The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1937
Page 1
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I THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 33 Dlythevllle Coiulcr UlS'thevllle HeniUi BlytlH'Ville Dully News Mississippi Valley Li :nj.r HIA'TIIKVILLIO, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS jAsks Stores j Close For p, Ball Game 0 Si. Francis District Representatives Submit Proj- cc to River Commission. MEMPHIS. M-ly 1 .(UP)— Hcpre- .':?nl:Hiv?s of the'st. Francis Levee •Klst'ljt and of Mississippi County rnma;!? District No. 17 toilay petitioned for improvements in their areas. Lelegalions printed their, requests to the Mississippi River Comm'sslon. which Ls making an inspection trip ami 'holding public hearings at various points on the river. The St. Francis representatives asked for construction of grave* roads atop the 100 miles of levee All Hlythevillc was meed lo attend the opening game of llie Northeast Arkansas league baseball season here next Thursday in i\ proclamation issued today by Mpyor Maikn Williams In whLh' he rteclaretl Thursday afternoon a , hcliday ami asked that all! stores clos?. Arlnrs Go to Work Today I Interference by kels. 1C V.ii\th Killed In Car A-cic'nit Near Conway COX WAY, Ail:.. May 1 (UPV— Qninlc.n Malian. n-yciir-uld high ,'X'luiol student of Dec- Branch, Conway county, was kllli'cl nnd I two companions injured last lii'^ht I \ whin tinlr car lelt the liii;,.- j way :!0 mile's norlh of here. The injured wore I/on Jones,' IS. of Hce Drnnch. driver of llie titr. Mid Clayton i,ee or D;iina;:ci;s. The youths had been in this ,'ity nlU'iidim; a dislricl school Rebel Warship Sunk by Loyalist Air Bombs MUH.V, turnr. | HOLLYWOOD Cal Miv 1 ill -. i- r- ,In declaring the half holiday i.,-.. n i m employes pn™i into j! if fl the mayor urged local citizens to , ])P miljo ,. stll(iios cai ., ((K| , ,'jHrf support the Itrst Blylhevillc lcam|n,i- tmckload despite (h,. Miikc u * I-L U in organized baseball in many called by three unions last nl-hl nnnr vft>r« hv ntfnnrtilKr lllll n,lr»li,1II ' ,-;... . „ . K'nllt. 111^111 years by attending the openin yume. "We have a good chance to win the attendance trophy to be given' by the Lions club for the city in this league having the largest paid attendance for the opening game and we want 5.COO pro- pie there," he adcjd. Gov. Carl E. Bailey will throw 1-ickels made no effort to mules! j those running their lines. I The movies' big-name stars went to work despite tho strike In that district, alon» the Missis-1 inc r "' s ' bil " and ''• > s Probable sippi river from the Missouri line, northeast of Blylricville, to Helena. W. G. Huxlable, St Francis dis- - Useful iii Flood rights triet engineer, explained thera an no roads on the bvee and such highways would aid in fighting floods. The St. Francis delegation —composed of Huxtable, w. M. Smith, district president, and J. O. E. B?:k sr.. aho asksd thai ths grade line of the Isvse be raised from pinckney. Ark., south for a distance of 40 miles. Other improvements sought by the SI Francis delegation inclu:bd construction of falss terms, sub- levees, spur lcvse.s and dikes. John W. Meyer, lilythcville, engineer of Drainage District n, and J. H. crain, Wilson, district com- nilrsloner, asked for, general im- .J-p'ovemen!s in lhat ar'sa. __ The commission took the requests -under advisi'ment. Flood Project Uiscussed £v. Upon lu's return from Memphis 'at noon today J. W. Meyer, Drnl.i- ase.JDijtrirt n engineer, said that " "no specific projects svert submitted to the Mississippi River Commission in behalf of (h; district at that a number of other widely known men will attend the to be played theville Giants Indians. uctwcen the Bly- anrt the OsCeola M HIT THE members of the craft of 2.500 unions. The Actor's Guild left it lo the individual to deckle if lu> (•.!