The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 1G!> tily'lwvllli! Dally, New*. Ulyllievllle Court*. Valley Le»il«r. mythevllle Htrtld. B1,YTHEVIU,R. ARKANSAS, WKDN'KSDAY, SKPTK.MIWK 27, SINGLE COPIES' R. E. L WILSON IS Fear Is Felt for Life of Officer Captured by Flce T ing Convicts. MICHIGAN' CITY. Ind, Sept. 27 iUP>—Hundreds of vigilant posse men, itnncd with shotguns ami squirrel rifles, tramped through isolated Indiana woodlands toduy hunting ten Ucspcrate felons who ercaped prison yesterday and |X)S- flbly killed a hostage sheriff. • No (race of Sheriff Charles Neel has been found since he was kid- naped in a daring break from Indiana slate prison. ' Escaping from the old penitentiary after a bold break thnt started in the shirt factory, the prisoners split Into three groups. One. believed surrounded at Chesterton, kidnaped Sheriff Neel. who was brining a prisoner to the institution, and sped away in his auto- ir.obile. After abandoning the sheriff, car they kidnaped Cecil Stonier, a fanner, and continued their flight in his automobile. Stanier later was released. The convicts were heading southwest when Stnntcr's car became disabled. The escape, one of the most daring: in Indiana history, left an aged prison employe critically wounded and two others slugged. Fihley Carson, 72, a clerk. was Ehot. twice by the convicts. His recovery was doubtful. FLASHES <i01.ll HOARDER INDICTED NKW VOBK.—The lirsi .1 • nwnt in the United Stales miller the gold hoarding laws was found by a frileral Kijmil jury when Frank tX Campbell, New York attorney. was charged with failure- tu report a ilepnsll of 27 cold bars. 'I lie bullluii. held by tin- Chaw N'allnnal hank, is valued .U SiiiJ,- COO. BAKKHV IfKAD D1KK i.rrri.K HOCK.—tari c. .tunes, 45, president nf the Coliural ISakliiK cumpany, ilieil in a hos- \ 3,302 Bales Ginned in County to September 16 R. E Lee Wilson Cotton uliininu In Mississippi I Bounty is far behind-last season,I IL Ii revealed by the report of C.] • C. Danehower of Luxora, special 1 agent of'iho census bureau^, which; shows only 8,302 bales ginned • In j this coiinlry from the 19:13 crop j prior lo September 1C. U>st year] r i n tvi-n IN !31 ^8 bales of 19:i'> crop cotton) A. 1'. 01 L. Keporl Will tJe-iwen- Binned prior lo Septwnber i • • y-i f - I 1 i* . l iiuwd ivlorc jateguarcis for Unions. WASHINGTON. Sept. U7. IUI'>— T!ic American Federation of Labor, meeting next week ill Ir.c most Important convention in its inUI line today a few hours uf- j hl5lon . wlll demand that the n'a- ler lie was slncken with a cere- | ^^ rtcovcr a ,| mlll isirallon cre- brat hHiiorrtiase. ; na . fl , nllei . sn j eg , nr( , s for or g. in . B K™»X" "^""rh™* 1 ' 1 '?!! '""H warned today'lhat „ lau- iiLKKl, AU.— inree unite A3loly rcl>0 rt of tlie NRA hod 1>?cu bandits who robbed Ihe Hank cf d do . v|l al)(i sp( , c , nc Hltl( ,, sm Bern- of S1.0CO and fled a half ,, ldul , C(1 Tll( , exccu tivc council of mile in Hit van nf a posse today t)u , A p 0( L fcel . ^ , he NHA . I 1.—Has not put surflck'iil men I back to work. 2.—Has resulted in a breakdown in were beheved surrounded swamp near here. Deputies and citizeas of tliree counlieS were doting hi on Hie i ( n w a.>e dlfferen'.ials between skill- swamp. The automobile in which | c a. semi-skilied, and unskilled fhr luniil triu ilasheil away was abandoned 15 mile.s from here al . 