The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1947
Page 1
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two BLYTHEVHXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 0, 1917 Collusion Hinted In Coal Contract , Hartley Ftars Move ,*~To Force ,the JSriialler 'Operators to Close Starlet Accused Actress Madge Meredith, who hns appeared mostly in gangster movies, is accused by 1 Nicholas Ciicinaclis, 33, who says he is her manager, of hnvinK him ;ibduct- ed in I lolly wood and "benten to a pulp" along with a friend. They quarreled over properly he said he deeded to her lo conceal it from his wii'e's lawyers. BY GEOBGE E 'REEDY, Jr. (United Presi SUW Corr«ponil*nl) W V \3HINGTON. Jill 10. <UP) — CbaSftrni Ffed A Hartley, Jr-., of tltc Ho—e Labor Committee, said tcdai Rhe soft coil miners' ue:\ \v»ge contract 'looks like collusion fce^een ^ e oper?tors aiid the un- Icn to' loice siiall comiianies out of business.' I '^..understood that,.the miners- could li(u« gotten twice M-3 much; If UiCj had as'ced for it," (lie Ne»'| Jersey' Rvpub'icin said. "It looks to ins lita -a c'e<n case of the big Jei'ovu getting together ngalnst the.little fellows ' | Harllevs statement was mode tO | jepor ers aftel he said in a House sp°cch that cpnators who siBiied; tho agreemenl may face-fines and jnil srnt-nces under the rcccntly- ciJictcd Taft-Hartley labor law . .That, wou'd leave most of the -:oft coal industry open to protection since practically, all operatois _____ '•".-• - Lewis' den'a: v'jgc . - ^ thcru" opeiatora followed, Northern and -Western mine owners : into tl'C fold yesleiday. foresha'dowlng. ^ an early rcsunv'ion , o[ ,,full-scale -..pioduc-Uon ..,.-. I rriie signing of-'Ihe. Southerners. Mt only abaut 35,000 of the m-l tlon's 40JCOO soft coal miners out tEEVr^'^Y HILLS. Cnl., July 11). on strike,,They- were in Iowa.. Col- [ iUF>- Gunmen a'lio killed Benju- crado Washington und New -Mcx- mln icB.i»sv) Sicaf. today were rc- ico I ported sta'.l:ins; his ri-d-haired girl Hiitlry slid one clear violation li-ieiul in Piris and his formci of the ne* labor law was a pro-, parlnor In Saulhein ' California. ' vision in the miners' contract nil-. Shortly rsftm- the reports were thorizing a check-off-.of WJKCS lor inade nubl!?. it was learned that union initiallon fees and assess- ] belli -had" <l!s*|:p3ared. rncnts: The Tall-Hartley act, he; Virginia Hill, the wealthy Ali- said. "permits 1 a check-off only in g t an v t t |ivoi-"ce who (;ave SieiiCl a this . pasin:ent 'of union dues. 'golden kev in h?r lioine. was re- iFSnaltles for- violation, of this )101 . le( | ;n j" K! ,i n s ; f,- om her (itiarters Sftstion, lie pointed out. Include J M p n ,-i St .p.-nnre. whrrc she wci-.t fines up to tl0,000 and Imprison-j ,, f!cr (11 , n ,. K ]jn B wilii Sirso) lv:o inent-.up to one yc-jr. The punish- j wct ,|j s before he died, nient'could be-'eviert against tlie, A . so ,-j.,.,..,,^ mill -.;cd for dcM,h oi^rfltoi rails—not igauist th» v 1 <. Ufjt i s inlunnlc friend. 