The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1944
Page 2
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BLtTHEVlLLB (AM,) CC-lMgR TIIURSDAYY, SEPTEMBER 28, 19-14 Ion Industry *** H Of Labor ^ i »mentativ4* Meet D+tcuss Situation; \ mftesses Hard Hit v *^ ? "" 7 ^- i rE^ROCK, $ept 28 (Up5i — itton p\ industry, Including , gins, oH mills Mid com- fls f icing v serious sltua- ^fe^ilt ol thfe labor shoit- (rlcaraas M ' was brought out at a meet- rfepresentatlves of all branch Temperatures c, i Meii low Atltmlfl Birmingham Charleston Charlotte Chatlr.noogu Chicago Cincinnati peti oil Jactednvllle Kansas City Macon Tallahassee Memphis. * Mliunl Montgomery New Oi'ldaris 1 .... 81 05, . 35 05 . 86 07 ... 80 01 .... W fi3 ....85 03 .... 80 04 . ... '84 05 .... 05 33 .... 80 02 i... 88 tiQ ..... 75 01 .... 84 CO .... 85 70 .... 87 (W 83 V8 .... 83 03 .'... 86 77 1ft A7 Law Can't Be Evaded To Help Soldiers Vote ROCK, sept. 29 <UP)— Attorney General Guy E. Williams lins ruled that the law Is so plain llml (he Secretary ot State cim- nol certify! tlic genera) .election tnllot In Arkansas until 20 dnys before the eleclloiv that It can'l bo evaded ftvcu to help soldiers .to lint Chairman': John Prunisky of ihe Pulaskl County Boarder Election cemmlssioners says that dc- spllc Williams ' opinion, an uncertified "absentee soldier war ballot" will be delivered W • the I'ulaskl C'o«nt v clerk for ' mailing lo service men and women nq'i later lliaa 'Ihursdny. ,' : \, •'_>.' '••'•'.- ' . Pruhlsky says lhat ilhc Piilnsk! German Agents Jnder Custody / Of FBI Agents : NEW YQRK, Sept. 28 (UP)-=-Tiie FBI announces that 24 German aliens Including a woman who boasterJ of her friendship with Adolf Hitler, were arrested Tuesday on presidential warrants. They are charged wllh failure to .disclose to immigration authorities their membership in the Nazi party. E. E. Conroy, New York FBI chief, says the woman, who isn't named, received the Nazi Fuehrer's Golden Medal of Honor. Also included wcr c three mem employed in war industries, one of them a i>lant foreman. has been Iransferr Field, Panama City blc gunnery sell Halnes Is wllh the es. Pfc. Hardy R. C of Mr. Crawford Sr ly has • returned Ic Colo., after porticli porlment conclude termnstcr Corps, inent and around Army to dctcrnih fare on an exchish Etncy ralloa^. P attended Uell high brie brother, Staff B, Crawford in th Tech. Sergt. Wll son of Mr. and wart of Holland, » rl^ht to wear the of the U. S. Arm Private, ow soldiers t of emer- Private Crawford Three Dugan Brothers All Medical Officers Medics—captains, too—run In the family of Capt. Robert B. Dugan, dispensary medical officer at lh« post hospital. Capt. Dugan's brother, Capl. KermU Dugan, has been overseas since January, 18)3,* as a medical officer. Another brother, Capt. Leland DU- gan, has been in New Guinea sine? January of this year, as battalion surgeon with the Field Artillery. The Dugan brothers are from Bur- MngUm. Va. Capt. Robert Dugan Awarded Air Medal Second Lieut. Wancn Borgcs, •actuate o( Class 41-A. was recently luvni-elcd the Air Me<lal and one Oak Leaf Cluster. He Is at present 1st pilot of a B-1V somewhere l» England, ^ 1)6 Industry In Little nock ay. All represent a lives agreed empresses ; are. perhaps the hit Piesldent E 1 :/ Compress r Wade of the and Warehouse n v says of about 40 com- Mn Arkansas onlj fhc luo iHtion Wade jijs that col piling up at the compresses & cotton farmer Is likely to Hoist sufferer esentatlves agreed that In f this desperate manpower on agents,of the War Man- commission are continuing d" Arkansas laborers to olher gven hi the face of th" fact titton, ^cotton' oil "mid lintel's itally needed In the war cr !ss the. situation can be rem- t|Uickl\, Arkansas cotton will detefiorjution that will bring 16 the state of Arkansas cs- d'al aboiit : 50 million dollars, eals for more uoAcrs have made'to v both Seimtor John cCiellah-'and Governor Ad- Jew: York San Antonio Tampa Washington Dallas louston Jackson Little Rock Stitevcpott .83 .90 .17 . 8C . 83 .81 .88 board Ls notVln coiHhct with the officials who mtet live up to tlie letlcv of the to. 