The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Bl.YniEVIU<E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS F CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oatty rate per II n« lor consecutive insertion: Minimum rharge .................. We 1 lime r*r line ....... , ....... .... I** 1 1 limes rer line per rtsjr ........... I2c 3 limes per line pri day ... ....... •"" 6 limes por lln* per day .......... '« 1! ttnirs jier line per daj ........ i* 1 - IVfonlh per tine .......... 9°c Count live average words (n t!ie Hnr. Art ordered (or throe or six times and •toppprt before rxpiratlrm uill he chargril for the number of limps Irif ac] Dpr-Mrcd and adjustment of bill mart?. All t lisslflfd advert Islns ropy sith- wiitrrf b.t- persons icsidlrir nutiidf of the city must tip accompanied bv r.iOi. Hates msy *-isily be computed from Ihf nbovr> l.iblt". ArivrrOslnc ordfrrd Inr Irrrrnlar 1n- jpftions tnUp The onp ttnio I.TMe. No rcsnonsUiiljK will hr taken for more Ih^n on? incorrect Insrriion of anv H,^if l <Mi art. -Ml ni?s art* rr«tr1rt*d to tliMr jirno<*r Ha^if (ration, style and r j pp. Thn Courier Nnvs reserves ih<* ilpM to crtU or rfjtct flny ad. Apartment for Rent 5 room "nf lu»i w-itrr. Ph, apt . rvt, 4 28 pi: i 5 Feinting or carp«nier woiic. C. D Klnuey. Ph. S327. 4 23 pic 5;2! Watch and Jewelry Repair I-Oay service on Jcwclry—3 days on n,-atchrs and clocks. Gm/nntepd work (lone by expert repairmen, lowest "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For caroliit, thorough rnsr e [run I not sprvJrp. c*]J o/j BJvt Jif vlJle Laundry'* 17 years of pxprilcnrp Ln thin fpcclftl- l?ert flPlrt. free pickup und delivery service—Just call 441R. w.yruKwi.LK • LAUNDRY CLEANBUS 4;1R ckt 5,16 20 MINUTE I'KOTOSTATIC BEIW- TOE O'STEEN'S STUI3IO. 11A VV MAIN 3 room apt. with hath. Call 2660 before 6 p.m. 4 25 ck 25 for 5cr/e, Misc. 3 un.'urnl-lir*d fnts lilc stove. 1'h. 32W. fd /or 4 25 p Dining room condition, May In (Irfct cln i at 701 Hardln m. xinf. ftpl. S2S S. Llllv. Ph. 67% 4 25 pk 5 2 3 rni \in(. ep'., North Hwy. fil. Mrs. Zoa Thompson. Rox 531. 424 pk 51 | Price of himhCT rerlucrcl to rio-nr yard j for summer sawing. 2x4. 2xfl. '2x8-14^ I per thon?nm!. n-rkltxn and tjoniny. *.")0 O. S. Roltisnn. S. 21st St , Plump 3100. 422 pk 5fl 3 room furnished &j)t- Hot .t cold running wntf r. Private bn'h. nowly dPCOTSted, 404 E DavlR. ph HO 4 12 pV, 5 I 2-room fnrn. apt- Private bath Couple on!jr. 516 Lake. ph. 2406 4 21 pX 23 3-room unfurnished Apartmpnt PL - !- Ttte bath, electric hot v,-ai?r hP3t* v r Ph. 1619. 4 21 p<l T3 3 apartments for tent. 112 K. Cherry *!16 pk SO 3 rm. unnir. apt Ph. 23SO or 6086, ' 4|3 ck II apis, lor rent. Cnil 6 ck if 3 room it 4 1 rooir 9612. C. Abraham. Modern 2 room fur. apt. Ph. 2595 or 45«i. • 2'14 ck tf Modern apt., 3 rooms nrul liath, newly decorated, good turnlttire. gas equipment. Ph. 3373. F. SI "ion. 9,21 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single, ll'l West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck If Unlur, tipt.. pvt. bath. 100 Cherry. Ph. 3349 or 2787. 4[I7 pk 5{1 3 room furnished apt. for rent. 713 ChlCkfrJiwb*. 