'Allen n meis ' Sun i it Jit-side him Ihe ^ h~ contract sets un working lil(j i l( ^ , , O ( biillrt.s snui'fvd conditions tlmt lie all but pi" , ^ ; us |,[, c .,_],.j. .viis niLssini: Inljltive to the smillpi opcia ors [unl h llcin(1 ,, f| . Ci Hartley said He predicted thil Ho! | c j^mpd n,;,) hoth Miss Hill -mans of them will te dmtn >o , m i 5. ,, s |,|., V H was -time n> IhL will ' t.0 undei co^u The big fellows don t care about. C |,icf C II Anderson said lie " production Y/ar Department Atortiic Expert Describes Blasts of the Future By WILLIAM P. MtrMKMAMIN into grotesque and blackened forms. (United Press Siaft Cnrri'SiioncU-nl)! This is how Dr. R. E. Lapp, War WA C HINOTOX July 10 (UP) —! lll -'' )il!tlKcnl c -' So;nic s ™nt,Lst today J ! hiJ"a C Vci>.s^nt CM 4niiy'day. Shop-la ty|:k".l American .city., He>.con' I ners 'ire crowding downtnv.n streets, stnicted fl» Imaginary picture 'of 1 Ipi'ddeii-v there r, a d.i:?.:iiig. bUi-ian alum Hoinb attack on "City X." Isli-wlilt'p flnsii Hint scars -the ]>;o-1 He described how a-huge plnK- iilp with i l.CCO decree heat. | Ish while mushroom "atomic cloud" cf fire si-cols out : would • scar all pedestrians-' Into of I'liimp'JCO Yards' unidentifiable charred aiu| grotes- A sinjll b^ll lo lo'i'm a sillier? in radius, ihc:i chaiiRflS 13 a Kielli- ! '! UL ' ing. variraioi-L-.l ir..'.:s \vhl-_li sprc.uls I '"<-' with icrrifyiii-s s;;.cd. HiiUdiniis fall. s re.; li-jiisfonncd by lire bits vcthers Into rubble." . '.Tlie air Is Ihlck with dust from pulverized- buildings and Ihe crash- Ing ot surroundlns buildings creates a din which, is soon followed by the "Niagara-like noise of fives ignited by the /lash." "A fire-wind of gale proportions sweeps the city," Uipi) wrote. "Pile fiehlers are 'hampered by laXui'o S>»OB »° mailer hov; B .-u, ol water - pressure and disrupted cou 'i L "'': w . c!1 ! ) , on ; s .' so: ' K ' :ltr!:n communications." "Within n three-mile radius or the epicenter the number of dead mid injured is staggering to tlw imagination." I'ocatlon and lack ot mcdtcal care. Farther out :n from on? t~> two rV.i'.es from tlie epicenter the li •'.- ai;c wou'.cl .'.till lie heavy witli buildings Kuttrti cuid blasted. Dain£[;e would even extend up to ci;;ht miles from tlie'center. Dr. Lapp .s-.iid there i:, no s'.'.re defense against Lonokc Army Officer Dies on Japanese Beach SKNDAl, Japan, July 10. <U1>) — 1st. Lt. John C. Bradford, Jr., Lonoke, Ark., died Saturday on a Ijeaeh near Yunohamn. either from I'.enrt failure or drownins. it was Ura<lford, who was with a party of six, went .s',vimtniny and disup- peurcd. His b'jdy -,\as foutul five* minutes later on Hie .shore Uio disclosed todny. forms. "Those shielded from heal avfl momentarily conscious x terrible pressure wave that iles taller . tiiitdiuus and cruin- \voukl iict through; He Iviited that a liuinb twice "s powerful as the cue used nn Nagasaki could cc constructed. Er.', lie raid it was mere probable that Those who survive within a mile! bcmb.s would 'cc as small or snv.tllo- of iho hlost ceijter "live on bov-llhan the .Napasaki type and u:;cd rowed time" becjusc ol exposui-e) in m'a.K. to deadly radiation. Many morel The Army said • La)); c~.rp: :d will die In the collapse of fire- his rEyorl, for the American