3 p tlie north, river swamp. resulted in organizing employers effectively while labor to shift for itself. leaving Picketing of Non-Meifiber Store Suggested at j Meeting Today. More vigorous effort lo make the NRA program effective In Blythe- riltc appeared In prospect today following u meeting tills mornlnR of local committee members. The suggestion was / made that tile committee might give its consent, or at least withdraw Its active opposition to (ho proposal, of £ NRA officials realize that crili- certain groups to picket the store cism of the NRA Is'bound to gain j p/ olle Prominent non-NRA. mem- increasing attention. The intensive Calls for 10 Cents a Pound A J A p Advance at t rer Interest. BOSTON (UP)—The recent six- eome series between the Boston Braves and New York Giants drew a total of 148,000 fans, an average of 38,000 lor each of the four days the teams played. WASHINGTON. Sept. 27 (UP) — A crystalizaiion ol President R-or.evelt's plan tu loan money Lo cotton farmers was presented to' southern leaders loday by Os- Blue Eagle campaign throughout j the country served to !~.o!d this in clicck for a time since criticism would be interpreted by the more I zealous campaigners as a lack of patriotism. Whether the A. P. of L. action will start genera] criticism froln all i who are opposed to [he program is j conjectural. Many business men '. who are honestly of the belief that the recovery program has failed 13 pursue the wisest policies may become articulate once tiie Ice is broken. While some in the Roosevelt ad- bcr. Reports were received from leaders of women's organizations cooperating In the consumer membership campaign. The drive for Closiriy Stock Prices A. T. and" T 120 1-4 Anaconda Copper ... 15 ' Bethlehem Steel .... 33 Chrysler 40 5-8 Cities Service 27-8 Coca Cola 85 1-4 General American Tank 31 General Electric — 19 General Motors 281-4 International Harvester 36 5-8 Mlddlewest Utilities ... — Nfontgomery Ward .... 19 1-2 New York Central ... 31 Packard 31-8 Phillips Petroleum ... 15 Radio "i 1-t Simmons Beds 20 3-8 St. Louis-San Francisco — Standard of N. J. ... 39 Texas Co 25 3-8 U. S. Steel 46 car Johnston finance officer of he agricultural adjustment ad- nJnistration. Johnston recommended forma- k,n-"of "a federal commercial redit corporation which would Borrow money from the R. P. C. l' 2 pe:- cent and loan it to the otton growers at 1 per cent. The corporation would lend 10 Tilts a pound on T-Bth low mid- King cotton 0'- belter nnd 8 cents pound on lower grades. Johnston (old an assemblage of :tlon planter, 1 - and southern leg- :.i,ators that the plan would b? inken up by Secretary of Agricul- New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 27. (UPJ — Cotton closed easy. open high low close Oct 97J 981 D12 074 Dec 1006 101C 998 1000 Jan 1013 1022 1007 1008 July .... 1030 1040 1024 1021 May .... 1045 1057 1040 1040 July 1065 1071 1057 1057 Spots closed stendy at 1000. off 5 ministration feel that a general attack on the recovery program would be harmful, others feel that there would be a healthy effect from c cussing things hi the open rather than in the 'atmosphere of polite camouflage. consumer cooperation has not been End Comes Late Today In Hospital WKMl'HIS. Kept. ai lUI'l— It. K. U p e V.'M-nn ['vriiilncnl MK-l: 1 .i!|)pl rininiy lawlovinei- and limrti- rln who liu.s !»••!! in ii tirllKMil n:iuUllnn nl Hie .MciluxIlM ho:;i:«l Ii' .Mi-i:i:ili!!> for I In 1 pus 1 . ••. viTiil days, ilinl :ii 3:55 I'. M-. IN ins $73,000 Recovered..'-, ty Federal Agents on Farm Near Coleman, Tex. Mr. WIlMin i-iiti-rru ill;- ho'-phiil | •i Wt-itmvliiy. lie wu.s taken • Memphis In-ill Hot KprliiK* '-(•LI: tie had bien laltlim Ireiil- 1 'ills fcr < ui-.iivr. '] lit 1 di-ceiiM:! was tini.' of llu' lost widi-lv V.iimvr. iiii-n In I In- '[111- JUUJ MKMPIIIH, ficpt. 2" l UP)— Kiirt- • Tiil agents announced today tliut ; . rWiihmng witnesses will , be ; ! i.