The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1952
Page 9
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, APKIL 28, OUt iOAKPIKq HOUSI — wM M«j.r Ho*»lt VOU SOT *IO,000,I'M QUEEN , " ^TOPPED AT HIS ASA1M SHE CARRYING A CLEAVER.' Peliticol Announcements Bubjert to Preferential Etection July 29, 1952 For County Judge DENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON For Slate Senator BEN. LEE BEARDEN For State Rep. KENNETH S. SULCEB For Pust No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, AlfaJfa, I.esprdeza. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blythevill* Soybean Corp. rhone 685« - 18M West Main PRESCRIPTIONS v Fresh Sd>ck Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS You Cpn J»ay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm incom* without penally Thu Fa FARM IMMMC PIIVILEftf it M'ri/ten mln your note tc-hen yon ftnrp a Intin from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds Bill WALKER IS HOT OF CHRISTIAN ORI61H The origin of nrt is lout In antiquity. However, this we do know—it continue* to dntroj millions of dollars worth of property every je»r. Through insurance, you can protect your purs* against fire. The U. S. Does Not Own The Panama Canal Zone By a treaty sijned on November 18, 1D03. Panama granted to the United Si,\tfs ".II the rights power ant) authority within the Tone" for (he sum of $10,000,1)00 in gold coin and an annual payment during the life of the truly of 5230,008 in sold co j n I. "Nuggets of Kn»«r]«l i re'' . . Oeo. W. Stim(w»n. PAGE NTNS COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. ft. William* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINDS JUST A MINUTE; HE'LL BE IN AFTER HIS BIKE, ANPl LIKE TO LELAVE SOM6 THIMGS EXACTLY AS 1 . FOUWP THEM.' / WELL, SO DOES HE-- ANP 1'LLTR.V TO REMEMBER IT FDR YOU WHEN WE 6ET BACK! rW*i^ T ^ WWWH07lK>Se 1 —-' —" DUMS ARE TllAT HI-J«OCtt> ) l KN°W THE HOME _ CXJR.TR6ASURE/ PORT Of= TMAT EGQ THE CAK. I DRIVEWAY .' . "WKE A. PEEK THRO06K TWAT WINDOW/ Benefit by Reading and Using Couri.r N.wi Classified Ads "Graduation should be the happiest day of our life, but think it over, chum—four years of college corning up aftftr l/a^atjnn'" Until 1951. Nepal, on Tibet's southern border, had been governed by a hereditary prime minister (or 104 years. H ESTER'S Radiator Shop S. Hlehwaj- 81 Plifine 3186 Complete Radiator Repair Makei The Difference! [ ! —New i Ust* Radiators For Sale— HE KNOWS YOUR CAR If JOD want to entrust your car to a mechanic who will do his besl to fix it propcrlj — at a minimum cost to voa — come to T. I. Stay Motor" Co. Try DI next linw. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 THF: STORY, nr. n.,n WIIII.K fca« tmlled nH lruru*[i>r to A parlj • r the hnmr (ir «Mnther *Kj-chl»' trl.l, IV. /.lm« rr . U'fctn |J,,H 1nlk« <o the tittle mnH nka hm been u^lni? fci n name, tli« f»ker ..L. fnr » t« rTpt>l>. HJmtl rlnejt H«>t revrn! hln IdeHtltr 1n the bout, hut aeronipnnleit (h« impo&fer In n rule. Bwl Iteforr the maw rnn rxplnln tit itlrn tnlktn^ *Snvl • placr where "n» btr4 *«•*." r)H. ZTMAfER came into the room. A dark silk dressing gown, its belt tighUy clinched at the waist, .set off his broad shoulders and long flanks. Basil spoke first. "This is Inspector Foylc, Dr Zimmer. I am Basil Willing." Zimmer smiled with sudden arrusement. "Just how many Dr> Willing: are there?" ^. "This is the real Dr. Willing." Woylo showed his badge to Zimmer. "The other Willing was the impostor. 