The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1937
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APUIL 30, 1037 UIATllKVILLli (AUK.)' COUK1EH NEWS I'T LEI OF II EM IBILP PM Two to Two and One-Half Times Annual Income Should Be Maximum Love Story With Title The wisdom of the almost rigid InMslciice of Ihn Federal Housing Administration thill it is unwise for a man lo Invest more thar two to two and one-hull tlmcf Ills annual income in a home aiu (hut monthly payments should no: exceed one-fifth to one-third o: his earnings, is revealed in the "case histories" of many of Ihe applicants seeking lo refinance existing trusts with Insured single mortgages. The almost blind enthusiasm wilh which people have plunged into purchasing homes under the old .system of first anil second mortgages wilh payments which allowed no protection against unforeseen difficulties, is responsible for many of Ihe applicalions lor insured single mortgages now being made. This is not only because of the danger of foreclosure where Ihey have fallen behind in Ihelr payments, but also because Ihc payments are more than they can afford and enjoy a decent standard of living. A case in i>cint is that of Robert . E. Hartney, of Chicago. Back in 1932 Mr. Harlney made a good in- vcslmenl when he purchased five-room frame bungalow for $4,500. The terms of Ihc conlrac' ' called for a down payment S3CO, additional $200 within GO days, monthly payments ol $40 and S1CO in a lump sun every six months. Mr. Hartney met the conlrac terms for the first year. Thci came trouble—a reduction in hi salary, followed closely by illnes. in the family, with medicine, doc lor, and hospital bills. He was im able to meet his monthly pay incuts, and he be^ari lo let thi obligation slip. Meanwhile he been thinking over his situation. 1 Monthly payments, taxes, insur ance, and fuel expense tolalet more than SCO per month. H could get a nice apartment, slcarr liealed, with janitor service an no fuss or worry for $40 pe month. Having lost his inltia enthusiasm for buying a home. M Hartney wrote Ihc holder of th contract that he didn't see ho he could continue the paymen! The mortgagee replied that', sine he was leaving town, he won! take $3.000 for his $3,600 cquil ". : in"::th'e.° house if Mr. ' ; Hartne N could 'raise' the money right awa ' Trearteh'ed "by' this ncwii" M Hartney applied to the First Na lional Bank of Blue Island, 111., for a loan of $3,300, the amount needed to make the payment and recondition the building. Then the Federal Housing Administration, after appraising the property insured the mortgage. The new insured single mortgage runs for a period of 20 .years, with monthly payments, including taxes and insurance' of $32 pur month. "Being offered the mortgage for 53,000 was a break," said Mr Hartney. "but until I found I could refinance the contract with an insured single mortgage with mortcrat; payments. I didn't realize wlial a great thing the National Housing Act really is it certainly ts a blessing for owners of small homes who arc trying to make ends meet and pay for a place. "Our picture is completely changed from six months ago Title to the house Is now in my name. Our monthly payments are considerably lower than rent for an adequate apartment. "Again, the difference in what .nother Virginia beauty has followed the footsteps of Lady Asto y marrying into the British peerage—the former Mrs. Uorolli: 3 owcr Sands, seen with Enrl Beatty after Iheir secret man luge i . London's Guildhall Register. I Mew; Bali Player Carulhorsvillc Society — Personal Vomau's C'hib Meets, Thf Woman's club met, Tuesday fternoon at the home of Mrs. Ingh Tisladl. Mrs. Wld Matthews nd her mullicr. Mrs. Graves, were uesls. The Department of American Jllteiiship hud charge of the pro- rain, which was planned ">' Mls 1. 