The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX SLYTEEVULB (ARK.JT COUftlBR NEWS Durham Stars; Four-Man ' BIylheville Team Scores '-15 Points. wilh 15 Coach Equacl won first place in 440-yard relay for Biythevllln. • Jonesboro easily captured the annual District Four junior high school track meet at Paragould yesterday, scoring 05 points. Paragould was second with 48 pojnts, and BIylheville was third points, "Ace" Puckelt's four-man Die relay learn was composed of Boyett, Lloyd, Hudson, and Moslcy. Boyetl won second place In the 60-yard dasli and Uiiril In the 220-yard dash and third In the '100-yard dash. Lloyd won fourtli place In (he brond Jump. Wcodrow Durham, Joneslxwo star, easily was the outslamllng trackman of the meet. He made 29 1-4 points, winning the 50, 100 and 220-yard dash, mid Ih? bro-"< jump • nml taking broad jump and of the winning team. Summary: in the XYlllll \\(J JILCCV lllUb gUllg .',.">>«M e'.v llllla u IL11I IUI unsy rowdies It won't be leg " a ' ir money. ;g, spike for splko, or gash l>la V w111 st! "' 1 nt 3 am. The rei{- Itll T'llnt'.. >lnh II.n ..,«.. . n Illflr 4ft-r/>n1 nrlmlectrfMI fun .i» n a member 880-yard relay Pole Vault— Wheelis, Parajould first; Holt, Jonesboro second; Dur-. bam. Jonesboro third; Collman Paragould fourth. Height 2 Inches. '10 ft, ,50-Yard Dash—Durham, Joncs- fcoro first: Boyett, BIylheville second; Reed, Paragould third;.Coger. Jonesboro fourth. Time, C seconds. Broad Jump—Durham, Jorj'.-v borp nrst; Hyde, Paragould second; Reed, Parngould third; Lloyd, BlJltlievlllc fourth. DVitancc 10 ft, 9 3-4 Inches. 220-Yard Dash—Durlmm, Jones- loro nrst; Heed, Paragould second- Boyett, BIylheville. third; Patrick, Paragould fourth. Time, 25 seconds 'Discus--Black, Jonesboro first; Bailey, Pnragould second; Durham, Jonesboro tlilrd; Reed, Para- Distance, 126 ft., 100-Yard Dash—Durham, Jonesboro first; Reed, Paragould second; Boyett. BIylheville Ihlrd; Garrison Parngould fourth. Time, 11 seconds Shot, PuU-Black, Jonesboro first; 1 Bailey, Paragould second; Durham,- Jonesboro third; Hyde, Paragould fourth. Distance, 48 ft., 1 1-4 inches. (New record.) 440-Yard Relay — Blythcville (Boyelt, Lloyd, Hudson, Mosley), first; Paragould, second. Jonesboro won event but was, (ILsqunllflcd Time, 4D.7 seconds. (New record.) golild fourth. 7 Inches. Messrs. Orlnifs and Drcssen for Damon Slid Pythias. You see, there was already some Ill-feeling there. It seems that Mr. Drcssen thought Mr. Grimes was a heel, lo put It mildly, to take over the Brooklyn job from his bosom pal, Casey S«ngcl. The base-running business merely touched Ihe torch to Ihe feud < i • Won't Retaliate Wllli Spikes "He's a little fool, that Drcssen guy Is," said Mr. Grimes. "Why. after he hurt that second man of mine. I say to him, 'Gee?., Charley, whnt'rc you doing out there? It's Just nn exhibition game.' And lie says, Tell your guys to watch us. I'm leaching my men to slide jiist as if It was Ilie regular season. We arc playing lo win the game all the lime.' "Imagine! Why. it sounded like a schoolboy, didn't it, huh? "Well, two can play that sort of wnc, but I'm not Rolng to do It I'm not going to tell mv player.'; to go out and cut down their basemen, when we meet thai (jung if clun for l?g. (or gash. That's not. the way lo let even with Dresden, "You see. he's got a guy out there plnying for him who's one of my best 'friends-ahnrlcyOclbcrl. Charley's playing now with only a leg -iiicl a half. He hnd a terrible lime for a couple of years after he near blew his leg olf with n shotgun, "Well, as i wns saying, diary's one of my best friends. A swell guy. And do you think for one minute that I'd send one of my strong bucks out to cut charley down—maybe break his leg, niln