The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 8
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3E EIGHT 'SiSItRlEE' 111 _ STAKE Rvangelisl Shows Broadway Something New in Vaudeville ,Technique. BY PAUL HARRISON NKA Sen-ire Writer . NEW YORK.—"Of course, I'm not an actress, 1 ' said Almee Scm- l>!e McPherson as she patted her sleek blonde coiffure into plnco. "Oh. clear no! I ilon't know tlic least thing about the stage. I've never even been In a dressing rosin before . . . Naturally. t'vcugh, I approve the theater. It's all so inspiring. And those lovely young girls dancing down there—they remind me of aiigds . . . '. "And I Unow I'm just going to love Key York, and big. generous, Mildly Broadway. I'm not the least bit nervous, even though I know I'm not an actress, l remain serene because I knosv that 70,000 lie'ople are on their knees at this very moment, praying Hint I may have the courage and Inspiration to say the right word . . ." • | ' A man stuck his head in the door. "You're-on in five minutes. Sister." ; -"Okay," said Sister Aimce. ' Outside, on the marquee of the c Capitol theater, towered n figure |. _ of a while-robed woman, arms up- > ^ raised in a gesture of exhortation , n er dressing room was n bower Of Z lik A ^, h . u ? c ^ ou L?'l n "!!f ! " p , t - i "'tora l«ured in upon Almee Se A Star on Broadway JLV'i'HE VIUE, (ARK.) COURIEB NEWS here »••« no uwdusl on these plush cupcto, to with customary >Jgl l ll> ' :$* r JJJ""*"*, Jflty »,pray-. er . . ?'Ughts went <5t(t; the orchestra resumed its hymn ' tune, softly; a spotlight transfixed : the poised, while figure of the a'oman In lhe f blackness of the stage . . . It was an all-encompa&slng prayer -a ringing, forthright plea in bo- >all of the audience, the audience's rlends and relatives, lhe~t!i«alcr Broadway, New York City, the cm- ployed, the unemployed, the nation and the world. "God bless you nil!" concluded Skier Almpc, and the curtains closed. After a moment of silence Hie. audience walled that It was In a theater'. Tlien there was" a tempest of applause. Chorus girls, clad in black net nothingness, were gathering in UK wings for a tlnuous rhtimba niim- bcr when Sister Almec finally left .the staxe and threaded l:e'r wiiy omons them toward her dressing room. -They looked at her curiously. . . . "Can • you imagine?— not a trace of make-up!' 1 . . . "Fivt'(hoii-sand dollars .a-week' that woman gets. 3m i a pcj.^^ bc _ .sides.' 1 . ... . "And what, * aslc you, does she know about the stage?" To that last question, sister Almee might well'have turned rind retorted: i t "Plenty, my dear—PLENTY I"' nowers, and messages from ad>» "hen she began posters said: "Almee Semp!e Me-: Pfierson In Person—Her First Ap-j lnlo ' hcr nct: " Qoo <t evening, bro penr'ance on Auv Stage." thers nnd sislers of Bioadnay." penrance on Any Stage." " II1SldC '.^' S ™l "!!; Since her' repertoire Includes bsr in which the Chester IMc £." K J ° m f vcrslon ° Iilbl!1c " 1 girls cavorted In scanty span e le.s. ? rnnn " Slst , c , r , Almce lla , 5 oce " r ' Wc a coraedv act • where!, a mate l ° do-something no«- at every one r. comedy act • wherein ti mate i f , r -, dance team simulated the final?,'" 0 ' !am -^' performances. stages of intoxication and flung a Dnl ,' re(| ,"" T< ' ° n ^ tva "lierl- couple of off-color jokes at he " c " tn!f 'v v - ll<?1 ', "'"' thC rusioinprs n n<1 ,nnlh»r '«'« Of N«vv York s soul. cringing customers, nnd another chorus number featuring blue In her flrsl show, she spoke with restrnmt about the Sea of Onlllce, Christ's stilling of Mg.Hs ana Diuowmg tune, men -*-*•""" »i.mi the orchestra played "Come All Ye j " lc storm, an u Faithful," the hou;c lights took on i lnc waters and Peter's anxiety, a churchty glow, nnd the r.irlains '. Ttl(; n she brought President. Roosc- partcd to reveal i^.e woman wlio : vclt . U:c depression, the NRA and , black, silver-fringed stole about a slained glass sole props were a little wooden -stand'which served as an allar, a brand of enthusiastic religion. Sister Almee went In for motion a-hite, leather-bound Bible, nnd a «nd emotion, and her voice ranged chair . . . Ufling her sparkling ! from a ctircislng tremolo to a hoarse eyes toward heaven, or maybe only! shout. Sl'.e slumped Into n heap at [lie second balcony, she went' "s she (old of the death of her first husband. (She didn't mention her present, one, who's warbling torch SOIIBS in another theater down the street). Blie leaped on tlw chair lo show how she attracted a crowd for her fir.sL preaching. She cud- dtftl the Bible us she tnlited of her bnby: balanced H like a tray as she told of waiting on tables, n energetic pantomime she choppe< wood and pitched touts In reminiscence of .her evangelistic barnstorming days. She wove In a few (jags—one about divorce, one about collections. She flung wide her fervor nnd her nngcl-slecvcd arms She tohl boys to write home to their mothers, and commandei Brondwny to come along the hlgl road to Glory. Mulicrcd "Amens" began to come out. of trie theater. The management and ushers must have wondered uneasily whether they were about to witness tlw first actual Instance of a performer "laying the customers