The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 28, 1944
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X, ' VOL. XLI—NO. 164 BlytUcvlllo Dally News Blytheviilo Courier Sove Waste Paper, /t I, valuabl. lo tft. War ' f totf Wafeft <Wf ,„,„ , or Co , /ecf( - on DaM BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — ^KDOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHE/ST ARKANSAS A»n ^n-,^^.^.. *" * «*-* » f kJ Blythcvllle Herald Mississippi valley On Peace Policy To Be Smoothed Roosevelt To Meet With Committee On Postwar Issues WASHINQTTN, Sept, 28 <UP) — Hcporls today hint that disagreements inside the cabinet about pence policy \vlll be Ironed out at meeting with President Roosevelt $7000 Grand Prize and Title Of World's Best Cotton Picker Go To Farmer From Black Oak Ark., t i Ulc Vir «t fl Moto *»"% at cause the <M-y W -okl shnrccroptwr is s tie new world cotton, picking champion, with ?1000 cash how for Ins endeavors at the fifth National Colo ricking Contest here yesterday. He picked 102.6 pounds of cotton to lead a field, of 197 top ranking pickers from U states whose- «J,lc fi . strppod the field so rapidly the contest was cut short bv 30 minutes from the of nine children, nil of* schedule of two hours „..,, .v,™*.,^ , whom live with Inch-parents on the._ Mr. Roosevelt Is expected lo con- ', Dre &!.' "!>d Doyle farm ncnr Black! ( nntpcf fer soon with, the cabinet commit- I Oil *-- tllc new UHc-holdcr was hav-1 v - v ~" ncol Ice on the peace, consisting of tne a bller vacation nt home today Secretary or War Henry Stimson, Before returning to his own cotton Secretary of State Hull and Secrc- ncl<i ' where lie has picked ns much 'as 600 pounds dally. Buck Wins Second The 1043 champion, Wesley Duck, Hornersville, Mo., school teacher- tary of the Treasury Morgenthnu Stlmsoii and Hull passed up clinnce today to make public t!i views, which, are said lo oppose desire by Morjjcnthau lhat Ge many be reduced to a farming in lion. Sllrnson and Hull cancelle news conferences ai wlilch the were expected to state their pos tlon. Neutrals Warned However, Hull spoke up today another phase of the post-vvr peace situation. He warned neutr governments once more again harboring defeated Axis leaders. He stated bluntly that the lie' trals' relations with Die Unite States would be "adversely affecU for years to come" If Hitler or nn of his gang wcrr> given refuse froi their conquerors. Hull's warning apparently wo directed at Portugal and Argentin; fore he revealed at the same tire that all other major neutrals a -ready hare replied to the depart incut's first such statement issue late in August. Senator Gillette of Iowa ha written Hull protesting again plans to Join Britain nnd the Neth erlands in a study of the worl rubber situation, claiming that would harm this country's new syn thetlc rubber Industry U we back lo large-scale Importation natural rubber. ;-. • Would Be Independent The senator said he was "loath to note nny steps in the dlrcclio of again making our nation depend ent on any foreign nation or gvou of nations with monopolistic cor trol. of --the. natural rubber supply The War Pood Admlnistratto quantities. of.' governni ent V: own e food we being 'released .to civillnr ns "the WFA cuts down it's stock piles In preparation Jor victory 1 Europe, fiu't ; the'.-JclvilfanV v inarK isn't turning out to be as absorben as hoped. For. Instance, It took th _ WFA six moiHhs;to dispose of 27 000 cases of canned pork and beans The OPA announces that an ad ditional shoe ration. stamp will be come ralid beginning November The exact stamp hasn't been reveal ed yet, so there'll be' plenty time for window shopping. Says Oil Available Senator Reed of Kansas claim enough fuel oil now ! -is availabl to fill all "reasonable" civilian re quests. As Heed puts U "fuel o is running out of the ears of stor age facilities." However his state inent conflicts with repeated warn ings by fuel administrator Icke that householders should eke ou their fuel supply as . carefully a possible. The WFA also has lifted ratioi restrictions and distribution con trols on all farm machinery exccp corn