him for life? "Wouldn't lhat be n helluva trick? There Charley would bs, broken down, unable lo ptay, and forced to go back to a farm- to make his living. And there that Dressen guy would be, hollering like a cheerleader, still safe on his Job, gathering In the checks, and laying oilier fellows open lo unnecessary injuries. "See what I mean?" * » * (.eugiie I.i After Dressen Mr. Crimes splashed his dnrk- brown disgust on Ihe sidewalk again. "No, sir," said lie. "Unit's not my game. If I'm doing any flghllnj, I'll do It myself, r wont have nine other guys with spikes in their shoos doing it for me. We'll play baseball—and we'll ptay our heads off against his club." Mr. Grimes couldn't restrain a chuckle nl this point. "You know," lie went on gleefully, "that euy'll wind up behind the eight ball. He's got the whole league down on Ills neck talking the way- he's been and they're all going to be out after him. Jusl watch. He's heading for a fall. They'll beat his ears back. "And him going around saying lie's going to win the pennant. What a laugh. He'll get what's Crosslown Will Mcel Giauls at Fairgrounds, Hobo Announces 'II ic Cross town team of the Memphis city league will furnish Hie opposition for Ihe BIylheville Oi- nnts in Sunday afternoon's preseason game at the fairgrounds, It was announced shortly before noon today by Manager Hershe) Bobo. The Crosslown team was Invited here after It developed that a conflict in dates made necessary the canculliitlon of the game which had been scheduled with the JackKon Tern.. Generals. Crosstown, according to Hobo, Is a fast outfit arid should give the fans a run for National League W. L. Louis e i 'iltslnirgh o i Tew York ...4 2 hlltulelplila- 4 3 Brooklyn 3 4 oslon 3 5 Cincinnati i 5 I B .un vn^.i TIA i i,,n >r**«v « UUIRII. m: 11 gee, wnais rtr^ nPv? ll - wlles ., J011 ^'»ro coming lo hlnv.Und you won't find rat. oamnhori P,,™™,.,,, „„„„...,. . n( , nl h , s f j no , ml J yl|]gi eulicr _ -he, the, (he little monkey!" Caruthersville Pilots Will Meet Cairo Team CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—The Caruthersvlllo Pilots will play the Cairo, III., Coca-Coins here Sunday afternoon at Legion Park, 2:30 In an exhibition game, which wll be the' first opportunity for loca fans (o see the 1337 .Pilots in action, The Cairo team is reputedly an' unusually strong seml-prc aggregation, under the manage nieiil-of.DIck Swain, former Slkcs, ton ball player. Manager Harrison Wickel • ha announced the following probabl starting lineup: Hayes Heath, second base- Tay lor Myers, center field; Fred Leon liardt, first base; Robert Howison left field; George Kurowski, thirc base; Wickel, shortstop; Toinin Tommy McGowt), right field; Tom my Turner, catcher; Dave Howe Slgmund Pierdc and Walter Die! dislel, pitchers. . , first; Campbell, Paragould second Bailey; Paragoiild third; . Holt, Jonesboro fourth. Tline, 58,2 seconds. ' ' ' High Jump — Mays, Jonesboro first; Hyde, Paragould seco|icl; Durham, Jonesboro third; Wheelis, Paragould fourth. Height. 5 feet 3 Inches. 880-Yard Uun—Mays, Jonesboro first; Patrick, Pariigould . second; Mathis, Jonesboro third; Bailey, Paragould .'fourth.. Time, '2:15. 880-,Yard Relay. — • JpnV'Sboro (Coger, Mabrcy, Black, Durham), first; Parngould second;, Blyllie- ville third. Time, 1:41.4. By RICHARD McCANN NBA Service Sports Wrller BROOKLYN.