The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1937
Page 9
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FRIDAY, APRIL so, 1937 MLYf I1EV1LLE ' COUIUEH NEWS'" Municipal Docket Has 8-Year-Old Civil Case CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for coiisccu- 10o 08c 06c . 050 live Insertions: One time per line 'iVo times per line per day Three times per line per day Six times per line per day . Munth rate per line <"« Cards of ThankE EOe & TCi Minluuiui clmrgo 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes (he acl appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classifies Advertising copy submitted by peiijns residing outside cf Uic city must be aecom- Iiantcd by cash. Hales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. PHILLIPS WALNUT AT FIFTH ST. Hero Is Your Chance To Htiyi For Rout > room house, Hall. Call 280. 511 Good Used Car Al :i 1'ricc] You Can Afford To 1'ay. Some of These Cars Have '37 and All Are Ii\ Condilinn. •31 C'!ICTIIOU:T COACH ., 5155 •32 FOItl) I'CMtnOIt SEI1AN. «i room FURNISHHl) house, conveniences. 1M E. Clieny. i i • 1!!)C Red KsUite '•'Olt KAI.U: MY IIOMi:, 1015 W. Wiilnut. -1 Lu'dKX'ius, ull con- vcmciia'.t. ISiirKiiln II .sold lit once. P. K. Coolr.v. imam- 117. 7-i:k-lf COMI-'OBTAllLB BEDROOM, 1017 Loans! '37 I.U-cnsc •23 F 0 It 1) !•' <) K 1) O It. New I'aiiil 5 05 '30 FCHII) COACH. A (Jooil One Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture 1C IHE COMING PROFESSION Le n rn Ibis pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. ".Villlam Dcrryman Elaine Beauty Shop WANTED ! I Ball Players Between ages ii and 75 ' To £ec Our New Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC F.QUII'MKNT Shouse-Hcnry Hdw. Co. J.W.Shousc Wilson Hcnr Business Directory '32 C H K V K <) I. K T COACH. Ne«- Paint Sill! 12 TOKI) COtll'E, Model "H" S 15 31 !>!•: SOTO SK11AN S L'li K v it i) M;T siiiiAN $ COACH. 34 C 11 !•: V It O 1, K T New 1'ainl .... so CHI:VUOI,I:T SEDAN F o u n o it farm W Walnut. Mrs. .Ed llanlin. 'I Low Italcs - Slight KMKMl.W i •JO-ck-tf! Tm-y Ahsli'nct & Hwilly CO. av»c :i-rooin tiniiislicd aparlmriit. 1 1 '. '1 _ 1^0 Uouiiun. Mi's. Belle Wocxl. Nice l-iiri;c licdrix)))). 310 Walnut. Mrs. Nol«i, :!0c kit 2 nr 3 room Furnished Aparliurnl, wllh Burden, fll-t Ilearn. 20])kfi-20 Farms For Sale •I'.W AITIS foliick Cypii's; hind, -uti'd li miles NW Hlkesliin, Mo., iitmldaul Co; ISO A<;ivs '• I" limber, biUanro ,,„, ,,, rt ^ Nicely furnished FVKD OOM. (ill W. Mam. call 280. Dcss Mall " c "" in lii!;l> slute t'U •;i ;;ood houses. „,„„.. „,.,,,, „„ ,,,„., \ pd ,. c $M |)( , r , 1(: , l .!' , a ( jaiicu lo suit pnrclntsiT. , llKhvv;lv . For Sale 107 K Missouri, !i rooms, bath $ UQU I'M N'. ltd) fiS'J 51:1 .Maillsini, [trolly collajo I)5U WIO \V. Vine '...'.......• li5U Illi'lV. Hcisi-,'5 runins A luilli'. 