pickers. Months of controversy over th bill providing the WAVES, SPARS and Women Marines could serve a bases in this hemisphere ended to day. when President Roosevelt sign ed the measure. Prom now on the three branches of the women 1 services will be represented at such outposts at Hawaii and Alaska. . Wright's Cafe Is, Damaged By Fire Last Night The George Wright cafe, located at Park and Highway 61 North, and a Missouri truck parked at 412 Kentucky. were damaged bv fire lasi Interior of the frame building which housed the restaurant was mined, with damage lo the building esimated at less than $1000 ant Wright's equipment was n lota loss. Flames were discovered about J:30 n. m. today. The building Is owned by Mr. nnd Mrs. Bryant Stewart. Considerable damage to the interior of the cab resulted from defective wiring in (lie track, parked while the owner atended the fair. Identity of the owner was not determined by firemen who extinguished the flames after making the inn at 8:45 p. in. Navy Petty Officer .( , Back From Overseas W Joseph Barrett Ramey, petty ot- v --ttccr 1-c in the Navy, has arrived in /San Francisco following 22 Konths O f overseas service, accord, ing to a message received by his -•/ wife, who has been making her home, here while her husband, was In service. Mr. Ramcy, who is a pharmacist's mate, has been stationed In Honolulu the entire time of his overseas service. He expects to arrive here for leave 'ft two weeks. New York Cotton farmer, was nosed out of repenting by less than six pounds when he picked 91 pounds to win second place and 5250 cash. Third honor and $100 went to S. B. Parker, 25, also of Hornersville, who aided In maintaining Die reputation of Missouri, home of numerous money winners. Parker won fourth honors and $50 in last year's contest. The two oilier former champions entered in this year's competition also placed in the money with Elignh Gordon, 43, Negro, who came here from Harrisburg, Ark., In 1942 to will the grand prb.e, picked 95 pounds to win fourth honors and $50. Ware In The Money Morris Ware of Rulevillc, Miss., who at 18 won the litle In 1941. placed eighth In the contest with his 92 pounds. Fifth honors went to otto Pike, Steelc, MO., with Willie Hicks of Burdette winning sixth place and Sam Miller of Parma. Mo., placing seventh. They each received $50. The 10 winners who received $35 each arc listed downward in order judged: Bill Adams, Lcachvllle; Alva i',~iU4-r- IQMTS As usual, ihcre was much "color" to the National Cotton Picking Contest staged ycstcrdiiy with nil types of entries vicing for the $2000 In prizes. Youngest contestant, was Glciula ice Poet/, four-niid-n-hnlf year old daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. G o Poclz, who picked for an hour before becoming too tired to continue. She didn't win nny money, but her grandfather, C. C. Limgston, presented her with n $25 War Bond for her labors. • * • •Oldest contestant wns 102-year-old Columbus Oliver, Elythevllle Negro who has spent most of his life in cotton fields. He picked 33 pounds but became so [ired he cocld not remain for the presentation program. g^ARlfoNST'S. THURSDAY, SEITK&IHBll 28, 1D-M the Of the 12 women, none placed in ic money. But nlthoueh not top pickers there were some pretty feminine contestants. Mrs. Inez Susby, 28, came from East Prairie, Mo., with ., w ' 10 w > ns sllre down her could •Miss Helen Ford, 21, was another Mlssouilan entered, having come down from KcnneU. ,,,m Dextcr . *!".. come Mrs. Niln Williams, nccompnnlcd bv her hus- ° anti wl>o watched from the side""" lines. A Negro woihnu contestant nr MU y C " year old Druc Whit of Milan, Tenn., wns accompanie ., here by his fathe companied w D White . . _ •Among ••- visitors ; witnessing , i'he contest were H. E, Thompson pres* idcnt of Arkansas afata^CoUejni Jonesboro and^'vD./Ro'Jlnson. .wYio brought.' two-: entries spbiisored by Peoples - Gin, Knobel, Ark, ' * • • :,Th c Kehnett,.Mo.. Junior Chnm- opr of Commerce: sent clarence : E *ord. fourtiv place winner --last year, who hails from Detroit. >,.