The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 4
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?AGE FOUR BLYT1IEVILLE. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Militarism .Thrives as Eur- cne Flames With the Spirit of Wan BY MILTON BBONNER N'EA Servlee Wrltw LONDON.—A Europe armed to the teeth ngatii prepares to make a gesture toward world peace. But even Hie forced 'optimism which usually is evident In the ,,. . weeks before ft disarmament meet- Ing Is lacking on the eve of the ^••~ iwxt Geneva conference, which l£ scheduled to start en O:lokcr 16. For the advent of Adolph littler to power in Germany has upset the disarmament apple-cart. Hll^ _. ler himself tins made two disttnct- -• - • ly pacific Speeches, one at Berlin and one nt Nuremberg, but U.e speeches of his lieutenants liavc not been so reassurlns. They have stuck to ihc thesis Hint wherever In Europe 'there uro Germans In %l ^ 4 _ contiguous territory, they must come wUMn the German fold. •"" This means North Schlcsivig which was returned to Denmark j by the peace treaties; Eupeii and w .—v Malmedy wl:lcli were given to Bel^ "^ glum; the Sanr, which is at pres- ^ ^ enl under the Lcugue ot Nations; the Polish Corridor and part of ^_— Silesia, which were given to Po_"" land; the city of Danzig, nlso uri- i, „ der the League of Nations. Oo' - -• ing farther afield, some of the i( ~^ Nazis have spolcen of getting Al" ~ sace back and of a demand for the Plan Disarmament Cnnf'ereilce . W&pNKSDAY/ SEPTKMBjjU 27, 193;;; return of the former colonies • Africa. In Bulgaria. i .-»*, Hungary was shorn of territory [ " which was handed over to Czecho•' slovakio, Yugoslavia and Rou' " mania. Bulgaria hart to hand over slices ol land to Yugoslavia, Rou"• mania and Greece. All over the i - map of Euro;>e there arc stacks of ', \. tinder which only need a spark to . •-. Kt them oft. ' " Everywhere In Europe, outside ;_. oj England. Holland, Spain, Switzerland and the Scandinavian coitn- * •— tries, there arc renewed signs of r ~. militarism. Every German city is u -, lull to bursting" with Nazi troops. Since llltler came to i>owcr tliese ~~~-'- men have been armed and wnip- . _ pcd into shape In such a wny Lhat one ol Italy's superb young airmen comes rooming through I ho air In his plane. It goes hurtling over the ship, seeming to the startled pas- senders to graze the smoke stack attltitde of Ihe press is no ler will not make war at present because he' does not dare. Hence his willingness to sign the four^ power pact between Germany, France. Italy and England, guaranteeing peae; for ten y;irs. These writers point out that nearly fifteen million Socialists, Communists and trades unionists vot;-.i against Hitler. Since then lliclv | parly organizations and uniformed . bodies, as well as their trad2s un; Ions, have been forcibly dissolved. Tfccir property has been conft.>cat- ed. Many of their leaders jeport- fdly have been executed, exiled, Iwaten up or placed In concentration camps. If Germany were Involved (n a war at present, Hitler would have to call up his full man-power. He would have to put pistols, rifles, machine guns and grenades Into the hands of millions of men who hale his regime. They might prove as dangerous to him as th=j f. clgn foe. Outlaw Hunted In Mail Hold-tip by inches. He repeats this perforhi- ance a half dozen times, and then flics oil. Maybe It was Just the his'.i spirits ol an ardent youngster. Maybe It was Just an object lesson to show Yugoslavs what Italy's ulr force can do lo Ihe country II -JO i strongly dislikes. Walk now through Not only that. The German In- 31, Mark's Place in Venice and slstcncc upon treaty revisions has had Its echoes In Hungary and Ten Women Expert Parachute Packers WASHINGTON (UP)-Tcn women In the United Stntcs arc II- urnsed by the Department of Commerce lo repair and repack parachutes, department, figures show. Regulations of Ihc air division ol the Commerce Department require that parachutes must l>e re-! packed and inspected for any pc^lble flaw every Co days. "Uig- Dignllarles of four nations nv e p : c- pol ' t " lvll ° Uo tnl9 worlc musl llc lined ns they arrived at the Min- llcmsC(1 "5' t"e department, istry of Foreign Affairs in Paris A l °tal of 312 persons hold lithe other day to attend n meeting ! cc ' ll - 1[ ' s for this work, including designed [ 0 pave the way for the : ""' 10 women. They must first, nn- 1 ~ 'pack the chute, examine the silk canopy, shicud lines and harness for breaks