Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1891
Page 6
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NEW-Fx\.NGLED SPOONS. The Besult of the Brain-Work of a Couple of Geniuses, Chouses and Combinations In Perm anil Mctlioil of Uninpr a Pop- xilnr Implement—What tli<? V:\riatlonsSusgf8t. Two.'nvoritivc geniuses have evolved two variations of the spoon, but the particular purpose for which each is in- Tended is not referred to by cither in applying for patents. No models were filed with the applications and descriptions, and only one illustrated the method of handling. The first genius' description, as condensed by the New York Sun. is: "A spoon having 1 -the shank of the handle at an obtuse angle to a line passed lengthwise through the center of the bowl, and having the head of the handle bent at an obtuse angle to the shank." The description of the other is: "The itomhioation, with a spoon, of a slidable scraper inclosing the' bowl, a tube on the baelt of the spoon handle, a spring- pressed rod mounted in the tube and connected with the scraper, and a handle mounted loosely on the spoon handle and connected with the spring- pressed rod." The first variation is suggestive of an «ffort on behalf of the wearers of mus- taches. To sip from the side of the bowl of a spoon is correct, according to table manners, and the wearer of a mustache has to use the common spoon in that way, or go without soup, if he objects to being an unpleasant object with the edge of his mustache dripping with food. Besides being an offense against good manners, it is awkward to thrust out the hand and wrist in efforts to project the point of the spoon into the mouth, tut most wearers of mustaches would be willing-to miCke the awkwardness as slight as possible if they could enjoy sipping soup or tea in that manner. The inventor of the bent handle limifr. the'possibility of awkwardness in handling, and boldly attacks well-jestab- lished usage, but it is -doubtful whether the ungraceful shape of his variation will be accepted in place of :the present straight-handled spoon. Dealers in table ware have not seen the .invention, and they do not take kindly to the illustration of themethod of'using it, saying that such 'a change in manner is a subject that more .than i one genius should tackle, notwithstanding the support of the wearers of ^nustaches. The other variation is suggestive of the'kitchen and the sick .room, as.il -iin' hardly be supposed that the inventor desired to change .table manners, and that his idea was that the bowl should he filled and that food should be suddenly inserted by the action of a spring unless medicine for feeble patients be considered. It is more than likely that the, variation is intended for use in cooking or some operation, like_ candy making, in which substances cling to the ordinary spoon and can not be cleaned off without considerable waste. Certainly the use of it at table would be worse t3ian bad manners. NEW BATTLE MONUMENT. A Memorial to the Officers and Men Who Died in the Civil War.. The Battle Monument to be erected on. the plain at Trophy Point, West Point, says the Now York -Herald, will he commemorative of the officers, noncommissioned officers and privates of the regular army of the United States who were killed or who died of wounds received in action during the war of thp rebellion. The funds" available for the construction proper arc S50.000 in cash. There are also at the disposal of the Battle Monument Association, fifty bronze cannon which may be employed in any way deemod proper, presented for the purpose by n. joint resolution of Congress, approved April 3S, 13TO. The design of Messrs. McKiin, Mead. & White, of New York, was accepted some time ago.. The mo«.ument is to-be a martial one, distinct in its character and impressive in its design. The beauty of its site- and the surroundings seemed to the successful architects (so they state) to preclude . any bulky or massive treatment, and suggested rather a treatment where the impression should be produced by height supported by a base which should mot interfere with graceful and artistic treatment They therefore adopted as the feature of their design a single monolithic, shaft, treated in the shape of a memorial column or column of victory. In this form it is possible to obtain impressiveness and dignity without a sacrifice of grace, at the same A.