4'I7 ck tf Supplies and Services Son't endanger your family with Kulty tires—BUY LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main and Dl7lslon Phone 3563 I2U3 ck tf Perfect quality WHITE . WOEWALL TIRES — low [ jmleage. Size 800x15 and / 760x15. We also have bargain jwseetiger nnd tractor tires of all'sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. 4|24 ck 5|7 Services LAWNMOWERS We sharpen and repair nil tyne mowers. Also new A: iwcrt power mo*-- €rs. AH klnris mover parts. Also power mowers for rent. Weslbrook Machine Shop Acros,-; from Kroner Stor; ' ^ ____ 4*4 ck tr Need your radio repaired 1 ! Call Red \VaJton, Disabled veteran repairs radio at home, Rcnsormhln prices Ph 5318 4:1 p* 5ii For tnovlnc nnrt locnl hncUtic C -\}1 8528. W. W. BocXharn. in n"" B 329 >k 129 T repair nn> make or mndpi washlne narhLne 2 hlorks writ of Dixie PLg on Un St.. by new school. Hcrbm Ora- 3am. Ph 673?i. 37 p^ 57 V. And V, Carprt f.nyfng Co.. nl Memphis now has a rcprr-spntat!,'e In BlythfYillc for a Fhnrt period nt [Inin Expert Installntlon and repair Con- tnrt Jtn'.mlp Edwards F\irnlt«r*- To Phone 2-187. 4.51 n v 3s GOSLINGS KOK SAI.K Rnlsr your ow» rot ton rhoiipc 51 50 ench in lots nl 50 or morr. 11 ouch, ICES ihfln 5fl JMMEDIATK OELIVERV HUGH \V. ALLEN O.iceola, Arii Ph. -105 A: 471 4 A 2 4 tow John Drcre Planter with mark- rrs; 4 row John t>ff:rr rolarv- tiop and .lohn IJccre disc hnrrow. Hnlp S Fauns. linrdette. ph, 4"nz. 37 els if Toinn(o plants ]5c <loz., pfants 20c doz, 604 Ash St. Ph. . 41 pk 5 t Save Money tt'hcn Von Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIM HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \\ r . Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Walnut Phone 3383 Plenty of Parking Space Kmpirp table niodrl Ironer. Exrfill- pnt condition. ChfRp, Ph. 971R. i;vi pk 38 Plywood boftts, all 'o*' priced See them At 604 Ash St. Ph. 4tVM. 4]il pV: SI H It's cattish yon ere looMnz (or, conic to Bctt.i Fish Mnrkct I h.ivc plenty at nil tlnien. Can fill nnjr rlvo orti?r 2010 none S(. hnlj block i>ast Of "-teway Curve- Ph. 964B 419 pk 5119 DIRT. Ph. «3G3. Oood SoybMn a««l. r\mk'a Hybrid sfd Cora. Soybcnn Inocvilntlon. Vllied Fertilizer. Ne»- «r:d UBrcl n« s s FARMERS SOYBF..M7 COUP (1. Broadway. BlylheTllle, Ph RI91 320 p* 520 Seed soybeans, Dortchsoy No. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's stock. Subject tr cerlificiition. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2142. in Implement Co. 3:31 ck tf SPECIAL PAINT SAI.E •100 gallons, nssorlr-d SprLnir rot DIIKO A.- c.nrdrn Colors for l'9si> <.... r thinned. Interior fjftt pnlnt. 35 colors. Me per qunrl. J2 per gallon A* lonu as (ircsent cvipply lasts. MARTIN TRFNKI.F. Inc.. Air Base telephone 3R53, niythftvlle, Arlc. 45 ck 55 GOOD QUAT,1TY WA1.I TONE WATER PAINT—Assorted colors, a t bargain prices, nebular if 1.00 per qt. now 50c. Regular 53.98 per gallon, now ?1.05. KIliE- STONK STORE, ph. 2102. •12.1 ck 57 More Than You'd Expect! 1M1 STTIIEBAKF.U l lSn ,] ,.