851) M",> I iiiiii'iate, ilu|ile\, rents ' fur SIS 211 Dunlin, r, rnoins, bivlli ll;"* \V. .Mishouii.' 5 rouins & Nlcclv Furnished 8TEAMH HATED ' BEDROOM. bull). Call Sflit. i :«"> Acres bluck Oypresi land •!c k5-l 1 locali'd in Ni-w Miulrkl, Co.; Mis-------------- — — ". |simrl; 2(J5 .Acres clcaivd, -10 Aim's. Three Unfurnished • Hnoms. Adjoining ball). 232 DoU|;a!l. 27pk4 Yon Can /Make. Small Down I'aymenl - iiiilance Weekly or iMonthly. Drive By - i.ook These Over Phillips Used Car Lot Personal Kh'by's Active Liver Pill; Arousn. Sluggish Livers Umhi'r; (j uiik.s NK I Price $51) per Am; raMi. {'a I. <;i- wrilr II. i:. Haiuloliili, Kik'suai, Mo; -Phone a-17 •' li,.;'.,!:,i renl < inaVp f\<: Sal:: ~i room collate. l)aih; cli'M! in o)i Ash. Double house on ivai- reuliti;.; foi' $10 nioiHlr. Total I'nilal ^ri.'prlej 515UII; S300 cash, halanee like rent. Thumns lyind Co. W-ck-3 uf SlurfS. I'lionc 810 Koy Calvin, fllgr. Used Car Ilcpl. 1 Urcciucc contains )m <ianc:f rim.s drugs. Sciontifically nvcrcomcs :»HSC of flubljy fot. Mailed jiosl- laid. $1. Dr. Mclssncr, 150 N. Ifale, Ciiicago, 11!. For Expert Hcaufy Service Modern Beauty Shop 110 S. 2nd Phone 2-19 Let Us Grind Your Lawn Mower A Trial Is All We Ask Blytheville Machine Shop PHONES 808 & 848 All popular brands of CIGARETTES 2 packages (or 25c Good Whiskey '• • • '18 to 2',i ycare old V -50c per half pint Uood Baseball Game Every Suiula HARRY BAILEY Al th'i .Slate Line Cafe in conncc-lion — Fresh Calflsh Ilivc Automotive EASY CREDIT Goodrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Batlcries Home, Farm and Ante Radio* BUFE JONES-TIRES Seeds - Plants GET VIGOR AT ONCE] L>iJlil\ 1 N(!H Qstrex ro'nie. Tab- 'els contain rnw oyster Invleorn- tors and other stimulants. One lose peps up organs, glands. If lot delighted, maker refunds few :cnti paid. Call, write Kirtyj Bros. Stores. Wan ted. To Buy FOR Wl'M'AY CASH 2ND HAND FlII'-NVrU IIublKird 2ml Hand Furniliirc Store Phone io;!l We Buy loo! Scrap Iron UlyllievlUc Iron & Mcliil Co. Cherry .t U. H. I'hone •!•! ~'T> \V. Ctu'irv. s moms, lialli Mi; Oilikasavvlu ''.i>~i Citi'iilyn, stiiccu wilh In'ltn Tit::) \v. Ash. i; uimn*. li;i(b ion N, nnii : Ml \v. Kniluvky ........... fill J>nu^au p -, rooms .t Illllh lild llinigaii, fl i-uonis &• bath ::n i!:,-;iu. r, rooms ,t lialli -101 I'. i);ivis, C rooms, batli 717 t'liii kasitWha, nrw home -0 \\. Olinry.'' pi;elly, liinue 1)11 Hrarii, uoi)|U'iful place li. Ki-nliicky, 'hot water 'lieatcil. .....: ;.'.. SO!) H'. Mi, 7 iqoitis, 2-'b,lt)ls «S W. Asli. .slrai'ii liraled' li'J'i \Valiuil, Mondi'i-ful lumiL' Cliii-lmsaulia Aye., b r ' ( 'k Stars ifavel (luoiii;h space at varying Rpee<ls. Some Iravcl sev' cral hundred miles u second. i-:t.i:cTtiic WELDING AT BEST PRICES FnOMFi' 6ERVICJB Barksdale Mfg. Co, \V. Jiiiin, llar^alu " r ' u l»u 12511 '1501) : >IIM aritiu 37 51) 55011 CHOI) 7r>uo 7(11111 I'HONE II St']i|(> of i'M 1 homes We CAM sell small down'ie lilie rcnl. We have o'llicrsi Thomas Land Co, Balic'rics IJAITf.UV SliKVIUli Call J. Ben Chine' Phone 8 at Tom Jiick.ioil's Phono 700 ni.vTiinnit Superior Coal & Mining Co. LOllAW, O, (UP)—Civil case lumber 7-881 on Hie municipal locket, jKndlng for eight years, is 0 come lo hlr.! sscr,. 