The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 27, 1933_ _BLYSHEVILLE. (ARK.)COUIUBK_NBWS_ PAGE 11 i BRUSHING UP SPORTS AN UNSUNG MAN By Laufer MOUNTAINS Averages 'Don'l Always! ^ X ELLIOT 1 4 Give Sure Answer Warns' Baseball's Big Train. j EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the llrsl of a series of six articles m \ which the approaching world ser- ics is discussed by Waller John-; son. one of the greatest inlchcrs at all lime. ^ ^ ( EV WALTKR JOHNSON (As .Told to Bill Braui-llfr. NF.A 'Service Sports Wlor.) • : NEW YORK. Sept. 27, - With I ihe world scries only u few days away', baseball men arc ucBimunt; to compare seriously position for position on the contending G\nia.x and Nationals. I Tables arc prepared which ate meant lo sum up strength by rca- j son ot statistics and lo arrive at | the inner that way. But that is a system whicji tre-. nucmly has failed. The reason, as 1 have found it in my own years I of Ditching, is that figures do :vjt tell enough about men—ar-l fir- lainly do no! always furnis.i a (!'.'- pcnclable forecast for -i snort -series. Who could have predicted what a star Pepper Marlin was to tic lor the Cardinals two years aj;0 when he- almost lingle-hanrtedly upset the Athletic, a team of steady, hard-playinj men? Who could have known in vancc that, Babe Ruth, greatest ter of them all, svouUl be E»< setup for pitchers in an-i oi in Yankees-Giants series more th <" 10 years ago? That Scries ot 1K-1 Who expected, back in the yvm-lrt scries of 1924. thnt John j.Ic< would he outwitted in the W came of that series by J' ou -/ lucky Harris? Yet it was Han, maneuvering of pltcnors that. cau. cd Mcoraw to switch Long Gcoig KelU for Bill Terry at first base, a move that finally brought HS- aster to the Giants. . After Kelly WM safely m SL^yX^^s $S5 ^s^<x^ struck out with men ; j PHILS Cluimnioiis Bcat- IM \VliL-n Wilney Hom- 01 s \vilhT\vo On. T.v Nr«- York (.limits. Naliunnl Icnsii.- di.iiii|)ions. clri!j)|>?(l a i lo division to lh'.> Hoston llravcs ye.-.U-i-diiy. "1'inklo" Wi'itney's homer In (he third muni)! »'lth two on ac- eoiini.'d lor the last llifoe iuns by Knives utter they hud !lci|Ulr<irt — inns in the Ursa Inning. Tile i; svmvd uvlce In the llrsl In- nl:i<; l:iit v.-t-ri' held scoix'lcui tlu>ie- alur. Cantuvll was Ihe winning and I'aimalce. Ihe losing plt'chor. . In ilu- only oll:er major ,lca«i'w playal yesterday the I'hllllc.s I cd ihr Dvooklyn Dodgers nl I'hil.ulrlplila. 'nit- stove was 3 lo '-!. Tin- 1'hlls citnw iiom behind In ;hi- lust inning when lliuy scoYad IHO runs jiiiov (he Dodgevs liild -. one in their liiilf. Hurbt ltd in- Phllly billers with three ^.GU.V To, ei'et'ce Game lloiv Thursday olRclals'ln this-section. He Is a former Hcndrlx college ;star fl played againstTteveral Biythh i high teama In hjs high school'd-,—.,., I while a niftnber of the f aragoultJJJ;^ i Bulldogs. Merlwcther - was consii)**^' ! tr«l ihe bcsiklcker ever dcveUag*' I in Arkansas. <• " Frank W.-ltworth h slated to act . tl of IMr.i'^imd, I „,. unijilie of Thursday's game jnjd__ . Arkansas •,{('.* I j. Pi i-ylcncl ii-lli 1» headilnesmafif-^' Hill Mi'rlMvlhiT lK)|iubr iiortiieiut ,...,......„ -, olllc-lnl, will ri-liTcr 1luu.iiliy|-r oln S\IK\. 