The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1968
Page 3
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'THAT HURTS, MR. WIRTZ." Amen, Mr. Lofton Of all the word* which have been written and spoken about Blytheville's Feb. 11 sewer bond issue, ft>w have as succinctly expressed the situation as it is as did those of Jmnianue! Lofton, vice chairman of the Mississippi County NAACP chapter. Mr. Lofton noted that while the matter of better streets in the southern portion, of the city is an important one, still "if we vote against Ilia sewer bonds, we will still be in the mud and no new industry will come in to create jobs." In other "words, regardless of all the other community needs, none of them nre going to be solved by voting against the sewer bond issue. One letter lo the editor somehow infused the sewer bond issue in the utility rate argument. Again, it does not. follow that n vote against the sewer bond issue (which, after nil, is going to cost the home owner only 20 cents a month) will affect utility rates in any manner. What the average citizen of Blytheville wants is more along the lines of Mr. Lofton's thoughts: better steels, new jobs, better schools and a new sewer system. This does not resolve itself to jobs OR sewers; streets OR jobs, We must have them all. * * * It would be useful at this point to clarify the NAACP's position on the bond issue: It has offered neither endorsement nor disapproval of the issue. As might be noted in Saturday's story, the chapter did not adopt any resolution concerning the matter. Earlier it was erroneously reported that the chapter was opposing the issue. For an Emergency Persons at the Courier News last week hnrl the opportunity to witness a vital public service operating nt the peak of its efficiency, which is considerable. An employe was stricken by a vague illness and as the intensity of the pain mounted, someone called i he rescue unit of the Blytheville Fire Department and Cohb Funeral Home (the later for ambulance service I With a minute or two both arrived and began ministering to I lie iiihii, who by this time WHS uncon- n L C7 LelieM ^Jo scious. During the course of moving the man to the ambulance it was believed that his heart had stopped heating or was laboring, Bill Stovnll, Jr., immediately gave the man external heart massage, Today, this man is recovering in C'hickasawbn .Hospital. It. is not H small thing to know that trained personnel at the city's fire department and two funeral homes (Howard Funeral Service, also is prepared to handle these emergencies) are ready to help you or .your family when you are in trouble. bailor fl.etiers to IB* editor ire welcomed They w» Mihjeot to trilling howcrer. and must be FiRttea. Signature RIII not he printed at Nip request of the »ritri No Inters trill toe returned.) Bear Sir: I recently moved lo Blytheville from a much larger city and 1 was very surprised at the progress being made here. It seems that the people here lake pride in their town and work together to improve, morcso than in most towns. Tlie new factories east of town, the new streets and shopping centers and the tremendous growth speak well for Ihe development of Blytheville. With ail this in mind I was quite surprised to read in letters to the editor the other day that one of our citizen? was opposed to the sewer bond issue we will vote on Feb. 27. I doubt thai this man or any other person who may be thinking along these lines know what effect this will have on Blythe- villo. First of all, most construction in town will slop, unless we lake care of our dangerous sewer problems. Construction alone affects about 250 Blytheville men, plus their families. Carpenters, .brick masons, electricians, plumbers, painters and many more would out of work. I suppose some of these men could keep going on repair work but most would have lo seek work somewhere else. With less money being spent, many bin- er businesses will be affected such as groceries, service stations, clothing stores, etc. In fact there will be very few that it will not hurt. There will be. no more new Industries and new jobs for our people who need them so badly. Some people will be laid off jobs they now have. As far as new industries are concerned and belter-paying jobs, we can just forget them. There are thousands of other towns without sewer problems and they are just waiting to gel industry. But th$ most important reason for the lewer bond issue is the health hazard w« have created. With raw sewage spilling Into the streets and ditches we are lucky that we haven't had serious epidemics. Even if you don't care about yourself at least think about your children. The cost of this bond issue Is only 20- cenls a month to each home owner (the price of two soft drinks). This is such a small price lo pay for so much. Concerned young man (Name withheld by request) Sf. Valentine's Day- For Mom or Wife? DEAR ABBY: The day before Valentine's day my husband said, "Gee Honey, I just don't know what to do about gelling you anything for Val- enline's day because I don't have enough money to buy my mother anything." I was dumbfounded and said, "Well, don't worry about buying your mother anything except maybe a card, as Valentine's day Is for wives and sweethearts." He got mad