The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1950 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1950
Page 19
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WBCEMBER S, t*W Our Boording House with Moj. Hooplc OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R. Willioim w»i SAMOTrCK THExe CAN weven fXB ADI SC. ON THIS SAKTH - NOT AS LONG AS THERE'S PEOPLE ON IT' THEWS W* , BUT HE DON'T 25. \ PUT TH' EVE PROTECTORS OW TILL HE SEES TH' BOSS WeTzeAU-TOWTM-SAMB J»»*u~« Dr Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR FRANK R.ADAMS FOR SALE Concrete calrcrU, \'t Inch U> W t&cb, plain or rwnforced. Al&u Concrete Buldint Blocks cheap-. ir Dun lumber for b»rn». chicken °"»*, pomp hiBKi, tenant houei, Uol iheds. We deliver. Call u for free Mtltnate. OSCEOLA TILE A CULVERT CO. Phone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock GMranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores «»«i|i|iim.i«i«iMj«««<fi(ic«:iciei Christmas Cards f Unusual Greeting Cards S sold exclusively" to.each customer* ;;,{,,• ' K0te>«c: JWULAR PRICED Mai selection Biulnesi arid Social ys« GIFT WRAPPINGS Compl«t« Assortmeptt Priced Only lOc up Samuel F. Morris •UUonen-pflic* Outfitter* Printen (ram City Hall Ik**,** -lid and _ »h:i,li. M lm ihtlr hnme II,WH. Fddlc run h» »*"• i»'lr kj Duk*. 1,1. du«. nnd hr .Marble !,„„, , k< . RlT j hr (fll In love- with artrr he vr»» ncnri. KfMrl»K Ihr riinKriiBeBcca »f lJ>|.|r Inrr. r.ijlr n.||» .M,,«i« lhrrr !• "Aomrnnr el^r." W- HrvInK lhai 10 irll her he t* trmi will hurt h«r Marc. - XXV I7DDIE and Duke wandered aimlessly through the empty streets which Eddie really knew so well but which now, seemed .only haunted scenery upon an unfamiliar stage. Back of the windows lights appeared her* and there as if turned on by an electrician at a master switch-board. People whom he probably did not know were doubtless getting up to go to work on the day shift at the boalworks. He came to the little white house surrounded by the while picket fence. Carl-Peterson sat on the front steps. Eddie turned in. Carl was smoking a fragrant pipe. "Is this where you live?" Eddie inquired. "Lived I mean." . i "The. little house I told you about," Carl said. "Kirsten bought [ it us a surprise. 1 * "Where is she?" Carl gestured with his pipe stem; "Inside. Getting dressed to go to work." "Does she know you're home?" "I think so. Sort of, that is. She slept all night on my arm, just like always. Everything is all right. Come in, Eddie, .you shall see.* 1 — Eddie didn't want to butt in bul Carl laughed him out of that. "TviP best friend butt in? Come on. 'Kirslen would wish it. She liked jyou, too, you remember. We were often three together and it was something very fjne." He knocked the dottle out of his pipe. It did not seem strange. Eddie followed him into the liv- ling room; "The window got 'broke," Carl explained. "Some was a chair opposite to her own at the table. Carl sat in it. "This is my place. She has kept it for me. That other by the stove is for you." • •• • TT all seemed perfectly natural. Eddie was glad even if their sober happiness made him realize more poignantly that contentment like, theirs was not (or him. Duke, baffled by the closed front door, had gone around to the back. He stood up on his hind legs, resting his front paws on the outside sill-of the screened window and looked in. He gave one subdued bark. "Why, you're Eddie's dog, aren't you?. 1 said Kirsten. She got up and opened the back door. "Come in. Duke, and have some breakfast." There was a bone with a little meat on it in the refrigerator. Duke disposed of it gratefully. "I think," sajd Kirsten, watching him, "lhal it was very nice ol you to come to our new house, Duke. I know Eddie would like that" "See " said CarL "It's the way I lold you." Duke came over to Kirsten and put his head on her knee. He looked up at her with that expression which, in a dog's eyes, melts the marble hearts of graven statues. Kirsten patted him. "I'm sure your prayers are pretty much the same as. mine only I expect yours are more unselfish." She was just finishing the few breakfast dishes when the door bell rang. ~ ; When Kirslen went to answer il an elderly man in a blue-gray uniform stood there. son," he said apologetically, ."or I wouldn't have itopped by. I'm your new postman. The felli you know got drafted •> rm takin' his place. Thii wu my old rout* before I retired. Yesterday ther» wa» a letter Jor you thai got mixed up wilh somebody else'i nail and I didn't find it till I lot