„,,. rr 4-ttonr Sedan ... a br.Tiirful bl.icli car uilh aulom^tir Ir.nn- misslon. radio, healer, white sidwalls. T.ow milragc. Come In —drive it. 1919 FORD V-g Kordor Sedan. an cvrrniinmllv fmp bin- m a lat« moiid car. II fralurrs ll'.e popiibr V-S nwlor. nrtio and healfr. Glcaroinx bhti,. X rtw only SIMS. 1950 PtYMOVTII 4-dr.or Sedan. I.Ike HIP father who CMrtrupieb. the ni.ln who cur .it Chnm- Mill's tc:« more than h« evpccU. Our c.irs ^re tout nvi'r f r n tn humpcr I* Sutnper — llinrnu°l>l>- re- conil'tionciM Ttmfj why rnli'll frt clrpcn.lihle s,rr- Eee! 19.-.D STl'DKUAKKR 'i-Trin I'icl.cip. Urrr's an nam|>le of .Cliara'jlin's imiimul ralii« In SOO[|. rrrniulMinned trucks .Thlj pickup Is x low milratff truck. J9451 1519 STI'DEKAKER !4 - T o n Tickur. You'll trl miles and milt, nf innncy-malcint !fnlr<- frnm l'h:inblln's foati used trurkj. This plrkiip his now p.\lnt. $7951 ISIS (IMC 2-Tnn Authorized (^9' Service « 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Street*. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer * & Ash Call 6S88 .MONDAY, APRIL 28, 198J Spring Bargain Sale A-l SPECIALS-THIS WEEK ONLY 1950 FORD $1295 1919 FOUD £875 brilliant Carnation Ki-il rol- nr, IhEs Custom FnnTnr h;is while tires, rnrilo, hfalcr. ov erdrlve, ,s*at rovers. .S.ilR prJrs —S12951 1950 FORU 51295 I.Ike a ralisailR firrrn car? Thl* Custom Turlor lonks A runs like new. K.iOin, heater, new tires, seal covers. Sale —51205! With IhR pim-trful V-S engine, tills Ford !i-Toi> 1'irkup Is a HUP tiu.v. B a .)lo. heater, llelit grey finish. Salt prke—$875! Ii)17 FORD $015 Tompare this (i-Tnn Fnnl I'ickup with any r t7 model you've Kffnl It's a btiiutv! llraler, new scat covers. Sal* —615! 1940 PONT7AC .. 5295 1DIO CHBV $195 A food, really OOOU older model. A Tudnr Six with ra- illo, healer, gnnil (Ires, nlte- runnlnt enislne. Sale I'rice this week—§2fl5I You pan almost steal this Irurk. A JJ-Tnn 1'lckup wilh eoorl motor anil Roorl llres niicl' a M-oiulerful low price this week—$1U5! 300 Broadway empoiiy Phone 4453 Goon 1 xiAed vacuum rlrruirrs. B'laran- ecrl. Pii. Osceoln 0.54. Klrljy Snic-s Co, 4 22 pk 5 7 Modem -l-room ''"til. Iliirdwoorl Mini flours. Trade your old fumilure for new. I will also Imy your old furniture. Farmers tornw V-i down, balance in I lie fall. Formerly Arnold & (iainps Ph. G357. 4il7 ck tf . D. &P.L. No. 15 10 ton.v rtellntcd. treated. BncXetl Germlnnllon 84 to E6 per crnt Baved from so acres producing 97 balr.s. Price SIM ton. J R, GATHING5, Luxor* Arlti 4,21 pk i 5 SPECIAL BARY ClTlCKS This week. 4-A U.S. approved heavy breeds f!2.50. A!so alfalfa hoy. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Mnln Ph. 3317 421 ck 2R CERTIFIED DORTCH i\ T o.~2 Bhia Tag grnde Kcctl bcnns. Plant Board Approved. C. L. VVYUE Promised I-\nd Fnrm Or Phono 2623 Blythovlllc 4,17 pk 5H FOR SALE COTTONSEED Arkansas S(ate Certified Blue Tag, Machine delinted, Cere- san treated. $150. Per Ton F.O.R. Rlythcville \Varehouse Contact Warehouse or F. P. JACOBS JR, Ph. S22JM Osceola payments. iModei-n -l-i-oom house witli 'Kiln, equipped with nice olec- I'-ic ,-ai^c iinil rcfn K ei-atoi-. Veiled;,)! l,|j m |. s am! dnipcs. Lola of slofajfe .space. Higd and dry corner lot at 2300 Kenwood Drive. $1.000 cash •VIS.21 per month. It's nice—' .you'll like it. Vacant —move in .tomorrow. We have other houses for sale. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone Jill Residence Phone 25!)G On ck tf .Nrw 2-bedroom homo fiavdwood floors, attic fan" floor furnace, plenty o f stor' ngo space. Small down ], a y- n«'nt, . ?<il.33 per month. Move in today. Call 3633 or 2-186. David Real Estate, Sam C.ochvm, -1124. f»5 ck 52 Nlco That Extra Tractor That Wi i I Do More of Your Jobs More Of The Time! FERGUSON! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Kl.vlherille, Arkaniw* — Phone 2371 TINY TAXI—A model lends a decorative touch to the ollicrwise uliUlariiin "Micro-Taxi" jus! unvpilcd at the Alilnn. Italy, Industry Fair. The three-wheeled iniclget laxi, designed for two passengers, is rc;i!]y n motor scooler with a special housing. Designer claims it oilers lower fares, good speed and gas-saving mileage. Lost and Found Private Rooms Nice furnished hrrtroom. -or.v Lent. ICCFHIou. Ph. 2514. -5 21 pk ?250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gip-i Rndroom.'^i^nlTnt 10 ban,"nT™ son. Call 32G2, 3J23 or '146'lJ-—'— u w """"• ph - 3;i25 - * 10 ct 5 '" Glcncoe Hotel. tfi Bedroom with prkrata bath. ph. 9671 11 .,. " For Rent room Holly. rxlcrn hnmf? with unfurnished housp. Ph, 6213. k- 5 2 : room Turn, he c kitchen. I>h. 1 Wonted to Buy "'ant ic bny scverM nser) pianos. = Call 2071^, Nights ^059. 4 23 ofc 5 23 i Chnup glnss showcase. I'h. '26M. | Baby bed without mattress. Ulck , \Vliilc. 3592 or 37-11. ITS Ck 27 MOLASSES & SULPHUR MAY BE A GOOD TONIC f OR KIDS 1 . The B«st VUt Tonic For Yewr CAR IS OUR Motor Tune-Up Adjust disiribulor points Clean air cleaner Test coil Tighten cylinder head Adjust liming Clean Ijaltery terminals Test condenser Tighten manifolds Adjust carburetor Check and adjust voH.ige control Test battery and refill Clean pings and adjust gaps _ Adjust tappets • Tighten hose connections • Check vacuum spark advance • Adjust fan helt ' • Check compression • Adjust generator . charging- r ;i |e • Free up heal control 1 valve • Test starter 425 ^^T Plus Parti SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 I S room , Ph. -16:( house. Rear, of Room nnd hoard, MP.O mra Is to "the public. Porvetl dally ] i oo to 1 30 Brnckln Boarding House. 126 E Ash P h - 43B2 ' 4.18 pk 5 18 Conrrr-te Block Building, fiiiltnblp for ?ara^e nr store nncl adjoining 5 room nniisc with hath. t./)crtted in curve on Hlshway 61. south slrtc of Holland, Mo, Cnll -,,04 or write Pmil Bynim [mtile- nem Co. " i32-ck if 2-hsrtr hom Real ESTATE Farms—City LOANS "roperly Tomato Plants. 3 thrift Irs FYnmt- pliitits: I5c do?;., 51.00 Jr'n \V |\ Sharp. Ixino Oi\k Rood i. i HLway West. ^ 4 XEW OUTBOARD MOTORS — Slightly damaged in shipment. In perfect condition. !U)-day warranty. Bargain prices. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. 'IJ2-I ck 5,7 ^V>sttni.-!icM!*p clcctrlr. .itoyp, sn.S; v<Vsttnehou<;c pjnrlrlc rpfricrrAlor S150 Noth practically new. Ph. 3t06. . 