The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1933
Page 5
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TL KSU A Y, S15PTH MREK fli, 1033 BLYTjltlWlLLB. (ARK.) COUUIER NEWB CLASSIFIED ADVERT n]i! Auto uhiM — Phone. i>6 | JACKSON AUTO 1'AlfiS CO, INFORMATION I SIKil-'ST STOCK I'SSii) 1'ARTSi r>1 1 5J7fC c (T'/n-'JUVOI ' N TI1B MISSISSIPPI C1IANCE- JMlvuvii Vvmi'lill and SI. Louis| Sklukb ULMhiW j KY COUin'l C1I1UKASAW1U Continental Life Insurance Ci:m- p.iny, a corporation. I'lnlnlill Dally rate per lino ror cniifrcu- • live Insertions: (Five RVcraBe words to fi line) | i ( One tioic per line ••• J&- 1 ! I via limes per line per sluy OS; • Tli"" 1 limrs iv:r line per day CGc Bis times per line per clay .. Kc | Month rale per line e« Minimum chf.rBU 600 I n,(s ordered for three or six' Alltil r.LlbS Alt Kinds Installed Tlie Ark-Ma l.unilicr Co. i 10vklO-lO! l >S llrsl's I'l.ln- UK II. I'm- Aulo i';tinlin;< liuilv and IV.itlrr Sfrviiv iiniriy nilh, slu.uve-l.itUc <'o. •We rou HOOD Mli.K Cnv.s and C'.ilv ll.mi in Canning Fa-'lo:y. 2 ucr of limes die ad appeared and | luijiiMinenl of bill made. j All Classlllcd Advcillsing COPS xiiTisti'ir^sc ^"(iTiTihins »n>- lUtumUcU by Arsons raiding out-1 wl .., snt kil ,.. uf |,,,t(le(l lierr. 6>dc of (he city uiiul lie accompanied by cabh. Rules nmy be! easily computed from oucvc table. t . o: , SALK-- Nci;;.T>:>rliexxl sron-ry . „ in i«, i,iVn ««h ''ivin-,' rooms. If : :ild l!ii.s| Ka rcspoitiiliility v. II L-e uii-n j discount $150.00. la.' more limn one Incurred m-• ^,. u ,. ul any elassUied ad. I ;_ •aviTtiEing oidercd foi Jm-tiu-1 ! ' !».- insertions Ukc UK one tuut '""'Phone 306 cn-307 i SALE—ran Ue (.use Ply- lti. almost new. If ynu "re n-.i ol ImviiiK a car. here is; i .1 real" h.iiBaln. Write Box M.I • Co'.irier News. K10A1, ESTATE ; -ud L'sed l-'u BcJijhi aiui Sold „ rei."..ircii-Ai!y make Ccme ill, list yc.ur real estate. Sec \vhut ue have [u sell. K. 31. Terry. License-.! De.licr, Teiry-Worlliinst"" Title Co. Pictures In Canadian City MONT11KA1, lUl')-A mill|lli! col- llofii Hwnllial, Uosi-nf:-al,. !l ' l "' llul lh( P^'l'.in-ii. made willisi'inps i el -il U -Inul'inls ! l>! t'-ilnivd cloth Inslcad of paint. ' \VAHMNU OHUKIl •^•in.M-iililbm-dlH-n.. by Klsn'Mn- delcndanls. A. Clriiter, Sum Ornbi'r. I,enls Orab.