Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated HatS, Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles. DEWENTER, •\ The Hatter and Furnisher. $15. WE WILL Dissolve Partnership July i. And must have Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $35. This is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker &;Sharpe Co., Tailors. $20. 3-5 Pear, Street. •THE APPAREL OFT PROCLAIMS THE MAN" Is tho wise .maxim handed down lo us by the inimort.il bard. The well dressed in.in, the man that procures liis stylish, exquisitely fitting well-made suit of c-lotliin.ee from Hera carries with liim a mark of distinction and coin- imamfe rcspoct wherever ho goes. Tlio bk-yck'r, golfer or sportsman liltod here 0-0:1 looks a Higher typo or man than the genevul run of s;>ortsmen. Remember tlio nmmhcr '100 Market SM'Oe-l. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, JUNE 37, 1SOO. Subscribe for Tho Journal.' Boys' units cheap now at Mitchell's. Every suit a lender at Mitchell'?. ' Hanuii, -12-i Fdfth street, for screens. •Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks in the city. We can save you money on frames, us wo ray'small rent.—C. JL I-Iunna, 424 'Fifth street. Fifteen Italians have gouc to.Wabash from this city to work on the stone cut iu the bluffs. Mr. and .Mrs. Chns. Bundy of Seventeenth street are preparing to remove to New Castle. Mr, Jolm A. Young and family of th.0 Westsido went to Roemester yesterday for a visit. . Louie D. Eiclihorn of Blui'fton, secretary of tlie State Music Teachers' association, will visit W. T. Gift'o over Sunday. a At the apUBst el'.urcii tonight will bo grivcu a pleasing entertainment. At the close of which will lie served light refreshments. Insist on having just what you' call for wlie.li yon go to buy Hood's Siirsa- pnrilla, ,tlie One True Blood rurifiei 1 ,-ind nerve tonic. ; E. V. and E. E. Rice of near Yjomig America will graduate this week .from the hospital college of medicine Of Hie Central university of Kentucky at Louisville. Mother Superior of the Sisters <jf Notre Dame of Milwaukee, is in. the city on an Inspection tour. S!:e is tliejgnest of the Sisters at St. Joseph's church, T. C. JIcGovern has purchased tho ground at the Southwest corner of Seventh street and Broadway and will probably improve Jt this summer by the. erection of dwelling houses fronting on Seventh street. The lot has a frontage on Seventh street of eighty-two atid one-half feet. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •OR; MOST PERFECT MADE. I yve Grnpe Cream pf Tartar Powder. Fret t t Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40''Years the Standard. CANADA THISTLES. \Vabash Tribune: There are so many ill-natured -editors !u the li.ttlc towns ad- julni,ns tlie city of Waliasli' that Tlie Trilmno liosi(atc>s :o mention n subject which has been In-onglit to iw notice. On Comstock-.sfreet, between Market a.tul Canal st-[-ee"r,' 1 gro\vs a healtliy crop of Canada thistles, wliic-h, if uoc soon harvested, will lie the mains of taking the city. How they eanio Ihern no one can I ell, Imt tiivy arc there rea/ly to do considoraWe niischiof. Tlie city authov- it.ies should .purchase a scythe and a couple of potmd* of salt ami start the street c'oniriifcsioiner after them. My, IKJW this- neSvs wiH tickle the Peru people. They always did like to say nasty tiling.