-rmi|>hl hen 1 to combat George : ': "Mi'cl'lm- . finn" Kelly's flijht ! | ai::ilii-:t rcmo-'nl In Oklahoma City. ' '- credlled with lii-lin I ' u ' ls wucciliiri- will force ,llin . world's li-rp/'fI Individual tut-1 P"Vi-' lo ulimv It.s Hand al. loll piodm-iT. lie was n unlive ol Mississippi ru.mty. havlr.-j IKI-II born ntiiir !lii.t£i!tt Mnrch S, IBiiS, Iho ran o; cph !.. anil Miirthi-. ]>inlcs Wll,. lie ra-c'v. d his nc-hunllng In Tlplon toiinty. Tc-i.n., win-re hL-i til her moved In 1M7. SOUK yturii later, v.-hen n yomiu iiiin. IIL- r.-ltLineo lo Mississippi i-nmity where he liil'l Hie foiindu- llriii for his vu',1 csliiU.- of ap- iiiL<xlmot«ly 50.000 acres. Planter, itHlii.sii'tali.'.t. and banker, (uie ef ilie South's Hading completed but between 1,600 and! who died late today lit. Memphis, Is piclnud hen: us lie was 1,100 curds have been signed by|by ihe camera »t Hot Springs, where hi- tie<;iicmh' went foi persons pledging themselves 10| buy only from Blue Eagle stores.i Tliis campaign will be completed this week. ! The women who have been Interviewing consumers reported thai the general attitude was one of willingness to cooperate, in the movement, but that some objectors were found. A few refused to sign mm TD IE [KPF.ET MIEt ID consumer pledges on the grounds that they believed the NRA was doing harm, rather than good, while a number<of others 'd€e!ii)edJ on religious grounds, declaring the NRA embiern to be the "mark o! the beast" referred to In the Hible. Tlie local compliance board, organized last week, will probably begin tearing complaints In a day or two. At first persons charging vlo- 'latlons of NRA requirements by business Institutions displaying the "51ue Eagle appeared hesitant to put their complaints in writing, as HER, LIGHT lunger ..and Disease Feared in Wake of 'Disastrous Hurricane, ' cut foi vAcnllnn:;. . . . „ n . i > i ......I He and Bales Rest Urschcl Kiclnapinjx Defense Without Testifying. iiiken up by secretary ol Agricul- p , . ,. r ls reqlli rcd, apparently fearing that ,-re Wallace. Administrator Peek, hoimer Acting MayOV °I they might lose their jobs or olh- ;r-d other Rcveinmental leaders M v o vl: Likelv to "wise suffer, but -within the past :or action within (he next few '"-" ' ul ^ i-"vciy a ^ ar twQ fl mlmber of UTiUci , KUII As Independent. days. 'i he loan program first was revealed at [he While House last v.-eek. Will Study Monetary and| ftl Credit Situations Hyde Park. NEW YORK, Sept. 27. (UP) — Injection of Joseph V. McKee in!o -Hie New York campaign for mayor as an iudcjxindcnt Democratic candidate was believed a certainty today by close friends of the j former acting mayor. j McKee has remained silent on j Ins prospective candidacy but the plan to force his entrance into the ! race was reported gaining momentum as some leaders saw hopes of Democratic victory only wllh a day complaints have been nled. The Brooks Hays Threatens Contest i{ Opponent _is Declared Nominee. _i I second candidate.' New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 21. (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Oct 975 986 S69 D77 Dec 1004 1012 995 998 Jan 1012 1019 1002 1006 Mar 1031 1037 1023 1023 May .... 