1 * "And j-ou were the one I picked as a faker!" Zimmer's smile faded. "It must be a serious matter if Ihe police are taking it up." "It is serious," said Foyle "Murder." Zimmer himself took the wing chair beside the hearth now cold and bare. "It's hard to believe that little man capable of murder." "He wasn't the murderer," saui Basil. "He was the victim. And he died halt an hour after he left jour house. I was with him. He showed the usual symptoms of alkaloid poisoning. False gaiety and physical relaxation, followed by drowsiness and menial confusion." ".Morphine?" "Or its methyl compound, codeine." "You're a doctor of mcdfclne?" put in Foyle, "Yes. Like Dr. Willing, I specialize In psychiatry." Zimmer turned back to Basil. "I'm sure you will agree that in some cases morphine produces lethargy and <om», while in others it causes »Wirium «a4 caavulsiou. You BosirWilling^ »y H«!e« McCfe>» can't even rely on the time element." "Most murderers are not mc- dicnl men," responded Basil. "And in either case—^morphine or codeine—one thing is fairly certain: Ihe first symptoms o[ a fatal dose appear in 20 to 40 minutes." • • * '"PHIS time Zimmer's smile was rueful. "You are thinking of the cocktails he drank here." Zimmer turned to Foylc. "As Dr. Willing will tell you, all the cocktails came out of one silver pitcher. So, if he were poisoned here, it must have been after his own grass was filled." 'Each glass was a different color," Basil explained to t'oyle. "So once he had taken his glass, it coutd always be identified as his." "He was standing alone when Otto served him his first cocktail," said Zimmer. "The only people near him while he was drinking the second were Mrs. Yorke and. ..." 'NJyself?" Basil smiled. "It doesn't have to be Mrs. Yorke or me. He left his cocktail on a table for several minutes while he was talking to us and then finished it. Anyone might have passed that table except Miss Shaw and you. I was watching you both at the time." "Are you sure he wasnt poisoned before he came here?" mg- gesled Zimmer. Basil shook his head. "The first symptom appeared as he and I left the house and walked toward the avenue—a rather foolish euphoria. He had been here at leasl 30 minules. He was poisoned here." /'But that's Cfuite impossible!" protested Z i mfm e r earnestly. "iVone of my giftsts is capable of such a thing. Perhaps he mistook some sleeping pills he had for vilamin capsules or some other medicine he was in the habit of taking before dinner. Who would want to kill a man lUce that, anyway?" 'A ma* lik« what?" d«manded Foyle. "That's the other reason we're here: we have no idea who or what he was." "I was speaking In general terms. 1 meant a man who sccrned so timid and inoffensive. I never had seen him before tonight" "How did you happen to invite him to r.'.rrticr?" "He came as a guest of another guest. Miss {Catherine Shaw." Ziminer said. Basil's attention kindled. -The elderly lady who i« lam« and blind?" "Yes. She spoke to you, didnt she?" Zinimer grew UxiughlfuL "She was sitting .lere by the fire when you first came in. She mus* have heard me say I identified you by a process of elimination. Did she mistake you for the man she had invited as Willing?" jgASIL nodded. "Probably. She told me my voice was different tonight. Afterward she looked quite ill with shock when a thirteenth gtiest was announced as Willing.". "I remember," said Z.immer. "She was so surprised she dropped her slick and I picked it up. She asked me who you were then. I [Hdn't want to worry her by telling her there was a gate-crasher in the room so I told her you were a friend of my sister's." 'Did she know that I and the other Willing left the house before dinner?" 'She discovered it. At table she asked me where Dr. Willing was sitting. I told her he hat) been called to his hospital. Then she asked me what had become of my sister's friend. I told h«r that he «as not at dinner—that he had jnst dropped in for a cocktail. She spoke as If she honestly believed Ihe impostor was Ur. Willing—or am I imagining that?" •But why would an impostor wish to pass himself ofT as Basil Willing to anyone like Miss Shaw?" Toyle was thinking aloud. Zfmmer siglKd. "I suppose you will have to question her, but please spare her as much as you can. Sh«'i 8« yearj old, clinging to life by sheer force of will." (To Re Continued) Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WAICT, Memphis. Channel 4 MONDAY NIGHT, APRII, 28 6:00 a:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 ,9:00 9:25 9:30 10:00 10:45 11:00 11:30 11:35 