The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WIODNKSDAY, JULY 0, 1047 Move to Admit Refugees to Face Delays WASHINGTON', July 0. (UP) — Republican congressional leader macie it clear today that there wns almost no chance o[ action t'tiiis year oir President Tr.iman's vc- qXiest tor legislation to admit European refugees into the United States. /Senate Republican Whip Kcn- v neth S. Wherry lolci n reporter he saw no possibility that Mr. Tru man's proposal wouki lie nrtilcti' to the 1917 legislative prouram be fore the scheduled ndjimr/imcn. late this month. Simil-ir cxprcs slons came from House leaders. Mr. TVuman cent a message t Congress ye.stCTcJ.iy, virgin,; tha immigration quotas lie relaxed an emergency basis to admit some of nearly 1.0M,OJ) displaced persons in Europe '» this country. Most at them aru Eastern Europeans \vlio have reinsert '.(• return to their Jcrnw homes in areas now Comnv.miJ-.-controUcd Rome's Roman Candles Cities Fail to Get Funds tor Airports •LITTLE KOCK. Ark., July fl. (UP)—Federal nirpart construction ass!sinn.c? for Little Hock, Texarkana -and El Dorado will not he available during 1948. according to Mayor Sam Wassell of Little Roc!:. "•'Wassell's announcement followed receipt of a letter from U. S. Sen. J. Willbm Fulbrighl yesterday. Pui- bright said an attempt by Demo cratis senators to restore construe Salary Bill Veto jpheld in Court- Test in Batesville T'A'IEEVILLE. Ark., July 9. (UP) —Oov. lien 1.aney's veto of the Carpenter Bill, which established jjuy scale for county employes In gidi'pcndcncc County, has been e.stcd and upheld In the lower- ourt.s. Circuit Jiidgc S. M. Bone ruled icre yesterday that the veto had .MTU lci;nlly executed and that the liKlvpeiulencc County Salary Ac'., shall remain as the yardstick tor puying county officials. The ruling upheld County Judge Fullest Jelf'jry In refusing Assessor John Whaley's claim for a $200 a month salary as provided lor his position In the Carpenter measure. Judge Bone said the validity of the veto revolved around the. actual lime the bill was delivered to the governor's office. He pointed out that the official House Jouriia Committee had found that the bll was presented four days alter the date recorded in the Journal am thai the governor was therefor within his legal lime limit to veto Fireworks streak Ihrongh Ihe sky in elaborate patterns over Home at climax of (lie St. John's Day celebration in Hie square before llic Slica of San Giovanni. Ihe Italian capital's patron saint. St. John's Day is Rome's chief religious feast day. lion funds in the Civil Aerontm- tics Administr.ilion appropriation has failed. In addition to dropping the three cities froai the construction list, the Senate's reduced •aupropiiutioi cut aid to the Fort Smith airport, by $71,000. Read Courier News Want Ads. DEflTH of a BOll dtilda. <&uoJis>ii££ •••<•*!&• ~^r) by Hilda Low/cnco: Diilribulcilby NEA SERVICE. INC. Tun STOllVl Itnili MMIcr, nil-lit s wnrJ t i-.-sUI-.- UV4>iil prri- niit li , 1ms ht-«'i In*" tuli for ^ "' nrrlvr -.l liy Aimflini- > llu- Ill-nil, .sur titi|tr;ir.s In li* nil exfiisi* 1 1» ill.'itrly. SINs kCulh's sul (C . Small. c tiling rrlfy lic "Then \vlint—" "The new yirl, Monny. She ^nme." Miss TiracLv was openly pii77.!cd. 'Well? What's wronK ;iU<nil Hint'.' r-.u'l she ;ill right? She looked all •ight to me." "1 don't know, hut T have Iho most mvful feeling. As if she were going lo—bring us trouble." ,• •i ••'• HI AT 10 o'clock the lobby was tic -'*- - serlccl except for Miss Ethel Plummer, an elderly spinster who took over the desk at night. In Miss Small's suite, Miss Brncb was stretched full length on the low couch, her untidy black heat resting on pillows. Miss Small sa at her feet. Within easy rencl was a small table holding a spiri lamp and china. Jt was the hour for hot chocolate and confidences. Miss Brady reached lor her chocolate and look a deep swallow. Her long, ufily face relaxed, her eyes smiled. "This is the best part of the day. . . . Marshall-Gill made me late. Talk, talk, talk, all about nothing. She swore she'd sent the. stuff over lor the parly costumes. Did she?" "She did. All cut out and sewed, only the masks to do." "Coo!" Miss Brady said. "She'll be on hand lor tea tomorrow, as usual, and sees no reason why we shouldn't do the masks then, Sunday or not. What do you say?" "Whatever you say, Moriny." • Miss Brady's eyes clouded. 