«" • From .Hartford, Mich., was Ed lggs, who said his fingers were less nimble after - having lived m the North. • • • H. T. McDunn of St. Louis again Presided at. the scales to make the weights accurate. • * • Ray West of Hnuna, Okla., barely failed to place in the money class while an Illinois contestant William C. Droke, also failed to win a prize. Draft Cases Will Be Heard Jonesboro Ledbetter, Blythtiville; J. M. Carter, Ripley, Tenn.; Lefty Peterson, Bcr- „ . -- - ••- - v....^.,,,,, >,n 0 trail, MO.; Fred Brntcher, Blythe-1 i fabel McKlnne v of Luxoia who villc; Billy Smith, Mlchle, Tenn.; 1 drew No -' One position.. Wesley Presley, Haynes, Ark.; Lynn' Moore, Gideon, Mo.; Shelton Wilson, Monette; Hail Hillis. Jerusalem, Ark., and Essex, Mo.; E. W. Shtnnult, Memphis; Ross Hosklns Negro, CInrksdnle. Miss.; Ralpl Bailey, Hayti, Mo.; William M. Long Rives, Mp.VB: E.-Twilla, .Dyersburg Tena; Alfred Beasley,-.Negro, Lux- ira. • / " -, • ?T , .'AVIlf .Use Money.Wisely,' "I'm going to use the money to good advantage" said the new champion cotton picker but he was too excited overbids good fortune fc make nny definite plans immediately following announcement of his award. Saying he never had that mucli money before, he grasped the 1000 new one-dollar bills and smiled happily. "But I'll guarantee we won't blow It In. I promised my oldest daughter, Vlrgie Ellen, IB, I would give her a beauty course if I won but none of us thought I would," the modest father of four sons and five daughters said. May Buy Farm Land Reared at Oil Trough, near Batcs- ville, Mr. Mote went to Black Oak in 1028. Having farmed nil his life, he would love to own some land and the $1000 mny make a life-long dream come true. Almost as happy as the new champion was the mnn who persuaded him to enter the competition. He Is Filmorc Gibson, who 'had a hunch" Mr. Mate could win. Sponsored by the Eagle Beauty School of Blythevillc nnd Lnvcera School of Jonesboro, Mr, nnd Mrs. 3Ibson said the new champion felt itke he couldn't lose the time from satherlng his own crop to enter -he contest but they persuaded him he had n good chance to win. Oldest contestant to win In the five competitions staged here, the lew title holder was described by lis friends as "hard working and one of the finest men we ever knew." Proud of his wife and family, Mr. dole wanlcd to "get a big supper" or liis sponsors and himself and hen Immediately start home will- lie money. There are nine children but he .•as too excited to remember the lame of the youngest son, age 18 nonths, who they call "Densie. Other children are Virgie Ellen, Mas' Louise, David, Georgia, Lavalla "Leon, Helen Charlinc nnd Gloria can. Event Big Success That the contest, sponsored by the Blylheville Junior Chamber of Com- nerce and Indorsed by the Mcm- his Cotton Exchange, National Colon Council and American Cotton hippers Associalton, wns most suc- essful staged, despite wartime con- illons, wns the consensus of all. Presenlatlons were made In n pro- ram before the grandstand of Mis- sstppi County Fairgrounds, adjn- ent to the picking site, at 5 p. m., rondcast over WMC, Memphis ra- io station. Special entcriatnment wns pre- entcd throughout the day, begin- ing at 9 o'clock, when the pickers athered nt their places prior to bc- Inning of the contest at 10 a.m. Objective of the contest is to pro- lole better cotton picking with nount of cotton, conditoin of cot- m picked nnd conditions of row* Tier picking included In factors dc- rmlning the winner. Judges were E. A. Stacy, C. P. ompklns, Charles Rose, Eddie Reg- iold, C. H. Whktle, Fred Flneman, Ith John F. Lcntl as'auditor and G. West chairman of the Advl- ry committee. The picks, which contest officials Russian Army Crosses Danube To Yugoslavia May Join Partisan! Of Marshal Tiro F6r Moravia Volley Drive LONDON. Sept, W (UP)—A mighty Allied olfciisivo .to free Yugoslavia hns stinted rolllny. Ihe Gcrmnii high miuinnnd , m - naimccs the Russian) )i« v 6 crossed me Djiniibc river rr into Vugo.sia.vlh. This outflanking assault through he n-nnsylvnnln Alps is reported lo have punched through In"the nrea of Orsovn. north of the'famed Iron Gate passage into "Yugoslavia. . Elimination of the i,- o i, ' Gate barrier would open the w(l y i or Ihe powerful RussJnn army «s- •semljlod In Romania 'nnd Bulgnrln to pour Into southern Hunenrln nnd noi-thcrji Yugoslavia. Such n drive would spin Gorman troops '" Ihe tivo states. . Striking east from the Adrlatio const, Berlin says tllo A n g lo'- Ainerlcnii invns'on nrmy Is Wiling on n 400-mile front, hi Albania' isttmds. headquarters in Rome Its' i» the progress of Its Ad- Ail si>ccfn I . and Yugoslavia's Adriatic Allied ' silent 01 'I" 1 !' 