The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1947
Page 8
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BLYTHEVltLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1947 Produce or Die, Morrison Warns . ttfttdi Official Says . Production Is Remedy For Europe's Trouble , '-V LONDON, July 9. <OP) ~ Lord President ot the Council Herbert Morrison; 'defending the government trade »nd economic program in Commons debate .yesterday warned that "not only Britain bul the jrorld must produce or perish." Iri answering acting "opposition leader Anthony Eden who opened the debate, Morrison said the crea- tlon.'of long term organizations ensuring the future security and wel- lare ol mankind meant little if producers of the world' did not expand their production more quickly in the aext three or four years. If this did not .occur, he said, the "whole ; opportunity of building tolerable civilization may be lost." Morrison said, the only remedy for Europe's troubles, pending restoration of European industry and agriculture, lay in devising some means whereby "billions of dollars 'worth of. North- and-South American production could be transferred ; across the Atlantic .without necessity for immediate payment In the form of equal and opposite flow of European goods." Morrison said that when British • representatives went U> Washington they- estimated $5,000,000.0* was necessary to see them through, but that what they actually got was three quarters of this sum. He said their purchasing power was further reduced by a rise of 40 per cent in ' U. S. nrlces and persistent boom conditions compelling them to accept second, third and fourth cho',™ and high prices. 1 Eden in opening the debate on the import program, said the Marshall'.plan was not a cure-all tor Britain's-ills. !In Holland It's Herring, Not Hot Dogs jrv Lynn Jackson, both of Bly- rvillc; .1. U. Buford -awd Virgie wry, both of Dell: Robert. <Brock lloseiand and Mildred Phillips Manila; Klton Underwood and ii> iFnuiccs Smothcriuon, 'both of ixora; Ted iFlaney nml Gencvieve iQiriy. both ol Manila; U. A. ouu! is and Elizabeth Cllne, both iBlylhevllle; Biilte C. Johnson Forrest iCily and Betty Louise Ills; of Miuii'.u; Harry J. Ashley id Ertllli b. Connor, both of iytheville. ; Waiter iBob Taylor and Harriet irijiina Tutor, both of Blythevillc; lucliotl 'Richard Shaw, and Nol.i Duncan, both of Burdctte: CJuincy E lirinkley of M-mlki, OIK 'liccli -Nell Arnold of Lc-achvllle :in:cr M. Smilli ol Cut Bank loniana, and F.lojsev M:Cllntoc» 1 Eldrcd, III.; Guy E. Reed an Cora'Bell Davis, both of Dell; Donald Frederick Belong of Wooiibury, N J and Juanllu Buck ot beacli- villc; Alien Griffin of Dell and Annette Keener of St. Louis. Mo.; W. .C. lleardcn and Hose Lee liuvcli, both of Leaclivillc. Eugene Krug and Mary C>arrobcll rainier, both of Blythevillc; George Mc£ash and Bill Martin, both of Aniiorel; Mas Heed aiid Mrs Maude Morris, ''coth of Lcaehvllle; G. W. need and Mary Sue Hendon, both of 'Blythevillc; George Kelly Dublin ami Mary Hc-.en Howlcy botli of Bcntori Harbor, Mich.; Fare! E. MtLcsler and Virginia Llllard, both of Blytheville; S, D. Haggard and Daisy Myrtle Peterson, both of Blytheville. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota I.nrfje Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Servloe /. W. L. TAMKE Just as Americans eat liot dogs at cnrbsido s nnds Holl. ide.h r-iw herring product of the catch thiit makes the little nalioi world's third biggest fish producer. Here Dutch women, faces skyward on oy »finny snnck-10 cents a fish, and they somelmics eat five at a sesslon-at Schcvcningcn Harbor, near The Hague, while SchcvenmgciVs GO fishing boats Haul in the clay a catch. i 108 Ii. Davis St., f. O. Box 431 | Plume 2187 BUIhevllle, Ark, '•••»••«—..••••.•—•-•»«_••.•»•••••• •>>>>>:>"«"o>>>"*"*"*i>>>"*>>"*"*.3 PHONE 524 ABC |Cab Company; V >• Courteous Service Announcing rs ELECTRIC SHOP . , i I House Wiring • Farm Wiring V Repairs Phone 2397 WO North 5th Ktrert Bob Powell T. W. 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Pood, medical supplies, clothing, fertilizer, fuel and seeds to be fur- Shane Fenjller Attorney. Julv 9 (UP)—'It wasnilshed under the nsrecmonl will be * bauUfu| italil night, mid therel I,, nclditlon to the $:iOO,000.000 just standing .was Peter Connelly _ on 'the street corner .minding Ills own business and waiting for his flving saucer. He was clutching a lamp post <md gazing impatiently, into the .heavens when Policeman John Keyes came by. He too scanned the sk!es_ i "Lceklng for something, palV" he asked. i "My pilot," Connelly explained. "He's late." '•What pilot?" asked the skeptical Keyes. "The one that flew my saucer , here nnd dropped me off," said Connelly. "He's going to pick me up for a quick trip to the old country." Keyes began to suspect that Connelly was seeing saucers in his 'cups. He called the wagon. It arrived, but Connelly squinted Greek assistance program. Posl- UNRUA relief totaling $350,000.000 has been approved by Congress for distribution in Clrcucc, Austria. 