The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 80, 1941 • BLYTOKVAJLB • (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS FAGE SEVENTEWC OUt OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople NO.' THEY 66T ON LON& PANTS \ AT 14 AMP SOON -THEY FEEL 6O I JiAANtY TH6V WWT TO OU1T J 6CHCOL AMP GO TO WOBK.' \ NO" If SOONER GET A J KIP UP FORSCHOOL, / THAN ID GET A lv\AX) UP W THE WORLPj • THANKS ANYWAY, PA, BUT I HAEPLY «AME HER-IT WILL MAKE HER TO PEOPLE IP TM IN LCN6 PANTS.' BOSM THIRTY VEAES TOO SOON GO MILK SOUR ELK / — t'M • . SMILE OfJ Vpp/— SlMPLV TEAR A SlRL'5 fl'AMe OFF Tv4E CARD COST6 VOU A^V^HERE FROM 3 CErtTS TO « 1 FOR A GRArtD PR.116, A PURS SILK d?A,vAT/-»~pf?c>- CEEDS SO TO Er^DO^ A LI8RAB.V TOR TKe CLUB/ MY CORBtCT WBG SPORTIMG • BLOOD f *'- Krti it ^ - ft-'w- 1 FOR SALE Concrete culterti 12 inch u. «S Inch, plain oi reenforced ***• ConrreU Buildin* Blo.'k» cheaper thin (umtMf Joi b»rn» ctii£«r» houses pump hons*«. lemnl houses, lool slie<U W> drli»« Call as for fret estimate Phone 691 . • . : - • OSCEOLA TJLE & CULVERT CO. You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl I_T€RS q'_'TY SHOE SHOP WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART • T »<-"• «• old «vrnrd l>y her fxlbrr t» kv1 money la lUr n». The* Tod'» MO! her r«IU vrllh n«w» ihnt T«d*« brother Joe hfi» rmheiiled money «nd To* mint V*-lp him nnl. TCM! n«-ll« hix car [• «rf ,J,>* »nl of ironble. » • * XVI. T^HE girte at the shop gave a shower for Jenny. Everyone seemed anxious to do anything they could to please her. She had a happy (acuity of making friends easily. Already she knew every single family in the trailer camp And Tod knew scarcely any ol them except the Hansens. It might be all right to chum around with people like that. Tod thought, if you had never known the other kind. But-once you' 1 cultivated a taste for champagne it was a bit hard to slick to nothing but beer. Of course there was always Rick, one of the champagne crowd, you might say. H< did things in a broad, handsomi way. Once, for instance, he brough Jenny a dozen long-stemmed roses in a white box tied with ribbon because she had invited him* to dinner; Rick invited the two of them tc drive home with him to Center vi He, 50 miles south, to spen< Christmas with him and hi mother. Tod thought it a gran idea, but Jenny demurred on th sentimental grounds that the should spend their first Christina alone together. Jenny had *. quee sentimental streak in her, To thought. For instance, the sma blue powder box that Rick ha left for her beneath the tre seemed to mean more to her tha he expensive robe he himself had ought her. Maybe it was because powder box played "Rockabye aby-7- And all Jenny could seem o think about was the baby, Jenny found herself depending >n Rick in a lot of ways. Sensing er moods, he catered to them, hich Tod never tried to do. In anuary there was an especially eavy snowfall, and Jenny men- ioned something about what fun • r must have been in the old days a go sleigh-riding. The next day :iere was a wild ringing of bells rid the sound of horses' hoofs .nd there was Rick with an ok leigh he'd rented from some armer. He took Jenny and Toe and the Hansens for a hilarious ide. * • • X^D, watching the way Rick's eyes clung to Jenny's (ace mew he ought to feel jealous, bu le didn't somehow. All he felt wa: a vague restlessness. Jenny was happy these days and had turned thoroughly domes :ic. She met with the weekly v hoine economics club oi the .camp,, discuss husbands, babies, new recipes and'trailer camp "gossip February was a miserabl month, bitterly cold and wet. Toe and Jenny kept pretty well to th trailer. Tod, wading snow acros the campus to go to his classes or to the grocery for Jenny, triec hard not to grumble about thei lack of a car, but he felt sulle about it_ He -was still worrie about their financial situation. Ma kepi troubling him with he affairs too. Joe never wrote I her; she didn't even know whcr he was; and she. was- havin trouble with Harriet. She was a ways ;phoning Tod and wantin him to come over. One particular ly miserable night in March sh insisted that he come across tow to her apartment. She was a alone. Harriet had left for gooc "But Ma/* Tod explained pa tiently, "I can't very well com •nny's all alone and what if she iould get sick while I was gcmcV" "Yes, of course, she comes first," a bcK:in to weep. Her sobs made LUe hiccxipy " noises in the re- eiver of the phone. "1 don't have nyone that cares anything Rboul is nov,'," The desperate note in words frightened him. He felt hat