4 26 pk ,10 Rc- Snvr- l^r; orl n np . v Frlcl»lnlr Ti^ointor 6 inorlcls to choose f Adnnis Appliance Co.. 203 \V Mali] 4 25 rk S J6 Kor salt- rhpip! Onp Simmons Hospt. )'•(! cornplrtr, I Whr-fl Chair, Mlsrhlly i'-r;! Mlriivny Storr. OsccnU. Ark Rt . Hlch«ny W. 4 K pi; 4 2» Corn. A, I,. Whistle, 1'h, Dell. 2fiM. Boy's *1c1r\vnlk bicycle ivHh rlc- t^r]^r.lp side \vhcrls, $21). Call Mis Llnyrt Stlrknion. 2148. 4 2S t[ OEKHE. Anv- n.imbrr. Comr nnd set -lirm fni JISD or\rh. Robert Thmnp<nn J mllrs cist of Tarhro. 25 pk 2^1 Noble GiTl Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Blrig. Insurance Rent ft shrtlnnd pony for your child ny the day. wppl; or month John Mr- DOWCII.JIII 3706. 43 pit 53 room ho location. Ph. WANTSD: We pny top prices tor soyheans. soyhean spllta. shellrrt corn nats, wheat and barley Get our price hefrjre you sell FAttMEKS SOYBEAN CORP N. Broadway. Blythevllle ph. 8191. 3 20 ck 5 20 iiKe. electric kitchen, po 2933 or 3671. 4 18 ck NOTICE Notice Ls hcrebv given that (tie undersigned lia.s lileel with the Dc- paiiment cf Alcoholic Beverage. Conlrol of the Stale of Arkansas for a permit to sell nnil dispense hccr Ht retail on (lie premises described as: 211 West Main. Blytlieville, Mls- iLv=ippi County. Arkansas. The iindersisncci state.s that, he is a cilizen of Arkansas, of good moral diameter, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime invclvin^ moral turpitude; that no lU'eiLse to sell hecr by the unrter- sismcd has been revoked within five years pa^t; and that the uncler- siined has never been convicted of viointinz the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Ls for permit to be Issued for cperation beginning on the Hi day of July 1D52. and to expire on Ihe 301h day of June 1953. Buford Martin Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of April 1955. Lonnic Boydston, Notary Public My Commission expires: 3-19-56 SEAL ' "II. 6858 930 We will pay CASH tor your old Ko- daks. cameras ami lenses for parts.' O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 Wist Mnln. HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and al! kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway & Moultrie Drive Phone 89G2 'I [1 5 ck tf Guaranteed Watch Repair £, $ 3.50 Yowr watch Is disassembled, ' I cleaned, piyots polished and [ b»ir Mirinri adj»'t«i. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler [Next d»«r to Wade F«rnit«rp I Soviet Women Advance In Communist Party MOSCOW lfP,~ The Central Committee of the Communist Partv believes that women should be boldly advanced to executive work In nil phases of national Ife. Women are found in all kinds of Jobs in the Soviet Union from captains on ocean-going ships to high posts in the Communist party. Government statistics showed 830,000 women specialists graduated Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. .[. Pollard Agency Planner] Protection GI.ENCOE HOTEL BUIl.niSTt He/p Wanted j Jr. >p|illrnn't mvwt' h«Vo' <-3r° Trie • t capitrtl For IminrtU^tt' Ipuprvlrvv N rl divine rnlt dol.itls Iixrhulr phoni- n, ^(K.r t >^^ f -c- \v r u- to r O H '^iv I Jcniilncs nranc-li. 5t. |xi m , jn. ' Mo Notice FUT.LKR BRUSH Tor frrvlrc at voiir rioor. CAtI fi^?3 JAMES UG'HTY, DIOAI.K.K ^ 4,22 pk 522 For So/e, Real Estate Colored pro}>rtty--New 4 room hoii<e. I^00 down. hAlance easy tfrir.s. O R liolllson. rh. 3r>09. -1 26 pX 5 10 Family to make share crop ! Ph. «80l. 23 ck tfj Help Wanted, Male D for M.