8. Smith. Miss Mary Ellen forncr. who leaches citizenship in he tiH;h school, spake on "Crime nd youth." Plans were made for Ibu lunch- on lo ho given :il the next niect- nt the home ol Mrs. Sum Orgel. \llcnd Conference il l'o|)br ftlulY. Several of Hie nie-mliers of Woiimil; Missionary wioty an; he Belle 11. UrrmeU Missionary society of the local Methodlsl chtirel ire attending Ihe twenty-sixth an mini convention' of the Women'; Missionary society of the St. Lout Conference at poplar lllufl thi week. Rev. C. C. Bnrnhnrdl, formr pastor of Ihc Mellioilisl churcl here, is pastor ol the host chuvcj Mrs. Wyiniiii Dlllmiin, wh(\ Is u lembpr of the Woman's Mtalon- ty society hevo. upiiearixl on the rag rum Wedm'siluy. Shi read Hie criptiire ui;d led in prayer at one t llu- si'sslom:. Thus? intruding the I'onfei'cnea ri i : Mrs. wymnn IMUmaii. Mrs. •'!oyd n-.trnliiii'l, Mrs. John S;v\\- 'i'i'. sr., Mrs. ,lni'k llopfcc, Mrs, 4'iin Smith. Mrs. E. G. Roland mil Mrs. (;. K. Ciistli'lH'rry. Mrs. Smith nnd Mi's. Knliiml wore rtel- tes trom the Woman's MKslon- iry soi-U'ly au;l Mrs. Cuslleueny >f tlw lijllc 11. lii-inictl soi'Hy, Ml<s Kathleen Nichols, who In n luiti-Ht In the University ill Cn- mnbiw, spent from 1'Yldny until Mnuhiy in Mii-ohi, vLsilhu; her par cuts, Mr. nnd Mrs. Parker Niih- ols. Miss Kst;i IlPnisteln Is spei Ilils wi'C'k in Columbia us Hi: r.ur:-l of Miss l.m'ille Knidell. Mis:. ll:-in- in accompanied Miss .SpUK'li who hail spoilt Ihc w<":k end lic'i-j n'k lo Columbia, Sunday. Mrs. T. O. Shanks of Mem phis spent tin 1 pusl. wei'k end Inn uilli her diiiisitUci', Ann !:h'.ink.f and lu'r sister, Mrs. T. M. S[ildi-ll Mi:., o;nu milling sr.. of M'.'ii: 1 Art., arrived a few days ujo I ip: p iul sovmil * we.^k.s wilh In 1 Li:ui'.;ht',T, Mrs. Allen Grecmviij who iT.»lel('s on I-Viuuson avenue. Mrs. 11. n. I'urkctl of Fulton, Mo., is L-xnei'lcd licrc iiuiKluy to ipend two weeks visiting her par-' •ntK. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fre<t Williams. Miss Ann Hi'hnvmul'.orn 1ms been confined lo her home Ihls week by illness. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Thomas ni'C raving Hatmdny for Albuquerque, N. M , where they wilt make their lome in the future. Mr. and Mrs. I'homas have lived here for two years, he linvln^ Ix^cn employe<i at Ihe Arkiiims-Mlssoiirl Power of- tU-e. Mrs. N. C. Hawkins Is In Joplin. Mn.. where she Is attending Hie slate l 1 . K. o. convention us doU'lwte from itic lotul chap- Ice, DM. Mrs. ,1. K, Wiilil is In Allanla, On., where fhf iitlendcd the wcit- (UiiK »f hi'i- ulero. Miss llorothy IVek o( Mi'iuphls, wlili'h took place theri' WcdtU'sday. Mrs. lMI[ili liorrymnn 1ms been ranllnr;! lo her home this week by Illness. HAl.E IMiiHiunit to a decree of the Chniv.'i'ry C'inii-1 of this county, ren- di'ii-ii dii April 14. 1931. in the case of lloun- owners' Loan Corpora- Itan vs. Myi'He M. lliilstead, el-al. 1 will, within lawful hours on May '.!:!, 1W7. soil id the front door of Hie c-ouri house at lilythevllle, Ar- kuusas. to Ihe highest bidder, on a credit, iif Ilirrc months, the follow in» dist'iilK'vl properly: l.:n number li; In Dlock 2!. of the liiytho Addition 'to Uio city of lilythcvllle, Arkansas. The purchaser'will be required lo give bond with approved Mciirlly to secure payment of his bid, nnd a lieu will also be retained on the property therefor. Dulod Ihls 30th dny of April, 1037. A. F. SMITH Commissioner lit Chnncc-ry. Held & Kvrard, Attorneys for plaintiff. 