The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, OCTOMK M, 1949 BLTTHEVILLB (AHK.) COURIER NEW» PAGE Salad Beautifys Cold Cut Supper Berry Fluff Freeze U Perfect Dessert To Climax Meal To make Sunday's meal* out standing, : use greens and Iriilts TOuntitulty. For supper, with colrl meat or (owl, serve this delicious salad: Combination Salad (1 to 6. lervlnxs) One-quarter cup salad oil, 2 tablespoons tarragon vinegar, ',4 teaspoon salt, ;t teas)won paprika, ',4 teaspoon pepper, H teaspoon dr mustard, i clove garlic, 4 nave orange, chilled, 1 large cucumber " w ?j|i(l, i Bermuda onion, 2 buach Man Finds $30,000 n Cosh in Basement WELLINGTON, O., Oct. *». <AP) —Wh»t would jx>u do If you loun* lore 'thin »30,000 cuih In your ascment? Well, thit is exactly whit *0-ytar- Id Richard A. Cordray s*ys he will a— keep It, if possible. Cordrmy iuld h« found th« money s«pt. at when he knocked out » artitlon to matte way for a urnact. . ; The 65-year-old, 18-roont iiian- [on was built by G. H. Palmer. Cordray, Wellington's sanitary en- fneer since 1937, bought the horn* S years «go from Crmrlw Rasa Both Palmer and Rots are dead. • All Cordray'* four children are I ora afl rlk crcross, Place ihe oil, vinegar, salt, pap rlka, pepper, mustard and garll » a, Jar win, a tlfjht-fltiing covei Shake well and let stand an hou nr two. Peel oranges nnd slice tliln ly. Score unpeeled cucumber ani cut in !'i-inch slices. Slice the onioi thinly and separate Into rings. Place the sliced oranges, ci:cim, r and onion in a howl. Remov ?arltc and pour Drench dvessln into the bowl. Tow. lightly to con the slices thoroughly. Place In re fi'igeraiar and let marinate half, a hour. When .ready to *serve. arrang watercress on serving plates. Drai and arrange slices of .-orange an cucumber on, watercress and to with rings of onion. The Frenc dressing, now ; flavored with o can be passed with the sala or save and serve in cWlled avocado halves for another meal. For dinner dessert, here Is » cooling recipe, perfected by the Servel Homemaker's Institute: . \ Raspberry Fluff Freeze Wash and drain well 1 cup fresh raspberries with 1U cups granulated sugar, 1 egg white, «nd '.i teaspoon salt. With electric beater at high speed, beat until light and stiff—about 10 minutes. Fold into above mixture 1 cup whipping cream that lias been beaten to medium consistency. Pour into 1 large or 2 small freezing trays. Chill ; in your- refrigerntor. Place on floor of frozen food compartment, turn temperature control to coldest position. Chill 5 or 6 hours, or until firm. Serve atjractively In meringue r shells or sherbet glasses. Pipe a scroll of whipped cream on top or 'garnish with 1 'raspberries, sweetened frozen F/oocf Deaths Rise to 4,000 In Guatemala GUATEMALA, Guatemala, Oct. 20. Wi— Flood dtaths In Guatemala have risen lo about 4.000. Foreign Minister Ismatl Gonzalez Arevalo amioun-ed yesterday. He told a reporter property damage csmiot be leu than 150,000,000 The government stepped up IU plans to relieve some 10.000 or more persons m«de homeleu by the floods ciused by two weeks or tor- renlla] rain. One of the hardest hit sections stretches 200 miles along the Pacific coast. In this cattle raising area, many cattle have been desiroyed. Note: If raspberries, use only cup of sugar. If using unsweetened frozen raspberries, use l',i cups sugar. Acheson Soys Ciyil War In Greece Nearly Over WASHINGTON. Oct. 20. fAP) — Secretary of state Acheson