The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale i>er lino lor consecutive in- tertians; Minimum ClmrtfG 50 o 1 litiio per lino 15c 'I ttnic-s [JOT IJJio per day fc l^o 3 times per lino |>ur day '„ Go « limes per IMU- |iur Jay _ ._ T C 12 titnps iior line |ior day 5^ 1 MODtti per lino 9Qc Count fivu average words lo (ho line. (/(I-: orUprrJ for (hrce or six times Hud • I'jlKir-J Ijpfore eJij" ration will be churned fur tlie number of times l]je ad ajipeareil hm! adjustment of bill JuuiU. /ill Classified Ativeriisiriif copy submitted by jiorsuns residing mitMilu of Ilio cily miibt ho m-cmui-ani-id by cash Kales limy \>c easily cowputi'd from tliv above lablf 1 . Advertising order Tor Irregular insertions t:iki-a ilia on 11 time ratu. No fi'S]>oiisil/ilily nil) Ly i^k.-n for more than one Lucorrect inevrlLuu u/ guy clas- trfiej Mil. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FOR SALI for Salt Attractive mocjora licmie. Nonb »eciintt.(ff luwn. OHIUT oi-vui-irj cau.l for. Si.:i<-ioiis vard, b,-a\ • i. on the inai-kft. Three uiie jiL jjornl ciUHlition. Un OIK- d.u-k off ca> bus ' ml.', |rlC>HL>- Of £.ir.U>» ss re Inr fc v uud I'uuifoi luljlt-. tll Max Lopan, phono ]iio.h>) John or-, with nil for R«nt in. hi? ('III flltlli-ll.j JVc-lflii :'l">«' Hill" jiouiKl,. CJ.u.k' -10 SO or 100 ai'K-a of K"°,t lam) II dray. Mi-.-li-. Mo.. Jli. I „„ (). lk m,,..,.. „„,. c all fllrt ,i K |, , r:ll . 1l)r „,. ,„„!,., j, '_ . ,_ 2.V|ik-.l.S ^il^iii-il. J. (,'. Kills, plio 111. 22ek-J'J I'rj.f.lillil.' Kniri-ry =n.l i,,,. :l i uuuki., K rl . i J.'in ni<l,o ( | 0 ,, ( o rl]0ul alul lml]l Ktti<1 . i:::;,:"",^:"";, ( '"v;::;;;,. <: ^;: ; ;f'"« «, 'i^'" '•" " " ril> '-' -. '^ •1 !....„, !„>!,«,• .frr.oil. ]|,,n c ilsll H,,!,!,,,.,. *-'" I"T 111. X,,M- ,.,,||,|v AI.Miml,.]-. )(,..,! K.|ai,.",ui,l J,, ' I.'K:-".' JM!I'H'II. "-2M " '""' '" C "•;">.lili'.ljii Niculy rnrn[Ebt-a front ticilrouiii. Slt-a __lioat. iiol watur, J'hylin y201. i:i.[,k . . M an,I li,-at,.r. |,ri.-t-«l I,,.L, 1W ivilhii: :l ^-:i"y'';:;:' l i:',,^:'," f1 ,; l ;; (i ;^, i1 ^::;: l vj!i 1 s ,S.'" 1L " : "-' P „.,...,-. 22" j .i )i|i. r],H-lric fun mr>iiii[ ( .<l on G' ----- j^Ndar.!. J-_Kns, l>.m.._^.,,t-2_7^,^ „,„!«. S,,»li« 0 i,, „„ to - ^^r'P'^"^ 11 '" 0 ^''"'"'^ 5 '^ ^'vl^' 1 ' ' U|J! ' IIII ^ : ' F '^ ;II ;^^ | ,'l^j- *'"' "'"'" "'' ""' ril l lai ""S ^^-J' 11 '''.' . Wlirn vniir oil slnvt npnll cl<. a nh, K .ir i:HK: lliHlrooin set anil '• l ' rl11 - 132 - , 23-ek-J7 | Wllli.iin n. Ovcrton. urlliiK K,v..ral ,],. t -;r.,],l c . r<..Til,.n C » i n i, ,,.n<n,, ' •;•«>•»•<•}•«. Kiirvuys :,,,J ,tr ai c In,-! allv I./...' ^ ,, l« ,h,",Jv° : 'l '?™' Mf> '"- >'"'" "'"I "«velK. SITV...I • ' • • •'• •'"""• ' .... | |L .:!,V'.:.; "" s "•••'' f ° r :ll > yg.i". ie.|,v.4iiii 2 oi.i styit- .j,,)!,, pTo r ^ tnictors, on j Tractor repairs and service l'or>,;s or nmloii. H«! Ihi-iu at Mill! I'nili; Ailili,,,,. U. M. Uullisini.-.'l'.rk.-J'J iti>r,.ry Mori- willi living quarters So- K.llu-r n-itli -I ri'lilnl IIOHKL'S .\mmis- iii.iil.!]y - ;,,„« „{ l;,,ul. tv,,,,,, „„ H«v. til. l«>nl,.rs uu l'.,-ll II. K.. i,li-al l.irnlirni r.>r iniliiMr'y S,v l!iii-]i!iiiuri*« Ciro.