-r. Jae Grnber. Ciraln'r an:i Oiu'c Cirabor lire All kinds or fabrics— silks, cot- 'HIS. viOvel.s, wools. In .sulHI colors, iind prlnls — wero of tlie iwrllon of (lie l>lc- ture needed and pasted In i>lace. '1'lie geiifrnl effect is very lunch like sonic boldly brushed modern palnllni;. Section Hands Keep Grave immaculate HOLDKNVILLK, Okln, ' lUl') — For 40 ycnrs, one' liard-lninded Br»vo of u workman who died ] pairing the spot, sdunds n spccinl . wlion a 1'ixllioad was Inlil Ihvoitgli • bins', of his v/hislle for Uie long- lodian Territory. Tlie Ki-nvv,. CUM ol HoU|i-nvl)lc,l on the Hock Isliintl Line, WBS'I iniirked with .slones jinil lliu work of biilldlnr; th<- road went on when i di-park'U woikmun. . Dot Fathers l'i*s OHRICK, Mo. (UP) — Bport, a -jvnr-old tlog of iin(|Ucstlonal)le the workman, known now only a 1 -; miccsiry, is eiipoylmj his old BBC •Tlill," died In I HSU. iilayln;; "futile.-- to two little pigs. Tlio stones Mill murk (he mound TIK- dog follows • Ihc pigs most of bcsklo (he tracks and llie Brass ls.(!u> day. suclna Ibai no meddle- always neutiy Irlmined. Tlw .stretch mne chicken, or pllfcrlni; cat, iriet. witliin Ihlrty duys and an- . ! s\ver tliu comiilainl of the phiin- ttll. Conl'.nenlal Life Insurance l Witness my !:and, as clerk ol S'.ild iconrl. and (lie seal (hereof, on (his- 2l> day of Sopli'rnbpr. 1(133. 11. L. C'.AINKS, Cbrk. I 26-3-10-11 Wccik S'. r > t'er WASHINGTON (UP) -- People ] who complain about the liti:h cos', of railroad fates, sa\s the Ameri\ can Hallway Asssiciiitiun, should renu'iulier thai amoHR llic incidental expciiECs of the canleis Is OIK- for Slo per track mile per yenr for clcuiins; weeds from rlshts- jof-way. crcllun crew after another lnis|cf truck nearby Is known ms the.comes near while Ills "sons" are HiiuniluU' and green 111* ("arnvi! section." and eiich engineer,! i-alini;. OUlCBOARDING^IlOIJSE By" Ahmi l0 OOTrrchlckLawb^ bb nis-.: 11!;i ''' cl '" "" lkln K H> 1> plcluvi's. j hcpi iMiimicnluuT anil green (la j'-urove section."amU'iich engineer,! t -aiin K . AIM 11 llaruy ".,^ Ulithcvillc "llapiiy Drin tk-d lu-cr. I'lllllV D'.l>^i i*"* " mink KUUWKISEK "in^uf^.j- rcuf TAniaiiliiss c lo o 113 S. 1'hitno SSekiO-rf hero aBa>» ( . WANT L .\^D-\VC have bnycis for •Ws, 80's and !arcer tracts. Can soli (HO tracl. See THOMAS LAND ! COMPANY. 2'JC'f.Vl 5J.iu; i»-l- •>':"'. V(U can buy r. home in Blylhis- su-.'.i and '.vcl'iiiu | v -|i e on monihiy inslsill:ncn(s Carney Awning , r;; . tiinn ^ js 1( . 1[in ., fo; . I'll be ;'!ad 'o tell you ho-.v. 1.. Hi. 'K-MIKV. Ajienl. 1'lion: C17 or 3!u 8c i; is imllisli. Here's Clark (JrlllUli, in-csirteut of tlie fe::-lnrs, |>lcas- antly occupied exiiiuipiiig scores of :i|iplicallu"a» tor tk-ki-ls. Con.'taiilis .May l.use HARTFORD, cor.n. ilJPj — An cfforl to abolish U'f: fee system nnclt-r which coimal)li.s in sninll towns vorh vvill l:c made at the next, session of the Ir-ui^alurc. ac- Muchine Keiiairmg. "- ->• ""y kensliip, 11G K. IKsc. Cal .J 1( |^'..; ~ Hc"IsliTC<r~Sl«'nc"" Ccirsetierc .Mrs. J. J. "."'Is ll|lollft ' in *~ACHES 1 Mile UlytlK-ville, goixl bnilrtiMB. 