• she would pass • the picket linrs pud nwt of them appar- rnlly decided to continue work. The Precautions Xcecllcss No Disorders Rcportc-' L«*ft Wins Gro Demonstrations. ay | Uespilc the quiet start of the i ,,, forc ' lhl , [ f. \V; - r till ^'''ke. studio police departments Lm Wing uroiips Hold Use Aulo Insleacl of Sca- planc to Hurry Document to President. GALVF.STON, Tex., May 1 (U iiic production (tny o[ |l]!)|ls , 0 se|lf] (]]c lle , (l|v s pped sever- |ln . sse(| Ilclllril | Uy , mrasm . 0 ,, y „„'. insiuc tiic | ,.;.,„,, to ]. rcs |(| Cnt sicKisevelt aboard t-s were j n,,, ( ip r ,i rO yer MoIItil. Instead im .!"!;"."utcmobilc left here at 1 P. M. to speed the document to Port Arapsas where it will be taken c.'.hteitial shi.i. i Marvin H. Mclntyie. Mr. Roose- pickels al, vrll . s fir , t sm . cln , yi ,,„,. , la| .,i put to devise the milckrst means cf reaching his chief to obtain his signature on the new law liresent measure 'ijx- opened fire and the freighter flashed uullo calls Tor aid. i p.e despitc the strike, al truckloails of r Mates at dawn whc absent, it was a camion, however, for later other tircV::. Voided v.Kh workmen, were «imiued lo pnss without opposi-^ ; )y ,. n ., t (o ,,,„ ] There «ero but 18 j the main gate of the Paramount j lot, There were 10 each at Co[ htmljia and R.K.O. Ce.spile this morning's session. Hi and j. H. Criiin, Wilson. commissioner of the district, he "Said, attended the meeting to discuss in general terms the outlook for carrying out the Big Ijike- Utlle River and Tfronza river parts of the $1(5,000,000 St. Francis river flood conjrol program, authorized by congress some time ago. They received no definite assurances, be said, but were hopeful that a plan could ue worked out for putting through (.fee Mississippi county portions O f the projrain. even though difficulties concernin" right-of-way or other obstacles forced delay in other parts of it, The district, he. said. Is also hopeful of putting through a pro- By United Press Parades, mass meetings and ad- clressfs by high officials marked May Day demonstrations throughout, tlie world today. The celebrations were orderly. Although off\cials had taken every precaution against any eventualities, no ..disorders had been ported. By early afternoon repot ts of! effective the demonstrations in the United Stales lacked the tension which in some previous instances had marked the day. In New York sponsors of the demonstration had predicted 200,- pcn fishing vacation in the omf executives refused to grant union! was in (or a "litUe rough he United Slates named- today. Northeast storm re- ..LONCOKi , J. r ay 1 <UP) •—Tlw. May Day bus strike. 100 per cen 000 led win;; workers would participate in a parade through midtown Manhattan. Far less than that number were on hand when Paul White, parade marshal, led off. Following him were three girls with right fists clenched and American nags in their left hands. today ,o spread to the 'provinces , £ n .V ' • Closinfj Stock Prices nnd involve 145,000 workers. Tu>U drivers ar.U Urojt carl crews indicated sympathy toward; the wage and hour demands of i the bus men. The government sought lo check the labor unrest! before tiiese services also were ef- i fected, hampering transporlalion for Ihousands of foreigners here for Ihe coronation, only 12 days away. Little could be done over the week-end, however, ami sports- loving Londoners utilized oilier mdails of transpcrlation walked. °"" il from Hous- NEW YORK. May (UP) — Stocks and bonds made an irregu- j lar advance today. Commodities flood. This, however, will probably be submitted lo llie WPA rather than to (tie army engineers. Geese are used as "watchdogs" home in the West around the Indies. Gen. Electric 53 5-8 Gen. Motors 58 Int. Harvester 10S 5- McKesson-Robbins 14 j-g N. Y. Central 4(i 1-2 Packard 0 7-S Phillips Pet 55 1-2 Radio 9 1-4 Planning Brakeman Killed Goarcl lo Push Project for State Office Structures. LITTLE ROCK. May 1. {UPl L. A. Hfiiry, engineer for the state ! Vhen Spanish govcrnim-iil plants bombed and sank (he rebel warship fcpnmi. above, In Hay of llseny, oil Santandcr, ll_ wns the first time In world history that n bi<t battleship had succumbed to j R e b e 1 Airplanes Rain | Bombs on Beleaguciecl City of Bilbao. HII.