-,,.^ „. , T a distinctively archi- monumental character. The shaft is to be a monolith of polishec Vermont granite forty-six feet high anc five feet six inches in diameter, probably the largest polished shaft in the world. It is proposed to surmount it with a figure of Victory, and surround it by eagles—a distinct mark of its National character. The shaft will rest upon a •WEST POINT'S BATTLE MONUMENT. circular "base surrounded by flights of steps, giving- the greatest breadth and dignity possible to the base. The materials are granite and bronze. It should be understood, however, that the successful design is to undergo some modifications in the details of its decorative features, as well its in the relative proportions of its base and shaft. The gentlemen who acted as associates for the purpose of choice of a design were Mr. Richard M. Hunt, president of the Amsrit;an Institute of Architects; Augustus St. Gaudens and Arthur Kotch. ' . A WONDERFUL CAREER. A Boston Tailor's Daughter Who Mm Heel 3 Prince anil Played for a Throne. The Countess d'Edla is the widow al Dom Fernando, the late ex-King-Regent of Portugal, who was a Prince of Sajce- Cotmrg before he married the heir to the Portuguese throne. She is a woman with a, remarkable history, which has a peculiar interest for Americans. The Countess was once a Miss Elise Hensler, of Boston, whose father, a Swiss tailor. COUNTESS D'EDLA, NEE liENSLEB. kept a humble little sllop on Washington street. The girl came to this country in her fifth year with her parents, and early developed considerable musical talent. Prominent Boston people whose attention she attracted by singing at loealeoncerts, combined to send her to Milan,-Italy, to obtain a thorough musical training, and she had the great honor of securing _an engagement at the famous La Scala Opera-House after making 1 her. debut- She then returned to the United States and sang to crowded houses i the principal American cities. Returning to Europe .she was engaged ,at, the Paris Opera,: and later went to Lisbon. Here the ex-Regent, Dom Fernando, was first .charmed with her singing, and rater fell desber- ately in love with her. He married her. and had the title of Countess d'Edla conferred upon her in 1869. A few months, after her marriage an event occurred which left in her hands the decision of the question of peace or war between two great Nations, although she did hot know that such would be the result. ^ The Spanish General Prim, then"Dictator of Spain, went to Lisbon to offer the crown of that country, recently forcibly taken from the brow of Queen Isabella, to Dom Fernando. The newly created Countess wanted to be a, queen,, but the proud Spaniard wauld . only make her a Duchess and, as her husband stood by her, he threw a\vay/his chance and- the throne of Spain was offered to Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern, a nephew of. King William,, of Prussia. Napoleon III. objected to this and the Franco- German war was the result. Dom Fernando died-afew years ago and the Countess now resides oa his estate in Portugal in a castle fitted up in the old feudal style. ' A Piscatorial Curiosity. The Wellsville (N. Y.) Eeporter is .authority, for the following: Mr. Asher P. Cole has shown ns a trout with two heads, two sets of gills, four, eyes, two moyiths and but one body. The heads unite just back of the gills. Each head works independently of the other. If meat be placed before the creature, "both heads proceed to devour it, the two •mouths taking food at one and the same time. All of the gills are in good work- -in'g ordei-. Such a freak of nature is,, we believe, entirely unprecedented. The little piscatorial rarity si-emn as lively and healthy as any of .hi; single- headed brethren. A Aioiistrmis Hog. One of the largest hogs in America,, if not, in fact, the largest in the world, was reared-by a Junction City (Kan.) •man. The lenjrth was 8 feet and 'J inches; girth of neck, .6J£ feet; girth oi center of bodv. S feet: width across the hips "i) ;-if)i^-,: ivpiglit, 1.51J pounds. TATTOOED BEAUTIES. Scarred Faces of the Women in Darkest Africa. Necklaces Comported of