1046 1052 1038 1039 July 1064 1069 IOVF Spots closed steady and unchanged at 911. Chicago Wheat Dec May Dec May open 89 5-8 93 7-8 high 91 3-8 95 1-2 low 83 1-8 92 3-4 close 91 95 3-8 i Bandit Stages Stick-up Within Block ,ol NEW YORK. Sept. 27 (OPi —i 'resident Roosevell today prepared I o retire lo Ihe seclusion of Ills' Officers have compliance board promises to shield Ifce Identity of persons filing complaints. The procedure will be simply to Invite the proprietor or manager of the business charged with violation to appear before the board for a discussion of the situation. The NRA requirements will be pointed out and an effort made lo reach a satisfactory adjustment. ft this fails a report will be submitted to Washington, whence all orders for witlxlrawal of the Blue Eaple must come. The picketing suggestion as a method of forcing non-member stores to enlist under the Blue Eagle was advanced after a number TAMPICO, Mex., Sepl. 27. <UP) —Hunger and discasp. threatened stricken Tamplco today as relief work was organiv.t;ii and search continued for bodies of Hurricane victims. •'- Water and light services were suspended. Pood and medical supplies for the hundreds of il! and injured were urgently nreded. The waters of Ihe Panuco river swept to the sea seven miles away over what had been the poorer section of lt:e thriving e.ily. Portions of -the residential section were still under from six lo ten feet of water. : " Authorities feared many bodies were in ruined homes. The present death list Kloixl at 80. but further up the Panuco :ind , (..lection, the near by Tames! rivers it wns feared more victims would be! added. r.lTTLE 5QCK, Sept. 21 (UP) — OKLAHOMA CITY, Supl. 'il. (UP)—Tlie government's prl/e catches in the huge Urschel kid- naping case declined to testify for MEMPHIS, Sept, 7 (UP)—Fed- ernl agents struck another blow' at • "Machine Gun" plen of Innocence today In ing n confession directly linking the desperado will) the Urschel rnmoin money. John M. Keith, head of the Clil- cngo bureau of investigation, said Rmnscy, Memphis at- liuiiry, hrid confessed that Kelly and his wife. Katherlnc Kelly, sent . him ttt a spot near Cass Colemun's furin in Tcxns in search of the rnnsom money burled (hero. "•"• 1 " S73.000 Recovered The announcement, came n few mlnulrs nftcr J. Edgar Hoover, head of the bureau of InvrsUgia'r lioii, announced from •Washington tlml his agents had found S73.0W of [lie money at the farm near. Colemnn, Tex. ' . Simultaneously Keith qnuted 'the attorney, former brothcr-ln-law of he bnndlt. as saying Kelly's share f tile Urschel ransom money was 15.000. .. , . . . ' Unmsey was nrresied here today themselves today and the trial speeded toward a close. 'Harvey J. Bailey, 'notorious criminal accused as plotter of Ufr nnd Albert- lUles. dric-'of. ;J nnpors, rested their cases without a word of defense. Their action came as n surprise after the <le- DnvltK'0. TLTI-V held n lead ol fcnse was completed for the three more than 550 votes this aftcr- nron over nrook-, Hays as count completion. Terry Issued u statement say- In? reports lo headquarters Indicate he carried six of eight rounds In the fUih district nnd Hint SrmnnoiiH. , he expected lo lie nominated ^0 votes. I "Machine Gun" icclly negotiated for n ransom, flnlslied the (tcfcnse ior his family. He told n story of being forccil by threats of death from Kelly lo guard Urschel. In earlier statements to federal agents he had sale he expected to receive SlO.iXX) for minority of "Any unrcpcitcd precincts will:his work. nnly increase my majority," Terry] All that remained today was tin 5nU3. | defense testimony for the five Twli statement from Hays' head- [cities defendants accused as mon quiirlers indicated Tony win Ilayr, wl! that .should ey changer!;, nnd possible rcbiitta contest the ; Missing Boy Is Found • Playing During Search at Memphis Hospital police and county officers search. cd the city yesterday morning for CJyrt? Warren, Jr.. 15. only son | the foiir-yenr-old .son of Mr. and Clyde Warren Dies 4yde Park home to review the .ernational monetary