The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1950
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY, MAT 10, 1950 1 President Signs Bill Creating a National Science Foundation BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS a progress WASHINGTON, May 10. (A')—President Truman today signed bill setting up a National 'Science foundation tx> promote in science as & national policy. + , He said the. establishment ol the ^feindalion "Is a major landmark in ^He history of science in the United States." In a 600-word statement issued from his western tour TIC said scientific knowledge' Is "Indispensable to our continued growth, prosperity and security." He added it was not enough for the u. S. to keep abreast of the rest of the world, "we must maintain our leadership." "We have come to know that our ability to survive and grow as a nation depends to a very large degree upon our scientific progress." The legislation provides for a 24- member board to supervise the letting of research contracts and the awarding of fellowships and scholarships. The operating head of the foundation will be a $15,000-a-year director to be appointed by the president. The foundation is to cooperate with the Defense Department and the Atomic Energy Commission. For the first year, the bill authorizes a $500,000 appropriation for the foundation's work, with $15,000,000 annually thereafter. However, separate legislation actually providing the money is necessary. Loyalty Promises Cut Before sending the bill to the White House, Congress struck out a controversial provision that would have required the FBI to pass judgment on the of persons employed by the foundation or re- fifting scholarships. The PHI will continue to make factual reports on the background of such persons but will not be required to evaluate the reports or pass judgment on applicants. A similar bill was vetoed by President Truman In 1948 mainly because It gave control of public funds and public policy to private individuals. The stated objective of the new legislation Is: (1) To develop and encourage pursuit of a national policy for the promotion of basic research and education in the sciences; (2> To initiate and support basic scientific reasearch through contracts or other arrangements, and to appraise Ihe impact of research upon industrial development and upon the general welfare; (3) To initiate and support (after consultation with the secretary of defense) scientific research in connection with matters relating to the national defense through contracts and other arrangements; (4) To grant scholarships and graduate fellowships In the sciences; (5) To roster the interchange of scientific information among scientists In the united .States and for- egin countries; <6> To correlate its research programs with other scientific research programs of individuals'and public (including federal government) and private groups, as well evaluate such other programs. Life "he Tax Gremlins EDITOR'S NOTE: "Life With the Tux Gremlins" Is a 12-part thumbnail story ot the nation's complicated tax structure. The characters: Uncle Sam himself, his Gremlin, State and Local Tax Oreralins, and you—the taxpayers. It's ' from an "American Affairs" pamphlet published by the National Industrial Conference Board of New York, an indepen- .dent, non-profit fact-finding in- Ktittltion supported by business, labor and other groups. If what the Gremlins had already done to the family in today's cartoon were visible, the man would not have all of his pants nor the woman all of her fur coat. And if t^i-artlsb Had been able to get it l^yhe little girl might have a bag of"candy, and if she had one the big Gremlin's fingers might be in it because there Li a federal tnx on sugar. Here, us everywhere, the Gremlins come first. "To justify spending more, than our income, some persons speak of what the government is doing FOR the 'little fellow.' Let me show you what the Federal Government is doing TO the 'little fellow.' The United States Goernment is making the small man smaller every day. "If the 'little fellow' sends a mes- jsage by telephone or telegraph he pays a tax. If he travels by railroad or bus he pays a tax. If he buys an automobile, the sale price Includes a tax. When he buys gns- ollne or oil h'e pays a tax. I! he buys cigarettes, he pays a tax. If he goes to a football game or baseball game, he pays a tax. It his wife buys a pocketoook or cosmetics, she pays a tax, and if his children go lo a movie, they pay a,tax. The average working man must work 47 days a year to earn the money necessary to pay his taxes to the Federal Government. This Is almost one day out of every week. PACE THREE 51 KAISfcRS ARRIVK-The 1951 Kaisei, second of three new lines of Kaiser-Prater automobiles to be ntroduced this year, went on display today in the showrooms or the 01 Motor Co. on North Highway 61 Shown above is the Kaiser two-door sedan, one of a range of 12 body types in this line. GOP Plans to Use Senate Floor To Reply to Truman Speeches By John Chadwkk WASHINGTON. May 10. (ff) — Senator Wherry (U-Neb) said today that the Republicans intend to use the Senate as a forum to reply to all political speeches President Truintvn makes on his western tour. The party's Senate floor leader told reporters tills is part of a coordinated plan by the Republican National Committee and the House and Senate GOP campaign committees to keep the' party's position before the people throughout the President's trip. Senator Ferguson (R-Mich) led off yesterday with a reply to Mr Truman's talk at Casper, Wyo.. in which the President spoke against a return to what he called the Republican philosophy of greed -and privilege. The President recalled the Teapot Dome scandal of the Harding administration and said the philosophy that produced it is not dead. Ferguson said Mr. Truman "spoke the truth" about that, all right adding that the philosophy of greed and privilege referred to by the President is "rampant In Washington today" with Democrats in control. "Covered Up" But now. he said, it is "covered up" while back in the '20s. when the Teapot Dome scandal was brought to light, the Republicans under Calvin Coolldge "look every step to prosecute and lo disclose lo the public exactly what had lakcn place." Then lo Ihe movies. If the new programs now seriously proposed should be adopted he will have to pay in taxes the equivalent of his wages for an additional 20 days, making 67 days he will work each year for the government instead of for himself and his family. That is what the Federal Ctovern- mcnt is doing to the 'little fellow.' " —The Hon. James F. Byrnes. Traces of Iodine In the diet are essential for a healthy thyroid gland. 6WHITT6 CATARRH 9MHI U •* SUFFERERS UNO CUM FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION. .SUPPLY RUSHED HEREI Relief at tut from torture ot tinu«, t»t»rrh, tod hay fever d«« U> HAS*! congestion, U seen bidny in reports of *ucce» with i formula which bu the power to reduce n&3&! congestion. Men «nd women with agonizing ilmu head ache*, eTogeed nostrils, earache, h&wVinff and tmeezin? misery Ull ot biased relief t(tcr usinz JL KLORON'OI. cuJ-U 13.00, but eonsiilrrinjr results, thi» b Jose Kl.ORONOI. (caution, use only u direcUd) »old wilb rnonej-bucl; £u>rant«* by Woods nrujf Store — Blylhevlllc — Mil Orders Filled, *Sick, Ailing Carpenter Tells How He Got Well Again Member of Internalional Brolfierliood of Carpenters and Joiners Unable fo Work for Quite Some Time Due lo Vitamin 8, and B,, Niacin and Iron Deficiencies Mr. W. P. Patterson, a member ot the Houston, Texas, Local 313, wos unable to work for quite some time, despite frequent wonderful offers from contractors. Then last September Mr. Patterson heard the exciting 'news' about the amazing new HADACOL medicine and how K was bringing relief to thousands upon thousands of sick, ailing men and women who were suffering from such deficiencies Since then Mr. Patterson has taken 20 bottles of HADACOL and is working every riay. Here Is what Mr. Patterson told us: "Since I have taken HADACOL. I am doing carpenter work every day. I was troubled with digestive Disturbances, gas on the stomach •pd bloating. I've recommended BADACOL to about 50 people, and most of them who followed my advice are getting better. I nm sure I owe part of my pay. check to HADACOL and the blessed relief It brings. Mrs. Patterson also added that before, he could only eat bread and milk and now he cats frankfurters and Vienna sausages. Helps You Feel Wonderful I Without a doubt HADACOL Is one of the greatest medical contributions of our times. The results that It's accomplishing In such deficiencies are simply »stounding.Thousands of sick men. women and children (with vitamin Bi and B;, ntacln and iron deficiencies) are feeling that life is worth living again HADACOL has given them a new outlook on life — makes them feel life is glorious—that It can be en- Joyed to the hilt. HADACOL also builds up the hemoglobin content of your blood (where Iron Is needed) to carry these precious vitamins and minerals to every organ and part of your bodj—to tht heart, W. P. PATTIiRSON liver, kidneys and lungs, even to tin eyes, hair and nails— to help repaii the damage such a deficiency mai be causing. Sold on a Slricl Money-Hack Guarantee So give this remarkable HADACO) medicine a chance to help you \, you suffer from stomach distress ess nervousness, Insomnia, constipation aches and pains of neuritis, a general run-down condition, and »re sick, ailing, because you have such deficiencies. Remember HADACO] is amazingly different — so amazingly effective because it (reafs thi KKAI, CAUSE of such troubles. Make up your mind to take HADACOL regularly. Refuse substitutes. Insist oj> the genuine. There Is only one HADACOL. You can't lose a cent because It's so!d on a strict money- back guarantee. Only $1.25 for trial size. Large or family size, $3.50. 9KU Tb« UBUnc CorportUo* Ferguson's remarks lonelier} off n hen led political row. Before it was all over. Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois told OOP Senators they were mistaken if they thought they could win the Congressional elections in November by "smear tactics" and by denouncing M\'. Trutnan. •At one point. Senator Kcm (R- Mo) told the Senate "there is strong evidence of fraud" in every election in Missouri that President Truman has won. Lucas shouted he resented that. He said that Mr. Truman as a candidate for senator, vice presidrnl and President "never lost Missouri in any cainpuiKii he's made," that In Hie la-IB election, after the charges of Kem and others lintl been aired, he carried the state by a quarter millioti votes. Sex Crime Treatment Urged by Association CHICAGO (AP)—The American Municipal A&soclatlon says cider, ticcd better facilities for examining and treating persons accused of sex Imcs. The oi'Banizntion lookec ver fads gathered In 30 cities, and ommcnted: '•Recent sensational sex crime.- avc spurred several cities am :alos toward more effective means > coiie with sex offenders Surveys Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce Ihe following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE KEPItESENTATIVK L. n. Autry Re-election Post No. 3 John Cowan Kenneth S Sulecr Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Flccman (For re-election Post No. 4) Fnr Slate Senator W E. Nicholson A GREAT DREIFUS VALUE! $12.75 Nationally Advertised Watch Bands Included With These BULOVAS • Complete Only $1 Weekly Regular 512.75 naljona advertised walch bands included at no extra cost with one of these regular famous $29.75 Bulova watches. Bolh for only S^9.^5 at Orcifus'. Your choice ot man's or lady's accurate mo.lel in Ihe color of natural gold. Open An Account at No Fxtro Charge! DREIFIS Dn-ifm . Wear III.UtM \|\|\ and studies are under way or have been completed In St. Knits, Okla- loma. City and Seattle. Bills aienglhenliiB sex crime laws have jecii Introduced In several Icgteln- urc.s. "Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis reiwrtecl they have clinics for diagnosis and treatment of persons arrested for sox i-rlmcs. Other cities, generally, make some provision* for special care 01 sex crime defendants, but clinical facilities for treatment are Inadequate In most." The Nntluiial Geographic. Society describes piicrla Del Sol as the rimes Square or Madrid, Spain. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as Rt. 2 Oscoola, Ark. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted ol a felony or otuer crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws ol tills state, or any other state, relative to the sale ot alcoholic liquors Application is lor permit l .o be Issued for operation beginning on the 1st day ol July 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of Juno. 1051 T. S. Uagland Subscribed and sworn to before ne this 91h day of May 1950. Elizabeth Mason (Notary Public) My Commission expires; 4-28-54. 5-10-50 NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Zommksloner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at refmi on the- premises described as 103 W. Main, lilylhcvllle, Mississippi County. The undersigned suites that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good mroal character, that ho has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within live years last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted ot violating the laws of this stale, or any other stale, relative to the sale of alcoholic liq- uors. ; Application Is tor permit to b« Issued for operation Vx-glnning o«i the 1st day of July, 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1651. O'corge Sallba Jr. Subscribed and sworn to befor« me this 0 day of May 1950. Mrs. Marshall Blacfcard : (Notary Public) ; My Commission expires: 39'53, 5-10-M For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casoi In aoled in several hospitall clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after th« UM •! Mounlain Valley Water. ( If your doctor has dfacjfloMd your condition as functional KidV noy impairment this natural, urv treated mineral water may be v«ry beneficial. Try it for a few week*. It Is delicious, pure-tasting, end may bo consumed freely, ' Crossfown Whiskey Shop Main & Division ^:i>1;:.? ?•••"• -r. • ' £-< :•• <J&**' - ' :.''-- *#' GOOD/VEAR Are You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot ' of money so don'l Icl Termites canst expensive damage. Gel protection now... but. .. BE SURE YOU GETTHE BEST! H. C. Walls, a charter member ant) director nf the State Pest Control Association, can tio your joh right. Here's why: 1. Licensed longer than any operator in Mississippi .County. 2. longest continuous satisfactory record of STATE inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. 4. Conscientious workmanship. 5 Sane plan of upkeep! CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Wall* Phone 3792 924 East Main ONLY EXCHANGE tax) 6.00x16 SIZE IT'S GOODYEAR'S FAMOUS MARATHON TIRE A Value You Can't Beat SAVE! DRIVE IN, TRADE IN NOW Pay as little as 5Qc A WEEK ^<«i>^«^>>>>m»iiismi^^timmmmmat^m^mm^^^^^^^^^^^^. GOOD/YEAR * E R V I C E STORES 110 W. MAIN

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