nker HID, W. Vsu, station. Piclcard's Gro and Market 1044 Chicitasawbo 1 11-11 and Rep. lo join the The ukelele was taken to the Hawaiian Islands by Portugese, Immigrants. .' " - Long Island, New York, produces most of the Brussels sprouts grown In America. The Appalachin Trail, a public hiking nnd riding track, extends 2,050 mites from Main to Georgia. We Specialize in We Deliver Phone 2043 I'lfiily ol I'arkiriK Space Fancy Meats and Groceries RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I'Yidiiy & Saturday THE GAY AMIGO" with The Cisco KH Cartoon & Serial Salurday Owl Show "SPECIAL AGENT" with William Kdythe and I.aura Elliott Also Cartoon . Sunday, Monday &. Tuesday, How lo Have a Big Sunday Dinner SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER Fri. - Sat. - Big Double Feature Box Office Opens it S:M Show Stiirls 1:00 Z Miles North of Blytheville Friday 'SUSANNA PASS" with Roy Rogers Also Shorts Saturday "BANDITS OF EL DORADO Starring Charles Slarrelt Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show "APARTMENT FOR PEGGY" with Jeanne Crain Alsn Shorts Sunday & Monday "THE STRATTON STORY" with .Inne Allison »n(! .Tamr? Stewart Also Shorts FIGHtn«3f5 'JUSTICE and :LOyEt-|| Se chased her across the nation just to he caught himself.... Comedy - Laughs Ella Raines Rod Cameron "The Runaround . —AI,SO— "Juke Box Jamboree" (Technicolor Cartoon) ~ Sun.-Mon. ^ FIRST SHOWtr«,K, BLYTHEVILLE M8UT1E 6WUW • 1MKS STfflMT DMOnr UMOM • FS!8 NxtMT Y1CIM MOORE Mm UMtS • BURGESS BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ,ALL WHITE THEATRE ,fe' Fri.-Sat. • Open 6:30 • 2 Big Hits • , Walt Disney Cartoon "Dangers Canadian Mountics." Johnny Mack Brown "Chip of Flying U" with Bob Baker -WITHOUT A LOT OF SUNDAY WORK! "Campus Honeymoon" with the Wilde Slslers Plus Selected Shorts Keep More Than 550 Pounds of Food Handy in Your Big INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZER Sunday dinner is no work a( all when you have .the perfect kitchen-helper—an Infernatiimal Harvester Frec/.er! Knjoy the biggcs' dinner, for the biggest crowd—Everything from golden- brown roast chicken and tender younn asparagus tips to your favorite pie a In mode! All (his without a whit of trouble, and in no lime af all! This big 15.S cubic-footer really shortcuts your work! With 550 pound capacity, it holds everything you want to freeze. You can cook and bake ;i big batch of food al a lime and store it all—for real safe-keeping. See DELTA 1M1M.KMKNTS, INC., your International Dealer for more facts about <|unlily- . perfect IH Freezers.. .with Cohl-I.nk frigid coils surrounding food on all sides, and quiet, scaled Tight-Wad unit. And see (he 11.1 cubic-size too, for smaller families; 385 pounds capacity. Remember, the III Frec/.er is the farm freezer thai makes every day easier for you...and tood and money-saving an everyday reality! Come in today and let us show you 0111 INTKR- NAT10NAI. HAKVKSTKK KKEKZERS and get a I'cr.sonali/.cd I'lan for Freezer Savings free. Tune in James Melton and "HARVEST OF STARS" Now on NBC Sunday Afternoons K very one .show will midnight price of FREE! attending be admitted show. Sec I, ' ast regular tree (o the 2 for the 3/2 SOUTH 22? ST. PHONE863

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