si in-1 trace of the gunman who held u " . ! a store not paying NRA wages, as yet found no ; T,,,, committee took no action direct, operations of his credit expansion program. Some of his close advisors believed (he chief executive also would tackle the war debts problem in preparation for conferences scheduled on his return to Washington October 5. They tnotigln. the debt situation was discussed last night when Mr. Rooscvell conferred with Jesse Isador Strauss, ambassador lo France, at his home here. The fact that the president brought a full office staff along the city hail and courthouse Monday night and escaped with $13, Tlie stick-up occurred near a tent show on north Second street within a stone's throw of tlie county jail. Tlie name of Ihe victim could not be learned. but it was Intimated by some members that il inlghl modify its previous strong stand in opposition t_o such activity. number of re'.at.ives here, died this itii'rnlng. 11 o'clock, at the Mem- •j'i:.s Baptist Hospital. Dentil re- Milrcd from blood pcisoninc; and pneumonia. The deceased visited heie. ii tcslimony for the governmcnl. Warren, Jr of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Warren Mi's. C. J. Allen whose prolonged of Halls. Tenn... ant who 1m a | absence from the family home on VJavls street alarmed Ills parents. The boy wns eventually found, safe And sound, playing several blocks away. According to reports, tlie .boy's parents becn-.c alarmed Steamer Renssalacr ported Sinking; Passengers Rescued. Re- All who frequently w hcn he failerl to return home .survived by his within a reasonable lime after be- ,>srenls. one- sister. Mildred War- lug sent on an crrnml to a neigh- E. H. Baker, Cleveland Publisher, Succumbs CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 21. (UP) -Elbert H. Baker, chairman of the Cleveland Plain Deal- g company and one of i the nation's outstanding newspaper Warrants were served on Police | publishers, died today at Lakeside Police Chief Charged With -Hunting Violation | ^ dub iLhi i en, a:id relatives include '"Dr. nr.t Mrs. I. n. Johnson. Mr. and '•Irs. Fred Warren and Mrs. S. I. McDearmsn, of this city, ana Tr. and Mrs. L. L. McDear:nnn, ci Luxom. I):', and Mrs. Jolni- on. Mr. Wirrcn nnd Mr. and Chicago Corn open 50 3-4 57 1-8 high low 51 1-2 49 1-2 57 3-4 55 7-8 57 1-2 close 51 1-4 for the visit to Hyde Park indl-1 Chief Ed Rice and Scott Harris of I hospital, cntcd he would carry out an inten- i this city yesterday charging them I Death followed an abdominul op- sive work program while there, es- with hunting with the aid of un- cr atloii from which the 79-year-old penally in connection with credit licensed dogs near Piggott. in Clay publisher failed to recover. expansion, which he NRA. Tlie whole regards as I county. | They •• in a magi: I Baker had been associated with the keystone to success of the i They made bond for appearance •, u,(. plain Dealer for 35 years. world monetary < in a magistrate's court. \ - A New Bridge You'll get a thrill from the ntv problems presented in the dally article on Contract by McKenney. In this newspaper.. You'll learn the game by actual play, of the hands, and you'll be able to compare your cwn game wilh that of the experts. Sec the first of these problems on Page 11 today. question was discussed while en| route to New York yesterday. Will Seek Return oi Hotel Holdup Suspects Sheriff Clarence Wilson and Po' who figured in a highway accident | lice Chief Ed Rice left this morn- LUXORA. Ark.—Buddy Barbce. 