^ about Wabash, BICYCLE RIDEKS, READ! Frank-fort Tiriies: Arrangements liave beon made by tlio management of rhu 4th of .Tiily celebration at Frankfort to make a special feature of the bicycle part of tlio big parade. A cash vrlxc will be given to 1hc bwt decorated wheel in the parade—one for lady and one for gent. Parade starts at 0:30 a. an. All riders are invited to participate. Track races as'follows: 1 mile open, 2 mile open, ~> mile open; 1 mile, boys n'.i- der ](!. Address communications to Fred Coulter, Frankfort. Hid. Exchanges please copy. A pracUcal . woman' remarked t.hc other day that tin; most' interesting tilings in tlie newspapers to her are the advertising columns. "And long, ago," said she, "I .quit buying of those who do not advertise. It always seems 'to me that rhe merchant- who advertises invites me to trade with him. whilu the one who does not advertise Jmpre.sfp? me with (lie idea Hint he doesn't care enough 1'or my trade to ask for it. Then, too, I have* 1 found that the merchant who advertises has fresher goods for the reason, I suppose, that lie sells Peru Journal: Arthur Stutcsman and John Bender rode t-o Loganspovt yesterday on their'wheels Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leebrick, were in Logaiisport yesterday-visiting Mr. ami Mrs. D. A. Hank SI Morgan of Loga.nsport, was .in town this morning going to 'Rochester and returned this evening:. . .Rev. C. M. FlUmorc was in Logansport today attending a inectlng of the executive committee of the Slate music teachers' association to prepare for the meeting at Terre Haute.. Hugh Bigger and A. L. Daniels, of Danville, IlL were in the city yesterday. They are on their way to Chicago to enter In tne bicycle races, and rodo here on their wheels, comics'via. ludlflnapolis, . Councilman Geo. Haigh was at Converse yesterday. ' eows wo oa a a;. heir hands where theiK^o'i:fccts>wouK'| e, if they had iKMikets 1 ft};' tlreW' gMfiej '' Both Sides Had, a ifand^n. the Poor Playliig;->. i-T OTTOS Some New Timber Team--Natl6rfar • ' '• ' ' ' ... Well, .we told.-you yesterday that he' Ottos-would 9vJ)e;it; 'em today,", aud dldn't'tli'ej-.d'o Iff^ijjau-.j tifully? They-had too-many, fe.jlow<s; in the game yesterday who were-wtnt; is known among .ball P!ayer.s..];i| J.elBgs/j fellows' who loaf and sfaud;armuKl.:wlth| their be pants, and look calmly "••._,,'.:.';-, >-*>..•"•••; scrapes the dust from.aboiit;tifej.i;..feet or whiw.es past their ear.-^xi>ei;o/.werej Just two men on tlie col1esiiU!c> WH^IV ju the inlield who ar-iiid asr^ihoiiijh ihey wanted to .take holil of the Ai^ll, at all', and these two have n lamentable string of errors to their credit."."."L-lj'ra'-'Miir,- phy, tho short-stop, playod.<;yei.-y.-._posi[-, tion in tiie Infield, and raced", put Jntp the hicb grass for some ot'..Yui. ...His «ry of '-I'll get It," or 'Tve_goHt,i',was heard whenever a ball .was.'hit 1 by ; aiJ Otto batter, and the fans in the;graud 't.-ind soon dub.bed him "I've.sot it.'' 1C. he had "got it" every time he went .a 1 .'-, tor ir, there worild-not have beta.-so many runs made by the locate- But Murphy had assistance -in "the error line. Anderson and 'Carbcllin had :i pair each, and speedy Bennett, their, crack third-baseman, had a chance to llistingnish himself and failed. But, thar was nothing 10 the chance Hanluy, of tlie liomo team. had. He !iad an off day evidently, for ho only made four errors. ... The fourth inning spoiled tlie chance of the visitors and after those six .runs had crossed the plain, they suemed to have lost interest in the came and iho Oros had it easy. Following is 1 the -•core, kept by a fan wish four eyes aud two se;s of arms, and all his members wore kept busy picking out points: ; OTTOS AB R .11 PO A-E Shaver, ss .. , ;" -0 .'3 .1 .4 n ITanley. 2b 4 2.0 ^ 2 4 Uackelt, If '•> 2 1 3 0 0 Bruton, :5b "• 0 2 3 1 2 Steraler, cf ^ 1 1 3 ' 0 . J May, rf -1 2 0 0 .0 0 Kenneally, c "> .1 2 4 '•'. 0 BO:,-UI, ib -..- i o 30 i '-o Fisher, p 4 0 0 1 '3 O 1 Totals 42 0 0 27 '14 7. BLACKBURN AB H H PO A E Mnrpiiy. ss 4 1 0 3 ..:', U McConncli; e ....4 0 0 4 0 0 Bennett, :'.b • • •" ' 0 0 2 2 1 Battisle, cf, rt ...4 0 . 