-nAO Spain. May 1 (UP)— Insurgent ahpliines bombed Bilbao at 0:30 P. M. today shorlly after the loyalist Btitique Irobps begun n counter offensive on the. nc.ithern front, causing heavy en- iillack under war conditions. The baltle was dramatic. A Hide British freighter tried lo run 1 Hllbao blockade.. The 15,452-ton Kvpana hove to and the freighter ran for Santandcr, The Espana Loyalist planes took lo the air, circled emy losses. over Ihe Espaiia and began dropping bombs. There was a direct hll. The Esnana sank, Ccinmumcalions Commis- Lstablishes Re- Department, WASHINGTON, May 1. (UP) — hi' Communtcattons Com- tjian today announced the establishment of a IclsphMiD rate and research department in connection with its $1,500,003 invenlija'aon of llie American Telephone and Telegraph company. The department will be mnlii- laine:! on a temporary basis until Juno, 1933, when Commissioner Paul A. Walker of the telephone division aiay seek funds to' make the agcn- ;y permanent, ThT A. 'r. and T. Investigation will be concluded June 30, this year. Simultaneously the commission •reported- 1 Unit" the SonthwAtorn 13ell Telephune company, a subsidiary of the A. T. anc! T.. has filed tatiifs re.iucing ILs interstate rates to elfcct an estimated saving of S4UO.OOO annually fur customers. The Southwestern Bell serves Missouri. Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and a section of Illinois. The reduction brings the company's interstate toll rates into line with the long distance rates of the A. T. and T., which were rc- duscd materially last January 15. HENDAYE, Franco-Spanish fron- 'Icr. May 1.. (UP)—Loyalist wtt'r- ?hlps steamed lo Ihe defense of 'lelengucrcd Bilbao todaj and bombarded rebel-held pails along.the Bay of Biscay. The broadsides were part of a new offensive, started earlier by the Basciue land forces. A Bilbao communique rcjwrtcd ths capture of Garona and Cola as the loyalist d defenders followed up a drive which threw back the, advancing rebel army of Gen. F.mllio Nfola nearly l\vo miles on the bloody devastated ucrnica salient. News of the rebel defeat came- .to Hendayc in frontier dispatches. The loyalist warships bombardc 1 the rebel-held ports of Leoueltto", Omlarrao. Morllco, San Sebastian and Los pasajes. The firing at Los Pasajes could be heard clearly on the French side ol the fiontier. Tho radio slallon at Bilbao broadcast, at 2:50 p.m., reporting the bombardments and explaining thai "ssveral government warshiph from Carlagcna" had arrived at the beleaguered Basque port to -aid In the defense against the rebel advance on the northern front: [Steelc Farmer Injured In Fall From Tractor 15. I,. Dcnnlck, who .resides on the J. o. liankln farm near Stcele, Is at the Blytheville hospital because of injuries received when he fell from a tractor while working on the farm this morning. He has a broken leg and several cuts and abrasions. He. Ls resting very well. Negro Woman Assessed $5 on Liquor Charge Nora Bynmri, ncgress, was fined five dollars in municipal court _.....,..-.. „ „.,..„, this morning lor possessing un- Plnnning Board, announced today i slumped whisky. A similar charge _ I Hint an application would he filed I against Jo; Bynum, negro, was Santandcr, where tombing loyalist planes sank Ihe rebel battleship, F.spana, Is shown on the above Spanish map, along with baltle | lines of Ihe rebel land drive on Bilbao, the bombardment of Madrid and other revolution fronts. Sinking of Ihe 15,542-ton Espana marked the first time in history a big battleship has been destroyed from the air diiriiiK wartime. Portland Banker Named to Negro College Board HELENA, Ark.. May 1. (UPl R. M. Milliard, 48. Memphis, Y.; Monday with the Arkansas divl- j dismissed. and M. V. brakeman. was