30-7 COMMlSSIONKIt'S SAf.H I'nisuant to a decree of the Clntnccry Court of this county, ren (Icrcd on April 14, 1937, In the case ol Home Owners' Ixmn Corporation vs. Win. Hlsch, Eva Porter, ct-nl, I will, wllliln lawful hours on the •22ml day of May, 1937, sell nt the front door of the court house al Ulytlicvlllc, Arkiinsas, lo Ihe highest bidder, on n erwlit of Ihree months, tho following described ]iro]K'rty: Ix)t 10, In block 3, of the Park Addition to the city of Blylhe- villc, Arkansas, The purchaser will be required lo give Ixmd wilh approved so ctirlly to, secure payment of hl liiil and a lien will also be retained on the property therefor Dated Ihls 30th day of April. 1037 A. P. SMITH Commissioner in Chnnccry Held & Evrnrd, Attorneys for .Plainlitl', 30- Hufinian News Aflcr going to his home In oa.t«s, Tenn,, for the weekend. C. W, Bng- Lsh, Bccompanlcd by hbj wife,'returned here Sunday. A. 8. Miller of Cooler, Mo., was ,he dinner guest of Mr, and Mrs. H. H. Green Sunday. • Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Merrllt nnd son, Kenneth, and Mr- 'Merrill's slsfer, Elizabeth, -spent Friday nlghl in Kcnnctt, Mo., as.the guests of Mr. aixl Mrs. Arthur Klyc and fanilly. They returned Saturday, accompanied .by Wllma, Jean nnd Margie Klyc, who returned lo their home Sunday afternoon. : Mrs. Jess Allen nnd J. T. Walker and family and Mr. and Mrs. Louie Walker were called to the bedside of Mrs. Llbblc York' of Trenton, Tenn., Sunday. Mrs; York is a sister of the elder Mr. Walker and mother of Mrs. Allen. All/returned lo their homes here except Mrs. Allen, wlio remained with her mother. Dr». Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone MO .HORIZONTAL • l,~ 4 Young i base-i ball'star. >8To;hit. UTodrug.: 13 To assist. 14Ayerage. 15 Ulcers. 16 To scatter. 17 Leaves out,13 Railroad briclge. • •Answer to Previous" Puzzle 22 Preposition. - 23To:deduce,: - - •" 27 striped . .'43 Higher-ta f: 3 To peri orate, antelope., ' place. / 4To rankle. 31'lndibn'plne. _'51 At a'distance.:' STaidy. 32BuU. i 52 Monkey. fi Falsehood 33 Bird's nest. ' 53 Paving block. ° * alsctlooa ' 35 Chanted by a 54 To rent. • choir. 55 His father 37 Pronoun. trained him 38 Opens any- - as a . .thihE'foldcd. -5G-Workci w J — record v, . last year. I 18 He is slill a 21 Tree bearing acorns. 24 No. 25 Evergreen tree. 26 Prophet. 28 Indian. 20 Drone beei 30 English coin. 31 Cloth measure* 35 St. Vilus dance. 36 Pronoun. 3D Unless. 40 Level. 41 Auditory.-*. 42 Kind oJ dandy 43 Mast. 44 To relate. 45 Pole of any kind. , ' ,48 -To ..tip. -.. .VEKXICAL '2 Smell. •? Taro root. 8 Half. . 0 To remain, 10 Person opposed. 12 Footlikepart. 1 46 Pitcher. 14 Much (music) 47 Desert fruii; :i5HQbro.kea 50 Plural. ffiata** M: TOlf ^ — u r F L c a on r- s.^r-.u*' • . -^-j, * , -*> u<^ 'V-*- 1 ^ h^' closod-cor Prico Btoc< ,19321 TO ie poit no addi- tional changes'. ""^VJ?