1 near Yarbro yesterday morning,ling for Gillette, Ark., where they 5-vear-old son of Mr. and Mrs.: was fined SIM on a charge of drlv- | will seek the return of two youths, Will Barbce. sustained fractures',Ing while intoxicated by Municipal held by officers there, who arc sup- of the arm nnd wrist when he fell! Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday I posed to have been the bandit pair Luxora Child Injured | in Fall From a Treej in Fined $100 For Driving While Drunk G. W. Goodman, Texas motorist, Mrs. McDrar:i went to i\Tem- phi? yesterday and Mrs. Warren wi'l Join them later for Ihe fun- borhocd store. Marmaduke Man Will Reopen Steele Theater STEELE, Mo.—The Steelc theater, closed for three years, will reopen 'tonlRht with tlie picture POUGHKEEPSIE. N. Y., Sept. 27. (UP)—The Albany night line passenger Renssalaer. south bound for Nc\v York, col- on suspicion that he had dealings ' •; ivltli.Kelly before,,!!^'capture:here :; vest on! aft.'An. automobile pwned by ?.3 thij oiitlaw'.Vwas hi .his poafwlp'h.- .' ^--:,,....k ^.oljjl^ ip'rUrS';?,* Was-1u«Snl}te!s-rri}^ loyocl on orders of.'KcllH... •••'•> Exact-reason-for the _del(fy was nnt announced, but'It was asinim- cd It bore some relation to -the_..-• fact tliat ftiithoritles fenvcd nri at- Icmpl to lilx;rate Kc-ily mi«ht b« iim(le. milckly by his confederates. Kelly and his wife were arrested hero ycslcrdav under (in Indictment chr.rplni; they participated In Iho Urschel kidnaping. •Guard Roads lo Memphis' "They killed five men nl Kan- Mis City attempting to free Nash and we ore determined that this will not Imppcn analn," Keith hild today In discussing the situation. As evidence of the extensive precautions tnkcn by the government to frustrate any attempts"^) literate Kelly, every rond. lending Into the city is under strictest guard and all suspected automobiles are. searched. "We tire not lightly receiving reports that members of Kelly's band will attempt to liberate l\\rA," Keith said. - -, At a hearing to be held here later the government will' npf be required to show Its hand, KetjJi said. Kelly, however, will be requliy ed lo prove that he could not have been in Oklahoma City" St the time of the Urschel abduction. j Hurenu of investigation agents announced that Kelly will be returned to Oklahoma City by air! plane but declined to divulge ..the > probable date of his removal. He and his wife are scheduled to'f' lldcd with the steamer Roxenia In the Hudson river today and listed In mid-river in a sinking condition. Five of the Renssalacr's 150 passengers were Injured. three sirloiis- tried October 9 on the Urschjel charges. Native of Memphis ;. Shortly after his arrest here yesterday Kelly was Identified as George K. Barnes, son of a Mem' phis insurance man and a passengers were removed in ! dent of this city until about nine e'-pl services to IK held at Halls | ••Captured " where the Warren and McDcar- j A D ^Mcr of Marmaduke.! the vessel afloat. -nan families have resided for a ! Ark ._ , ms , CBMd tlln i^iuiing and All life boats. The ship's crew manned pumps under the direction of Captain William Roari, trying to keep 1 years ago. He was known by Merri- 1112 phis police as a small time' bootlegger nnd hlgnjackcr. Former schcolmnlcs, some of whom are now i installed so'.ind equipment. Mr, | Fielder has licen in the show bus- i Iness for'many years. n;:mber of years Wedding Memories; Judge Hears Story MILWAUKEE (UP) — Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Forester were attending the wcdriing cf fi lends here. "H makes me thing of our own LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Alleging wedding," said Mrs. Forcste,. to I iht.t Ihe state of Arkansas has Griifin Would Prevent Collection of Gas Tax her husband. "Yeah," said