home. 1 was all beat out or 1 would have brung it back to you then. But I-thought I'd pas« this way this morning and do the best I could to correct my mistake." He reached in his pocket and found one of those tiny V-mail letters. Kirsten did not take it for • moment but stood, steadying herself. Then, entirely under control, she thanked the old man eour-" teously. She closed the door and went over to the brok«n window to read the letter. moved toward Kinten M that he could look over her shoulder. "It's the last one 1 wrote. I mailed it Just a Jew dayi before we embarked for that i^ land. 1 hadn't got that one I told you about from her yet." He mo- fioned Eddie to come closer. "I'd like you to read it There's • lot about you in it," There wasn't really a lot about anything in the nole: "Min Alaskadt Hustra- No one has told u* y«t bul w« Know anyhow lhal we a rc foinr Into action »oon. In th« Infanirr you c.n ,]»-,j s smell It whJJ m, ere i * ^ tlle <=<"nin«. «v«rj man cleans his gun or«r and orer »B:aln. jfraid thai som « llttl. WPf." , ot ."'rl will make it ]»m. t.ddle Is alums near me now with hla rifle all apa, t . using „., ul. last one of those hankerchitl. jij * a .%t , on tne lri eeer assembly. Hut I have something even more Important to do rfeht now t-Very married man has. It Is to write to his wile. There isn't !?,.. to '<" bul lt '» "ls« aayina; a llttla prayer before yon to to •leep. A man who loves > woman very much never aoea null* know "I don't think that anything wtH hap|ien,to. me. fiul there la alwava a possibllUy. Kven If VomeVh'ni did happen ] know that lh» ]• only goodby for a little while. So, darling;, let's s*y tha.1 good- ' night prayer of ours together onca ' . - "Csrl.- The writing stopped but Kirsten's voice took it from there, "and when daylight comes again, no that we may see at together. Amen." (T> Be Continued) TODAY IS THE TIME TO BUY A USED CAR 7 49 Plymouth j Special Club Sedan, radio and heater . 1225 V'EEK END SPECIALS ]!!,.. Chevrolet deluxe, an ex- ccMeut c;ir equipped with a heater HM!) Mercury Sedan, has healer, $1AAF here's a (crrific bargain v . .only I£33 19J!) Mercury Sedans, 3 to choos* from, overdrive, radio & heater TD-I!) iMcrcury Convertible, a $ bcauliful car wilh all accessories I!) 10 Chevrolet Sedan, for a |ow- $AQC priced car you can't beat (his value £4.3 1012 Lincoln Sedan, has both SQAC radio & healer, at this low price 093 19IJ Ford Coach, drive thig car. you'll agree it's worth $100 more 1949 {'ontiac 4-door Sedan, Hy- dramatic Drive, radio and heater 1941 Cadillac with radio & heater we won't refuse a reasonable offer 1942 Oldsmobile wilh Hydrama- tic Drive, radio and heater. . .only 19 18 Nash with radio & healer, lot» of cood miles in this car.. 1947 Lincoln, a city ear with I overdrive, radio & heater. Drive it 295 OAC 033 ^^Mifri*^^! with Hy* ! dramatic Driv«, radio 4 heater Prepore for the Future with A Good Used Cor from STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. \j>a/_ !_. .. M. a.l»* _ Walnut at First Call 4333 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL Yen, He Doesn't . BOUGHT CUBSIMAS You oosir WAMT V Mow cxo * HIRE A BOV.OOM3LJ? P«A ttKnct. we. r. K. MXV • >. «r, o_. *T»« tri»d and trtod, but the most I can get out of him it 'darn it'!" PRISCLLA'S POP Some!King I'riictiral HY AL VERMEER ™E LITTLE BIRDS ARP HIS FRIENDS! THE LITTLE BIRDS WILL TELL HIM! JEEPERS! HOW COULD FIMD OUT? MAYBE I SHOULD ASK HIM FOR A B-B GUN! A Song for Growl HYjMICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK WELL, vie FLPWT HM»SeLF/l INSPECTOR WHAT er^ES, VKTOr,fW.X "EET lOUfi THE LETTECItOX. BY LESLIE TURNER SIWCS THE VENUS DE MILO WAS FCUJWP 1880. MU.LIOHS HAVE IHBOUT HER vou SAN X 50tte T H |NK - s»e WAS oue AUTHORITIES \UP Ikl TWO PIECES, WITH TH& DISAGREE OH ] >,CW5 WISSIMG.,..OTHERS WOW THEV /WCL-UniljG MV£E' f- AMD 5}R. WERE LOST /FRANCIS ISULY, THAT SHE WAS FOUND UPRIGHT AMP INTACT IN AH MJCIEHT RUIN.,, ....AMPHMt MOtceu Off lt| ; A THEY EVER BE FOtlUD? WHAT HAB SEEN THEIR »iax POSITION ? us BIOHT; up TO MMi L6D US TO TMB« Hour of Horror HE'LL BE ALL RISHT.. HE GETS THIS EVER.V WEEK... BY V. T. HAMUN -.A FINE / THOUSANDS? ITS / WHAT'S 6O BAD TIME FOR YOU MILLIONS NOW/ / ABOUT THAT?^ VCAW r«CT SCARED..A WE'RE TKAVEL1NC. WE'LL GET TO /iO^^T SCVERALHUN- \ XT FOUR TIMES \ ^NUSJUST H ' T qReoTHoysAMO^i OUR ESTIMATED\ THAT MUCH MILES OUT IN SPACE! D HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN . . '. -SWt iUS' IWi'T 6ort in'

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