and said that wasn't true. It was for mothers and anyone else you loved. I tried to explain that if he wanted to buy his mother something for Valentine's day il was perfectly all right, but since he had a money problem and had lo make a choice, he shouldn't feel guilty about buying ME a gift, and giving his mother a card. Am I wrong? Please settle this in your own words. Who comes first on Valentine's clay the wife or the mother? DEAR WIFE:' St. Valentine's day is primarily for one's ROMANTIC interest. I can help yoa win the argument, but if M 0 T H E R comes to your husband's mind on Valentine's day, you'll never win the battle. DEAR ABBY: My complaint Is about a school dentist who, while checking children's teeth in the classroom, made an issue of the color of my daughter's teeth. In fact, he made an "example" of her and told her right in front of everyone that her teeth wouldn't be so "yellow" if she did a better job of brushing them. Abby, she was so hurl. She brushes her teeth religiously twice a day and has gone six months for a cleaning and check-up since she was four. The reason her teeth aren't as while as some is because of hereditary factors (mine are yellowish, too), but they are very well-carerl for. Now my daughter hates to open her mouth. I am furious with that dentist. Thanks for letting me unload. I feel better. W. V. DEAR W. V.: Someone ought to tell that dentist to pay more attention to his own mouth. And to keep his foot out of it. DEAR ABBY: That woman signed "IRRITATED" who criticized her mother-in-law for cleaning her house every 75 Years Ago — In B/xtfievi//e Btytheville city officials are planning to set up a new municipal airport to replace the one being deeded the federal government for reactivation as an Air Force base. The new municipal airport probably will be financed with part of a $100,000 bond issue approved at a special election here in mid-December. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eugene Bracey today announce the engagement of their daughter, Roberta to James Patrick Fleming of Chattannooga. An April wedding is being planned. Dr. J. C. Guard, E. B. Thomas, W. R. Lawshe and J.V Gates are in Little Rock this week for the Rotary convention. Drs. Carl and Edna Nies will leave tomorrow for a three- week vacation at St. Petersburg, Fla. time she came over to bsby- sit sure burned me up. To "IRRITATED" I have this to say: You know that whatever the old lady did, you wouldn't like. And by the way, how much did you pay your mother-in-law for sitting? And do you ever call her unless you want her for something? You should be grateful to have a mature and responsible person who truly loves your children to be with them when you aren't there. My daughter had a teen-age sitter on New Year's eve who threw a party for her friends. They cleaned out the refrigerator, brought in beer, and even got the kids out of bed so the teen-age couples could take turns using it! Maybe if "IRRITATED" had a sitter like that she would count her blessings and stop her picky fault finding. My experience has been that a mother-in-law can't do anything right, no matter how hard she tries. EXPERIENCED Any woman who Is "beat up regularly" must like it. It's "sick," — and you shouldn't have to see it in black and blue to believe it. THE BI fTHEVILLB COUSJ3R NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA1NES. PUBLISHES HARRV A. HAINES Assistant Publisher-Editor OENE AUSTIN Advertising Manager Sale National Advertising Representative Wallace Witmer Co. New fork, f'hlcaeo Detroit, Atlanta. Meropk'* .Second-class postage paid ot Blythevllle. Ark; Menibe. or the Associates Prcsj SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By carrier in the city of Blythe. vllle or any !:ii.::. ban towu whorl carrier servlct Is maintained 35c per week. $1.50 per mouth. By mail within » radius o! so miles. $8.00 per yeai $5.00 for 812 moftthfc. ^3.0° for three months, by mall, outside 50 miles radius S18.00 per year payable in advance. MK.'l subscriptions are not accept, ed in '.owns and cities where The Courier News carrier service 1> maintained. Mail subscriptions are payable In advance. NOTE: The courier News assumes no responsibility for photographs manucript, engrsTings or mati left with It for possible publication. CONFIDENTIAL T 0 "BEAT UP REGULARLY" (THUMB A LA MODE') V '• Showbeat by dick kleiner Kleiner ; HOLLYWOOD (NEA) A couple of possible new teams to topline future movies — Liz Taylor and Bob MHchum set to do a film in London this spring (and that should be a siz- 7.1er) and Doris Day tells me she'd very much like to work with Denn Martin ... Ann-Margret just bought 150 head of Aberdeen Angus cattle for her raiich in Texas — they're safer than motorcycles, anyhow .... Ralph Bellamy worked with Mia Farrow in "Rosemary's Baby" snd says Mia is "a good little actress and a real trouper" ... Ralph says he was working with Mia's m other, Maureen O'Sullivan, While Maureen was carrying the baby and trying to hide her condition ... Don Rickles, who cuts 'em all down to size, sums up Gov. Ronald Reagan's campaign neatly: "Ronald Reagan isn't running for president — lie's only auditioning for it." A singer, whose last name is Kill, Gave the girls in the White House a fit. Right