The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 10
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PAGE TEN • BfcYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIEll NEWS As Revolution Overthrew Brazil's President WEDNBSbAY,. SEPTEMBER ^7. Bloody ,,_, Civil War Follows Revolution That Exiled Dictator. (ire bringing Into action pluws, with an uncrfsy ear cocked low«d tanks, heavy artillery, m»ehln« | the future and an inttretttd eve guns, trenches and curbed wire en M on the coflee market quotation tanglements. • board. Military l*«cler pf the rebels was O«n. Bartholde Klinger, .soldier of .fortune and former German army olilccr, who had been active in the 1930 revolution that put Vargas into power. Tile crisis came Aug. 22, 1932, ThU b the Ihlr* of *l* stories on rtvoloUoos In Latin America tn the past three ye«s. BY ROBEBT TALI.KV NBA Service Writer •Par three months In 1932 the greatest war the -western hemisphere lias known since the Civil War in the United States raged in Brazil. On three fronts, 130.000 men in federal and rebel armies—both'sides well equipped with heary artillery, tanks, airplanes and other death- dealing instruments of modern warfare—were locked in deadly, and bloody, embrace. When peace finally returned after the federals had routed the rebels in a-decisive'-battle which" approaches Gettysburg lii Its ferocity, the dead, irounded and missing on the two sides toUIrd 15,000. Such, two years later, was the aftermath of the revolution that overthrew Brazil's bearded and dynamic President Washington I,ulz.Perelra de Souza In 1{30 and sent him Into exile In France. President Washington Lulr fell, as . have numerous other South American rulers In the past three years, largely a victim of economic causes. In thts case, It vras the ruinous collapse of coffee prices that fanned widespread unrest into violent revolt. But let's begin at the beginning: '. ' . A Freniitd Celebration It is Oct. 24. 1930. Through the •streets of Rio cie. Janeiro, Brazil's beautiful capital, mobs run wild in frenzied Joy. for the army and the navy went over to . trte revolutionary cause this-mbrntn'g- and now, with surprising" -suddenness, the three-week-old revolution is a sue cess. Howling, parading and waving flags, delirious crowds sack and burn the offices of pro-administration newspapers after tossing desks, i typewriters, machinery and other equipment Into the streets. Within Rib's stately presidential palace. '60-year-old president Washington Lulu, haggard and worn, sits a{ his.desk, from whict for almost ,four. years he has ruled South America's largest nation- bigger by a quarter of a million square" miles than Hie United States. . ,• •• Defeif but ryiA Surrender Enters Gen. Tasso Pragoso, leader b( the army, who until this morning had been loyal to his chief. With characteristic Latin politeness. peneral Ffagoao informs the president that a military junta which | In a few days the mtlitniy jun- he (Fragceo) heads has taken over j ta succeeded In bringing order out the government-to prevent further j of chaos, and named Dr. Oelullo bloodshed. • He asks for Washing-1 Vnrgns,'.a 'revolutionary..leader ami ton Ltiiz' resignation. | former governor of the' slate of '"The least thing I value is my j Rio Grande do Sill,' 1 as provisional life. I will not surrender!" replies I president. NEXT: Argentina ... a <U«- f»*«r, overthrown after 14 years of ''«» nit, flee* from the toy of the m«b awt In death, a. few Mobs run wild through the s'.reets of Brazil's principal cities ;en president Washington Luiz,'left, was overthrown by a revo- llon. burning the buildings of newspapers that had supported his The upper picture shows such a scene In Sao Paulo. Bslow. deral irooiB arc s!:o\vn In their trenches In the civil war that fol- wcil U'O years later. : . i%> ..