103:1 urad'.ialc from Uio -i' nlthl's roiiU'st huve UeUv^en Hie oiikl: Iciim, will be iuilstnnt to J; Hlylhi'ville lilsli si-!:col j,> r k'iul ' •?' unil p.Mvnlii hlKh si-!io-j| armlmilc . nlyllicvllli' school olllclals ainumni 1 ed tediiy. Meriwi-llie]- olllciales at colli'iii! "ii;i hln';i school i-ami's In Ilili sec- lion -iviTy year itiiil Is ij The name will IK- culled ill -7:45 o'clock. : -i; .,n .^.^- lv,;;ilalor.i 111 the new Holtarn iiLTilly 'J'ui;i- station, l/jiidoii. Irnvel at thti D.inio Humor is i:|irc»il!ns the word t!"U .MIIIKIBCT OCOVRO CilliMin will not tiu o» 'I"'' Mil i-l sail ive. oulllclder tho IHICK m tho C.lnulH. may inannK« u-ctall crew noxl year, slio \ San Antonio In 1 illc Scries By Winning I'our Games. Twice Kelly on basts. Terry, by th encc In the M;W ORLEANS, Sept. '27.—The ,'<••>, Orleans Pelicans were crown- Hi\lc chumplons yesterday ^ In n ilioy tEefcaled llic San Au- .oiiio Missions to win four giimes 1:1 Ihe r-erk'.s between the Sonlh- cin and Trans leapnc clmnilis. p Southern league champions bcbliid the shutout plliihhis of CialcliDiisc, rlghthnmle,., who hold ihe missions lo five liils. Tlic Pelicaiis collected nine blows olf Miller, San Antonio pitcher, ller- >;er, pellran utility inflclder, drove lu both of the Bird runs. Osceola Seminoles'Have Two Grid Dates Open OSCKOLA. Ark.. Bi-pl. M.-Wllh llk> PxccpUon o! two Q|fn dates. I for whli'h the Osceola Squinnies would Ilki; to avranne i-anies, Ihi'lr sclic'diib for llic season Is cmn- plclo. K wii s lUiuouncccl by Cur- roll lllrd lodny us fulluws: Sept. 28'. Hlylhcvillt, there, Oct. G. Luxora, here. Oct. 13, Hixrrlabiifg, there. ' Oct. 20, Wilson, tlicro. Ocl. iV, Oi»n. . Nov. a, iMgHolt, here. Nov. 10, Ijixorn. here. Nov. 17, ISurl, here. Nov. '24, Shiiwnco, llicru.- Tliuukstjlvlug, oi»n. attempt to .gauge their perform-'to His starting pitchers in ihei^ •uic's on the basis of averages is, turns, and Lwiuc .Us done some, noUikelyl to succeed. Bluc 6 e, thtrd baseman of the I<ia!i kinei of player. way, whose l' vf s ~ I tbcrc's a 'run to be driver lineup nr.ght | . rak j n g 1 averages year as nationals is that 1 The two teams, on the occasions', loo-hc hits when! I luvc seen them during the sea- in. hare changed the outcoiu'; of ttat game and the series, is tho, __ man on the Giants' team who ha.. | , h . i; Washington been hitting above -300. | irinuning Ihe Gi _, Hitting 'I'liat Counts , 1^ was surprised, Jooiing . f-yr tliu' 1 averages the oilier day; '-t* •cce' that the nearest man io Terry In 'hitting was Moore, with .<•'•«• and O'Doul and Ott fine hitters hart aliimlicd to !iBure-> well below thai. The hitting as a whole, W-cvcr, has ueen nmely and it is that sort of balling thai counts in n series where the pitch- j in? is apt l^ he Several of the ,,, .„,.., looked like fine fightum out-! the balling and fielding fits. The Giants made up in aK-] of the two clubs this I greisiveness much of what thej , o whole it would seem I lucked in technical offensive |K)w- ; 'emdd not miss i cr. The Nationals, when they nts The Nation- played us at Cleveland in mill-1 i-ic-an League in,summer, did everylhing riRht, and j 1 "-' j; ng \vhHc'secmed unbeatable. How they vv'lH, noiit ritlhj'fnre against a staff s'llrfi as.