or weak places. Any minor defecls found can be repaired by the riggers themselves, hut in case of a major repair the work must be done by the manu- next Geneva disarmament conference. Upper left: Norman Davis (left), president Roosavcll's AMI- bassador-al-Largc, with Arthur Henderson, famed British stales- man. Upper right: French Premier Edouard Daladler. Below: M. dc Kanya. Hungarian Minister cf Foreign Affairs. * through some of the city's narrow tortuous streets. Otic In every seven men seems to be an officer In cilher the Italian army or navy. Their clothes are i«rfcclly tailor- , England In Ills proposal (or con: crelc measures of disarmament, cs- - timalcd that Germany and France facturer. After this task is com. pitted Ihc rigger repacks the i I chute and it, t'oes into service for ' another 00 days. ed. The men carry themselves with j especially as between France and ; a ere!ll C[) i 0 ma! power, it should Germany. In the past few weeks • also'.te allowed n colonial armv ol . an air. T.iey seem convinced they can whip their weight in French or Yugoslav wild cats. Here Is Diiurovnlk (Ragusal, es- Hcrc Is Du'oronvnlk tnagusa), essentially a summer tourist plnce. All around there arc barracks. But the soldiers are not obtrusive, When one docs see (hem. one notes the poor qualities o[ their uobls and the shabbhiess ol their white linen coals for summer wear. *ut they arc tall, rangey men, conscripted from [ho peasants o[ the they already constitute a real ar- Yugoslav farms and from Ihe , •„'' m i' needing only machine guns.l mountnins. They arc Inured i to -T-J-' -heavy artillery, tanks and airplanes hmrdjhtp. They can live on scant 'trt KA «« nfTnr.+ l,'._ nlt,lt t " 1 . • J cffec^|hiiig fgrcc._ jneals'. . They are bigger than the HtWWHo til?-teeth. Her -hvc-ragb soldier 'HT'-English, French the French press has been full of • 200,0?0 more men. Metz bitterly stories, backed by wlml are called I attacks this latter proiwsal. Hs authentic documents, showing lhat|Sa,ys It would mean that in North Germany Is already busily rearm- Africa France would have an tinny Ing. T.-cre nrc stories ol busy air- ! °f 180.000 black'troops. They would plane [iictories, of pDlson gas'be long service men, trained high- store!!, of artillery and tanks, j Jy in all the technicalities of mod- Tlwrc arc hints thai Germany, I crn warfare, and desthuxl to be. t „ when It gets ready, might, make I France's shock trcnps in case o! I women smokers war without declaring it, by pull- i vv ar 'in Europe. They Trouid be Ing off a sudden coup In the air. I merely the advance corpsuor tins' • "black flcod" France would pnur f The German press is no gentler, 'nto EuroiN Aunt Remembered Debtor Nephew in Will HALKM. Mass. (UP) Miss Laura F. Bryant, "In her will, didnt forget her nephew. "I give arid bequeath to my npphew, Charles Bryant." the will read, "the $2 that, he owes me." A patented nicotine stain remover can now IK obtained by Typical is a recent article in the Amid these feverish., Francc- . beutschc Allgemclnc Zeitung. writ- j German press polemics, : one cool ten by Us military expert. Ihe re- 1 note of common sense hVs sonic- ttrcd General Metz. He pointed out I times found Us way inti French . that Prime Minister. Muclfonald of) papers. The thesis is that Hit- great chain of fortifications on her j or Italian armies and they are eastern frontiers Is rapidly reach- At six o'clock' in the morning, when most people arc asleep, ttc early riser hears the sound of one lone triimiwl playing a fantastic IlEMOltKHOIDS (Piles) cared nithout the kriifc. Skin cancer, varicosed veins, lon- slls removed non-surgical!). T)RS. NIES and NIES Onice 514 Main Phone 98 ing completion. Her garrisons there have been reinforced. Her munition factories are ample supplies. preparing air. Looking out. one sees a Yugo- I Slav regiment slogging along. Fol- Go farther afield and get the lowing the tall men. comes a strlns picture: The crack ship ot the | of mules, laden with machine guns Yugoslav mercantile marine, uly-ixnd mountain artillery. The ""'Ing for passenger and freight trade between tlit Dalmatian coast and Venice, is nr-aring the Queen of the lains for practice. If the military facts make a bad ~ - - - ----- — — Adriatic. Suddenly, out of the blue, outlook for real dtsarmanicnl. tr.c Eight Cylinder Power and Economy for the NEW FORD TRUCK BUICK-PONTIAC dealership available for GOOD BUSINESS MAN THE V-8 ENGINE For hqivy duty service or where profit dcr,:™! upnn