-Nr-s P <•„„„ , <],u-ts u, . M,,,t IV- i">i>.-sl, nnr.l-ivorklnc uud t>.ii>.il>l' of wot'kliii; win, „,„[ hanilllim SMI,.O,.M. fts M.;SI ]l;»vr S!JlrJ,-l,-i,r Ji.u'klll-' 10 rniry n slork of from <1«>)V) to J '.1\>I '." !>'"<hu-t f . Ft'TiST -MCNKSS COM- IAN\. p. c> Ni>* 27^^-1)^8.31^ P'n-10,, Mraiphls 2. T.-nn. j 2S rk 2: i Salesman Wanted Modern two bedroom home alvpjuly financed by -l'"« G.I. Loan. Total payment. ? 10.001-rr-—— per month. Reasonable down |:.,• °-h*_i» mt",,^",^™ ,™.™ £™ Payment u-illi iniiiieflinte pos-1 a"»-iri«ri' l V?oii"u*" r Vn hl f<vM7i'*!,V -'i'-'" SPRSJOIl. SCO Or Call MaX ' 1.0-| s .' iri r" l'°umy, No r»|il!»l'nr^il'm 'otl'ip'r ! . I'h. 2034, Lynch Bldg. ! JiS"" cSm.'^ »,^,' ,^^: \ .. ^ 3 ck 30|i\n.. MemphS'T"™. Ul '" t ' *^'"'«' Notice to Farmers: I represent Ihe ROBERT I,. nORTCH SEED FARMS o( Scoll Arkansas, in this Itrrllor.v. At present I have about 300 bn«l,cK of DOHTCII SOY No. 2 BREEDKRS BEANS. Also » few or tbc NEW 67 VARlETi'. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day Phone B218 Night I'hnne 8061 r.ncalcd ,-jOO yds. So. of cily limits, Hiway 61 A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles HflUT€RS QUBLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. from higher educational Institutions, over one million studying in Jiiglici- and secondary educational institutions and 207.000 women doctors. Forty per cent of the agronomists are women. SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists No matter what kind of car or truck you own, T. T. Seaj Motor Co. can offer yoa the BpeciaHied service of speedometer repair. To be safe — to jet better sen-ice from your car ... be sure your speedometer ll correct. 1-Day Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer Ul E. Main Fhone 21ZZ DPL 15 ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED First Year From Breeders 80-85-9171 germination, delinlerl and treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS flfl-SS'f (Termination COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land New Trucks-Used Trucks Big Trucks-Little Trucks If It's a Truck You Wont—We've Got It! 1951 CMC Z-Ton SWB Truck with 2-speed axje. Tires as new as new can be. 1950 CHEVROLET 2- Tpn SWB with new bed, air brakes, air horns. Save! $1695 $1295 3W1 CMC i/j-T<m Pickup, deluxe cab. 7,000 miles. White side wall tires. $1195 If>51 STUDE BAKER I'/2 -Ton UVB Truck wilh excepfionallr low mileage! $1195 Ifll7 DOnOR 1-Ton Slake Body, good tires ... a very good (ruck. $395 RMC «-Ton Pickup in first class condition. Come (o East Main $745 IMS CHKVROI.KT l'/ z Ton with new bed. Practically new tires. Guaranteed. $895 1S»50 CHKVROLET Vi- Ton Pickup. A fine little truck at a nice price. $945 Buy on Homer-Wilson's Easy Terms HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Ulctsmobile _ CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 ON EAST MAIN ST.

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