3-i mile gravel road. SI5MOOO, 1-3 cash, balance on tn:i;.<. li. M. TKRRY.Tcrry-Worth- [n^ton Title uo. it. .1. llo:h>°rv L Cr. IMO^ Blj-llicvillc-s cut rate undertiiker^ FOIi KKNT fOlin ROCV. Aparlment will L-alli. C;:ll a.7 after li t>. M. D Apartincn close ill. 6V3 W. Main. Phone Fur Cju:iiily Cleaning riione ISO ' ISarncs N«\Va Ckvincis i:'!',s IJIccked Lon'< !,i»:c New liu-"cie:min = " Krrvicc- 1 2Uc klO-JO VUUKISHEIJ Kcdrooin. prelcrably Tor mini, fiinrice !i?al. 51-1 Main. Phone 93. 5cfclO-5J \\'Aj, n.y, ~^- ' /';:''!&. ONE Of two rooms on isiiitn i(;ulruii(l sli'ttti Miilul)!e for uolloti oll'it'W- \ l , ill lix lo suit U'limit u» iwisu. Apply Limner i x _ j J -HG.NT UOOXld ill 518 W. llaiv.. . ^T - ! -AIIV.' uiiici 1 . 1 tif'i'oraiotl. Kin u V CI \ I' •' HWlKCr, nltcrnatiuns. very e. -1 ^-^^ ',,,,.„- , 1Kl !ul . lllsll ^^. enable. Miss LOLHSC Crane. ^^- j ;_ :u; '^^ ;Me k /, HKIUUNCi. W'HMA la ihu uiiuu ol" ilia IK-SI Gin \\ilh SlfM'iihcr^ and you win (!c,j»iirl witlt a inn nmviclion o! value received. \£ i .iuMi\ ..,„,» cording to Hrnjnmin I'or'sas. coim- ol for the New England Motor- bsociation. because (lie practice is "brccdinK a ro'.lcn system ' i^ilwW ^^ 9-?g- ?yrx JTJ^IvH ..n-.--=^!r- Rend Coiirici- News Want Ans. i HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES S3®? WU NOTICED "OA LMEST ARRIVALS'?-— MRS, 6U1N E A-' HAS PRESENT ED VOUWmA TEH LITTLE feuiNEA-piss-^-AM' rv\/x "RABBIT H^S aX VOUNGSTERS? ^-THKT MErvNS SIXTEEN WORE rAOLJTHS ARE GONNA, CVAtW TIA' WHITE MEAT OPF VOURVROFITS, IF YOU c.tLL AN\TH\N& 1 ITS TM' UPKEEP IN THIS THAT UCKS TH' BUTTER OFF WILL NEVER. T^oS-Hr-J A SHORT WHILE WE'LL TiE WADlNfo \N AND RABBITS, BY JOVE-, i'lA GOING TO SELLTH1S SHOP? AT5YERTISE IT AS \ , A &UOWING" V ^ FIVE-ACES O'BPJEM EXT_EMDS_HgTOUR OF IUSi'£CTIOKI KIVK ACI« KKMKMI1KRS! '. I REMEMBCR iT< I'D KMOW IT WOVWHERC! THE OLD BELLOW f EOMT SA(_OOM. STUD POKE.R. f>, LIMIT OWE — AWO LUCKV-BoV 60TCL6AUEO. OAIM6D HE WAS HEWED fiMD POLLED TRIG VERV <MIFt OW ME. SAIL. IT Wft5 HER QUO WHO ST/SKEP LiJ«V-eOT. f% THftt 6ALKWOVJS A HE(\P MIKE. THftM SHE LETS OM. FtlNNV. IF THIS \f JUST / WE'LL LOOK AROUND /FOR MORE I HUM! AM Ot-O HUNTING -^ ,„... . TELL IF OMt <> MORC-SRED PROSPECTORS.f THQSE g |RDS wftS LUCKV eo V CHARLIE OR A MONKEY. Sale OITi-r-Comc in and mumrc it. - bedrooin, GIB W. Mam. i\LcMn!hns nl'.cnc Jlubbard Hardware Co. RADIO SERVICE FRESH COW wilh j'Oiins c.iH, j;iv- j l-csi. Enuilii'cii Shop in B X-hcyUc --« g -1 r;allo:ia day. Will pay cash. ' HiUHEST i'RICES iviui for tircs.