-Ran into Burlelgh Grimes the olher ' day. He' was standing, of course, oulsidc the Brooklyn ball park. This is where you'll find Mr. Grimes most anj day—outside the, ball park, even though as manager he ought to be in there with the Dodgers. But, you know, Mr. Grimes, who created something of a 'record in the American Association by be- Pemiscot Sportsmen Plan Wild Life Club CARUTHERSVILLE, meeting to organize a „.. — ~.... j»oo\yvjnLiMii uy ui:- club for Pemiscot county will b ing evicted from parks, 27 times ! held Friday night, Anril 30 at tl by insulted umpires last season is I courthouse here The Rev' D I carrying on as usual in the Na- ' Foster, ardent local sportsman tional League now. The campaign ' supervising organization of 'th *"_ £ ? wcek old before Mr - clllb - He ^'d th >>l various Mis sourl counties are similarly organ izing for (he protecllon of wl He in the state. . Grimes had been excused from the premises twice on successive days Hoy-over. .Mr. Grimes_ doesn't want people lo te gcttin'j ttie idea that he is feuding with the umpires. ... "i only got one feud In 'this league," said Mr. Grimes, considerately splattering his tobacco juice so that It was gone with the wind, "and that's with' that—that Dressen guy." As you perhaps know,'Mr. Grimes and Mr. .Charley Dressen, manager of the Cincinnati Reds, exchanged some hot words during an exhibition game down south after two of Mr. Grimes' Inflelders had been cut. down by wild-running Reds. Even before this bit of butchery on the base paths occurred you •would not have mistaken the .. 40-ccnl admission fee, pro- dcd for by league rules, will be larged. Tlie Heritors made it three up the Yaimtgans In an Intra-club fair yesterday. The score was 3. Charlie ilyrkett, third baseman, orcd the winning run In the nth. Atler tripling over Arqultt's Mil In left field, Byrkett scored i Frimk nine's lon<? fly lo "Nifly" t'lly In center. Marshall Hempill did mound duly for the Yan- Igans. while Thomns Piilllg was ic winning pitcher. Both pitched ell. Pete nurnham. Yarbro youngster, ninmed out a three bagger In the With. Richard Young, Cooler, lo,. who Isn candldnle for nn out- eld post, hit safely twice, ns did en Ungle. Manager riobo has announced the Jlcasc of Ralph "Red" Hobblns ovlngton, Tenn, an inflelder. Hubbard: Hardware Buys Applebauni's Soft Ball Charter Joe Applcbaurn,.proprietor of The Famous Stoic, announced today the sale of his franchise In the Commercial soft bull league to the Hubbard Hardware company, effective at once. The sate was'consummated yesterday by Applebaum add J. P. Holland of the Hubbard Hardware company. The new sponsor of the soft, ball club expects to put a strong pennant .contender on the field. Baseball Standings Southern litle Rock famphls . lashvllle Jliattanoogn llantu 5 few Orleans 5 lirmlngham 4 Oioxvllle -:..A W. .0 2 Ppt, .818 .601 .645 .500 .455 .385 .323 .333 1'ct. 857 .833 .067 571 '429 .375 .157 .143 Introducing - Bobo's Giants JOSEPH JULIAN HARRINGTON, right hand pitcher. Eighteen years old, born at Lewlston, N. C., lils present home. Is six feet, 1 Inch tall, weighs 181 pounds, lias only '.i year to go before flnlshlm high school. Lewtston high has had but three years of,football but Julian 1ms been their captain and fullback two of 'em. is a forward at- bakctbull and last year was selected on All-Eastern team. In baseball were county champions winning 17 of 18 games. ' Hurled a no-hit no-run game iigdlrist Windsor, Lewiston scoring three times Was almost a perfect game. Lowls- lon is also home of Burgess Whitehead of the Giant's. Uves not far from the wiiitehead home, and naturally the Ginat slar . second baseman is his idol. Knows his record backward and • sideways even Including his scholastic achievement nt the University of North Carolina. Pitched In '. the four- tcam semi-pro league In the district, Rccommendttl to the Giant organization by Whltehead and ordered to report to Frank Brazlll at Greenwood this spring. Needed nore seasoning and was tent here Hie elder Harrlngton'ls a manufacturer of a peamit • picking machine. Basketball is second besl