her husband, "it doe s me, U»." Then according to the story told by Mis. Forftcr to from a tree Sunday morning. The child was playing in the tree when he lost his balance mid fell several feet. First Saekcr Hart One Pnlom PAWTUCKET, R. I. (up) _ afternoon. I who held up the Noble hotel clerk Howard Mlssl was fined |5fl on I here early Saturday morning, a charge of carrying a concealed I It Is understood that the youths' weapon. Ira Parks failed to ap- are also accused of a service sta- pear to answer to a charge of dls- tlon robbery n«ar Gillette and the turbing the peace and his $15 cash j local officers are doubtful that they bond was forfeited. I will be abfe to bring the pair back Walter Bochm. first baseman forj Two men were lined $10 each for I here until after trial there. How- the Wnyiiosot amateur baseball I public drunkenness and tlie bond ever, sufficient evidence may be se- team, had only one putout In a jot another who failed to appear cured to present to tV.e October full nine-inning game recently. I was forfeited. grand Jury lor Indictments; Judge Ctto H. Breitenbach. her husband hit her so hard thai she fell Into a bathtub. Judge Brtetenbach granted Mrs. Forster a divorce. Installment r-lan numeil OAKLAND, Cal. (UP> — Mrs. Evelyn Stearns blames tlie Installment plan for wrecking her romance with Robert S'.er.rns E(,e s. ,cd for divorce when her wedding ring was repossessed, no power to restrict the operation of his equipment with a six-cent !K-.ioltne tax, T. A. Grlflln, subcontractor for Ihe Trinity Farm Construction ccmpany of Dallas, engaged in levee construction work In "astern Arkansas, obtained a tcmrwary restraining or.'IT 'hi federal court yesterday preventing state officials from at- tiinptins to collect the lax. [men of prominence, could scarcely Tnc Roxema, which was proceed-. believe that the nationally notor.i- Ing northward to Albany when thei. oli s bad man was the youth they. crash occurred about 2 a.m.. was|] ln( ) known years ago. unharmed, • 19 years old Barnes was i married to Miss Geneva Rams6)', i 17, in a run-away elopement. She i obtained a divorce about eight Pulled Tooth Hit —. , . . — | UUnUlILM H Ul^UiVC n«-nji. t v ti&nv Uentist m the tye | years ago afteY Barnes had dls- CLEVELAND Tenn (UP) — I appeared following his conviction ~ About the only news about a den-; on a liquor charge. She ,1s a sister its', pulling a tooth Is "bad news" for Ihe patient, but when th? •coth flics up nnd bites the den of Lingford Ramsey. Memphis attorney under arrest for alleged compllclly in Kelly's attempt to t'it, in the eye then Its news.tori BMn possession of his share of the | Urschel ransom money. A piece cf a tooth flew up and' >:i f . Dr. Wayne L. McCullcy in the eye. inflicting K slight cut on his, eyeball, when he was attempting [ lo pull It from John Mcc. of Cop- pcrhlll, Tcmv, recently. , WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Cooler tonight. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy - i FORD. Kan. (UP)—A giant cot-|t on t g ht and Thursday. A similar Injunction was ob-|tonwood. tree on the J. C. Lovett' tallied severs! ago by the Trinhlty Farm company, which has its headquarters at Blythevllle. It i.licged that gasoline used In levee work wna not tubjcrt to Uie UK- farm here is said to be the larg-| The maximum temperature here est In the slate. H is only 80 feet; y-.'terday was 85. minimum 73. high, but is 25 feet In circumference and 6'i feel in diameter at its base, paitly cloudy with .63 of an inch va. n (all. according to Samuel P. Korrls, official weather obsefrtf,

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