0 """I "force"" but "(T ,.„.,,.„,. Hnlknn nlr force communique la expected to throw more light on Ihe Balkan invasion Inter today Hie Allied grand strategy seems to be to link offensives In n line across Yugoslavia and trim nil Gci-mnn troops (o the south To tighten the trap even more rival Greek guerrilla leaders have- Joined forces nnrl put their trooiis under Allied General Wilson '• ' Slmtillnneously, two Russian, armies arc curving plncer arms qir Hungary—Germany's Inst Bnlltnn n!.v. One arm Is striking- for rwrtll- 1 trn Hungary from the Slovak bor- 1 tier. The Hungarian high command says the other drive hns spilled out of the Transylvnnlnn Alps Id within 98 miles of Budapest, ' ' Bilbrey Discusses Agricultural Outlook i Klwnnls Club members yesterday were host? to a large :niimber of I guests nt their annual Farmer's Day luncheon nt'Hotel Noble,' when enrti member brought [i farmer ns-n guest- A number of out-of-town 'visitors present for Die natlonnl cotton picking contest nlso nttended thc'aflnir Keith Bllbrcy, Mississippi County Reich May Not Gqllap^ Until Sometime Iia 1945 Churchill Warns Allies War Wilh Japs Far From Over, Krueger Warns 6th Army Commander Stresses importance Of Speeding Action J»>' Unllcil Press The velcrnn cominnnder of -American Sixth the nays thai lime will be the Idling feature of [ho Pacific war. And Lieut. Clen Walter Knicgcr iidds Hint (lie (lino element Is Impossible to reckon. In nn exclusive Interview, with he United Press, General Krueger Tdpc'alcdly stressed the importance' nlRht of working day and everything we have. Said General KriieKcr: "That' uly only program." " ;Thc commnmlei- says the (ire licked, but he brushes 's Japs nslde speculation about tlio end of war. I^e is conlident of flnnl victory in the Pacific/ bill hu | H !in|>hnllc In saying flnnl victory ms not yet been won: Jap Ship* Sunk. n British communlnuo grenl stride TODAY'S Wrtll ANALVHIS Allies Lost Chances For Early V-Day Hy JAMliS IIAltri:il Press St:ilT Writer Europe's war apparently will live (o see nnolhor ycnr. Allied uoiniimiulefH nn: ficiilliiij down llieh- earlier forecasts of llic. ond of Ihe wnr before llio beginning of the year. Only lodny, Prime Minister Churchill ' snld several months of 111-15 mny be required lo put Ihe finishing touches to tl em mny. Clctwrul Elsenhower hns innde two slntemimts which, added togelhcv, would seem lo menu nn curly end of hostilities. First, |,e prcdlclcd pence In Europe by lh c beginning of 11)48. And, second, he snld Hie Allied campaign wns a month ahcnd of schedule. Hut botli statements were mmlc bcloi'e the enemy nt Aiuhein blocked the great northwest passage Into Gennany. 'flu; Allied wnr machine which hud hummed so smoothly up to then fullered.. Oleni'ly. Allljl strnlegy WOK nlmed nt holding the enemy nl the Siegfried I.,!ne while Ihe British Second Army nnd nlr- bonic units executed n fust end-run nround it lo the north. Dul n'swlft Gcrmnn flying tnckle uncled Uiu During recent patrol operations In he Par East, British submarines ' l>lny. nnk 32 Jnpuncsc vessels mid i Tlial mn'n'cmver held lhc greatest erlomly dnmngcd four others. hope of pulling n period behind tho The enemy vessels sunk ranged I «'n"'e before fall rnlns slow It down i'om small .coaslnl emft lo n' Clrellns (lie nm-llicrn anchor post of the lino. Allied nrmlcs could huvu British Drive Northwest From Nijmegen Area In New Effort To Clear Route Into Germany LONDON, Sopt, 2fc (U.P.)