killed i sio " o[ tllc PWA for a S100.000 \ E E. Lovvcry was fined $15 on a charge of public drunkenness and Cicorge McLcod. negro, was carlv today when he stumbled and ! giant (o be used in buildin» two rolle'd into a train engine H2ai j.oHicc buildings on. the stater.ous? fined $10 grounds. According to plans adopted uy I ness charge, ths board last week, the 'amount I Bonds posted a public drunken- Koortcr Injures Boy, 2 REMOPOLJS, Ala. (UP)—Two-| of the crant obtained from the I Pierce, year-old Jackie Poole was seriously federal gor.rnment would be met 1 1\me injured in a bailie wilh n roestcr Bil! on by Raymond Sherwood, aiid E<1 public similar sum to be obtained - charges were forfeited. in* a neighbor's barnyarJ. Jac'cic ; tram the various state departments I A charge of disturbing the peace ....wns playing in the yard when the | tll!11 would be quartered in the f was docketed against John Moore, Simmons Beds 45 1-4 j rooster attacked him. H; sullsrc.l i " cw buildings. I negro. Trial was continued until — ••--- ....... original estimate of the cost of | officers could locate the complain- Standard ol N. J ......... 60 1-2 Texas Co ................. 61 U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel Zonite 101 5 i-j New York Cotton NEW YORK. May 1. (UP)—Col- Ion closed steady. open high low close May . July . Oct. Dsc. i Jan. I Mar. 1300 12!)7 1271 1271 1275 1278 1302 1308 1283 1280 1283 1282 low 1234 128Sb 128G 1201 1257 1265 1265 serious laceration on the head and the face before an o!d?r brother came to his rescue. the two proposed buildings was' ing witness, who failed to appear placed at 5210.000. lo prosecule. An Unrecognized Pedcslri an-Now Master of Germany M. L NKITES BElIER Majoiily Leader Joseph inson joined Speaker of Ihe House 1265 12G2 1265 I2G6 12C9 \New Orleans Cotton I know a lot of actore thalj spend half Iheir lives lookin' through the big city pa(xTs to see what they have to say about 'cm. It's nice to have the bigj NEW ORLEANS. May 1 cUPl — city papers for you, but when llWesk-end liquidation and hedging want some real criticism want'ta git the real lowdown on my work. 1 go for the country by purchasers of government loan cotton broke cotton futures 11 to 17 point* today. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. newspapers. I'll never forest the lime a bis New York show played in Van linrcn In a lent. Next month)' a bl;_- piece came out in the Van Buien Prrss-Argus jest rakin' the .'how over the coals. The man-1 ::ger of the show came down' and he cornered the writer in the' newspaper office and he says. "What decs a country hick like you know about a New Yortc; ^ You never wrote a l>1aV|jui ill your life!" ! The Argus reporter says. "No, T never laid an egg. cither, but I know more about an omelet than any hen!" (Copyright, 1937, Esquire Ftatuics, Inc.) open high . I275b — . 1287 1208 . 1270 1282 1277 1200 low close 1208b 1276 1216 1262 1262 1270 1270 M281b 1272 1272 1272 12SG 1290 1275 1275 Chicaf/o Corn sas Modified After Half LITTLE ROCK, May 1. (UP) — Employes of the governor's office today announced that C. E. Larfi- £on, Portland banker, had been I named to the control board of the. Arkansas A. and M. college for "ne- groes at Pine Bluff. Larrlson will represent the Seventh Congressional district on the school's board. Robinson Indicates Readi- catcs to Accept Compromise Proposal. WASHINGTON, May I (UP)— TOPEKA. Kans.. May 1 <UP>— Rob- Tlie longest ilroiilh—56 years to n Kansas at 0 William Bankhead today In sui;- A. M. when beer of 3.2 per cent ge.stins search for a compromise alcoholic content became legal on conflicting plans for enforc- merchandise. IIIR the administration's economy Eight thousand holders of fed- program, i eral malt beverage permits await- Rcitcralin!! his supnorl for the led Ihe gong and immediately 1)3- Byrnes plan for a 10 per cent gnu trucking out the first lawful Judge R. J. Williams ' of Forrest City Dies FORREST CITY, May 1. (UP)'— Judge R J. Williams. 