Human The Story of a Chiefs Daughter— Naturally Good ITucos IMttflg: urea tor Fashion's Sake. On the walls oi the small room of Explorer Herbert Ward, in London, are divers sketches of the beauties of Af rica. Here is a sketch of a woman o: the Bakongo—a woman of the Oupotos one of the most savage tribes of the Groat rivev. In this sketch the face i? disfigured by a series of cicatrices, making it as hideous as can be well imagined. This form of tattooing is produced by making wounds hi the flesh of about half an inch in length and never allowing them to heal properly; when they WOMAX OF OUPOTO. show a tendency to do so, the Oupotos pull then) roughly apart; the result is a line and conglomeration of lines of scars horrible to behold. The Oupotos, he tells you, in their cooking 1 arrangements, are not altogether suggestive of a Parisian cordon bleu; it is riot quite nice to sit down to a dinner company where the usual necklace is composed of human teeth, neither is the pariah dog as savory as might be suggested. As to the treatment .of women by the natives, and particularly by the followers of Tippoo, to give one instance, take the story of Sapenia, as told by Mr. Deane to.Mr. Herbert Ward. "Sapenia, the daughter of Kassongo, had been given to Tippoo Tib as a pledge of friendship by her father, but being of the Wadhongera-meno tribe, she was ill-treated by the Arabs, so much so that she ran away to us: on being- examined no trace of ill-treatment could be discovered, and as Mr. Deane had no right to interfere where there was no ill-usage she was conducted back to her Arab master. After a few days she 'came to us again with her back covered with lashes from a whip, and her body covered with bruises, telling us that she had been terribly flogged. We kept her. and some days after,' when her tyrants came to seek her, told them that he covrtd SAPPENIA, DAU&HTEH OF KASSONGO. not think of letting her be taken .back-, again.;'to be .treated with such brutal; violence; that he was sent to the..coun-» ;ry to.see justice done; and that as..the ? representative of the. Congo Free State, he intended to.do his duty. It is rather, unfortunate that this woman sliould"-- lave paid back the kindness shown to, ier with particular ingratitude. She' might have been of . the greatest use—, only never was — to the British in; Africa." '-'• EDWIN HURD CONGER. Portrait and Life History of Our Jfew " Minister to Brazil. i ; Hon. Edwin Hurd Conger, our newly- appointed Envoy Extraordinary anc Minister Pieni. potentiary of tht United States to vi Brazil, hails front * Illinois, where' in Knox County i on March 7, 1843, he first saw the light Mr. Conger was educated at Lombard University., graduating in the class of 1863; enlisted at once ai, HON. B. H. CONGER. a private j n Com . pany I, One Hundred and Second IU> lois Volunteer Infantry,, in which h? served until the close, of the war, attaining the rank of Captain, : and receiving from the President the brevet of Major for "gallant and meritorious conduct in the field;" studied law, and graduated from the Albany Law School n 1SC6, when he was admitted to the jar, and practiced at Galesburg, . IlL, until 1SGS;' removed to Dexter, Dallas iounty, la/, in 1808, and has since been' engaged in farming, stock-raising, and ranking; was elected treasurer of Dal- .as County in^STT and re-electr-d in 1879; was elected State Treasurer of Iowa in 18SO and re-elected in 1SS2; was elected to the Forty-ninth and Fiftieth Congresses, and was re-elected to the Fifty- first Congress as a -Republican, receiving 18,424 votes, against 13,037 votes for Allen E. Morrison, Democrat, 1,557 votes for J. A. Nash, Prohibitionist and- Labor candidate, and three votes scattering. During the Fifty-first Congress Mr. Conger was chairman of the committee on coinage, weights and measures. Regularity cm the Fitnn. Systematic feeding and care of every kind is the part of a farmer's capital that makes the best investment. The cows should be fed, milked and cared for morning, noon and night, with exactitude and on time. No railk is elaborated while cows are chafing and worrying for food and drink. The horses appreciate regularity, and know when feeding time comes. It is at these anxious delays that the stable is marred by