-The Allied NiUions' Wttl ,, ( UH iy llmt 11,3 cud of tho Kuiopcun w«r mnv not como unl well ;il tor Now Year's.1'riinc: Mlnislcr dun-chill, aclthcssing the House o£ Con) nojw, wild "Several moullut of 1015" mny be rcaulroirt in uii n... ;,,i. u,,..... i... ,, ,, . ,.' ' "* ul - nAHiueu ll sislancc does not collapse HOOD. Chtirehill will IJB thrown into Die battle if Nazi . from the Quebec coiifeicnce. said ii-iS rasunlml that. I'rum.icr Stalin join Bntish ami AmciicJ rapi-uHonlHUvcH just „« MOM as the military situation wl Late Bulletins : I" LONDON, .S«|il. XX (Vl>) _ MUSCIIW raillo siilil tonlghl nn nfflolul siulfimuit Unit U(B Ri)vlut hlRh cniniiiiinil li:ul riski-il niiuulial 'I'itu for per- nilsslun' |» cr iiss lulu Yuxiwlii- yl:i fmi mllltury opchitliiiis, null llmt (hi! Yuginlar Niitldtiiil Ar"iy KIIVO Un permission, ' IHiTltOlT, Scpl. n (lll')~ Iwenty-flvu liumlrcd workers nl the I'oril Slolor L'iiiii|inii) 's Illvui- Ituii K « pliviit Wlln t uu strlko liiilay, [iralcsliiijt n 30- iUy lnyi>ff jlvcn two union opm- niKlnnicn fur usln e obsci'iie miiKUiiRC In Ihu prciicnec uf women «inkers, nedlum-slzed supply .ship, 'npnhes yunbonls were 1 n the quoin. Tiie gunboats were downed by - , ..... -. lone British subnlarlnc which Urfaccd In the harbor of Owen. In Port . n- slnglo-hiinded battle he sub, shelled; b9lh pf.lho enemy varshlps to the Iwttom. ' ''"•" Ttic .bold raids spread ' through lie .straits between Sumatra imcl Chrlslmas Island, south agricultural agent, was principal °' J^'",'oil tanks were fhcd' mid Two Mississippi County men arc scheduled to be given a hearing in U. s. District Pedernl Court at Jonesboro Nov. 27 on charges of -allure to report for induction Into the armed forces. They are Union Marlon Collins of Dell and Thorn- is Houston Vanblbber of Blythc- 'Both were Indicted by the Pcd- •ral Grand Jury which met at Litle Rock Monday. They now are free under bond pending trlnl Members of the Jehovah Witness religious sect, they arc understood lo hnvc obectcd to military service on the grounds that they are ministers . Kennett Negro Gets Life For Mutiny In Army CAMP CLAIBORNE, La., Sept. 28 .>— One more negro soldier speaker. He told of'the'vast agricultural resources of'the county', and warned the fnrmers present : that apparently it wns going to be neces- anvii fn~ 4v«~ i_ .._ -. • ' ,*"••» left .nflti'inc. :./... Pclcllu Field l/scd The..Allies nlrendy have reaped »me of the, fruits of nnolhor i apiary for them to produce eveii more idly-nppfoncjilng., Pacific victory Jn their land with less labor than*.!'i(s disolosqd that-fighter plnnes ever before. The United States, with • based, on Pcjellii, .still ,,ot coml six per cent of the world's popuin-! plolely in "Ahierlcnn hands have tlon, seems likely to have 'to feed n I carried out strafing rnlds ' on n large part of that world, Mr. Bll- brcy said. Guests nt the luncheon each were Introduced by their hosts, ', Mrs. Blanche Welch, 49, Dies At West Memphis Mrs. Blanche Welch, wife of Sum Welch,' died early today at West Memphis, lo where the family moved n year nga from near Mnnlln. She was 49. Funernt arrangements .wero incomplete this afternoon, pending arrival of two sons In service but the body will be taken to New Albany, Miss., for burial there Saturday or Sunday. Besides her husband, she Is survived by two daughters nnd four sons. Holt Funeral Home is In charge. Ginnings To Sept. 16 Total 20,529 Bales Gathering O f (he bumper 1011 cotton crop in this section is slow- ;r than last year wttli only20,523 bales ginned prior to Sept. 1C, ns compared with 32,588 ginned to the same date a year ago, it wns announced today by Chester Dane- has been convicted of mutiny In connection with the riot on Aug. IV at Camp Clalbornc. it was an- I'ounccd - today by Brigadier General Louis F. Guerre, commanding officer of the camp. Pvt. Mclvin Briton. 