In the aisles." But sister Aline* realized that Coolest Spot In Town! Last Time Today Bint 10-30c; Nile 10-35c LIONEL BARRYMORE and MIRIAM HOPKINS in 'STRANGERS RETURN' PARAMOUNT NEWS — TAXI HOYS COMEDY MATINEE—lOc - liOc NIGHT—lOc - 35c THURSDAY ~ FRIDAY STARS BY THE SCORE! MUSIC! BEAUTY! ROMANCE! Modern "Fad* and Frills" | Connecticut Town* Have Defende^_by Director Ri|ht of Local Option WEDNESDAY, SEFTKMBflR 27, 1938 MILWAUKEE, WIs. lUP)'—Tne so-called "ftiU and frills" of mod-. MJJ education were defended by Prank S. Splgener, director of the Milwaukee University School in a speech here. "By fads and frills I mean such ilnjje as music, nrt, dramatics, lhc manual arts ami tlie household arts t " he explained. Splgener declared that the most Important problem facing schools today is to prepare students to employ usefully leisure time. "That there will te more leisure for the future is an accepted fact," he said. "If schools can't prepare boys and girls to use this leisure time profitably, then the schools should clow their doors, "That's where Hie .so called fads and frills of education play an important part—they are the things Mlth which people can usefully em p!oy their leisure." HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut towns, more thnn half of »'hlch *-«re "dry" under local option before prohibition, apparent- y ore not greatly concerned over their present ''wet." status. When the stnu.' passed a new liquor control law, which provided for the regulation of beer sales— and also those of liquor In event 01 repeal—sale of beer was permitted In all towns. However, local option might be adopted at town elections, mony of which arn to be held this fall. Only a few to'A'ns are considering local option vole, however, among them Oroton, dry for 50 years before prohibition and anxious to remain that way after prohibition enforcement is written off the books. The Secretary of State at first held local option; FUh Price War Thnttnei A ' na t H was a pure-! ermen and canneries, such as tied ly local question over which h* 1 up the northwest salmon Industry had no Jurisdiction. i for a month this spring, _ .. mored. canners »nd Rubber and leather eially replacing Lithuania. ru- owners of ! gen- fishing fleets cannot agree on a suspenders In.price for their catches. Pishing j s ' scheduled to start soon. A U G U S T A, Me. (UP)—Amy Clark, restaurant worker, was awarded about »S8 for a scratched linger suffered in cleaning a fork. To Insure Your Cotton . ran is? CaudiH's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE IOC North Broadway The Lutheran Church ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and N1TE—lOc - 25< Gth & Walnut Sts. INVITES YOU Annual Mission Celebration —Hear— Rev. R. G. Lange Pine Bluff, Ark. At 3:30 P. M. —Hear— Rev. Victor Bruggp Memphis, Tenn. Al 1:30 P. AI. All Are Welconu Comedy "Room Matek" with Frank Albertaon lao CorrUto— Mary Briarr- Rog«r Pryor-H«rfe«rt Bow- IfMon-UUIan Watwn-WUTkim Frawtoy- Alaxandar Gray — 4 Eaton Canon- Jade Dcnny-ttdrard Kbtg-f rank and Milt Brttton ! In tfM comedy drama wrrti tlx big song httsl A Widiom Rewlond-Monl* Brie* ProdecKon. CHr*cr*d by Karl rrwmi A UNIVERSAL PICTURE prattntad by Carl tatmmUJ CARTOON - - COMEDY 'RITE PRICE SPECIALS Good Thursday, Friday, Saturday, APPLE BUTTER, Qt. Jars. Each . ? i5fj WESSON OIL, Pint Cans, Each ;''.'.1 19cl LIGHT BULBS, 40, 50 & fiO W A 3 for 25c:; CAKES, Fancy Assorted. LJ). ;..... 20di FLOUR, Sv,ansdown. 121bs. 65c; 24 $1.25 RED SALMON, Rosedale. Can .... 15cj PURE LARD, 50 Lbs. Net ,$3.70 y BULK LARD, Bring Pail. Lb 7c POTATOES, Fancy Red. Lb. 2y 2 c PORK & BEANS, Phillips. Can 5c COFFEE, Maxwell H. or Bliss. Lb. . '25c COFFEE, Pure Rio. We Grind It. Lb. 15c SCHOOL TABLETS, 3 for lOc PICKLES, Sour or Dill. Quarts .... 15c PEACHES, Del Monte. 2% Can .... 15c MILK, Pet or Citation, sm 3 1-3; Ig 6 2-3c MOTHER'S COCOA, 2-Lb. Box .... 19c Sandwich Spread, "Jane" Good. Qts. 25c CHOPS, Lamb or Mutton. Fancy. Lb. 15c SALT MEAT, Very Best. Lb. .... 8Vbc SHOULDER PLATES, Dry Salt. Lb. 7c BACON, Fey sugar cured pieces Ib 12y 2 c HAMS, Picnic Shankless. Lb 9V 2 c HAM, Swift Prem. Center slices. Lb. 25c FRESH EGGS, Guaranteed. Do/. .. 19 C SPARE RIBS, Fresh & Meaty. Lb. .. 6c RITE PRICE Grocery & Market T. H. Van Blbbtr, Owner and Operator 101 W. Main, Corner of First St. fhont M4....Free Deliver}- an Orders of 51 or I'p Made to Your Individual Measure! Hnfifiy days for the hard-to-fit! "Gentry" solves your problems— and in just the patterns you prefer! Choose from'a smart range of new weaves . . . from a choice selection of styles. Skillful tailors do the rest — giving painstaking care to every detail! Prompt, efficient . service . .. and, best of all, a price amazingly low! $3475 PENNEY 220 - 222 West Main St., Six Letters . From Home Each Week There will be many a day that other duties will prevent you from writing to those at school, and there will be many a time that you aren't in the mood to write them a long newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rate. It's like getting six letters a week from home at only Per School Year COURIER NEWS l

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