-tnej nciiHna""in about ''.he same • Glanl-s' is anolhcr question I How They Stand American Lea;nu W. L. .WashhiBloii 07 51 New York IW Slj Philadclpr.ia IV 68 Dctroi't ..........'..... n 79 Clilcago •'.. G5 IB Boston GO 85 St. Louis 55 9-1 Ucad Courier News Want Ails. iimMBBMH EEC - llle - 15f BORUM'S FORD BATTERY \ • t Tho ix)\vcrtnl Ford battery is built especially; to' meet tlic requirements ot the Ford car. A remarkable value. Made of best moterials-, fine u;orkman- ship; rigidly tested nnd itillygiwrawecd. Buy your Ford battery iroiu a Ford detiicr Mid be sure iris the riylu baiwry bi voiu 1 car. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO.. I'oicl .Dealer Pel- 1 . .ISS' .Gill .sail .503 .4&t^ .433 When a leani without a ; [fense and wlw only a fair dc- ;nsc wins a pennant, the answer suaily is reflected In Ihe pitch..i" stuff. That is what has done nolably':"* trick for Terry's club. Ka Answer ^ | .^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ^^ nbolll I'itching Versus I'oner. W. L . 85 C7 . h, r,-.t .coi .553 VCra "'l n rrtiver ThJy i« a' 1 Two of the young pitchers came Today s Gamej .National I.rajlie Philadelphia at New Yo,.k (2). Only games. AmcriraB LcaRiir New York at Philadelphia t2>. Only gomes. St. Louis Hi M Boston HO 70 Brooklyn IM 85 I'hlladcliihia 58 !K> Cincinnati 58 B2 .35? .337 i An'.erican inanufactiireis of 2X- pcu.sive stationery avticles. such a-i I high p-ndc fmintVBh'. [ions and |Kii- I ells, have built up a consiikrablg. , i...-!...^ - m jnjijg. Both Old and New Subscribers May Get THE GREAT AMERICAN WITH WORLD hat, this girl demanded.;.' She's Joan Waring, the forgotten- sweetheart in Mary Raymond's new , Forgotten Sweetheart.", romance, STARTS THURSDAY, SEPT. 28 In COURIER MEWS .... . .. .«;•' Vo " sinl|)l - v or(lcr llu; C()uricr Nl ' ws all(l l; " Ul ni: in your home fur twelve months—or, if you ar? hivky tnou«h In alrcatly lie Rile of nur readers, simply aulliori/.e us lo ciinlinuc delivery of the Ciitiricr News fur anollicr 12 monllis in combination vvifli Ihe niai;axinto-. F'or the 2 niiij>-it/.inv.s and the Courier News you pay GO. mils ilown- anil (il) cents a month lo the carrier hoy for 12 mnnllt s . Simple, isn't ii'.' Here 1 ! Liberty (Weekly) . -. Woman's World And The Courier News i'oi l-'tirlluT Inforni;iliun 1'honc 30(i iim! \Vc Will Have u Carrier Boy I'itk Tp "lour Offer or II Yoti I're fur— •12 Months 12-Months 12 Months fcoc Hinn payment, Blus monthly piyincnts ot Car to I lie- carrier for K morths. Use This" Coupon . Drop in Mail Km Insinc GOr, or Give ' Order lo Your Carrier. TliK COUHIKIl NEWS, Blythcvillc. Ark. . I hereby agree to siibscnlv i". »r cM>nd my p:c:.cnt subsciiplion for thc- Co'.iricr News' for twelve months Irom this date, and also .lor the following 2 magazines: I.tHERTV (Weekly) 1 year WOMAN'S WORLD 1 >' car I am now paying CO cents mid npree to pay your regular carrier GO cents per month for twelve months. I fully luidersMn-J that this contract cannot be cancelled without immediate discontinuance of the lungizmc subscriptions. Signed To;v:i . .Address .Slnto ..

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