The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1933
Page 6
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J>A<3E SIX .BLYTHEVILIJVJABK.) COUEffiB NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1033 Will Take Lid Off Football Season Thursday Night AII inn • A IIIIM »»» • r ! ~~ ~ i...-._- 9r \ i W Getting An Eyeful IN FIRST Osceola Team With Sensa• . tional Melvin Lapides in Line-up Plays Here. The Blythevllle Chicks and Osceola Semlnoles, tribes ol hostile Indians from Mississippi county's .two capitals,' will tear the lid oil the local grid season when they take the warpalh at Haley Field Thursday night orifj&jf slatjB' fit lEdtraHlit 'bin caii' bcca'u day o! Melvhi L.TpiBBr,-=^t;^«.^00-yard dash cha'mplcii (and a btoli'en''/)eld sensation', with ihe Osceola tehin. .. The game will be thc first or the season for the Chicks and the second ror the Seminoles who went .into action labt week, trsmieing thc Trmnann 'nleli school team by a decisive margin. . Purlle. red-headed center of the Blythevillc team will be acting cap. tain of the locals for (he game. Purlle was named captain In accordance with the custom now prevalent but only Installed here this year of naming n captain for each game. The red-headed demon olaycd a fine game at end last year but was transferred to the center or.the line this vcar to fill the sap left by Jimmy Tiplon's graduation. The Chicks will be atllred in new uniforms whcn.lhcv take the field under the floodlights. New suits for the varsity agercRation have arrived and will be worn during the fray. •Tr.o sale of season tickets is progressing rapidly. according lo school officials u-hi point out that the season lickel is a goal investment, for the' fan who nlnns to attend morn than oim game. Head Coach Charles T. Kramer announced I/so following line-up ror Ihe same today: Wilson, left end: LliHlsey. lert tackle: Alley, left ?uord; Purile. center; I.nnsford rieht guard; Ulackard, right tackle- Tipton. rieht end;.MosIey, quarterback; Morse anil rxxkc or Blackwell ), a iv«s, mid Beck, ruilback, While the game should really be in the naliire of a warm-im slrins- tle lor the Chicks, the coaches have been anxious to prevent over-confidence on the part or the locals nnd have worked hard to whip hem into pood *tmpe for the game Lapides is the type of hack who is lixrrly to break away any moment and the Clicks have been warned to watch him. Who'll Win Series? Joev, Sure Believes In Pat and Less Methods. On, Ba<jk Strenuous Football was Just, a blc pain in the eye to Wa'.nei, end Wh'llllcr, Calif., college team, when It opened the reason In u doubleheader with Southern California. Homu-r Giiliit>i Trojan back Is shown giving Watncr ,,n eyeful of rm,ei, ; ,s he attempted to otch EDITOR'S NOTE: 'This. Is. the last of a scries of six ; store's i»i Dill Terry by Daniel M..',DanJ£l baseball writer of Hie New York World-Telegram. ' -\^ • r'' • • >-«:-:•• > NEW YORK.— lii tlii; scries aboiil William jinrotd Terry, ,ihe man Iran Mcini)!)ls' who is 'about to lead tlie New York Giants Intp the baseball classic. against the Washington Senators, the writer has traced Ills diamond history and the development -.of : his technical .skill. In this last 'article, let, iis concern ourselves with the place Terry has made for himself with his personally and his methods. Graceful In the field, with a flair I'or adroitness In all phases ol first base play, Terry lias made for himself u rating In such Illustrious company as Lou Gehrlg, Jimmy Foxx, Hal Chase, George Kelly, George Sisler, Fred Tenney and Frank Chance. • * • • Powerful at the plaf*. with a •IEFEI1S PHILS: i How They Stand AnHTli;ui league ! W. I,. ! Washington !)7 51 • Nev; York 88 5li Philadelphia 77 (J8 Cleveland 75 74 Detroit 73 73 Chicago C5 83 •Boston 60 85 Red Birds Have Chance ! st - 1/>uls ^_^- ft5 04 for Third Place; Giants,: National - Nats Idle. ' Ncw York' ; . Pittsburgh , Only two major league games ; Chicago : were played yesterday, the champ- ' St. Louis : ion Senators of the Amcricali i Boston .lesuue and the champion Giants | Brooklyn | of the National league belmj Idle. [Philadelphia ...... i ..The St. Louis Cardinals defeat- j Cincinnati ........ I erl the Pittsburgh Pirates li to 3 at' ( St. r.ouls. .The victory gave ine. Card s « chance ol beating the j Chicago Cubs out of third place j in the leiitnte race. Walker was | - the winning pitcher and Smith thc i I loser. The Cardinals pounded tlneej I pitchers for 14 lilts with Med- I | wick hitting for the circuit. j i Tlie Brooklyn Dodgers trounced the Philadelphia Phillies 7 to 2 at! - Philadelphia. Walter Back was the| winning pitcher and Hanson was ] the loser. Pet. C55 .Gil .531 .503 .480 .439 .tit .309 W. L. Pet. 89 58 85 ii7 3-1 C8 82 G9 79 70 G4 84 51 W 58 !U .605 .559 .553 .543 .530 .432 .388 .387 Today s Games National l.cugur Hoslon ,,t New York •'rooklyn at Philadelphia Pittsburgh at St. Louis Only games scheduled American League Open date. Read Courier News Want Ads. 1 '- fcn and a straightaway