Paul Wine-hell" Howard Barlow Craig Kennedy Robert Montgomery Who Said That Slim Rhodes News Strike it Rich ' Wrestling News Man Against Crime News Sign Off COMiUISsrONER'S SALE Notice is given that pursuant to a decree of the Chancery Court for the ChickaEawbs. District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, rendered February 25, 1951. in the cause wherein Blytheville Federal Savings <fc Loan Association was plaintiff, and John W. Praser. et-al, were defendanLs. the undersigned will, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternoon, on the 21st day of May, 1952, se li a t the front south door of the court house in the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three moths, the following property: Ix>ts No. 4 iuid No. 5 and No. 6, in blcck No. 10, of the Rirddle Heights Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give bond with ap proved security to secure the payment of his bid, and a lien will also be retained upon the property therefor. Dated this 19th day of April. 1962. Harvey Morir.s Commissioner In Chancery Marclls Evrard, Attorney for Plaintiff 4;2S-5;8 NOTICE ST. LOUIS - SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY hereby gives notice that on the 3d day of March 1952 it filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission, at Washington, D. C., on application for A cert.lfir.fvte of public convenience and necessity permitting abandonment of that portion o! its line of railroad extending from a point 873 feet west of Boston Avenue in Manila, northwesterly to a point 1,976 feet southeast of Main Street In Leachville, 5.98 mile.';, all In Mississippi County, Arkansas. Finance Docket No. 17.676. ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAT COMPANY / 4-21-38-5:5 Make Them Jump Mexican Jumpmg-bean Is a name given to the hard beanlike seeds of certain Mexican plants. The popular name of the bean comes from the fact that the pods containing larvae are seen to move from time to lime, due to the motions of the worms within. FOR SALE Concrete ellTert*, 12 Inch u U Inch, plain *r reenforeed. Alt* Ctncrctr. Binding Blocks che»p- cr lhan limber for barns, chicken I - h«iK>, p«mp heisei, tenant h.mci. UH>I >))rdt. YV« deliver Call H f.r frx estimate. OSCEOLA t CULVERT CO. TILE Ml n, FIN A FOAM ^Developed Bubble '^•Balh for Fine Fabrics, Rites >n d holjltry does a Peedy foam nlT1 S Job. AKKAS'SAS PAINT * GLASS CO 10B K. Main » Phone 2212 « tl V c _o a. •» Z £ IHAPOWBE-AMDPUUI To EW.E THE WORLD, RAD RUNE UM^EIZeP THE •SPACE PLATFORM ANP TIIEEATENfOTO THE SUPPLY ftii p AND HE'-J PASSED J&& r GPAff. Ct l/^ll-I- <^L^Si *™«R.I6HT. <x4§r; 6or TO STOP RUNE: THEE/IISTH UK Y^v^" POP CAN V ITS TIME I J^ E <\HAD A TALK -OME Y WITH YOU, MONEY? ./(PRISCILLA YOU DON'T KNOW ^£H ABOUT > DOLLAR BILL/ ALL I CAM REALLY OH, BOY/\ "LtETJ CAN I I HAVE < THE orUG CENTS SSMSA BALLET PANCEcT HERSELF^ MAPAVX TORSO LJSEP NEC KMOv\T.Ei7<S£ OP THIS CWMCfc AS THS MEANS OF KILLINSTL* WITHOUT LEAVIMG A.MV FOOTTOMTS.'THS CANCER USEP OAMPOO KDPS TORSOS \VHtE 5T£EL TZICK OP PAMCIM* ON STILTS WC KEVEALS TO INSPECTOR 6BDW1. H& SEASONS F=O* TUBS* MUSTXE ESCAPEP INJURY. ANP aw,sA)£gSSt ,,^~B1P^II^ -..-.-^.-.v IK , ,, rn ^ c ivtnTil^LMLAyH I CHARGES. FLED FROM THE WRECK .__. —. ._ . ,^,^,. i|-uvi/ nc f r*tv CK. T «\ E ?5e^J H J^T? / LEWE.THB SCES& SHE I WHATHeS.^VJ BACK VOUR STORY!/OF AH .... .> , tt W f^ Tyttciv E^nt: I «HA! He SPsVJ 1EARHED OFTHEACCIOEWnA SJEMS TO8ACH ^~^i -• ^\ IIP Tiim*"^. AAAX TALON ** STICKS TO .... STOR/ THAT NASH WAS PRNING MY OTAKS, DOCTOR,) I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE SLJLCH POTSHOT GULCH /BUT THKT WOMAN 19 A TERROR! THINK THE ,, *k' 3 ~ ( THAT W9 A OIKTY TRICK A ROUGH.TOUGHV'SAUL 1 CAN SAY.' YOU RGMTIN'MIVN,EH?( HIT'IM WHEN Hg WAS . LOOK AT'JM _^. i nrth'iM 1 T'rmjt_-t7 UIA^I NOW OUR MOOV1A FRIEN CURRENTLY OPEKATINS IN THE GOLP FIELDS Of CALIFORNIA A.D. ltM9. NO r\ V5V\\Z WWW ^V^ V\Y.CV GO\N6 to SCHOO\. •- "cAtt \OW DOte Kt SttM TO

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