--" *-*ca a> is** has taken: advantage of the Mcd- ernizatlpn Credit Plan of the Fed- YAKIMA. Wash. (UP)—Age tattooed on an arm of a youth, ac- a m o a you, ac- cral Housing Administration to cl , scd O f perjury when he attempt- cover his shingles. home with composition cd to obtain a liquor permit, helped The reduction in his the county prosecute Its case we are now paying on the mortgage and what we paid on our contract, almost $30 per month, means we can enjoy some of the things we. could not afford before. A stoker, lor instance, makes the furnace easier to fire and saves on fuel; and as soon as I am satisfied that the asbestos shingles I sec on several buildings around us prove salisfac- lory, I'm going to have our home covered. It ought lo make good Insulation and improve Ihc appearance of the building. "The monthly payment including principal, taxes, insurance, and other charges certainly is a convenience, but most of all it saves lhat worry and strain of digging up lump sums to pay taxes and othe-r Items, such as the $100 which I had to pay every six months under the old contract. It is much easier to budget our expenses by paying them when I receive my salary, and the temptation of delay putting aside money against lump- sum payments Is avoided." Since refinancing his home with an insured mortgage. Mr. Hartney Have You Visilccf Our New Modern Service Station? White Rose Gasoline Goodjcar Tires Wiliard Baltaics Hoad Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 IIOUK SliKVlOK Call 633 For 1'ronipl Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co, monthly payments under tiic new against him. The tattoo mark show- plan of paying for his home per- ed he was 20 years old instead of 21.! mils' him to take care of this | expense without straining his LORAIN. O. (UP)—Louis Hen- j budget. Later, he plans to in- ningcr, notified by telephone that j stall a stckcr. thus lightening and he had won an automobile in a i reducing the work and cost of contest, sold the car within an j heating his home. hour without having seen it. Efe i fUV FORE* P IL. tuv**. OP ,C£E? COSTS! , 3 =S£=F « ^oparts^icel \l/l LOW DELI VM9\ T 11 PRICESI \ ' I/ , usual down paym**" ^ v\ \ *{ The Saveon Gaso'ine Company Tank Car Station at Holland, Mo. announces A policy of only one f;nule o f highosl finality petroleum products direct from refinery to you. High Test 1 O Gallon No-Nox Gasoline JLOC Tax ('aid Yei this new kind oi car gives driving pleasure few cars in America can maich—ihe finest kind of engine—ihe very last word in beauty, safety, and modern features! Saving isn't all that counts in a car! This Thrifty "60" not only puts dollars in your pocket—but gins yon more for what you spend! You enjoy a smooth V-8 engine, the type used in the costliest cars. You get brakes that cttseyau down to smooth sure stops in a jiffy- You ride in Centtr-I'oisc comfort, offered only by Ford in low-price cars. You get an all-steel body structure that's insulated against noise, heat, cold. Plus style-setting beauty, rich appointments and upholstery, big outside luggage compartments on sedans. This latest and greatest Ford economy car gives you alt of them, nt a new low price! Ask your nearest Ford Dealer for a Thrifty "60" demonstration today. Learn how much you can now have for a little! THE THRIFTY 60 FORD V-8 The quality car in the low-price iield-at ihe lowest price in years! $25 A MONTH, after usual down payment,'buys"aay model 1937 Ford V-8 car through the Authorized Ford Finance Plans of Universal'Credit Company; 100% Tiire Pcnnsyl vania Molor Oil In Sealfcl Cans •20c Quorl Tax 1'aid Every gallon sold with a Money-Hack Guarantee of Satisfaction. One High Quality - - One Low Price 100% Pariffin Base Molor Oil Sealed Cans 15c Ql. Tax Paid We Invite You to Call Us Today for a Demonstration-Phone 811 .Authorized Ford Dealers

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