11- nly, Trieste, Hungary, Poland anil China. Diplomatic officials disclosed'that the 550.000.000 project. However would he coordinated wl(h Ihc "Slop Communism" project In Clreece. Details of the American-Greek accord, announced without comment by the State Department, lire identical with earlier accords providing posl-UNRMA relief to Ans- trin and- Italy. , '•' . IN THE MATTEK OF THE I'UOIIATION Ol' 1 THK LAST WIl.l. ANI> ESTATE Of I.F.ONA JOHNSON TA1.1.Y. DECEASKl) NOTICE Nolce Is hereby given that Letters Tesluincntary were Issued U> the undersigned on the 24lh dny "I June. 1947, on the Estate of I.conn Johnson Tally. Any and all persons Imvlng claims or demands against said estate will be required tn file said demands or cblius properly authenticated with me. the undersigned, within six «i> months from this 24th day of June, 1917. A. T. llursliinnn Executor of Hie Estate of IjCOi Johnson Tally. Deceased Holland and T.iy'or, attorneys :or executor. 0125-712-9 IT'S A PLEASURE Safe, Easy New Permanent Auctioneer Drowns HOT SPRINGS, 'Ark., July U. ( fff >_Funei nl services will "oc held here Thuvsdny for Roy Brown, 5U- ycar-oUl Sp.i auctioneer, WHO dro\viu>cl wlicn :v bo^l in which he was riding over-turned in Lnko Hamilton Sumlny. Brown's liotly recovered yesterday by Garlancl Marriaffe License* M'.m-lnsc licenses recently in Bly- llievlllc were lo the following couples: EvereUc lirown ami Mis. Ellen Hodges, botli ol Manila; .John Wesley Kersey and Marciuct Louisi 1 Fox. toth of .Blytheville; Johnii- thon Atchley nnd Viruinin Medley both Of T:nxom; Junior N.ince nu<l Mary Lee -Blcvins. uoth ol Mnnili; Eclwnrd M. Kolu-s nnd Mrs. Virginia Scheibr or Truscdalc. Mo.; J. T. Mouse inul Doris Seif, l)olh of Luxorn. Joseph Willmm McIInncy and Wilson Auto Service Second and Ash Streets —Dial 2611 — Dial 2611— G. E. Vacuum Cleaning For All Cars. Let Us Clean Your Car! Neoprene Tubes, Made fey the Makers of Famous PHARIS TIRES. Neoprene tubes are better 7 different ways.' Expert Washing and Lubricating STANDARD ESSO GAS and OILS Homer Wilson, Owner & Mgr. Jailer John M insflcid. County The earliest apartment houses In the United States were built in Key York City between 1810 and 875. At (MMrtihl at NrtOTfy Mfevy Hrfr For • dnp«r, toflfr T fin* rmir. Simple. easy, yet l*ila like IIS bviuty *hop WKVC or money Lick. PraftsslMNl NMT Cvden witfc New CTMM Ke»-"U>c»:-TiTE"'Cum-«i* cut put-up lime in hill. Kir inly hoi da curli aven »'hi!e irava "takei." N-& riit&fr bar.d* lo morl ind tingle hair. Can't le.iv* f cizxly, broken hair e»d*. A ClIASK-KuRL »Clu«ivc* (PaU rendinil. ASK fOU Thf Nf'rV CRIME ntERE MUST BE A REASON WHY IT'S THE nt the s'.eepy driver. *You are not. my pilot." he said leruly. But lie climbed abonrd with a illle help Ifrom Keyes. "People who have never ridden a saucer," Connelly sighed, "never seem to believe in 'em." WHEN EVCRYTH/NG RUNS SMOOTHLY A cranky, troublesome car can ruin a perfect vacation. Make sure your car is in A-l condition before you start ofjf for vacal.onland. Drive in today and "let* our'expert' staff check your car from bumper to bumper. Tune vi" the motor, adjust this brakes, d.imge oil do everything so important to your cur's "health" niut your happiness nnd safety. CMC TRUCKS PHONE 519 OLDSMOBILE LEE MOTOR SALES Day Phone 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances .117 Si>. Second St.. _ Blyllieville, Ark. Estimates Gladly Given the tUPMME H«m» PttMiitit Wn« Kit lOCK-tlTC <g«ll«S Wr 1- 1IFI11 KIT (-«—< C-U.) '1- •W1II.I.1 Rothrock DroKS, Klrby Bros. Hra and all drag stores and cositleti and notl»B9 conntcn. NOTICE In the Probate Court for sippl County, Arkansas. Tn the Blatter of: Administration of the Estate of Mildred 11. Stevens, Deceased. -Notice is hereby given that letters of administration were granted to the undersigned upon the Estate of Mildred H. Stevens, deceased, on the nth day of June, 19'I7. by the Probate Court, Chick- isawbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. All persons hnv- ng claims or demands against said estate must exhibit them, properly authenticated, to the undersigned lor allowance within six months from the date ot the first publication of this iiolice or said claims shall be barred forever nnd precluded from any benefits of said estate. The address of tho undersigned administratrix Is Blytheville. Arkansas. Dated this nth day of 1 June. 19t7. Annie Stevens Hamilton Administratrix of the Estate ot Mildred II. Stevens, deceased. FOR KfAL MtKCVRY $£RVIC£ ALWAYS >Blythcvillc, Ark. SALE HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOH<t OF FAMOUS BRANDS in., W MAIN ST PHONE 515 UNOilt AUfHORltY Of THE COC*-COl» COMPANY »Y c(x:.A-i:oi.A BoniiNc Still & Young Motor Co. 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