said yesterday that the Greek government's war with communist-led guerrillas is practically, over. Reduction of American aid lo Greece would seem to be an indicated step, he added. Acheson told his news confcrenci Unit there are only about 2,000 guerrillas lc;t in orecce and they are widely watered and mainly, concerned with a search for food. Before there Is a decision on cut- i y«memofcer Can Lighten Dishwashing by System Ask the average homemaker what she like* the least about cooking *he'll probably reply. "Why washing dishes, of course!" For this reason, the smart cook is always on the lookout for tricks which ease the dishwashing chore. i Systematic rinsing and 'slocking of dinner china and silver Is one good way to save time. Using the minimum of ulerBiU for food preparation is a minute-saving habit, another Is to put the utensils to so»k as soon as they are used so hey will be easy to wash later. Furthermore, if the pots and pans used in cooking are ol the clean variety, a great deal of need"esc scrubbing can be saved. Porcelain enameled utensils, lor example, have a glossy glass finish »'hieh resists stains and Is as easy clean as china. Just put povce- ain enameled utensils lo .soak for ; brief period; then wash them i with soapy water and rinse. If dc- • sired, they may lie allowed to drain dry, thus saving a few more precious minutes. grown, and he lives alone with lib wife. •I bought the house and I ex' pect to keep what is in it," he said Not for Use So large and ornate was of Hie gold an silver tab possessed by thcwcnlthy of Ens- land in tlie Middle Ages, that It was placed on display in the cupboard table. and never brought, to the ting American military assistance to the Greek government, Acheson said the U.S. will have lo find out what the Athens regime pr<x>|Lse.s lo do with its military establishment. American aid has been given for more than two years. TALK OF THE ls ^i FREEMAN- HENLEY Gro. & Mkt. On West Main WIN! BIG PRIZES IN KROGER'S ONE OF 5 BUICK SUPER SEDANS With Dynaflow, white sidewall tires, heater, radio, hack-up lightt 10 SECOND PRIZES J!?, LUXURY WEEKENDS *EACH 2nif PRIZE WINNER win ai», , KC - Kf > a r.v.m, )i 9 rwuitMiip iiiiliiic. tiitrls lo N.Y. Pl.VJS 2 jcmiittonall)' nc HUMKO—-3lbs. 59' SARDINES In Oil. FlorCan 8' PHONE 2231 ctely (iucil JEK! con< *Nr.w Vttrk irif> uirmrj* will slay at (he Sl.itlcj lutcl . Viwt Hilly kosr/s DUtmoticl llorscsliot . Fml Allaire's nnucini; -Slnclio , . . luncli wilh in Clrill Rouni At HotHTnfi . , . Sfc-Sunja I knic's ice f\wv . .. \\nve, ccK'ktaili nl ttic VajuJrr- bili . , . tlirmc'r AI \V)ii(c Turicey Krstaniaut . . , j,'o to show ai Ra«!in Cny Music HiiU . . . 2-lionr uoilorc Sightseeing nip . . . sec N.Y, from rc. Su\c'Kt)of.. . inunvK m llboi.y Room of Prince CJror«c Eloirt... j'jc Siaincof IJbmy... anil a s[)tcj;tl "Bcfiind (he Scenes 1 ' (our of K;idio City. IN NEW YORK FOR 2 50 lUppv Couplei will talc* iliiJ al!-c\|)cnie trip* NEXT 500 PRIZES IM lt(K WEE( , WESTINGHOUSE '.; TOASTERS Sleek cluuiTic. Whispering Timer -mnrei lo.isl to your mslc. NEXT 5000 PRIZES 1000 EACH WEEK , 3-PR5. HOLLYWOOD ».no" P NYLON HOSE St gauge, full fashioned, with lace c<Jg«. Mi,r t I.,,,, T'ble i;,hc CONTESTS! 