pawing, biting and kicking, and irregularity produces bad habits and bad tempers in otherwise gentle beasts. The ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and all living creatures on the farm suffer from irregularity -more than can be estimated in the farmer's loss of profit. Regularity brings contentment and thrift to all the live stock, kills the weeds that eat up crop food and fills the barns with the best quality of crops, pays off mortgages, replenishes the bank account, dresses the family, educates the children and imparts, tone, energy, respectability and character to all concerned. —American Agriculturist. u Tobacco r\ thjej can qet tf\e ere UK "me /•••• ^j 0 J4 EST Y at If ha rior^and NO ,al at tf\e. ice. It is worth JDieasure Tor TUU kOLDHOMESTYfokcco We:,-...-. 'believe - .-we '• •' ' •• have ' 'a - •' . thoro-ogli kndwlodga the'..-' : ins and : outs- • ..'at-".. , newspaper .advertislne, eaiDSd an experience of-years Of". successful business; •we have the best •equipped office, by far the most comprehensive as well as the . most convenient p, placing contracts' and verifying their fulfillment and •unri-caled facilities, in all Go. Newspaper Advertising for careful and' Intelligent service. We offer our services to all who 10 Spruce St., New York, spending 810 or 810,000 in newspaper ' advertising and •who wish to get the most and , best advertising for the .. winey. . do u li,' ink. Kn* . lil, «iti! in their y livi'. Any' o It-u 11. >'(> rl^k. VKII L'ni tliivoto ; Himu'rni!*, m- lit! vo-.ir Utni. to lilt- M-urk. Till* 1" im i:»v I..ml,il1lll 1,1'lllf.'* u Oil llvl I'll! fu^cyhh U. l-*<^y,lvulk,T. i iii-i' i.'iiniliifr from j*-_'."i to tjll prrivri-k null U|m-nrds,' nuj rnm-i! iil'ttirti little ,)x]it!rli'iic«. We I-HII fnmi-li you Ilic ein- lilnviii.rir. tun! ti-iicll vnu i- i(KK. .\o Mpiiui; to explnln Iierc. Full iiruniialtim KltEK. .'TKTJH tt <:«., ALIiL'STA, J1AISE. E , Chlclie.ter'. En«11.1i D!«n,onil Bran*. ^ ENNYROYAL PILLS _<K-s. Orlrlnul «nd Only Coimlno. _^St»X •A«, »l«»y« Kliablo., Limes Drnmlllt lor CMchaser'l EnalM Die.- ,vumd Xmnd In Ktd and Gold mcwulo xci. icaled Tltb blno ribbon. Take OOther. ' >'or in .ump« for ji»rtlo»liu-«, tollmonliHHiiI "KeUef r»r.t»dlc.," M !«Wr,_b7 Mt-M Loo»l DrugjliW. B. -JF, Keesllng, Druggist. MQTHSiS'FfflEM) WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD. "Mothers' Friend," is worth its weight ir gold. My wife suffered more in ten minute with, either of her other children than sh did altogether with her last, after havini used four bottles.of; "Mothers" Friend." I is a blessing to expectant mothers, says a customer. . HENDERSON DALE, Carmi, HI. Having used two bodies my sixth cliil Was born with no -pa:x. comparatively. Mrs. L. O. Vaug-bc.n r Sheridan Lake, Co' Wonderful—relieves much suffering. Mrs. M, M. Brawster, Montgomery, Ala. Sent by express on receipt of price, $1.50 p«r bottle. Bold bj- all druggistB. Book to mothers mailed free BSADFIELS BEOULATOII Co..-Atlanta, Ga. Sold by .Ben Fisher 4th street. ,. . Ycurln tlu-lrmvti tlic nUunlk'li on- J4. "TL'KAIl ! 1 unarrtiikr to brit-fl? ench any fairly In!i!lllp-iit|iiT»cnori!iil <;X, \vltu cull rouil nnrl write, mid "ho t ftcr littlnttl!i»i,will work Induntrfoui-l. how to (Mini Tlirop TlioiiHiirnt Ilijllnr> I tonilillwB^vhcn-vprtlieylivp.l will i,J*oftiriiW l JtJoyin en l,ut w-lik-h yoiiritn cum Hint , No money for IIH! linlcm, mircrtist'lil fin tiljovc. Kiibilynml ;[l |ictl : Irarni'd. 1 tit-Hire lint out, ivoi'lu-r I'rom cncb. (iUtrict orcounly. . have iilrflHily tnuKlit and provided with eliijilo.vment n Inrpw number, who lire miiklnc over *XOIIO « ynir rud'i. It'» 3VJ! W Olid SOr.TJU. Kull particular! V1EI3K. JUMrMat on K. C. AJ.JLK.V, ];»x -12O, A.IIICIIBIU, Maine. iiTOlKl.flO n vrrtr!« ht-lnp mnrlo by John R. Comlii-ln,Troi-..V.V.,»t "'<"* form. Header, yuu mnv not tiinki- ni nmcli, but we cim tcucli you qiilnltly lio«" t(M!iirn from »5 #10 n dtiy lit tlic Hinrt, »nd inoiv nnyou Uot'li ^^x, 1 R. nil upi-". Jit «ny part of lAun-rk-n. you cim cfttniiK-iic* 1 M home, triv. nil v,/ur tlnn-,(ir n|):ne unuiienU onlvto tin) n-ur'k. All In »™. en-Hi |»y SL'llk f< vvt-rv wnt-k^r. \Vu «tnrt you, furnlsjilnij cvi-tytlllllB. KASM.T.'Sl'EEllItiV Icnmcil rAlfrit'UI-Alt.S FltiuK. AtltlrcBsat onrc, ST1.VSOS /s CO., I'UKTLIMI, ~ Wood's :Pli.os;pliocL±33.e,. THE 'GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. TJsed for 35 yearsi uessrully.