-••. when the greatest battle ever ight on Brazilian soli ended in victory for 10,000 federal troops er an almost equal number of bels in the state of Sao Paulo, oday's Uneasy Peace The engagement extended along i elglit-mlle front, lasted 48 hours, n the second day the federal rees attacked, Infantry advancing waves under the protection of heavy artillery barrage. General linker's rebel forces fell back; re- eat soon became a rout, with ileral Gen. Watdomlro Lima's a.valry in hot pui'sult pf ihc reb- S' '- ..''•''. Though the revolution simmered i :i for several weeks.more, this bate broke the backbone of the re- xllion and on Oct. 3 General {lingers forces laid down tr.eii- rins and surrendered. Peace returned to Brazil, but the ntcrneciue conflict left many po- llcal wounds unhesled. And Pre.s- flcnt Vargas, who obtained his of- "ce by winning one revolution and leld It by beating another, sits in hi; presidential palace-doubtless! See us for Good Ford Service URING your cir to us for a thorough going-over at rcg- uliir intervals. It costs little nnd it will he the means of f?i"ing you many thousands of miles of pleasant, economical motoring. All our mechanics arc special!/ trained. All lalx>r charged at low flat rate. yean later, he is honored with the P**!**! funeral In South Amerl- ea'i lifatory. Read Courier News Want Ads, Pair of Army Shoes R«tW 13 Tunes MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (UP)—, pair of the Armistice Day parade. • "I had them re-so!ed 13 times," he explained and thought It would be unlucky to wear out the 13th ' soles, so I sold them." and worp almost continuously since then were repurchased by the orlg- I A man In Reading. England, uses 3 Inal dealer recently for J2. • his kitchen for a workshop lo make models of airplanes which are H3;il to make official lesk in that conn- It was victor Sobecki, a phimtt- er, who bought tire shoes so long ago. He wore them when Iw. try. ' marched to war with other recruits' ' " again when he marched in Read Courier News Want Ads. Coal BE!U with a MOORE'S AIRTIGHT HEATER tragic mistake, crew of a Brazil nn enthusiastic navnl vessel fired on a German steamer leaving Rio, killing -24 passengers ami injuring 70. From the beginning, the Ihrcc- week-revolntlon-'lmd had the support, of Brazil's masses. Hard hit by .the slump In coffee prices and med ;iy n -'Luft charges that Wash- had manipulated elec- Inflamed ingto tion mnc.hlncry (o insure the (-lec- tion o • fn hand-picked successor (Brazil's constitution prohibits ;i president from succeeding himself) the people wanted a change. General Frngoso and other military leaders hail the good sense to recognize this. thft beleaguered president. "Da what you will!" A short time later, General Fra- Cowboys Keep VOH- When Dr. Vargns arrived In Hlo de Janeiro on NOV. ;) to be pro- cn- the goso escorts the president from (he : claimed president, a million palace, through a mob of tliou-. thusiastic Brazilian's swarmpd sands. The mob begins to jeer. "SI- > streets to. bid him welcome, lencc! Respect!" roars Fragoso. The ! the nnal act, of the revolution mob hushes. had a spectacular Ltuin fhlr. To Still rowing.he will never resign a giant obelisk that is" one of the (and he never .did), the president j landmarks of Rio dc Janeiro, rode nul, for il represents Iwo-lhlHs [ 1032 there had best! scattered rcv- of the nations exports as Brazil's; olutibnnry outbreaks, quickly sup__„_. „,._ uirco-fourths of t no; pressed by the federal soldiery. In coffee nils world's cups. Vargas also found himself beset with, charges thai lie was delaying a presidential election. and thereby the return of constitutional government, to prolong his own power. When Vargas tailed lo ameliorate economic conditions and refused to call an election, he found he had a. revolution on Ills own hands and this revolution led to n civl war. Throughout late 1931 and early is taken to Copiacabana fortress, kept there briefly.