'Hie case, 11 claim for n small 'sum or money, was nlcd In 1920. During Ihe cUjht years 11 availed trial, 10,000 others were filed, Many manufactured articles and Incipiers arc made from fish scales, 24 Hour Wrecker Service Hcst Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work Body A femlcrs A Specially BARNETT AUTO SALES Itoiuly for Minium IlKkhno JUNRAU, Alaska (UP)—Madam Eskimo' who lives on the Alaslwj const now has one of the opportunities of the women In the blj; dues, M. 0. Edson operates n floating benuly parlor from Jimcau: FOR SALE We have on naml several tons of SloneviHc No. 4-A one year from breeder, stale lested. A' few tons of D. P. L. No. 11. lieans, Laredo, Virginia, Delsta, nnd Mammoth Brown. Pens— mixed, New Era, and Whips.'i Pens ami licaus rcctamecl and graded by us. Will trade lor cotlon seed. \ I. II Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, Cofloii Scoil and Coat. Telephone I!il]-F-3. VarlirOj Ark. FARM LOANS Luwrsl rales—lowcal expense AKo clly .properties, 1 • DON H. KASSERMAN RMIII 520 Lyiscli Dldg. I'nonc im. I 1 . O. .Box '170 Now Located al 101 Nortb Secund ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I'invAUDS, Proprietor All iniihcn cf IMnilU Ty|ic»lltcrs, AilJlii B M icr,lnci in" : Oalcuhdors—IlcpalrlUK—I'arts—KIW>'»i< FOR SALE SOY Bl-MN 1IAY I'LAKTINO SliKl) RTONKVII.I.K 5A STONKVIM.i: 4A 1st ycnr from stoncvillo Station s noz. Punic nrtEu WHITE HOCK puLusrrs Fresh Hcifera with Kmall Calves H. C. Knappenbergcr FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic- service at moderate cost. ' Ambulance Service 1U N. Isl Plume f8- ;<:. COTTON' HKK1) Stoncvillc No. 5 Prices Reasonable. Gay it BilH"SS, ''l c Phone 10 FOOZV, VOU LOW-DOWN, *y CE.Xit Li.v DOUBLE-DEALIM' POLECAT,/ l.OUD .MOlH I'LL GIT EVEU WITH VOJ, I MAKIN' AN' iT5 w LAST THING <\ HOE UM 1 EVER DO- ) C. FO-SlbS- Mamolosi Soy Beans H. M. PLEEMAN '" : MANILA, ARK. rting Goods of all kinds Diiiforms & equipment for base- fall, handball, Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track cv: boxing. GOTTON SEED Half & Half big boll Planting Seed Grown and Binned exclusively I year from Crook Bros. SCO per ton Stillman Gin Co. Pcacli Orchard. Mo. Half & Half Cotlon Seed 1st year trom breeder Fred Flecman CALL 201 Best Prices Hubbard Hdw Co. "MY COAI, IS lU.ACK— K TIT I TUEAT YOU WHITE" t Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Poultry & Eggs rOUl/I'KY WANTED We pay highest market prices for nil kinds poultry. Fisher & finines at Games Grocery & Market, 11 W. Main. BABY CHICKS AIA. VARIETIES CuRloiu Hat;hina MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 61 North, Blythevliio Coal & WoocT For Sale Electric drink box, water, bner coil; small National register; othci cafe equipment. Fine business opportunity now. Phone. 