0 .TOO Tonkins, K 21) ....4 2 1 3 0 0 Anderson, 1I> ... .'i 0 1 0 0.2 Watt, p, rf 4 0 1 3 0 0 rf cf ..4 0. - 0 3-0 2 Wolford 2b, ]>...." 1 2 2 .'! ' 0 SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN fLOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, THEY'LL COME LOADED. Kokoino Has Blood in Her Eye--Some Good Timber. Totals 3") 4 •"> -~ . $ '.. ^ Score by innings: Ottos 1 '0 0 n 1 10-0 0-0 Blackburn .00011011 0-4 Earned runs—none; two base. hits- Shaver! Hacket, Wolford; basu on balls -oil' Fisher '•',, off Watt. 2; struck out-by Fisher S, by Watt 3, by. Wolford. 1; double play—Murphy to .Teiikius^Siiayvi 1 to Hnnlo.r to Bolan: lime of game. 1 hour iJ5 miimtes. 'Umpire, Johnston. THREW THE COLONELS. From all accounts the Kokomo base jail fans will be in Lognusport in full 'orce Sunday. They Iliiiik they have a world-neater in tin! lean) they have ihero now, but when they get through wilh Hie new Ottos, tliey wou'r be ic-arly so'handsome, but they'll' know mire—m.'.iybe. "Huu" Roger.*, .a lias- letv-boiiufry Lyen, and -Kid",Faui-ot; i there's a bright galaxy of pitchers. Two good ones:, sometimes, and one.that never was good. Crosby,; tiie new man from Pennsylvania, c/i'nie :n last night and will be .out for practice today. Jloi-siey-and Byers,-two;of the heaviest batters'that have liit a ball on the home grounds this-season, are also here. Crosby is a stjir p'ltclier: Horsloy was once. Rock- vill'e's Miird-liaseman, and Byers cauglit both the games (Hat club playqd here. The,'-management of rhe club has been slow .in taking oii new men. but good ones w.erc secured when they were signed'.- Let'Kokomo come; the Ottos are : ready ' for them. Cleveland Wins from Louisville-—A. Close. Race. Cleveland throw the Colonel; down' ycterdny. It's a pity ruin prevented :hc pime the day before, for it was ilmost a cinch for tlie Spiders and they' need every same they can get, for BaT-' :imore is only a matter of'seven points behind them and the Orioles;arc; play-.: ball like fiends. Tlicy.'. shnj: .-the Brooklyn* out yesterday, but a.shut.out don't mean imich to Brooklyn any more: ;he has had the white wash laid on so much of la'.c that a. little dab oidre or less don't count. Follow'Iug" are., the jcores of yesterday's yanies: " ; ';•.. At Louisville—Cleveland/!'].':' 'Louis- rille 1. . '.'.-•"'•". • '•'•'• " Ar Cincinnati—St. Louis '2,' Cibcie- la.ti 3. • • - •.-;•'•" ; ., At. Brooklyn—Baltimore :.-i... Bro.pk- yn 0: •'•'• '-' • ' . At Boston—New' York 0", Boston -.14. . Eain prevented the ,;nnie at.rjttsbni'ir.and she Washingtoii same,at SVasliington." STANDING OF.THE.CLUBS;. Clubs. .• ;ieveland . Baltimore ... Mncimmti -. Boston .... 'hllndeiphin ashington Won ..X,ost Per Cf. ....27.,..20. ....30 ..-. .20. Brooklyn ;bJeago . . . \ew York .'. St. Lbnis . . . : ..24. . '.25 ••23 ..,.20 ;..' 13 '20 ' },-?• '21 " ••"23 .U24 .1100' ,;.2S HUMANE SOCIETY •','•' O General Organization Starts the Ball Rolling Here. WORK IS WELL BEQUN The Thirty- Nine Purposes of the '•'•' United Band of Hercy. Vesterday in ' tlie parlors of the Mur- douk hotul.-r-jrt-s.-.Noi 1 !) T. Gauze, general organizer..' assi.slc-d by Mayor 'Mc- •ICee, several minisiers and a few of l>o ; cr'a'nsporVs' 1 " lk i s't*"''ei'i ixens, organized a liryudi of rho"i"l'i'nnyana soeii.'ty. The DK-ctiug was,ca'!!ed to order, tlie object stated, .aud Mr.. Kici! was made chairman and- the Bcfv. T. S. Freuman .sec-rotary. Mi.s.OG.fuw.O' told of her success in ' br'ga : riiKlrifr societies in other cities and told' 'of 'thfi" way 1 Humane oflicers are paid ami.'y.ie'reasou why a Humane .six-ie.tVshouUCie, organized here. The Rev. !•?. C.-.-CooHiaugh then made a short speeeli' recommending the society and iHlirig fit cruelly to animals aud chil- drpn, Ayl'nies.sed'.by 'him.' Tbe subject >y"as.d'iscusse(l aiid'ai'tielcs of incorpora- .t.ioii. were 'read, and adopted. The following committee .