Mid- gulted bulldinas. from hums, suf- 1 ical S:=iely but this v,i\s tr.J first Help Worthed Wnnl Man for asslsliuit manager. This job requires lilijh (y\tv man ;ui<l pays good salary, NVt't! man with experience hut wuuhl c-onsltler t!ie rigiiL kirn) of niun without experience. <V;ill 8(il or SPC Tom A. l.iUJe, Sr. Blythevillc Motes 1 Go, now agieed io Jolm L. Lewis' ' < inds for a 513.05 basic daily \ifif9f\l c and othci coiicessions. Eou-.iJ'lvjy ST..J O Reported After Earbectsce! Bcpf Patties Li r tl increased cost of he 'did They cnn just pass it on Ao the pubic because they aic "«ol'mg so mutli they will WJ^c -jnoriey iiivwis • 'Meanwhile Lewis insisted tlmt the holdout; coal companies sign same mtional contract as olh operators To gat, around tlie union shop clause some o! the Loldouls leportcdly maj keep thoir mines idle 'unUI Aug/22 On tl'lt date the Taft Hail LV H* im^e it <ui unfair labor practices for a -•union to force employers imo sis"- "liig a union shop agreement—such . an Lewis'^-wilhout first polling w/crkers en whether 'they '.vjnt 'such an arrangement. . * Nine Men Accused learned thiit two (jurmicn were en route to Fj':iirn to get, -her. An anonvii'.ous c-illor tipiieu off l.os Angeles", police tiiat Smiley was on the gniujstcrs' death list because of his .partnership in several of Siegcl's enterprises. 'Anderson ."-aid lie had cabled the Paris police. Reporters who tried to contait Miss Hill learned..trui! she had nuiO'y slipped; out of her liotil ind disappeared'^ - • • • Andersen said lie ; hacl nsked Paris ];Dlice lo have Miss Hill answer a list, of questions cit'aimg with -her iissocNlion with Siegel d >\is rrfiorted interest in the narcotics nnd r.ookmakinR rackel*. A?s;!psins were believctl assigned to set her and Smiley to nr.\V;e .sure neither siipp'.icd police with in- lorimition. - -FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., July 10. (UP) — Nine Fayetteville men today -face charges i of statutory .pipe following alleged attacks on an .at- tra<)n|' and manure-14-year-old Washington County form girl. An imestigation was conductrd by District Prosecutor Ted P. Cox- 'sey of Berryville at tlie request of the girl's father. The father has requested that his daughter be :ir- rest«d along with the men. Neither the girl nor the nine men were identified. The o])pressive atmosphere just before n rain actually is lighter tlian 'the nir on a clear, crisp day. Mother Loses Her Life Trying 'to.Save Children Trapped in Burning Home TEXARKANA, July 10. (UP1 — Triple funeral services will be neitl here today for a mother and her two children who died either fol- I Towing or as a result of n fire -*-W~li .destroyed .their farm home Tuesday night. The dead are Mrs. H. P. Aki'.!. "Imaged 35, four-year-old Joe Ah-n"and six-year-old Janice. Joe duvl when trapped in the building. Janice died shortly alter reaching the "hospital and the mother died -J2 hours later. •> 'Mrs. Akin would have lived she not made an effort to save the children- trapped .in the tire Surviving are - the husband and " two other children: 'Used Car.Dealer. Faces U. S. Charge in-Memphis . MEMPHIS. Tenn.;. July 