he had .better go. Jenny wanted to point out lhal e was her only/refuge also. But ke Ma he was touchy" about the niest hint of criticism. She let im go. After all. 1 If she needed clp she could rouse the Hansens. .nd anyway, the baby wasn't due or another week. "JUT the wildness 'oi the night and the sense of being alone ;ave Jenny an uneasy feeling. Al- nost as soon as Tod (eft it began to sleet The sound dinned softly 3n Ihe roof of the trailer and pnt- ered against the windows. She ooked through the window facing he K a risen trailer'-after a while nd she noticed that it was dark. rod . had forgotten to make-sure hey were going to be home atl evening., Panic came to her quite suddcn- y with .the first sharp twings of lain. The hour that ensued was ike a nightmare. She tried to keep calm by getting her overnight case ready In take to the hospital. Tod said he would hoi stay long. She did not dare venture but oi the trailer because the ground was covered with ice and the wind was blowing the sleet in » steady drumming against the trailer now. She grew no Jonger aware of time, only the dark waves of pain that caught her in their relentless grip over and over again." She was crying. • Then came a knock at the door. She called,-out, as the blackness caught her relentlessly again. All at once she was.aware of Rick's calm, presence, his handi putting; her arms into her coat, 1 his arms about her as he carried her to his car, *His overcoat was rough against her face. "Oh, Rick, I'm so glad you came! So glad!" "Jenny, darling, don't worry. Everything'!! be all right." (To Be Continued) /0-ZO COM). 1*4* BV MCA U*VW«. MC. T. H. HUL W. t PAT. Off.' *Tm glad I came'to a co-ed school, I know we're going to learn a lot more—-I've found several boys who are • txperts at math!" 'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOB&EB Her* It Come* GOOD BY. OLD PALS ! , 6A- LESS YOU ALL.' PRISCU.LA'S POP Problems of 1'areulhood BY AL VGRMEF.R AccMents cause 42 times as many deaths- among US. children as does Infantile paralysis. 1 1 WOODS i Drug Store y : t c=^^^^^H^HMI^^E5S53K=^: F O R SALE CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Cosls Vo" '*•*« Jtl lusts longer than *nf other bridce material. S 1 r. t i .S-10-12-1J-18-21-21-2V-M-M inches. . CONCRETE <-C-ft Inch«> •* CONCRETE W> SEPTIC TANKS • Bflst Pricei •We DtUTer A.H.WEBB Hlghirir 61 'at State Line Fhone HI ' ' Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Ry«, Wheat, Oaf « R: V*»lrh BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 W. Main St. I'hone 856 - 857 . RENT A CAR | Drive Anywhere III Von Plrue I] Simpson Oil Co. | Phone 937 "No, not yet . . . all he's talked about was how quick ne got o loan from GENfftAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." BRANN TILE & FLOOR CO. • Asphalt Tile Floors • Hardwood Floors • Rubber Tile Finer. •, Rock Woo)' Insulation . • Weather Stripping • Qrnamenia) Iron Work • Plastic Tile Wall! ; All Work Guaranteed A. L. (A!) Sullivan, Jr. Harold C. Brann . 114 N. 2nd. 24R2 Phones «GO PRESCRIPTION ; SERVICE Our rears ol experience assure you that,' 'when jou present a prescription order Co us, ft will be expertly compounded Irora (rcsh pur« • drags You can be sure at i Rothronk's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE •S T U D E B A K E R ^fi CO 1U 0 .STUPEgAKER, TRUCKS NOTED FOR LOW COST OPEOtt'lOS CUT DOWN TRUCK COSTS with a . STUDEBAKER'49cr Com* in and see America's most revolutionary car I Chamblii I Railroad and Ash L -S T U D Chamblin Sales Co. Ash Phort* 88* D E B A K E R THEY'RE AWFULLY QUIET! I'D BETTER. SE£ EVERVTHIMe IS ALL RIGHT!! THEY'RE TERRIBLY NOISY VD BETTER HWE A TALK WITH THEM! 1-ctli Wiints to Know BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE i WHEH BUCK'S \ BOAT IS RAISED, u DON'T TELL ME WE'RE AWED UP IN AMUEKB.VIC: €07 A PIAU. RUSTLE SOME COf FEE, WHILE ADMIRAL NELSON. 1 13 MMR VIC^fUM MANTHORPS BODY NEAKY STASHED AWAVSCWEWHEBE. CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER AT LAST, THE CAPITAL OF TOE SftlLLL SOUTH AMEeicMO REPUBLIC OF SAN HORIUGO. OVER THE VEARS WhEN HE MO HEBE'S WHERE WASH STWED WHEUHEIA5T WROTE BUGS BUNNY BLMER WAS TH CLOCBST THIKkJ TO'IT r COLJLP VOU R-RUIN6C7 TH TACKLIN' DUMMY/ YOU GOTTA REPLACE rr/ OON'T REALIZE MY OWN ST«6t4GTH/ WHAT'S TK I-I-IP6A TOLD VOJ TO GE A PUMMY/ RStAX, C3OC*, I'LL BE RISHT BACK WITH WHAT WE NEEP/ DON'T PAWI7LE, GUVNOR/ BY V. T. HAMLIN gUNRRE.' V/HA.T ON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN Nol So Molherly 0V MOTHER

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