238. 29-])V.-Q National Cash Register, two 8 foot floor cases. 5 column Burroughs adding machine. Wine piano. money safe. J. L. William, Lcach- villc M-p-k-3 Real Estate! Buyers' & Sellers' Exchange Tcrrv Ahslracl & Really Co 213 W. Walnut E'horie Cl WALL TENTS for sale at reason able prices. Phone 643. CAUNKY AWNIiNT. CO. 113 fi. First St. FOR SALE—Pair good farm mules Also want to sell several him died hushels Dclsla soybeans $1.7. buslul. Stock peas 52.75 bushel PAUL BYRUM. 27c Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAI. Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chicknuuvba ft R. R. Repairing KINNKVS SHO!' 1ZD S. First SI. Saws gummed, filed; circular saws hammered. Furniture repaired, ic- fliiishcd. Six room House, with bath, scr vant house and double garag 1 102 East Kentucky. $500 cash, bal ancc like rent. Phone 5-13-J. Dp fjood heavy 'I \vhccl Irallcr. llucii anai\ Coal yard. Phone 107. 3-c-t Furnilnrc-— Majeslic rasi^e, Retl Star stove. Mrs. S. S. Sternbon?. i'honc 934. 3-ck-tf Five-burner Perfection Oil Stove. Cheap. 818 Ghickasawba. Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. T-'. A. Beaiircsnrd I" charcc 1 Photos FREE wllh Each Order for Half Sole Job If you think they r;in't be fixed. )">vn UiPii) inado like new at the TItUK BI.UK SHOK .t HAKNFSS SHOP - - 315 E. Main ' We have some especially pood bargains in cars, (rvks and pick-ups, ficc Our's Before You Iiuy! 1536 Chevrolet 1V4 Ton Truck l!)3'l Chevrolet Scdun And Other Bargains Delta implements, Inc. CITY SHOE SHOP We strive to do the Impossible- Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. GOLDFISH MINNOWS G. C. Hanks, 300 F. Slain new Automatic Dclco To Please Everybody! • Light plant. With radio, fan WM. FREEMAN K J. B. IIOI.T j nnd iron. Will sell for half price, 4 Doors East oi Pcnney's ' Delia Implements, incorporated. COME OM,OOP. I WISH T5MOW VOO WHAT 7HIS 15, ABOUT A HOE / SAV.' W1-IAT5 "(H15 HOE. I'M JUST ABOUT ALL SET TSTAIZT 5WIMG1M,' ALL RIGHT, BUT WHAT I'M OOMMA 5WIM6 A1MT faONK^v BE NO GOLDAWGE.D' MOE ! Lip OUR MINDS'. '. WE. AVJKV OU.VT WOUVOMT ov IAOVSV OUR V\OME. WASH TUIiRS Oil, THAT'S DIFKKRENT! VOL) WUSTA DONE HtV.CUTITOU SAKE5ALIVE,HONEV: I'LL B5 RIGHT AFTE.-'L VF-1 ' I THOUGHT VE WU2 ONE O' THIf/1 TIR!FI.-.M /^-j MILLIONWRES. LULEE 8ELLE SUGGS. ' BELLE, TO MAKE AD LWUING! ,MV MUST AWAY! BUT WHEW |'i,VM BREAKS I SI-IE HAS MCTT FOR- | WHAT DO WE i DO, DOMT tX) AM/THIWG BE QUIET ANO GCTTTEM ! i MUST & MEET HEP. AT • 1 bEUBRAY, BtJT PRAY, ^ Hoy/ CAM' I CE- THERE ,l(J HASTE ?l a,

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