10. (UPi ^ —Joe F. Ryals, 38, tised car dealer. ' today was ~ being 'held tor grand . jury action on charges of violating *the national motor vehicle theft ""act after waiving preliminary hear.. jng » He is charged in connection with • an auto theft ring operating vn " Pittsburgh and Memphis. Pi-idc of Mfinois Cut Spears Taystec, Hqrf's or Wonder - - No.2can?.5c - - 2 big l8dz.loaves25c Moyfield Cream Style - - - 2 lor 1)UN C A N-'S A DM IK AT10N' COFFEE I'URE CANK ,„ NO. 2'/2 1 CAN pounds ACKED, 38 :il SMALL SIZE 2 tor Turn o[% oven; set nt ir.ot ] erntcly s (350° F.). Mix together beef,oats.n.ill;, onion, nnd pepper. Shape into 8 parlies. Cover nnd boil q.irrm slices 10 niin. in boiling \;n[er. Arr.inge meat lies oil 4 skeivcrs with catrot slices. Put into shallow pan. ISakc l /2 bout; rover with batbecue sauce. I3nl:e 1/2 hour longer. Mal;cs 4 servings. AVe.-il, 1,-inil) or lean pori; ,:a:i also bo ««<J. * * }^ cup cooked rice can replace the oats. Von Will l\f,;l: LARGE SIZE Each \ , IN-. SYKtIP OIJ Foihion CUCUMIIR UICEJ iWUTlNID SWEET POTATOES 15 KXTKA S'l'D NO. 2 CAN .....1C C •a- -, 35 e e. Size, 2 for 31c LUX lOJLET SOiP 3 for 29c CARNATION OR H Tall or (i Small HUNT'S l»KKI,Kn IN HKAVY SYRUI' No. 2'/ 2 STAFF-OVrLIFK BLACKBERRIES HUNT'S ROYAL ANNE IN C'iin HEAVY SYKt!l» GREAT VALUE No. 2 i/i Can IN HEAVY SYRUI* RED SOUR No. 2'/ 2 Citn •.. . PITTED NO. 2 CAN 30 C 23 C Pet MUk Ground Bsef Rolled Oofs . Itiirhcciie Sauce Citu 13c I.l!. 33c 15c Listen to Mary Lee Taylor over WMC each Saturday Morning T\ \>-\ M /-/ lS / Qobngflgke. 1 PET HIIK SUPPIIE5 EXTRA VITAMIN t> THOMrSON SEKDLESS 35 CRisry IIKAOS LETtUCE . .12 HOME GROWN 12i c NO, 2'/ 2 CAN Can 6' 15 VAN CAMP'S NO. -W.\ CAN TORIES AHMOl'R OK WILSON'S POTTED MEAT c , n WILSON'S OI{ AHMOUK- mimi SAUSAGE (JAM.ON' .UK; ViHEGAR UPTON'S BRISK •jT'PJI i', Pnpnd 2r>r 8 ELM ! i/j Voiiml '/i Si/.K SOLID PACK TUKAFISH 37 PINTS PKR DO/. (>7i-; (H'AUTS DO/. 7!)c FRUIT JARS OMAR \VONT)KK SOLID, (IRANI) FOR SLICINC TOMATOES FREESTONE PEACHES .25 ROCKS' FORD CA3«TALOUPE ,.„. 8 HLACK DIAMOND WATERMEL0M ,,,3 CALIFORNIA WONDF.R BELL PEPPERS 13i Best Bof for Breakfast Tcp off on all-American br«akfai! of frull Vises, egg* ond coffee with tempting, tasty Oor.uls, They're made on Ihe spol by Ihe DOWNYFLAKE Donul mochine-frcih-dol- dclicioui—nulriliouil Gel your bo« todo>t CHOCOLATK DONUTS «LA/ED SONUTS 5UGARED 25 C no-/.. PLAIN DOI^JTS DO/. 17 15 2-lb. Deluxe Box 49 C Lean, Fine Flavored BAGON - - - !b.69c Fresh, Pure Creamery BWER - - - !b.65c fJallon 2") I'dinul Hajj . IB OUNCE ROPB OR LINEN si or. Sl!>5 55 C ALL POPULAR HRANDS CIGARETTES Cllrilw T ('ALliMlVr l(i OliNCK CAN BAKING POWDER 18 NO. I 'PALI, CAN MACKEREL II MUSSKLAIAN'S ASSORTED 12 OIJNCE 'JELLY Tumblers 20 All Brands OLEO - lb.39c For Boiling FAT BACK - - ib. 19c Smoked, in-the-piece BACON - - - lb.39c C Made Fresh Daily GROUND BEEF--ib.33c Pork Loin Ib. 59c ROAST - - Lean, they're delicious PICNIC HAMS--!b.55c Fresh Dressed Country FRYERS - - - !b. 72c AH Types Glass Cheese-each 18c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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