higher jpc:ds and bcHtr [Xrformincc, the Ford truck"cquiopccl ivi* ihc 75 horsepower, 8 cylinder F or d engine rr,« 1S ever/requirement. The smiple, compact design of the V-iypc engine and i< 5 adequate power output to handle peak loads, as well as* to operate full, loided trucks at h.gher speeds over long distance hauls, injure mii.mum efic«iicy>nd economy. In .11 parts of the countrv, fleet owqersand individual operators have proved the superiority of . ttii unit m solving ibe ir trucking problems tt ehut 8 cylinder ficrj and economy PHILLIP?: MOTOR CO : Authorized Kovrt Di-alor Verne C. Killer, nliove. former South Dakota sheriff and fcnuk roliber ( sought as ana -of the gunmen la the Kansas City "Union Slatlon niassacro," now is suspected of partidiiation in til* rocent Chicago mail'hold- up in waich » [inlk-emaii vm killed. Sassy Baseball Player Surprised Home Town VINTON. Iowa. (UI'i _ Basi-bul fans hero were astonished recently to l:aru that their -home town toy,'' Sing Miller of the Phiiadel- p i „ A , lhlc(lcs recently was banished from a game for "sassing" an umpire. * Miller's followers declared this was the first time In 20 y.. ar s o professional baseball that | ne y'n ton man had bsen ordered from th field. "Knowing Btng as we do here were pretty certain t'.iat the it». cisiori must have been e.xc°^liwl lousy," commented en; fan/ ° Tailor's Sense of Humor Landed Back in Camj BERLIN- (UP)-A certain i ov ., in WuerUemtere. is again deprived of the company of a lightheaded tailor, one of its resected tradesmen, who just couldn't lake his hardships seiiously. For one reason or another, the tailor w«3 scut to the concentration camp at Heuberg. Later he was released and returned home. Next day he displayed the foiiow- inf! sign on his shop door: "Open aijaln for business after a short slay at HeuberK." Now he is in Hcuocrg again, a sadder and a wiser man. Engineer Bis A|i|>le Man HAMPTON KAI.LS. N. H. CUP):| —Twenty years ago. Waller D. Fai-f rncr, successful mining decided to go into the apple-raj:,-'I ing business. Tcday he is cne ;f| the biggest p'rodiiccrs in Ihr Ei t. His expansive orcr.ard h?re co;i". lalns 12,000 be.irlng trees and 13.- | 000 young trees which will iatcr. It has been estimated that lli are 300,000,000 unmarried women'| in the world. LIFE INSURANCE Where vein 1 dollar is always siU'oly invested: the s. ustate to leave your •loved one*. All modem forms at 1 o w n o n - piiiik-ipatiiiK rates. Our new low rale ordinary rate for business men w' 1 ! intnrcsl you. A ialk with W.M.BURNS, A gent | Jefferson Standard Lift: Insurance Co. will con-1 vince yon. T HERE is an opportunity right now for some man in this city to establish himself in a permanent and profitable business selling Buick and Pontiac cars . . . rendering the kind of service that will help Buick and Pontiac owners get the most pleasure, satisfaction and economy out of their cars. 4 The man we want may, or may not, be in the automotive business now. If he's a good business man ... if he enjoys a sound reputation among his friends and neighbors ... if he is ambitious, industrious and of the up-and-coming type that can sell, organize and direct the selling abilities of others . . . we want to hear from him. On our part, we can give him two great cars to handle . . . Pontiac, the car that built and shipped more c.irs during the first five months of 1933 than during ail of 1932; and Buick, for many years the sales leader in its price class . . . a car backed by a 29-year reputation for value second to none in the whole automobile field. There should be a number of men in this city fully alive to tins opportunity. So, if you have reason to believe that you are the man we want, we suggest that you write us at once for complete information. Your U«er will be held in strict confidence, R. W. PEEK, Zone Manager ' Rnirk - Olds - Pontiac Sales Co. .,' Memphis, Tcnn. THEY'RE STETSON HART SCHAFFNER &MARX FOUR STAR Worsteds «^J can't beat them at the price 1'or genuine fabric quality, for beauty and variety of pattern, for fine tailoring and for the real value which comes from long and satisfactory wear. Sixes for every figure are here for you in .the new Tall patterns and colors. v Leave the VERDICT to the MIRROR! New Fall Stles SHOES Yes Sir! They're here for you. Amciirji's K m :\ r t o s t low- priced .shoe. ENRO SHIRTS New Patterns 1.65 195 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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