afler the lunch She told thorn a bunch; She showed honesty, not eti- kitt Let's hear a few oles for the Baja Marimba Band, an offshoot of the Herb Alpcrt Tijuana Brass cartel, which is bringing good music back to the popular field. Julius Wcch- ter. the Baja's boss, is naturally happy about the group's success, but there is a sour note. The group was originally formed 'to record. They were, all top studio musicians, men who had put years of apprenticeship in and thought they had those road days out of their system. Not now. Now the group is so hot that everybody wants to see them. So they've had to go back on the road. (A few wouldn't do it, so there have been some substitutions.) They put on a good, pseudo- Spanish show. They all grew long, droopy mustaches and imoke long', nondroopy cigars. "We lucked out," Wechter cays. "We chose men for musicianship, but some of them turned .out to be great cnler- tainers, too," One by-product of 'the group's success — on their A&M records and television and in person — is lhat marimba sales are way up. Wechter, who stud- that makes his is having the ied piano and then drums and biggest boom in its 100-year his- then combined the two with tory. his marimba, says the company The Doctor Says - by wqyne g. brandstadt, m.d. - A mother writes that her son bites iiis nails and the skin at the corners of his nails. This > is one. of several ways a child may use lo ease his nervous tension. Usually, such a child needs to have his self-confidence strengthened. Nagging, scolding or calling his attention to this habit will have the opposite effect so the best policy is to praise his accomplishment and avoid pushing him beyond the capabilities of his present development. Q — My daughter, 3, has in- growing toenails. Will svie outgrow this? Can anything b e done to help her? A — You can't start too soon to take corrective measures and hope that it is not too late for your daughter to outgrow this painful condition. Most in- growing nails are caused by cutting them with rounded corners instead of letting the corner grow out and cutting them straight across. Equally important is to make sure that fief' shoes and socks are large enough ancl properly fitted. In a growing child this often moans discarding shoes or socks before they are worn out. After bathing your daughter, place a $ IHI k; NIA, IM. "Gtt, Gtn. Day an, I'm 23 yean oW end I wat jult •ron<y«rinj—w/iol'j it liki to WIN a wet}" Brudsiadt small bit of. cotton under corners of the nails. This will prevent the nail from cutting into .the skin, relieve pain and prevent infection. Q — Wiiat would be the effects on a nursing child .if the mother was taking ergot? A — Ergot is one of the drugs that is secreted in the milk of a mother who is taking the drug. It should not be taken by a nursing mother because it could cause ergot poisoning in the child. Q — Could frequent urination in a 5-year-old girl be caused by an allergy to some food if all the urine tests are negative? A — Tins is most unlikely. Frequent urination in a child who has no kidney or bladder disease is more apt to be due to nervous excitement, chilling or drinking a large amount of fluid. Q — My son had pylprbspasirr from two weeks till about 10 months of age. He was not operated on and didn't regain his birth weight till he was three months old. Could his son or daughter inherit this from him? A — This congenital condition sometimes runs in families. It is more likely to occur in boys than in girls. When it occurs, it is usually in a first-born. Q — Our son, 5, has what one skin specialist calls hyper- kcratosis and another calls pa- chyonychia congenita. Are these the same? What is the best treatment? A — Hyperkeratosis is an abnormal thickening of the skin and pachyonychia is an abnormal thickening of the nails. The two conditions are often associated, especially in children with ichthyosis. There is no effective treatment for these con- Daktari's. Marshall Thompson directed Iiis first episode of the series, the last episode to be shot this year. He seemed to know what he was doing. He even innovated — using hand - held cameras at one point ."to make far a fast- paced show with quick cuts, hopefully adding to the over-all excitement." The cast liked working for him. "He's the kind of person," Cheryl Miller said, "who thinks about every detail." . Kids who are ambitious for a show business career can envy the offspring of established stars. They figure they could get advice from, say, Dean Martin if they were his children. But Dino Martin says Dean's adv'-e was not so helpful. "The only thing he told me," Dino says, "is that I should keep smiling, don't put my hat on the bed and never, never whistle in the dressing room." With that advice, you can go far. If you .have talent. Blytheville (Ark.) Courier .Mews Tuesday, February 20, 1968 Page Six WOELD ALMANAC FACTS Mars, more than any> other planet in our solar system, approximates earth's physical conditions, as well as being only 34.6 million miles'''from earth at its closest approach. The Worm Almanac notes that Mars has'about half the diameter and 1/lOth the mass of the earth, and therefore only about 40 per cent of the earth's gravitational pull.

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