88 today died following a relapse from "an influenza attack. J Funeral services will be held" tomorrow afternoon. He was former prosecuting attorney of the First judicial district and a member of the St. Francis county bar. cul in appropriations, Robinson sajd: "If a better iilan than any of "ic three alreadv mentioned can be formulated, nil who are interested should be and T believe would be in a position to concur i It." The three plans referred to b\! Robinson are: .—A hoi bxmtul cut of all departmental apnropmllous of -0 per cent, exclusive of fixed charges. 2.—A resolution lo "imixnmd' 15 per cent of all appropriations with nulhorily given lo the president lo release portions of open high low close 133 133 1-4 1M ! r 4 ISO 1-4 -"^ 119 1-4 119 1-2 117 1-2 in 1-2 who is thai minute moustached Chicafjn Wheat Jul II!) 1-4 120 3-4 Us 1-4 no 7-3 man striding dowr ] the street so briskly? No one pays him any heed. 1 Could it be • Adolf Hitler, and no one salutins? ' It- Is indeed, but the plclure was made 10 years ago, when Hiiier made his first visit lo Berlin, an unknown minor pouU&u itadcr. But look at him now, boss of all Gfimany, stand- Ing in the doorway of the German chancellor} to review the troop demonstration on his 18th birthday. Kraht lo left are Scpp Dietrie, chief of his bodyguard; Uelchslcadcr Max Amann; littler, and Ilriiiiich Himmler, storm troop ihief. •intoxicant" that this state, the cradle of prohibition, has seen ince May 1. 1881. The restrictions^, are drastic There can be no gambling In ai ale hour'.' and no inixhig of drinks. Most cities prohibit," curb service and all forbid the sale to children under 18. Negro Chicken Thieves Returned to Missouri Willie Chambers and Sam Ford, negroes, confessed chicken thieves, have been turned over to Pemlscot county, Mo., authorities to faco trial. The negroes were taken into The. same restrictions apply to| near beer because it also is aj malt beverage and that commodity appeared doomed by the prohibitive license fe's. Wholesalers were required to take inventories before the 6 o'clock deadline and pay the state 5 rents tax on each' gallon custody here by Deputy Constable Leonard Mayo when they brought chickens, stolen near Stcele, Mo., to this city to dispose of them. stcck. Both wholesalers and retailers pay license fees. the 15 per cent at his discretion. 3.—A proposal to recommit all | appropriation bills previously passed by' congress to congresslotwl noostcr Kims Amuck I committees to be reconsidered for ALAMEDA, Cal. (UP) - When further reductions. , Mvs . j mel , W alden's pel rooster i (Boots suddenly went ieseik and legislator Kuns Trolley j spurred her. two things happened.! SPRINGFIELD Mass (UP) --l Mrs - went to the hospital Daniel J. Bres'nnhnn,' legislator,i for tontincnt and the has his own \vay of "rclaxim;" on| wellt into tllc Sunday dinner, his day off. Every Sunday for the past 25 years he has donned Newspaper Slrcam-l:ncil TOLEDO. (UP) — The Toledo News-Bee has completely "streamlined" Its appearance. Larger, clearer type of extremely simple design Is a fealure of the paper's ne\v dress. Headlines, once black, are set now in a Iyp9 with thin lines. Only initial letlcrs of words are capitalized. WEATHER his Irolleyman's uniform and operated a car over one of the city's ilncs:. It also pre.^erves his standing as a member of the Tvolley- men's union. The IT. S. Treasury's "conscience- fund" now totals more than .$600.000; it consists of money sent in by anonymous ]>ersons who repented having cheated the gov- artly cloudy tonight end Sunday. Copier tonight, slightly warmer Sunday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy, probably showers tonight and Sunday, little change In temperature. • The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 81, minimum fl, clear./ according to Samuel .F, Norris, official weather observer.

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