-iTy, N. }|».y. til. l;i-|ik-:>) "•viTnl yrjod Klrctric \ r acimiu iru-niitrs. welding, lilacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone ^IR^ SiL!?:^ 4 r For Sale or Trade - lullery fryers, nhnnt 2 II, s I'lunt- ' - _ _ Tn-o Aloline Z Tractors and equipment. One practically new. Also new corn picker. I-oyd Williams, Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 uliy clnirks. triilnlilii all the lime. Jlravy brt-tilft. -Mrs. lincb Alehars ilOl li. Alain, |,lion.i yid. 3-]ik.inl llous<!—a roo/ns with balti. Large lot willl teit:uil qiinrler in rear. l'rir»-il lo belt nuv.- ul J1700 J.ucaliMl uu auo x. nti, BI. vii'uncts or Hisii fs<-li<n>l. .Sue' .Mrs A (iiiiim I.tia^ri- vill,'. Ark. Jloi 10. 'lU.ijk.^O ; nf r> year olil tmrses. Guaranteed mil. Work any place. O. S. Uulllson. !dt! Aililili.m nl Mill. il-ck-21 3 -Acres all nniler fenrt 1 . :io nerp^ (jrinil tiinl)i-r. -tin liilin... urnvfl ruail .nr I'arnyiniM. Vill Irmli; fur t*,xvn I'ruji- i-rly. llvn Tui'kor, Hi. 1, l.uxora. for Trade 11 M IVirinall ti-actor anj e.iulpincnl in t'OU'l ce.ii,liliun lor 41 or lalur .\- nioil.l J,,l,,i Dec-i-e Iraclor H (1 ^liiison.^.earhvillc. 20-|>k-L;7 Help Wanted .\nrlli Hnsl Arkansas anil .Soulli ]~.: Missouri callinir on liar,I war.-. Inn Inrf-. tjror.iry. lire and supply. Rtor lo rc|>V(.selll us on fioiisc>io!,l speri lies-, snrfi ns nlniniinim ivnre an.l n!h tilensils. diesis nf .Iravvers ,in,l mlinr lull! pin-i-s .,[ ,.n r.immis Sinn. Write to Ilnmc A|ii>li:ince Dii(r[ Inilnrs of Arkansas, r.oo Wi-sl 7tli .Siren. Link. lintk Arkaniiu U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. L. K. A8HCRAFT CO. Phone 4!)3 3-12-ck-tf Blran-lierry planU. Dlakemoro Marie Uarnisti. 171'J Cliickasawba. 7-pk-4|7 lialiy cliicks, different varieties. Also poultry uiul ponllry feeds. Chester l-"v»i», Voultry, 41'J K. .Main. 7-jik-4|7 Alfalfa Hay and niulo drawn farm i[n|ilo* inents. Teleiiliouo 3^, \V. A. Jenkins. Slcele, ilo. l-|ik-4jl lUliliit nviniiro.^Oc & liush«l. Bsit for flowers and garden, fi 12 .N. .lit]] HI. Clnekfc.iw Rabuil Forms. 1-pk-ljl Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf I'ninily trt make pliaro rro]> an,I l.e!| Rlmnl tlie |»lare. Goon Jio.i^e .Mrs C K. Kisk, Stale Line, I' 711'. lilrtlf ff . Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway __G1 N. 2-26-pk-4-26 F-30 Tractor am} Cultivntor, 2 lioUoin disc brrntiinf jflow, S mules snloolliP nionlli. Oillicrl Lynch. Vicloria. Art. ^^^^^^^^jji Wanted to Rent .xiirricm-i'il fanner \vnint* Id sharrcrf>|i. F.iur wiirk.'rs in family. 420 L!lM Sln-rl. 2-ipk.^C 3 nr 4 room Jiou^n or op.irlmcnt. Xo rliililrrii. I.prny I'.llisnn. plm,,* SC'I. 6 or 7 room unfurnished house 1'hone ^?i3i_«^^~ 0-i>V-4!« _ Lott .^Tnr^lt tl.irk yellow -Inrfifr cow l>ohoriir<K \\i-.nrini: a liMliT. 1-in,l<. r lilo.nsr noli- ty Clnj- .\l.-,llin. Hi; W lio^c- si r,r ' BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US We have plenty of experienced help and ample supplies to give you prompt service 011 all your electrical needs. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE 116 First S(. Ph<in« 2393 Order Your New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the New Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. You've valted for It. Now yon can set it. Just Phone 2650 R. M. Graves, Local Manager The kiwi is a flightless bird of New Zealand. Let Me Erect Your Prefabricated House Free Estimates—No Obligation O. W. FARR1NGTON So. Lilly BlyJheville.jArk. For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forma of Swamp Fcvc Daytime—Phone 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co Night Phone—2138 Como Hotel. E. Main St While You Wait Hmt* ClMUM* and BUcked M Minnie Serrk* The John's Shop MS W. Mata St. Cash Buyers for Property! Did you ever notice that In my ads I not only give rou the DOWN PAYMENT 1 on the property, bat ibo (he exact amount you «re (« pay. You know the price before you cons»U me. A cMd way t« «<lTer- Mse. ' " " UU your property with me. My c*nml«d«n U 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What We'll Do:— • Check Compression • Tesl, Clean and Space Spark IMujjs • Clean and Adjust Distributor • Check (.'oil and Condenser • Check (ieneralm- and Voltage lU'Kulator • Cleiin, Adjust Carlinrelor jind Clean Kuel !'unn> • Service Air Cleaner • Tighten Hose Connections • Test and Service HiiUery and Mattery Connections ^ See Us for Kxperl liody-Kender Repairs • We can f>ive immediate Service on (he installation of New Windshields and Windows it •l«sl Received—a Complete Stock of Sea! Covers for All Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wednc.siliiy Niylit, <>:3U-10:00 KST on tliu CBH Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lifytheville, Ark. Tel. 4(>3 l!H Political Announcements The Courier Now* bu been •u.horlied to »nnoui«« th» lollow- Ing candliteU*, subject to tlie DemocrnUi) primary: BHKHIFF ANU COIXEOTOB JACK FINLKY ROBINSON WILLIAM BIJttHYMAN COUNTY JUUOK QENE E. BRADLEY ROI^AND GREEN KOK TAX A8SK8SOB ; DOYLE HJ5NDEHSON S CIRCUIT CI.FBK I HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COUKT Cl.KKK I ELIZABETH BLYTHE | COUNTY TREASURE* DEI.I.A jpUBTLE STATK HKI'lt'KSliNTA'VlVE ALKNK WPHD K. C. PLEHMAN LESLIE "DUKIK" SPECK U H. All TRY STATE SENATOK J. LKB BKAIIUEN Tlie following nro cnndUlntes for 'flee in Ui c Rlylhftvlllo Muntctnnl lection lo be lioM April 2: CITY Ct.KllK. FRANK. WIIITWORTH CITY ATTOUNKV PERCY A. WUIOUT (For Rc-Glccllon) HOWARD N. MOORE! WAKU ONE AI.DKItMAN JL'SSE M. WHITE AI.DKKMAN WARD TWO JODIE L. NA13ERS Al.DKItMAN WAItl) T11KKE RUPERT CRA1TON Wanted To Buy ..I.I ..r I'lym Paper wn.s useil lo clllicr mnkr or wni]) 700,000 dirfm'nt, militnri Hftn.s. K.-al INtiile Wanleil •i linv,. ,i 1 e I,,, ..„!,. <•!• is r..:,.im:il,le M* Jne renily I sv I h;ive enstyni I illy rusli. ' • "r <nll Al.iv 1.11,:.n ]>>in .. ii -ov IIA.M' I' [I.I) A]il . fur ii^-r.I furniture. I picri' sc' full, full 2:!02. All-Ill ilver service in good conili- (ion. Write I'. Q. Hox IJSO, Hlytheviilu. ^-12-ck-ir Snow Sled Aiils RCSCUR MILLINOCKET, Me. (UPI—Frcrt alem of Millinockct biijlt his slecl for ainiL5finiont but tv:ice ocfntly lie's usod it as n roscno •aft. The machine, which is po\v- -•«! with a 6(i-liorsc|)o\vcr eiiBinc ixl tlivce-blncle propi-ilcr wilt in.'iki; 00 miles an hour, was used to J'ing stranded airmen uiul fish- nncn from the Kutahdin region of lurthcrn Maine. Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone»29l8 or 2(i42 One Beilin butter inrrcliant ilaccd lawns mndc of rcnl grass in top of his VANS to keep the nicriors cool. Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Mcmftcr Nat'l. Pesl Control AM»s'n. 115 8. Third St. Phone Z7S Tnnr • Tnrrrriin> ••HI im C*A. L L TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOCR SERVICE" Phon. 2241 Day & Night WRECKER Get our special price on a complete pqint job today! SERVICE Road Courier News Wunt Ads. When It's Refrigeration You Want Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 1W-111 Booth KaUroad Hi Commercial Frozen Food Ixicker Plants — Walk-In Hoxcs — Quick Freeze Home Caliinels. Specializing in REPAIRING WRECKED CARS BODY and FENDER STRAIGHTENING BODY and FENDER REFINISHING FRAME STRAIGHTENING f BENDIX WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE WHEEL and TIRE BALANCING "Service Is Our Business" Loy Eich Chevrolet I Perfect repairing for fotluy's vx- (Hiisiti- Tnutwi'iir assuretl ivhrti rebuilt hi nur inniUtrn sliop. Texaco Gas and Gif* 301 West Walnut Phono 578 The I'ortuRuoso, Dutch, and IlrUlsli. in turn, lm vo held Coy Inn, which wns uu nticiunl ccnlcr of FRESCRIPTIONS Freshcat Stock Gnarinte^d Beat Prict* Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We hare the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tyjws Except Cancer DRS. NiES&NIES Clinic 514 Main, niytheville, Ark., Phone Z921 Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Just Around the Corner ... It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! SO... It's time-to come in for that Spring checkup. Here arc-jus( a few of tiie (hjngs dial voiir war-weary car iimls: • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. Bring Us Vour T'aiiit and Bod>: Needs . . . \Ve Are KciiiiplKd to Handle Them See Your Studeoakcr Dealer Fint. We Buy and Sell Good Used Car's CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex ChambBm BO! CbaaMta 21N SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdeza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main F>hone 85B Hlylheville, Ark. DON EDWARDS ROYAL, iu w. a« 4JCITU, OOHOMA, AMD REMINQTOB TTPKWRITKB* (tut B« SALE CONCRETE STORM SKW13R ALL SIZES Chnpor Than BrM(« Lnmbw OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone «0i ' Osccola, Ark. Dr. J. L Guard OptojtMfrfef i GUASlp'S JEWELRY ^ 2Q9 W. MaJ» BOOTS AND in<:r{ BUDDIES FKECKMCS AND HIS FRIENDS 'SCV^rniM' f -...AMD, FELLAS. THEKf? ARE ICO CCO^'i, W4NV SNOOT1E-CUT1ES AROUSlD f-'ffrCK! THIS H1£M SCHOOL.' WE'VE BEEN Ltr£. LAtH I PU5WEO AROUMD LON& ENOUGH ' ON ' / LETS BOYCOTT 'EM ' \ ' See us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern /<K)ls anil c<iui|imcnt car) put your cur in top condition, . ... \Ve Jilso have a'paliit and" liwly shop repair service. We will fix your cur or buy .your ., car I' T OU CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO, Slocks of Tarls For Chrysler PfoducU Vbant UZZ BY EDGAR MARTIN:: ^ ^', ^ >h>h^~V> FROM THE SWOOM SET.' FROJA OM---- ' LETS NOT EVEN LOOKATWOMeW! l!.IPP -' ""'••": -.^ ALLEY OOP lliidn't Sloped to Think BY V. T. HAMILTOfl , ^ - -.- ; ,- i =^»- A V eLL,-.=H, 1 &.JES5 ' Vf t SO, IP Y'LCOK AT IT 'M , TnAT \VAY--SO>MShO.V IT MAO NEVE? WHO \\AMT5 TO JUST SIT A50UND OONOTH1N3?

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