sport with Julian. He does cverv- Milng right-handed. : ' CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (UP) — A 50.000-pound vulcanizing' kettle- believed the largesl In the world —Is used by the Simplex Wire and Cable Company. The huge ketlle is used to vulcanize electrical cables. FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1937. Pact Forbid* Caging Birdi From Mexico NEW ORLEANS. (UP)-Prosecu- tlons for possession of caged wild song birds were Indicated here as federal officials prepared to enforce Ihc amended Migratory Bird Treaty. , formerly tlie treaty was In oper- ation only between the United States and Canada, but Inclusion of Mexico provides protection for birds wintering In the southern country. Under the classifications of migratory birds are; Mocking birds, Indigo and painted buntings, Louisiana summer mallard, fulrous tree duck, the white wing, Eastern grotmd (loves and HO other spe- cies. Trapping' of moratory birds, heretofore n urofltable Industry it) r/Mllsann, will IK stonped. according to Lawrence J. Mcrovkn, federal garn^ management agent her.'. In addition, owners "of cased wild birds must free Ihsm imuie- dlalcly or be prosecuted. Read Courier Hews Wn..i Arts Movie "tears' 1 nre really drops of glycerine. •JiliKNA'l" KMTTINO YAKNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns f-nlcst Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P M .MBS. I.I:SLII,; nooi'Kii' HOU Chickasawba Phone 792 Scharbauer's Lasts A Lifetime-Pays For Itself in One Season American League W. L. I'ct. lew York 5 i ''hilaOclphia 3 2 Detroit 3 2 Chicago 3 3 loston 2 2 St. Louis 2 5 Vnshliiglon i o .833 .007 .CCO .OOQ .500 6W 280 .143 Yesterday's Results Southern Leajrue Memphis at Atlanta, : rain. Knoxvllle G, New Orleans 4 (11 linings). Nnshville at Birmingham, wet grounds. Little Rock -at Chattanooga, wet grounds. . . : National League Boston 6, Philadelphia 4 (11 In "ings). New York 9, Brooklyn 0. Pittsburgh C, Chicago 5 (13 In nlngs). St. Louis o, Cincinnati 1. Strange But True ftUWME KNOWN TO HM/E WITMUOOO THE OXCTANT A Hoe wilh a seal. Guaranteed to chop col Ion- chops lu',000 hills an hour and misses Ihe skips ... Ihe work of 8 to 10 men. You can produce 10 lo 50 per ccnl more collou on the same ground because il saves moisture through the summer. So simple a boy can run it. Works anvwherc in any type of soil and gets the weeds ami grass. It cleans the row and ilirls (he collon. Gives you bill (o hill centers as you wish Ihem. !1 ctilli- valcs between Ihc bills in (he drill row. Doesn't get (angled in Irash. Saves two cultivations. Knablos you to chop your collon when if should be chopped, a I a cost of a few cents an acre. Make's your independent of any labor silualion. Only A Limited Supply-So Don't Delay Coming in Bake Your Hay to Keep It Good McCORMICK - DEERING HAY PRESSES American League Chicago 12, St. Louis 0. Cleveland 12. Detroit 3. New York 4. Washington 2. Philadelphia at Boston, rain. YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO PAlflT Your house rarairc ygur klkhen cabinets or uuiyb^ a breakfast rcom sulle Whatever U rnay be ue ha\e the prbper patnt tor the work Call and tell us what jou need. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. FISHERMEN! We Have Plenty of MINNOWS and . ROACHES Open al 4 A. M. Sunday For Your Convenience Kirkindall's -- Oowr lt,S »~"='^ "'. ' "TO COME TO THE BIG Bt-OXl-Oilr TOV/6HT/- .AND !'ALL'THEtXCeLL-eNT. JLJS13D CARBARGMNS f WAiTi NGfor; you AT* BROADWAY SALES Inc. Phone 111 BASEBALL SUNDAY AT HARRY BAILEY'S STATE LINE PARK HOUSE OF DAVID vs. BOOKER FS Harry Bailey brings y ou ih e most famous Independent baseball ua m l n the world... the House of David club, a learn which trails thousands of miles each season to all parts of Ihe counlrr. Don't r»u ( 0 se c them... Don't mUs the pepper tame exhibition... Its worth the price of admission. GAME CALLED AT 2:30 O'CLOCK Whether you use all your hay or sell parl of il, haling offers many advantages. Haled hay lakes ii|i much less storage space than loose hay, is easier to handle, more economical to feed, and usually retains its feeding value longer. Only in haled form can hay he shiupci] profitably Any viiy you look at it, a McC'ormkk-Decring Hay 1'ress is u good invest- ment. And when yon finish your own work you can do custom baling. We can supply you wilh 1 and 2-horse hay presses, and with power presses which can he operated by, your own tractor or wil'li - an engine mounted on I lie press. A'sk us for further information on haling and on Ihe si/e of McConuick- Dcerinjr Hay I'rcs.s hcst »suited for v'our farm. This Tool Has Many Uses McCormick-Deering Field Cultivator Here is a too] that is proving itself highly practical for loosening dry summer-fallow ground, for mulching packed soil, for pulling out ([iiack and Johnson grass and other weeds, for renovating and cultivating alfalfa, for preparing seed beds, etc. Equipped with stilt teeth or heavy spring teeth, which are interchangeable, (his field cultivator can be used in many types of unplowcd land and for deep cultivation. With light spring teeth il is used for shallow cultivation in plowed ground. If you haven't seen Ihis McCormick-Dcoring Field Cultivator, make il a point lo see the one on our floor, II may be just what you need. We Uiunv of no other season when lime means more than (luring the haying.; Every day brings a variety of jobs, with mowing, raking, and slacking claiming your lime and alien- lion. Thai's why you'll like this new Quick-AI- tachable t'annall Sweep Hake. Us special features enable you lo allach (lie rake lo Hie Farmall 12 and he ready in a few minutes for 'fast, efficient work. When the Farmall is needed for other work the sweep rake can be removed just its ifuickly. The Farmall Sweep Rake is attached ahead of Ihe l'°imiuil| si) tfie operator IKIS iH'rTccl control of the rake wluMi loiuliiiK', mov- mtr, and un load ing Ihe slacker. This feature, to- Slfllu'r wit)! llii> power- iil'l device anil (lie provision for easy, quick steering;, makes .if,,possible for the operator ,'t () save lime at every lurji- wilh Ihe Karmall Sweep 1 'Uuky. The McL'orrnick - IJeeriiiy 'fine'" 'j>r (luiL'k-AtliKiiable Farmall Tools also includes a 7-I'«ot power mower, wilh which yon can mow from 20 fo 2r> acres a day. Ask us for detailed informal ion on these new tools. With Three 2-Iiow Rotary Hoes Here's a Great Outfit for fast, mre-crop protection If you haven't go( a I''armall 7 consider these good reasons why il will pay you to own one: You can make your seedbeds with the [j'nrniall from plowing (o pulverizing. A Karmall planter will put your seed in I be ground accurately, nuick- ly, and very economically. After planting (or before if necessary) Ihc Farmal! wilh the McCormick-Deering 6-row Notary Hoe will give (be crop sure protection against weeds and smolhering crusls. It works right in around (he growing plants, thoroughly slir- ring Ihe soil. Thirty-one lf>-point wheels in each section . . . -1% in all . . . dig in every 7 reel ol travel. Sprouling weeds are destroyed. Use Ihe rolary hoe for Ihe first two cultivations (or until plants arc 8 »r il inches high)—then follow il with (he Farmall with 2 or .1-row cultivating equipment. Slop in Ihe next lime you are nearby nnd gel Our price on (he I'armall and the special lools that make il the favorite tractor. i I DELTA IM Phone 802 Next to Armory

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