- &ua.r- ctnAed w cure all Terms or.Nervous \Veafcnes5, Emissions, Spermator- rhea, Impotency, and all the cffeccs. ol Youthful folly and the excoBBen ot later years. Give* immediate atrcnoth atulvlg- OT. Ask druggists torWood'a ¥io«- phodlnei takeao substitute. One naclcago. $1; six, to, by mail, Write for pamphlet. Address The.Wood Chemical Co.. 131 " o., Detroit, Midi, 1 Woodward Winslow,Lanier&Co., 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BAXXS A.VD MERCHANTS, INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND LOANS KEGO TIA TED. 5 TO PS AL " unuatural discharges in 24- hnurs. Adopted by the Ger- manGovcrnmentfor Hospital SiArmyuse P.S.C. is put up for American trade in a patent bottle hold- ins syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, includingSyringe,QV i I ^nr^-ir..^ fnr^l IP Tho Von Mohl Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Bole American /.ccnw, B F. KEESLINS, Agent, Logansport, Ind. F UBES "-^ct& Gonorrheu in 3 days. NoStricture No.Pain SURE HROTAGQN K I s ' • an I M ROFVDIEFFEN BACH'S SURE CURE tor SEMINAL, NERVOUS noil URIHARY TROUBLES in YQUNB, MIDDLE-AGED ond OLD MEN. NO STOMACH MEDICATION, NO UNDER- TAtim OR DISAPPOIIKTIVIENT, !""P™! tlvcly rcllaTCB the -worn casen In 24 hours, nnti pcrmaticQtlyctirtfliE JOO<3ovs T l&^aja treatment on trial by rcturu mail for SI. Circular" r.-eo. THE PERU DRUC CO.. SoIonKte.fortlioU.S. 189 WIS. ST., MILWAUKEE, WiS. WHAT TO: HAVE YOU For some of the choicest lands in WE8XI!ttBi K.AJUSAS, boLb clear and incumbered, improved and unimproved. B*-Senu torOurL,>*tafprof- ertv thSl we will Kxchimicr Tor L.A>1>, HK«- IDKNCB87MKKCBL4-SI1MSE AM) I.IVB STUCK. Address A. B. FAKKES, Bluloe, Neea Comity, Kansas. , TIME TABLE TRAINS LOGAN^SPOR.T KACT BOUND. ^ Y ewyo^I^; Express, dally ......... .... 2S5 am Ft Wayne (Pas.)-Accm., excpt Sunday 8;18 a m Kan 3(7 & Toledo Ex., exopt guada7ll:l5 a m Atlantic Express, daily.... ........... l:l ! 6pm Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 9:26 D ffi . WEST BOUND. . ' Fadflc Express, dally ______ . ....... .... 7:52 am Accommodation Trt., excpt Sunday. . 12 15 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday.-...'..... 8.-45p,m , Lafayette {Pas.)Accm., exopt Sunday (H-S p m 8t Louis Ex., dally.. ...... .... ..... ..10:S3pm Eel Klvcr IHv.i fcosoimport, West Side* JtetAveeii JjoKiin»l>ort and CJilll. , _ EAST-BOUND. Accomodatlon.Leave, except Sunday.lOflO a m; Accomodatlon, Leave " " 4:40 pm Accomodatlon.Arrlve.except Sundny, 8:10 a in Accomo 'atlon. Arcivo. ".. . .'.'. 4:10 p m I 25e HIRES' IMPROVED 25c]' ROOT BEERI IKtiDUIO. -KoeOIUnCORSTRAINIItC t«ILrKXJtj THISPACKACE'MAKES FIVE GAJUOOJIS. OOTBEFR. THe most APPETIZING- and -WHO] JISOMB TEMPBKANOE DRINK in the world. '*»ollclous ana Sparkltag. • TET V. Asfc your Dnisrg's' °' Grocer for i~ C. E. HIRES, ""PHILADELPHIA- DR. ELECTRIC BELT .... . WfcfUV M tH IUKI11TATKD Ihraiicli IN' ' " ' irKXCKSSEf _ - jl'bjtlilsKi* BELT AND SUSPENSORY ram~Cirr~<il Gfiicrntho wVnilti7s«. 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"NATURAL GAS ROUTE." i Condensed Time Table Is Eraser JfAKCH 1st 1890 Solid Trains 'between Sundusks and Peorla and Indianapolis and Michigan City. <• DIRECT Connections to and from all points In the United States andCaDadg. Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the L. E. & W. Traias as foil ows: WABAS9K.B- Leave Logansport, 4:1S p.m..n20 8.m... 8:19 a.m Arrive Peru .4^6p.m..11:44a.m... 8:55a.m L. E. it W, R, a. Leave Pern. North Bound... 4rf5p.m " in.-40a.nr Sonth Bound 11:50 a.m WABASH R. H. .- : Leave Lopmsport, 3.-4Sp.m.. 7:50a, m ArriveLaFuyette, 4:55p.*m.. D-.20a.3a L*, B. & W, R. tit, Leave LaFarette, . East Bound......... 1:50 p.m. WestBound.... ...5:10 p.m,. H.' C. PAHKEH.-Trafflc Manager, >. C. K, DALYi Gen. Pass. 4 Ticket Xgt.-, A Cbicago.dpuggJ.st'^e,taile,d 5000000 of B. F. Keeelin^arid .Cullen &.C6V,Bo]e Asrept,R : in Lpeansport.' . jLiilililUUS.AND KfiSISTENT Advertiriing lias' always • pi-oven successful. Bofoixi'placipjfany Newspaper Ailvortlsms; consult, LORD &. 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