^ inner tubes, iron, mclnls. maja- j ,' •/ini'S. hides, car;, to wreck. Woll | Anan I'ii E. Main, pr.onc 17u. OcklU-9 7Ti TIKE « UATTERY ^^; COKN' M1KILYN HATCHEI'.V i : 'or Pro'iiuil Kaltcry Service J'Lionc SHERLOCK HOWDY! 3Ic. M-3II ALT, KINDS Men, Women sxr.d 1 children's ii."'<l cloUnns and 1 ; c.!.--h price. Ix;l?h-, - — lion's, 320 E. Main- 3ckiO-!).j C.. UCOKIT -OL.L.V, O "CM 1 Tt t^e. cone wiTu wej SOCAG. I UJP.S o, uer<e's OUR. &&T f(X>U^ MoTir WE. Bl&- STMCE. «r p. eolfJ'To TouJM l toe CP.W fJV l for Healths' I>nss r's liallons >t Quirt I.nnch iiAKisinvAur. co. ;. llcklO-lli AUTOMOTIVE Sl'WSAI. 1'KK'KS THIS \VI:KI\ ONL fnr (he Mine price, Lin;; of 20cklO-20 WANTI',1) TO RKN1 HOUSE—rrefcraljly in ict. "S". Ccurlcr 2!p kM PLENTY OF SURl'RISKS! '.11 Fiinl Tiiiicr •31 I-r.ld '30 Trrd Tu; : .ii ............. '.11 1'nril Tanc-l Tn:<! ........ '2!) Oakland Srd.ii! ......... 'SI Inlfiiialioi.-.l ..... '31 Clicvitlcl Triicli ........ .. 'W Chevrolet 'Irurh ......... Used Toiler. New i4x( liics Mi I'^ITI CVKS (-.• l i;i;i-'U.l.i' 1 STRAYED-lBjyMn> and IBtak, i i c ixi rn«Ni:n ix out ; Muir. i y,-.,. old. we-jh »bo,,t 1200 . simi-. \si: GI-AKAXTM. i UKWAHO. A. A. GUUC:. uoiitc 2 ; SIKH'. IILTIKH VSI.I) f.\K ^ AI.UKS I.KT CO. U|icn At N:th( j iih'lhcviile. I ;>r.rk ,ler.-ey Co>v ato;;l 8 years o'.ii. j i s;-.orl lr(l t-.f.rr,. left slate line. 1 j :c-.>!ily WillLi r.hs.-,. Judge Cun-. ! ya:r:h:\:n's plnco. Reward AND HIS OHSOVOBOY.' TALK ABOUT LUCKl KOT DOG? " I l-'KJIALK HICM' WANTED! 2Gi- k '-i i _| . . — [ NVjjre.-s (or general I'.oiisc^-ork and • (ialrway flar.ije cooking. Apply 203 Douaan street. Goal Mechanic - Work Guaranteed; " " 22t [ Trices llijht ( 15[)k2G | Muse Sunflower (rronn '_ KXCKIH1OR SPRINGS. Mo. D.iy ,<c N":;h" Service Sialion .lUPi-'One of ll-.e lareort mnnw-• Complete Lin.' She'd rrodncls . ,- rs cmivn in ;hi s rcction of Mis-' Heirair \Vnrr. nt Anv Tiiv.i 1 . fc,'.v:i is cxlii'.iiicd licrr. Tnr (lower phnnc 605 i^ 12'.- inches ncro^s nnd in addi- Mii'.on Slernbjrg. .lion there'is a two-Inch fringe of: M ~S : "~* r ^ : ^?r^{| '1 j'= i =^ fcOT A SWELL SURPR1&E FOR THAT SO, O&CAR ? VOU, J SHOOT FRECKLED )> ff r r -: ... JT-^^A^ 4l;N V'-^' v ' '^^•^IxS^^ •TWOrXXJLARSADW? GREAT,OSCAU-BY THE. WAY, \ WHAT KIND OF A LOOWH'.FELLOW, HE.? A FE1LA, CAME UP TO WE AN' toKED IF [ HM3 EOY FRIEMD, /V LfTTLE BI&6ERTHM4 Kb,WHO'D PEDDLE. &ILL6- L TOLD HIM ABOUT YOU WO HE. SAID THAT'D 6E HE'LL &.VE YOU TWO DOLLARS A DAY, TOO f 6000 NIGHT? MR. BOTTLE'S THE MAkf> , I ST!LL THIMK KMO\VS S/ 50MLTHIMQ ABOUT THE. .? /JL.._f.^^ _.tfc/ OH.tiE WAS TALL, HAD A LJ H£ MAKI GAVE HF. OF MR, - BOTTLE. AND WORE A LITTLE, BLACK MUSTACHEr ncG.u.s.FAT.cfr. : ^" O ^931 Br AtA S1AV.CC, «G* V/ J

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