it pass. mutuel window. And, mind you, that was only 1898. For a period of somethltiK like 10 years after that If u Jockey couldn't ride 220 winners, they used to make him pay Ills way into the park. But that, my friends, wns nn ancient day! y i<T "• ^ SLIDES ,'fh« Good Old Jockeys Little Jack Westrope received a bit or heralding the other daj when he goaded his 213th winner . under the .wire, surpassing what was called the modern record 'o: Jockey Johnny Gilbert In 1932. Now Jack Wcslroiw Is a fine little jockey, is nice to his folks and all that. And 200 winners In 300 days is a whole lot of hoss-ridine figuring that Westrope had to Buffaloes fo spend intervals on trains betweei &t Osceoln. race meetings and rest up once ii a while. But where do they get tha' "modern record" stiff? Was thi year IMS part of the trinsslc pc. riod? Was Theodore Roosevelt i ...prehistoric president? .Were tin . Cubs of Prank Chance and tin Tigers or Hughcy Jennings whi met in the world series that yea: cave men who played the ganv with rocks and hatchets? mn YOXJ KNOW THAT— The handsome blond brute or last year's Tllinl grid team, Oil Berry. Is Already a success in the movies ... even though you don't sec his pan on the screen yet. ... ail has sign- .cd a seven-year contract to work out In the Hollywood lots ... for S50 a week for the first five weeks . . . $100 a week for the first year thereafter . . . $200 for the second year . . . $300 for the third . . . nnd so on ... providing his work i s -satisfactory. . . . Oil thought that was a swell contract . . . nftcr he hud all the lawyers hi Chicago look .It over. . . . Says Its Iron-clad and that the company must give him ii'job (or seven years or pay the contract in full nnd turn him locse . . . which isn't so tough lo take. swln &- Terr >' has achieved a place UVCd" U Te^y haS j mustered that little trick of pulling — | a ball he woukt 'nave oeen among • lie outstanding home-run hitters. lint Bill, who erroneously Is called Takes Main Match at Armory; Morris Wins Opener from Slinsom. Charles Slnkey of Ripley. Term., defeated Hunyh House Sullivan.or Union City. Tenn., two : out ol three hills In the feature match on last «tghfs wrestling card nt, the armory. Jimmy Morris ot Memphis, Tenn. defeated Gale Stimson of Murray, Ky., in the preliminary match, two out of three falls. It's only Iirelong habit that carries Mrs. .Mary Cronin through htr dishwashing these days, becaase her heart and her thoughts are far away from the routine of her San Piancisco kitchen. For isn't it her son Joey (hat's tile biggest man in Air.erir.i the mother of the youngest manager in the major Cronin, skipper ot the Washington Senators. And tors win the world 'series? That broad smile you sec is tin- today? Slie's leagues, Joe the Sena- answer. around me?" Terry asked. "Tim late swinger, hits right from the shoulder, with his wrist whipping "' he ball to the middle arc of the field. .: 5tung me to the quick. With the (i . ow " 1 . in Mei "P llls . ' "», ha " dll ;! i llr *? 5(mnds ot men—have handled them every Need Only JDne Win to Grab Dixie Title In Series with Missions. Some years *ftgo John McOraw cliaracterivid Terry as the greatest straightaway hitter the game, had seen, and that Impression has not undergone 'any change. Bill stands G feet 1 inch In his socks, and scales at 200 pounds. As lie keeps busy all winter—in recent years lie has become a violent off- season golf addict—he does not pick up any weight. Spring train- Ing does not mean the, melting of 15 pounds of excess weight. And with that favorable circumstance Terry is uble to go season alter season with no diminution of skill. When, OH Friday, June 3. 1932, Ihe New York club announced that Terry had been appointed John Mc- CHaw's successor, there was great surprise. It was believed that Terry lacked that dynamic quality which makes for leadership'. Memphis Bill never had' risen to lurid hues in baseball color. Doubt as to his ability, to lead men surprised Terry. He d'lscnw- ed it with the writer only Ihe.oth- er day. "Why did .you baseball writers say that there was some question as to my being able to rally men winter. The things that work out with men In business should work out with men in baseball. You must be reasonable, sympathetic, rational and kind. You can't be a sucker. but you driver." can't be a relentless 10 M BUFFS ndian Baseball Club Meets Monette With; Lefty Alexander, OSCEOLA. Ark. — Thc Osceola Indians have booked a game with Robert Porter and his Moneltc Buffaloes ror Sunday, October 1st The Indians are expecting some trouble from the visitors who have proven themselves a tough team to beat out. The Buffaloes have NEW ORLEANS. La., Sept. 16.