-arid then placed aboard a ship for Europe and cx- So came the downfall of Washington Luiz. It was n bitter dose for the man -whose forefathers hart helped break the Portuguese grip and set up the independent empire of Brazil a century . before and more recently (In 1889) advanced the cause of freedom still further by the revolution that created the Republic. Not, only in.Rio",'but throughout Brazil the ..populace celebrated Washington Life' overthrow with tumultuous parades and demonstrations. Whistles blew, sirens 16 Brazilian cowboys, ponchos on their shoulders and red hnndkcr- chiews knotted nround Ihelr necks. • While thousands cheered n-.ul camerns clicked the cowboys dismounted and gravely Htchert (heir ponies to the base of the obelisk. In-the revolutionary state of Rio Grande dD Si!l. from which they came, they had vowed they would never cease to light until they hitched ll'clr horses lo the obelisk in Rio tie Janeiro. Now they had. Trouble Brews Afresh . Provisional President Vargas, cn- j tering office upon a high tide of j popularity, soon found that he l-.nd picked a real job for himself. screamed, church bells pealed as; coffee market continued lo suiter a temperamental Latin race '.un-, from tire ruinous slump, with pric- leasfccd its pentrup emotions. es around the lowest in r.lstorv Disorder relgried everywhere. In.And in Brazil coffee is all-impor- JHQ V TEL\Y V\»\>\\'_\ >\' :o~",AND FARNAM' j f- 3OQ ROOMS FIREPROOF In the center of the. new -: growth of Ohnaha, away from = undesirible elements, on dirett car lines to and from all depots ROOMS WITH TOILET l|,«> AND il." ROOMS WITH BATH (2» AND 12?° PopuUr pricp Mfo and lunch room Moderate Prices FRANK GORE. Manager MAHA / s / mi City Property Or Farm Lands For Sale Or Trade 50 aero furm, one f> room house, gom! barn, joins Ihn corporal inn limits of Hie City, line (and for col- Ion, alfalf;i, livestock or truck farming, lias oilier improvements. Price $100 per acre, small casli p;iy- mcnl, assume ?3.SOO.UO loan in Federal Farm Loan Hank. •10 acres otic and one half miles soufli on Highway lil. Good lai)d, line location for mo.-1 any purpose, jri'ocl residence tind kirn wilh other impruvrmenls, $100 pel' here i-ash, .small aniimtil added for terms. Two 'l(i\acre tracts i/j. miic I'rcm Jiigiiway (il. cij;lil miles stmtli.of Hlytlievitlc, each well improved with residence anil ham, all in cultivation, fine loam land, produces more than hale oi' cotton pr.r acre this year. Price ?2,OOO.OU cadi, cash and levins. 68 acre;, une .and one half miles from Blylheville, south, good .r^idcnce. lai'RO hsrn, other j?ood im- provemeiits, id^nl for livestock as well as cotton and hay land, on .'eond road, prfc'o' S75.00 per acvv, ! ',. cash, balance 6ri long terms with low interest. Three sets of hrich husines^ l)ui,!dings on .Man Street, for sale at a very low price, or one or two can he traded for farm land clear of incumbraiitv. ask us about' it! . Also we have farms for sale or trade in foot hi]|> of the beautiful Ozarks, should you desire lo locate on a hill farm. \Ve have some very desirable farms wilh low prices, and can trade or sell. Union Insurance & Realty Agency, Inc. W. M. BURNS, M Office Grand Leader Uldg. YOM bum this in ike ordinary hejter >'o« don't fa{„,!,!, u-hn jou hire a Moore's Airtight Iltater July, 1932. the well-armed and powerful state of SAO Paulo declared j itself In rebellion against the government at Rio de Janeiro, and tile weir was on. Several other states quickly Joined. • ..Conflict Bitterly Fnught It proved a real war, too. H dragged on for three months, with victories alternating between jlic two, well-equipped and cvonly- mjitohcd armies. It was fought with all the technique of modern war- Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealers At the left a view of MOORE'SAnti-Carbon Fire Pot with slotted combustion flues. Its special design insures complete combustion of all soot and gases —no black smoke. Above is MOORE'S Airtight Heater —a dependable as well as a beautiful unit —will last indefinitely and also' enhances the chard of *ny homt. $47 5l -$65-$80 HUBBARD Hardware Co. 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