'Arid adds that It Is bellevctl lhal. npiiroxlmately 5COO Pulaskl county soldiers will K'vcn the opportwntty to express icmselves and that no linnn can me of It. IANCE r^ -,.^ • inrsday — Friday i - Ltt^ Sahnrd«y Nights »:|p to 1 O'clock In the Beautiful Blue Room HOTEL NOBLE idmission" 65c IncL Tat Coffee Growers Of Brazil May Ask Price Hike IUO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 28 (U.P.) The Brazlllnn coffee producers nnd brokers find themselves in a position to demand higher irlccs from foreign milieus for the rst time in many years. Brazil has labored under n tre- icndous surplus of coffee for rome me, but United Press Staff Cor- espondent. James Coogan now rc- orls lhat the tables arc turned. Brazil has. had two conxeciilivc loor coffee crops, which ate away lie stored surplus. And coffee rowers now may force the govern- nenl to appeal to the United States or higher celling prices for Ihelr ixport type produce. Mfosh At Dyersburg Kills 9 Army Fliers DYERSBUrtG, Tciin., Sept. 26 (ijP)_Nj,i(. Army flyers died Wed nesday In the mid-air collision o two 13-n Flying Portresses nen liiEton, Term, 'flic two glun bombers were on a training High from the Dyersburg Army Air B The only southerner killed In th crash was Corp. James V. Palmer of Tcxcu'kana, A.rk. All but one of the crew member of one plane parachuted to snfot alter the collision. However. In th Other plane only one brew mcmbe escaped. r Wives 1 • iiiiica • Want ROW Pep and Vim? "Tttoiuanils Ot cou[jl« am wcnV, woin-out f c " of the U. S. Army paratroops. He Tiie 10 men mid eight women will lias completed foiir weeks of Jump have secret hearings before an training during which time he made alien enemy healing boartl U>"de- five Jumps at p the Parachute School tcrmine whether or not they should at Port scnnlng, Ga. e Interned. rSPERMANENTWAYE Natural-look tnjjcuclsan<] waves now yours—easily, cool-ly. comfortably, alhomc, Doit yourn-!f/rtieaiii3iiog SPECIAL THIS WEEK SAUIDE PAN 44- '). quart size, extra Keavy i^hite enamel * wilh fclack trim. fluilt to last a lifetime. ™ Areatvaluet *T* — CROSS-CUt SAWS S1MONDS ground, litice tooth, . 4 cut tirig teeth to each raker. 1SBES10S P»PE« 15c WEATHER STRIPPING 85c A^beiios, dries nith . Jml. , shrinkage to a qmooth, hard finitb. * IOOF tOATIKG Stw tlin Itilty root Kith ttri» atbciios liest qunlily ' white, idc»! for covering Jurnacc pir c *. elc. • 18 in. wide. Cushion type, flerubfe rubber sliod .with felt. Mothproof. in. x 20 ft. SOOT DESTROYER -» • *r *-•* f S-^ f PINTERS lAftDWARE COMPANY -aiil_ ces Hot Allowed For allots For Overseas LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 28 (UP) — llomcy General any E., Williams .ys county clerks are not allow- 1 n fee for sending •absentee, baits lo soldiers overseas, and adds Mil fees cannot, be collected by f fleers unless authorized'.; by law iid no such authorization is made nder Arkansas; statues. Williams also informed Cliitlr- ian J. Mllam o[ Ihc Newton Coun- v Democratic Central. Committee hat fisscssment.'d for delinquent oil tuxes, can be made either by he county clerk ' or the c'ounly sscssor; Such assessments can be na'de without: payment or peual- y up to Oct. 1; Williams says If hey are made by the assessor he imsl certify Ihcm lo the clcik. iugh Dozier Wounded In France On Sept. 7 J Pfc. Hugh E. bozler of : Osceola 'ornicrly of Blytlicvlllc, has beci V\en In Service Carl Dlythe, chief torpedoman In he Navy and veteran of jnoic tlinn 24 years ol service In that branch of the armed forces, now 'is serv- ng as first lieutenant on • on LST boat somewhere in New Guinea \va- crs, lie has written' his mother, ilrs. Jolui Blythc. He wrote that ic was the only chief torpcdomhn on an LST boat In the entire Navy, and "the reason Is that I am sailor first and a torpedoman second." He expects to be buck n Tampo. Calif., soon for a visit with his family there. Mr. Blythc made five patrol runs In the Pacific aboard a submarine since the war began, Pv't. Harry A. Halnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Halnes, who has been stationed at Keesler Held, Miss., for the past several weeks, Dyess News /Mrs. W. L. Matloek, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, was surprised when" 40 of her friends dropped in to spend the day with her, each bearing a gift. . A covered dish luncheon was served nl the noon hour, am! the day was spent In informal entertainment. ,." ^ IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno pimples, oczoma, factory dermatitis, tftintuo rint^vorm, letter, sattihoum, liumps, (blackncJiclfl), find ujjly brokoh- uut Bkili. Millions tcliovo itthlojj, burning nnd Borcnctu) of thcae; inise;ica with fiiliiplo liomo treatment. Gooa to work ut 1O CHECK IN /DAYS 666 Liquid Mr Malarial Symptom*, TASTE SENSATION: \ftiH o'vitamins sllyhlly wounded In action In France I onco.AI<l»}ic«lhw, works UioantiBoptlo „,, <,-„( it nn^n ,,. t ,'""" vl - way. Uso lilncli mid While Onitincnt only on Sept. 11 accordlngao a message M Ji reclc ,i.. 1Q 0 ,25c, GQosi™. 25 years' ecclvcd Monday by his wife. success. Monoy-lmclc guaraiilco. Vital Prlvnto Dov.icr is the son of Mrs. ii ' ' ' ' Rebecca Doxier of niytlicvlllc. SLKED BACON Clwrntivd, 59 PERMANENT WAVE KIT on Uiins cv*r vt liin g you need.—permanent wa\v olution, ciumu, slum]x)o and wave scl. lias; a pulling your Jiair ui> in curters. Insist on Ihc emiine C/iarwi-K»r(—America's lartftst sell ng hpme permanent wave kit. (Jelone Kxlay a .1 Kirby Bros. Drug" Store and til Irug stores. nine, here from Tuscaloosn, Aln., n July, 1044. CREAM Mott populor u yaor Vfiund" d<iseit | | i AS LOW AS • II v a pint Alwoyi pure and tfelkioui. YOU moVe ony flavor In 1 minutes. 20 fomoui rccipei In each potVose, Pleate atV your grocer fcr LOdDOtiDcnny $35 Howord $!i«er. Son Froncltco 3, Calif. The barbed stinger of the work- r lice pulls off In the flesh of its letiin and results In the death of lie bee. BACKACHE, L'EG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If backache anJ leg paina are making you miserable,don't juatcomi)Lain nnil do nothing about tlieta. Naturemaylio warmngyou tbat your kijneya need attention. The kidneys a » Nature's chief vray offaking ciress fields and poisonous \vaMo out of thu titood. They help most yeople yasa about ^ jimfsiday. A satisfactory cement at an unusual low price. For stoves, healers an jutnace?. Hard i Green > Heads, Lb. ONiONS LARD CANS MILK I link A Gallons MATCHES Sp.'inisli 1'ojind Each Jack Sprat Tall Cans (i Hoxcs Searchlight. 5' 50* 865' 30 GRAPES FRUIT CAKES Z&X5&? TOILET TISSUE 'iyj? STARCH 0 Iloxcs I'cnick 25' H||7 Washing Powders. -fQc UVL 2 Small Boxes'.Limit 19 fcp \>f> your furnace hy cleaning your cli'mincy no«. Simple iu use. sii FARMER'S SPECIALS Pure Hog FLOUR i SORGHUM Bbf. New Miss. 4 85 Gal. 9 1' WHEAT GRAY 100 Lbs. 8 Pounds 1.36 50 Pounds. POTATOES COFFEE 260 g50 JOO Lbs. No, 3 4 Lb. Jar 2" We Stock the BEST MEATS On the Market BACON BOLOGNA BUTTERMILK ROAST PIG TAILS Smoked In Ihc Piece, i'nuiul Pure Meat Pound . 29° 29 C Quart Veal A-Grade. Pound Fresh • Pound 29 C 15' CHEESE 45' Wisconsin Yellow, round Sugar Cured AAc Squares. Pound COTTAGE CHEESE 23 SAUSAGE PIG FEET Pure Pork Pound 35' Fresh -lAc Pound Iw 113 W. H APPY SUPER H OUR Phone Market 814 SWEETPOTATOES,,,,,,,? CABBAGE ,,„„„, 4 APPLES CARROTS GRAPES Johnathans 2 Pounds Bunch While. Table Hunch IS' 15 U. S. No. 1 Red / 10 TBs. s r Fresh, Hand Picked Lb. Large Head California Simkisl Ac 15c 8 af\f SPINACH CELERY Yellow Me Pounc! *f Fresh Pound Stnlk 15= STRING BEANS ,, Meat Department Specials BACON SQUARES -I/Me Smoked. Kb. IH 2 pwk Om ' Ow " 100% Pure. LI) OLEO Nti Alaid Pound AUCCCr Coffase. Fresh "Iftc VllLLOiCi pound Ctn. 13 CHITTERLINGS I 1.25 NECK BONES , S1-4 BEEF LIVER Pound BEEF Frosli 1'oimd SALT MEAT SJ9 3-4' IJaltimore Red Biekcrslaff, Gerald Lambert, ami Glenn Alley, Hutchcrs FLOUR MEAL SUGAR VICTOR 25 Ibs. VICTOR 25 ibs. 10 Ibs. PURE Lard 55 Lb. Stand 8.99 PET Milk Tal Can 9c Grapefruit Juice •10 Oz. Can 25c ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR/ I Sor Coffee Pleasure r A r r r r DRINK CO r Ftt VICTOR Is Better! Pound Package. 3 Pounds 59c Pork nud Beans ?i r o. 2 Can lie .1UNK Peas No. 2 Sid. lie VOLGEtt'S Coffee Pound 28c

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