1'What's wrong, Angel? You're miles away, you've got something on your mind." Miss Small hesitated. Then, "I'm worried," she said simply. Miss Brady sat up and scowled. "Has some little tramp — " "No, no, Monny. Everything's all right. I mean, don't look like that! Nothing's happened at all. Only one sick tray, Minnie May, hangover, and only two week-end passes and 1 know they're legitimate." "JVTISS SMALL explained. She do- scribed the sudden transformation at the desk, the fear that took over eyes and hands, the averted face. "She was natural enough when she came in, exactly as you said on the card. Shy, quite ordinary in a nice, quiet way. Then all at once something happened. She clumgcd, right before my eyes, and it frightened mo. Somehow 1 got (be idea that she saw something, or. heard something, but I can't imagine what." "tt'lio was near the desk?" "I thought of .that, loo. Just the usual crowd going to the dining room, stopping for mail, nobody that stood out. Wait a inin- ule. Hot came for a tray check for Minnie May." "Dottv, the girl evangelist! Who else?" "Jewel at the elevator, Kilty at the board. Kitty noticed it, too; I imagine they all did. It seems ridiculous when f loll it like this. Kitty, Jewel, all ot them as drab as Ruth Miller herself. . . . Oh!" "Got .something?" "Lillian Harris was hanging around. She said something flippant, I forget what it was. Then she went off to her job. The Millci girl went out, too, a few minutes later. . . . She dida't have dinner.' Miss Brady looked thoughtful "Harris," she said. Miss Small snl quietly, "Lilliai doesn't like me." 'I don't know what you mcai by that, and I don't see bow i fits" in here," Miss Urady an swcrcd. "Lillian Harris was wel •ocommcndcd, but it she hurls you In any way, out she goes." Miss Small raised puzzled eyes. 'What do you mean when you say she was well recommended? She came here after that rule about references was thrown out." i:< # * '• TVTISS BRADY grinned when Miss Small recalled the rule. They bad drafted it themselves and fought for its adoption. They'd argued that n girl's past was her own private business and insisted on her right to live it down i[ she wanted to. The Board had fought back, prophesied scandal, and lost. From that lime on, no one was asked for a reference. The rule was three years old and so successful that Miss Brady sometimes forgot its origin. "1 mean 1 knew about Harris," Miss Brady explained. "She used to have a friend here, used to visit the friend before she moved in herself." She ran a hand through her hair. "Suddenly I :nn very, very rick and tired of this job," she said. "T'tore's nothing to it any more, I don't know why I slay. If 1 ha.l halt the sense 1 was preMimal'ly born will), I'd chuck the whole works and tako you with me." "Monny! You're thinking about Europe again!" "I am, and why not? Don't look at me like that; you know it's been on my mind lor weeks. Listen. I - get my grandmother's money next month, so why don't ve resign? Heasons of health, and lull's no lie, you look a wreck; ml we'll grab Ihc first boat and 'ay for a year. . . . Angel, you ook about ten when you smile like hat. Feel better now?" •Milch!" That panic about Miller was obably ymir nerves. You're cx- ustcd and I don't wonder. All these messy brats pouring out their beastly little troubles. Did you tell Miller about April Hooper?" "Monny, I'm heartbroken! I'll go up Ihcj'C now, I'll go at pnce—" "Forget it," sak 1 . Miss Brady. "I'll tell the givl rnyseU tomorrow." , , t But as things turned out, no one told Huth Miller anything- i (To lie Continued) !>:'*H Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Phone ZW COPB. 1M1 BY NEAEERYICt. INC. T, M. REG. V. 5, PAT. Orr Club 61 Rlvthcvlllc, Arkansas HiuUway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Blekcrstaff and George Fltd For Reservations Telephone Oil GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch rt. J "Yes I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because longer dresses are back in style—but look at what I'll save when shorter skirts are being worn again and I can cut them otl. . 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Hoople Out Our Way YDEW'S (4O8U6 VIOBDS,MISTA.V\ MWOR -\> SES 1 tW~ IWDGCT DMID 5^V TO / LOOK.' HE. WA ( C'E r 1 IM' A !JR . \ AM' nr. I AK1DED . A KI6H ( I'D Bt-TlFR QUIT. [ POM'T HAVE AMY \ 'THAI LOOK LIHE A V DOG'S TOMGUG EGAD^fX'iOSi.'lGO tO BEW5.D trt£ UO^ W HIS me to a PAGE i^s EMBKTTL6D HOOPL& DEFYING t^e -DESPOTISM MICH.MCI, O'SIAM-BV and UALPllTLAN "? — IfLL Mt- JU57ONC 1 riltHG--WHY HiOYOU Wll NIFTV FEl FBRTY NRMED &AM- THON WANTED HIM .. KUBBED OUT.' BOI IM V, KHOCKIN"YOO OFF BECAUIUElOOIlT LIKE YOU.' SPIES AiF J& Its!, "'Mfi LL. RRALLVS--r- 1HEIR CLOCKS/ MESSAGE BEIN6 IN FPEMCH WILL SLA 1 / MLJTW AMD LARD/ Free Delivery PICKARD'S GROCERY 917 Chevrolet ^ ion pickup I01C Stuclcuakcr '/• ton pickup 1!)15 DoilRC '/• ton pickup Chevrolet : >1 tun BETTED WRITE IT DOWN! so\<n- ING GOES OM Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba Your Stmlchaker Dealer First by Far With a Postwar Car Be Sure! INSURE Wit/i t/ie FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 LESLIE TURNU* WASH TUBBS \NARM, SES...BU1 (NFEK.NO HIGH UP TWE TESST WHERE SHE WOE.K1NS. OFTEN (30 DESCEES! TVKEIS TEKCIRC WRS.RO.HM! HAKES ME ME WO US 3UST TO—WTO. WAR W TOPM. ISN'T IT _... THOUGHT O'THM! I SUPPOSED IT For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER BILL WILSON By J. R. Williams By V. T. HAM LIN AN CC HE.-GOXT.'NOW HO\V COULD L E MISTOOK TH SCENT OF X O BEING? All Worked On I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OViOVW WftVW TO GO TWt TOP f\ TOP STftRTS TO WOBBVt .

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