- -was appoimed to draw up a constlrutlon aud by-laws: .The-.Rev3...1^,.C,...Coolbaugh and .7. C. Kanffuiaii a'nd Mr. ,T. C. Hadley. The f,o)]o\yi.nK.,flnanc-e i commlt.tee was ap- " ^K'ssi^'B. S. Rice and H. H. DeWolfe. and tha Rev. D7 P, Putnam. held Thursday after- roo.a.. o'.c.'lock,- at. .the parlors of Jlie, Murdbck hotel, at" which, time the aiiy-laws will be adopted' and '-officers elected. The -'object of :tii^Cgoclet'y4's o-noble one and deserves' the hearty support of the people o:' Logansport. FoJIo-wijig are the objects of ;ho organisation: "We believe it to be our duly to slop: "I—Beating animals. -2—Dog fiirlnjn;?. ".>—Overloading learns. ••.j—'j-ljo use of light check reins. ""i—Overdriving. "C~Ciipping dogs ears and tails nud docking horses. "T—Underfeed i;if.'< ••I?—Neglect of shelter of animals. ••'.)—Bagging Cows. ••10—Cruelly on railroad slock mills. "31—Blooding- calves. "]2—Plucking live fowls. "IS—Tlie clipping of horses in winter and spring. ••H—Driving galled and disabled animals. •M5—Tying legs of calves, sheep or fowls. "To restrain: "It!—Vivisection. "To introduce: "3"—Better roads and pavements, . •MS—Better Meihods. of slaughtering. "10—Better methods of horse-shoeing. "20—1-mproved cattle cars. ••±1—Drinking- -fountains. "±2—Bettor laws in all stales. "2,j—Humane litirafv.ro in schools and liomes. ••To induce: "L'-f— Children '" he Jnimano. -2.1—Teachers lo loach kiudnoss to animals. "2ii—Clergyman to preach :t. "27—Authors to write it. "28—Kditors lo keep it before the people. "20—Drivers and trainers of horses 10 try kindness. "SO—Owners of animals 10 feed regularly. "3.1—People lo protect inseciivora. -32—Boys not to molest birds' nest?. '•33—Men to hike belter care of stock, "34—-Everybody not to sell tbelr old family horse. -y>— People of all states to form Humane societies, . ••:',()—Men to give money to forward the good cause. "37—Women to interest themselves in the noble work. ".•58—People to appreciate the intelH- gencc aud virtues of animals, "39_And generally to make men and women and children better, because more human." Ladies as well as men are urged to join the Logansport branch of t'.ie .crre.-u socferv. For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Blood R.. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.98 Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $1.96 The Celebrated -Otto" $2.50 Button and Lace $1,48 The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" , MX: R p r-r Y-COZZEN s. Mr. Edward Murphy of Lead. S. D, ; and Miss Mary Colons of Galena, nt s -ivi;ri> married Tuesday morning :u St , Bridget's church by tlio Rev. Father I Kroeger. Mr. Murphy \yho has for many year* lived iu tlio Black Hills, lias become .1 i>ermanent resident of L^- gansporl and has purchased ihe lot'at the northeast eonierof Xorlh aud Eleventh s:i«i>ls. on which he will SOOB erect a handsome homo. The lady is tho sister of Mrs. Gus Mvtrphy. south or iho city. where she has been visiting for the last: monllj. After :i wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Murphy will lie at. home at rhe George Harrison uwi seeds only. Landrettrt Subscribe for The .Tourn.il. SCRATCH AND LOGANSPORT TALENT. The law firm of Mr.Connell & McConnoll is Interested in the case of William Poconga, a Miauil Indian, against the Mortgage Trust company of Pennsylvania, which is now up iu the Grant Circuit, court. The- Logansport firm is for the plaintiff. Mi&s Efiie Bridewell, a teacher in tut public schools at Kokomo, i* the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Gottlel.b Scha flier of the Nbrrhside and of her uuclo Mr. Wi!- llani Hawley. SCREAM

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