-The New Orleans Pelicans defeated Ihe San Antonio Missions 5 to 2 yesterday and went into the lead in the Dixie series Tor thc first time. The Pelicans now lead with three victories to two tor the Missions. Andy Messenger went the roule ror the Pelicans yesterday, giving up 12 lilts but keeping them well scattered. The Pelicans scored [our or (heir runs in the second Inning when they jumped on Wiltse ror their runs. The other Pelican score was a homer by Moore in the seventh -Inning. The Birds 1 were outtiit 12 to 7. Four triumphs arc necessary rbr the Dixie title. Coolest Spot In Tftwn! Tuesday - Weds. Mat 10-30c; Nite 10-35c In short, Terry is the antithesis talked to as was the major leaguer or the okl days. The new tyj>e brings in Terry, and the new leadership. Being a player himself, he is sympathetic toward Ihe technical problems of the player. Being a family man, with a happy wile and three line children, he Is sympathetic toward domesticity. ' Terry did 'not lower the bars. He did not lower standards. And he has been getting results just the Cook's Goldblume Beer Quality Hiis No Substitute I McGraw, the man whom ho su- some. He knows the value of a Krseded. ! pal on the back. He likes to call McGraw, recognized as the great- ' 1) . is l )iayers around him. and lake I ist, manager of all time, drove his 1 Uleir advlce - ilaycrs. For the greater part of j ils career tie led the type of niay-: P cn " an( -' 1 »>'<> ihe Pol »rs who could be driven, who could ! " lld u ma ? Le Ten >'' s be told Iliings unmercifully, and j fo " ow ln the Jootst °P'5 of his men- <-(hi.A..i _^ * . . '. Inr. The McGraw regime brought 10 j Polo Grounds, destiny to COOK'S BEER is most, popular with those who know Beer. COOK'S I3FJ3R is the same today 1933 ns it was in 1914. COOK'S UEKR was properly brewed and properly aged before II svas placed on the market. THE FLAVOR is there. It is full 4 per cent iwtcncy, which is satisfying (he customers. COOK'S is the PERFECT BEER. Eiewing PERFECT BEER is an ART.' COOK'S skilled Brewmaster and proper ageing is the real rea- :.on for Cook's exquisite flavor nnd pc-rfect beer. vitliom any nuances of verbal ap- >eal. In recent years baseball has attracted a dllferent type—the collegian, for one. 'He will not. be MOUNTAIN OITY. Nev. (Ul'l — Jait-leK, Mountain City police officers chain prisoners to posts mi- _ til they can be removed lo the ^ county jail at Elko. . D. CANALE & CO. Memphis Distritwtovs i'hone .Dangerous! You know her type—: 'glamorous, smart, exquisitely dressed . . . and unscrupulous!. Barbara Courtney is her name —and you've met her-in real-1 life. "" • •• - World Rrcord 388 In 1908 a wizened man ~ name Vincent Powers rode 324 horse under the wire in first place. Bu maybe that doesn't count. Per haps they were still using^wampui in that ancient day. For sometime it has been the impression in this department that Walter Miller holds the world rec- o_rd for the number of hides pilot- e'd home winners. He rode 388 winners in 1906 and came right back the next year with 324, setting up an average of approximately a winner a day over a period of two years. .Get Going, Jact ^fCttiey Westrope still will have lo bat a lot of horses on the hip before he can claim peerage will some of the better Jockeys of the last 35 years. Lester Relff rode 292 winners back In the year when William Jennings Bryan first ran for president on a free silver platform, the year your precious correspondent was born. Two years later, when both Bryan and your correspondent were nursing bruises, thc latter having fallen out of a hlghchalr on his head and decided to become a sports wrtttr, Tommy Burns booted in 277 horses th«y paid off. on "with th« big round dollars that your, correspondent used to swal- lo* i«i h«. toddJMl Rwjijr from the met and defeated some of the ] strongest clubs In North East Arkansas nnd South Knst Missouri. The Bnrralocs, with Porter pitching, dercated the strong Maiden. Mo., team at Monettc Sunday, the score being 6 to 4. Robert Porter will lake the mound Sunday against the Tribe and his younger brother Is expected to catch. Lclly Alexander who jusl recently signed with the New York, j Yankees f °r a trial in the spring] will pitch ror Osceola and Cllrf i Tnrver will calcV The game wl!r be called at ;i p. in. The will play Frank Brazlll nr.d Ills Memphis Chicks at ~:£ceola. Oct. 8th. Read Courier News 'Want Ads. ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and N!TE— I Or - 25c To Insure Your Cotton Call 797 Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 106 North Broadway For Greyhound Lines H.ites and Time Schedules Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. Postal Telegraph Fast Package Express Serrlce Call 600 Comedy "Room Males' 7 *ith Frank Alherts'on Tixi Boys' Comedy . * Paramount News Romantic.' Joan Waring loved moonlight and roses . ... and /. wanted Bob in spite of his . money. Just a'sentimental; Southern girl—until life made!".' her bitter. TWO fascinating girls—. and I hey both wanted Ihe same man.* One of them had money, and the other —but you'll want to fimi out for yourself what happened. =Rcad aboul them in "Forgotten Sweetheart," the gripping new serial by,Mary Raymond.',7^ SWEETHEART STARTS THURSDAY, SEPT. 28 In COURIER MEWS

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