20, of Kennett, Mo., was sentenced to life Imprisonment for mutiny and willful Hsobedience of a superior officer Evidence In the Irlal showed that Britton was one of the leaders of a mob and that he willfully disobeyed an order of his commanding officer. This Is the fifth convlc- ion in six Irials now being held U Clalborne for mutiny and other similar offenses In connection with he recent disturbance. The trials vlll be reviewed by the command- ng general of the Eighth Service Command and the Judge Advocate General's department. were the best yet recorded, field. ranged from 62 to 160 pounds, nnd more than 20,000 pounds—enough or 16 bales-were hnrvestcd from he esppctally cultivated 80-acre hoivcr of Ltixorn", official cotton statistician. county Although the crop Is sliglily later In maturing thnn last yenr, Inck of labor also has retarded the harvest. Ben Fisher Dies Today; Arrangements Incomplete Ben Fisher, long n resident of Blythevllle, died this morning, 7 o clock, nt his home on East Rose He was 65. Funeral arrangements were Incomplete early this afternoon, pending arrival of a daughter from Os- ceoln and other relatives. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. N. Y Amer Tobacco 161 5-8 Anaconda Copper 27 1-8 Beth STcel Chrysler !oca Cola .. ien Electric O en Motors 01 3-4 136 3-4 37 1-4 Montgomery Ward '.. 52 1-4 N Y Central 181-4 nt Harvester ],. 197-8 Republic steel 18 3-4 Socony Vacuum Studebakcr . ... tendard of N J 12 1-2 18 7-8 53 3-4 Texas Corp 451-8 U ,S Steel 57 1-2 northern Island of lhc Pnlnu Group. Tills was Ihe first mission from Pclellii. Tiie righting on Pelcllu hns nnr- rowcd down to n systematic annihilation of the Ihrce pockcU of slubbornly-reslsting Japanese left Two .smnll enemy forces still hold out on a nigged mountain. And one patch remains In lhc norlh- cnslcrn tip of the Island. ... The have handed themselves- another compliment, but this time It's back-handed. A Tokyo claim, states thnt Imperial forces have sunk ucnrh 3,000 Allied shins. But the sanu statement acknowledges thnt UK Jnp iitr forces have paid twice the price of the Allies In plane losses Butler Points To Jump Higher Stricter Rationing Of Creamery Butter Scheduled Next Week WASHINGTON, Sept. 28. (UP) — The rationing of creamery butler will be severely lightened nexl week. Officials of the Office of Price Administration sny creamery butter will Jump from 1C to^ao points n pound. Never before has butter been so high in point value. Indications show that the new order on butter rationing will rcmntn in effect for nt least three months. OPA Bowles Administrator Chester says there simply isn't enough butter to go around. 1 Only creamery butter is artectcd by the ration change. Fnrm nnd processed butter will continue at 12 points a pound. Regarding meat, Administrator Bowles says the over-all meat situation does not warrant n decrease In the plont values of meat during October. spilled down behind it Into the licl niihr valley, thus, they could hnvc eliminated both the nh!jiu river nn f i ..the \yesj. \vnll. «s .barriers -tq their''march'on Clermnny.'';• ^Gernmns Cut Off ' .Still. Ihe'campaign wnvfar from n fnilurKprrir 'from n citrbon copy of the Insl war's Dardanelles campaign. Air-borne, mills nt Arnhem funded off the Germans while (lie lilltlsh Second Anny spin led 70 miles across Holland. The drive cn- nbled the /lilies to dike the 'mlle- nnd-a-lmlf-long Nljmcgcn bridge across the broad Want river, alx-to- clBht-thousnnd nlr-bornc soldiers were lost at Arnhom. But the drive Isolated over 100,000 Oernlans In Western Holland. Prime Minister Churchill reveals that the United States has "vast" new forces waiting to lie thrown Inlo Ihe uronch. They mny yet be rushed northward through Holland again to forco open the upper gnlc- wny Into Germany. Or they may be shot straight through the Siegfried Line If the First or Third Armies cnn widen one of IU cracks Into a door-wny. Still, the fact remains thirl the Allies lost n golileii opportunity to conquer Germany swiftly when they lost Arnlicm. Only yesterday, n dispatch from the 'First Army front snld the Nazis obviously lire preparing to spend thp winter along the. Siegfried Line. It would have been vnstlv cheaper to out-flank those defenses, since even a poor soldier with inferior equipment cnn do n grcnt deal of damage from a LONDON, Sept. as (Ul') The wnr office iumoiinrtil tonight that Mujtir '( H, K. Unjuhnrl, commuiulcr of the llritlili Khj,l Airliornc l>l\Mi>n which fmigH lit'Ariihem, no» Attendance High At County Fair Racing And Shows At Grandstand Attract Record Crowds Here With nttciulnncc records of