5555 PRIZES PLUS A $5,000.00 CASH GRAND PRIZE .ch \vjimcr in llic weekly conU'Ms will lie eligible lo compete for llic Grand I'rizc In a separate contcH at close of fiiKtl \vcck's contest, ] : ,ntcr. Kntcr often—boon your cltancci to win, HERE'S WHAT YOU DO— rmimhccorrtclbrjinJnaincforany of tlic 5-1 aJvmisini; slogans on ihc uOtcial cniry blank.'They're ea»y, \vcll-khown slogans sucJi a*: "IlreaVfasi of Ciiampiont M ...' l Tlic P<IUJC thai Rcfrcslics.' r l-oolv for slogan clncj al Kroner Store*- Then wrile * laal line to tliis jingle: • "/.rVc fletter Jar Is!t" ii tht jfogan la Anuiv, /( Iflh rnf that aU /.in^r fnien'atf low. . ffinJ fili tfte bnin,{! that J likt en display IK ANY 2nd I'RI'/.r, WINN'KR. it un.iblc to take the i^.Y, trip he will be i warded a prize of comparable value ,..»'•"• Sparton Television Scnri'ihe tlalcd enrJ from a Kroger tlot-OAtccl Coffee bag or the tear- off iiriji from a Kroger Cbflcc can, And the printed portion of trie label containing tlic bratul name you itlcnllficd. Mail to; A'tcfrr Conlfit t FREE ENTRY BLANKS AT KROGER! HURRY I 2nd CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 26. SLICED BACON Sieloff s Gold Bond Ib. 49 DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTIONS PEACHES Remarkable, Dfliciou* For Pies & Short Cakes Can ik. 42C Country StyU Pork Sausage Ib. 29c :MEATS: Wilson Certified Chuck Roast 59c ijconsin Stat* CHEDDAR CHEESE - - Ib. 49c FRUITS & VEGETABLES Juicy, California, large size ORANGES - - doz. 29c Crisp, fresh LETTUCE - - i»e. w 12c J. S. No. 1 Red POTATOES r $2.99 Pridt of Illinois CORN No. 303 Can 15 C FRENCH flUAND it.'t'Jc KROGfR COfffE ».53e Hol-D«lcd Cottct 'V»cuum-P«cVed > ^GAHHATION 3 ^35 C *LIBBY'S I'lVaporalcd Jiilk Chili with Itcans *tfANCAMP.:. N i;ilf c CUBBY'S ..., N °cL35 c I'ork and Beans Thrift VIENNA SAUSAGE can 13< No. 1 eon. Thrift CHILI with BEANS - -19< Bakers Shredded COCONUT - - box 16* Riceland RICE-3Ib.cello.bag29c Queen'* Taste APPLE JELLY - - 12oz.jar15< Domino, pure white cone SUGAR - - 10lbs.89c iS'iblels Corn . N ."-;s Corned Hcef Hash IV *DELMONTE Kniit Cocklail W ^GREEN GIANT 21 Avondate Sliced or Halves Swcel Tender I'cas no. 30S can c!l; 79 C *STOKELY .^ 28 Tumnlo Juice mm & BEANS NT CAMPBELL 2 MM 23 Kroner—No. 300 Can Tomalo Soup UFIUFFTA ~£f?: >3 . . Kraft Choefie Knoil * TREASURE HUNT BRANDS BABY SPOON • •ly 15« Stlor plal.J S«J M< I 6 fob.Et or IIOA lopi fr»M ' ol ' y f ° 0<i ' O.I 4rJ.r blor.ti ol Kf.|.f GIVEN! This sturdy aluminum CAN OPENER /— . . . .. wilh 1 lob.I Iron. &K^ ~ ' on milk dilpla f •I Krog.r J an 2-lh. OQc Loaf- 03 BLUE BONNET 'cui. 33° are marked v.ilh > liar. Buy now .Margarine—Ycllrnv ({uifk and win some of thole 5555 pri/rl mm ^m • **.**.**.*** in Krngcr'i bi ? 565,000 Brand KrlLOuU S 2 in Krr/gcr'i hi? 565,000 Brand N'amc Tri-flnirc Hunt. Ijiok Jor clutt Tried and true PET MILK - 3 tall cans 35* FREEMAN-HEN LEY and MARKEtVhon«223i Shank Half moked Hams Tender Smoked Butt Half Ib. 53c. RIB ROAST PORK ROAST *. 49< SLI BACON - 69< MARSHMAliows 35 U.S. graded good or choice f g± ounsnine v^racKers ib. 69C PRESERVES I'kss Krispies HUMKO ^ 81 C Dainty Conking Fat KRISPY IS. 26 C .Sunshine I-II). l*Cc Jar OU Kroner S(rawherry Practically Boneless SALT MEAT .i 45* WHITING Center Cuts Ib. 32c CAULIFLOWER Armour Star —Swift Premium Kroger—2 ID-oz I'ligs. £:. 35< CHERRIES Kroger Red Sour 1'illed Giant Size Head , Fillets. 25' Jumbo Sno-Whito—Priced Low. i LETTUCE Top quality fresh crisp iceberg. CRANBERRIES '" New. crop fqncy fresh. 15* POTATOES 10 £$% : '39* Washed Selected Redi. 50 Ib. bag $1.79 1 25* COCOANUTS 2 > Large fresh Full-o-Milk. 29*

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