previous years expected to bo nlmttcr- cd, the Mississippi County Fnlr to- dny, wns preparing for biggest crowds of tho iveek tonight, Friday, Saturday nnd Sunday. The grnmlstnnd cntcrlnlmncnl liivcn under limited conditions Inst night, will be repented tonight, 8 o'clock, will) n complete shoiv last- nu one null one hnlf hours ami Ihcre will be n change of program 'or Friday nnd Sutunlny nights, it The Prime Minister doubts If sntlsfnclory agreement on work' pence can be renchcd until tho thiei hcnds of those sovcnimenta sll dowi< around the conference table again* t. S. Cuiunttlc'i fievtaled , .U Churchill mndo olhor importunf* points in his 103-mtnuto address Pqf Imtntice, he revealed thnt the Unitl cd States hns lost over 148,000 In killed,jwountled nnd missing in WL'ilern Emoponn campaign Bit- Inln.s casualties yrere upward of 09000 but tho Clcrinnni lost ncari DOO,000 In dead, Injured and tilled Another 200,000 Germans, Churchill rovraled, nrc cut oil In tho const- nl incus, "And their destruction or( capture -is .highly probable." niBht now, Churchill rcnenled, the Allies have botwcen 2- und 3000000, men In Pinned. Although he didn't sny 'io, thu designation nnnnrently Includes the Low Countries nnd the stiip of conquered Germany But, In hpile of overwhelming Allied power, ChmchlH s,ald Nazifdcv mny fight on flercclj 'inf mid mountain;, of Gcr- nftcr prgnniaid resistance tho fortified pillbox. Itnlns Will Come Mrs, Anna Aaron, 80, Is Buried At Box Elder LEACHVILLE, Ark., Sept. 28 — Funeral services were held nt Box- Elder Tuesday for Mrs.-Annn Aaron, aged resident of Leachvllle, who died- Monday at her home of a icart attack. She . was 80. Survivors Include two sons, w. R. and Herbert Aaron, both of this ilace, six daughters, Mrs. Ada •Tank, Mrs. Lena Byrd nnd Mrs. I'heda McGlawn, nil of Lcachvllle,' Mar. tfrs. Allte HfHwfck oif Blgclow, ! May Mrs. Bertha Henderson of Elow.ih, ' ,iuly Jid Afrs. lliclmn Mallatt of Me- ' Oct The new year will find the Allies fighting n new enemy — the wenthcr. From now until frost In Western Europe, approximately 15 (lays In every 3o will brlmr rnl:i. Much of the front Is marked by mountains—Ihe Vosijcs nnd Olnck mountain ranges In the south, the Kiffel and liunsnick plateaus In IhC center. And, as every veteran of Italy will nttcst, mountain fighting In rainy or cold weather Is tough, In general, the rainfall of Western Europe is greater than Hint of Russia. The nnnual average In some sections is as much nn 00 Inches. Autumn will bring other complications. The Moscltc river, for tn- slance, Is a swift-flowing stream which .frequently splits over Us banks In full, with cold wefllhcr will come cqulnoxlal gales, harii- j-rlni? the landing of supplies over beaches or In damaged harbors. However, the Allies mny well have taken out Insurance against w-eather-cnforced lull,In the Vatic. Going ashore in the Bnlknns, they arc gaining n springboard for a drive northward Into the plains of southern Germany. This drive von't be snaked by the Siegfried ine, the Rhine river, the Alps mountains—or the weather. But, whatever the result of Ihe wtlle, one thing Is sure. As United Press President Hugh Batllie said duriTiir a visit to Ihe front.: "Nplwdv comiiiR fresh from the United Slates with n pro -conceived Idea that the Germans are on the verge of quitting would pet much support for the notion If he vlftlt- the front JIncs." wnt nnnounccd. The 11 ncl-s will Include musical rcvuc.i, singing, dancing, comedy, t ruined dog, hill-billy music and )thcr such entertainment presented by the "Frontier Frolics'. 1 Rnclng wns to get underway this nftcrnoon with 23 horses entered the four races. George Gray of Vienna, III., Is in charge of the racing program which will continue through Sunday afternoon. Purses ranging from S80 to $200 will be awarded winners with four eludes nrrnngod tor each afternoon. Admission to afternoon races rnd night entertainment nt the grandstand Is free. The Uiickey State Show's complete cnrnivnl now Is In operation with Hie nllotcd Midway space expanded for the additional attractions. It was announced. Judging .->f tin- Wcgro exhibits, hogs, cattle, jwiiltry and mules was underway today following completion or Judging In the Rabbit Show yesterday. A complete exhibit of Fnrm and Home products is arranged by Nc- procs of MlrsLulppt County under supervision of extension agents. In the Negro Exhibit Building. .: Designated the L. W. Harawny Memorial Building. In honor of the late negro educational, agricultural nnd civic lender among his race, the Mississippi County Fnir Association appropriately marked the building nnd passed a resolution to the effect that the idea popularly received among both whites and Negroes. Tiie fair claws Sunday, B p. m., Mlowlng the flnnl horse race after laving opened Tuesday with the State Duroc Show. many halts , , •'H 1 «,W'', u iM9"'W*"teri? jilr-il tot-no 'division' ]ort"*ie Arnhem", Oliln chill snld < ' Tho eternities Irave bc*n grievous, but for those who mourn there s the ciinsolntloii thnt the sacrifice wns not tiecdlcsslj demanded " . ., Second Army Attacks •/.As ho sboke tho Second Army was ashing olit agnln for the Arnhern gate in n blnaing bid to re-open tho northern door Into the Reich." Supreme he'iJdqiinrtcrs reveals : thnt the Second Army 'is attacking north- i ward toward the Neder Rhine from tho nic& northeast of Nljniegen However, It Is meeting strong ic- slsUince. Tho Allied statement also reveals for the first lime thnt" the 82rid mid JOlst Amcrlcitn alr-borno divisions took part In the aerial'Invnslon of Holland.. : i' ' -•-•-:•-:---.- -^ i At tho saino.itlmo, Berlin reports Hint tlia American Third Army.froht hns- bluzcd Into action. Gcrmnh brondcnsLs sny n bitter bi\ttlc"ls 1ft progress between .'Metis nhS ," ' " Weather N. 0. Cotton lestcr, Okla. Dec. 2101 2189 2170 2195 2190 2217 2217 2201 2210 2210 2183 2187 2167 2193 2186 2206 2105 22iO«2Ifl2 2191-'2170 2210 219D 2204 2105 It rained at Blythevllle Army Air Field yeucrday but rat n drop fell in Blylheville. High for the day was 87 degrees and the thermometer dropped to 87 degrees during the night, with only scattered showers todtiy. , Chicago \Vh«at Dec. May. ..'I58M open high low close 160Vi 161 159;i 161 1G1 158?i seven miles to the west. The Germans sny the American bombardment o/ their lines around Met? lias risen to "drumfire" -Intensity'.* And they predict n fuil-jiiialo Third Army offensive In Hint seclbr. ••"•"<-. However, United Press'President Hugh Balllle, now lit the front, snys the Germans are making n desperate effort to force a stalemate into the winter all along the Ilne.-.And lip warns that deteriorating weather and tough mountainous ierraln<loonl ns cnornibus factors In 'ttieir faVpV. Kcsiime Air Operations"'. .'" Daillle noles that the weather had been bad lately, although,it improved enough in the past few days to ennbli!! the resumption of riir operations. And those air operations still nrc going on today. . V More than 1000 American heavy bombers ntlnckod Q'crriiatv war'ih-' dustrics at Magdeburg, Kasselnnd''] Merseburg southwest of Berlin. ,The Germans pulled the same stunt they did yesterday by throwing 100 flght- ers at one of the small formations. • However, as the enemy Inlercepi tors rose to meet the bombers over the Magdeburg nrea, escorting fighters bent them off, shooting down' 13 Gcrmnii planes without the loss of n single fighter. No interceptors were encountered over Kossel, which ' wns raided for the second''straight day. ' ..:, No new raids have been, carried out by our planes from Italy. But on the ground in Italy,, the .British Eighth Army hns extended its bridgehead across the Rubicon river to'a width o,f 10 miles arid a deplli of two..The Tommies also have cap- lured the Adriatic coastal town of Bellnrla. . -. ; . The Allies still are silent on the progress of their thrust from Italy Into Albania. Livestock ST. LOUIS, Sept, 28 (UP)-H/ receipts 7,000 head Ivlth 6,000 sa, ble Top, price $14 M, 15 pounds SHTO, 120-140 po'inds 25-14.25; (Sows $13:95. Catties receipts 6,300 he ble 4,500 / CaUes 3,600, a: Mixed joinings nnd heii 1250, shugliter steers daughter > he,!fers 7 25- er and; fCe der. s tcers' 7, ,lnble 100017 2">: stork-

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