Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigar in the City. WOOD IS FOUND GUILTY, J. A. Wood of LoeuiiKpori, Sentenced to Twenty-one Year* lit the Penitentiary - ; . For tlie Miirtlcr of Jay T. Blouni lu the HuKtoru AKj'Ium I'or the . f . , IIIMIIIC. : The V.-rdlia Returned jLuwt Evcnliie- —The .fury Out Only Four Hour*. " SOMETHING NEW! WILL HAVE SEWERAGE. So Declares the City Council by THE COUNTER SALE. .Now Being ;; Held at Adopting the Plant) of K:i<lo])>l> Herring, Bazaar, 307, 4th St. Sotpviilii, it Only to Look, MONEY TO .LOAN, n ftar lam »»th» L.OWE8T rales. Private fi ndi only. Money «lw»y» In hand, No red tap* or d»l»y. Interest and principal payable In Lognue- port. Special urnmgwnentt *o to payment ol principal tnd Interest, made to rolt the wlshei ol borrower. For Jnrther particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondajs, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 'Fourth street, opposite Court House. ..PR'BE' READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street Welcome tolAll. MONEY, Qeneral Insonmee and Loans. AH klnde 01 in- •nranoe plaood In nretolaBe companies. Endowment policies pnrchieed, Bonde of mrecygi.. written for p«rtieB holding posit lens of tram where i bond it required. . 319 PEAK!, ST. S. Mv Closson. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over t25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 8 percent. GEO.B.FORGY. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MOKNING JAN. 24. Tlic Plans .Look Well ou Paper; Speed the Day AVJicn Tlicy May be Carried Into Effect. At the adjourned session of the city council last night, City Civil Engineer Osmer submitted to the council the exhaustive plans for Logansport's proposed system of sewage prepared by the .celebrated sanitary engine'er Rudolph Herring of New York. .Mr. Osmer explained the plans to the members and all examined the same attentively. The chart is ve'-y comprehensive in its outlines and shows at a glance the extent of the proposed improvement while the profile of the main sewers gives a clear idea of that part of the system. After a discussion of the plans the same were adopted and the bill of $300 for Mr. Herring's services was ordered paid. The entire plan is as intricate as it is complete and will afford effectual sewerage facilities for every part of the city. The main points are herewith noted. The main sewers are to be planned co run in a direction parallel to the rivers, discharging at the mouth of Eel river, and also a main .running through Brown street. Heath street and west street in Johnson's addition, also a main on Thirteenth and the alley between 16th and 17th streets to the Wabash river. All the sewage is taken to points below the mouth of •Eel river. Storm water overflows or outlets are provided at several points along the rivers to relieve the sewers in excessive rains. The city is divided into districts so that any part of the plan can "be taken up and constructed without interfering with the system. The alleys are generally used instead of the streets. A table submitted with the report shows that the heaviest rain fall known to fall in a given time in this locality fell here on June 7,1379—when 3.25 inches fell in thirty minutes, being at the rate of seven inches per hour. This plan is veryQeomplete, yet there remains a great deal of work for the city engineer in matter of details, specifications, etc. The plans were made from surveys made by Civil En- A telegram from Puchmond last evening stated that J. A, Wood had been found guilty of the murder of J. T.'Blount, and the jury fixed his punishment at imprisonment in the penitentiary for the period of twenty-one years. The argument closed at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. The jury retired after being carefully instructed and at 8 o'clock returned the above verdiel. IjoguiiNport VictorloiiN. Last night at the Broaivay rink was witnessed one of the finest games of polo ever played in this city, between the Muncie "Royal Kid" and. Logansport's old league team. The game was called promptly at 9 o'clock and after 1 minute and 80 seconds of hard playing, Davidson of the home team made the first goal, tho second was made by Boice of the home team in 4 minutes and 30 seconds; the third by Boice in 4 minutes. The last two goals were made by Beeson of the Muncie team in 7J minutes. This was undoubtedly a great gaxe, Beeson, of the • 'Royal Kid" team did some very fine playing, as did Kirk. Stitt, of the home team, is without doubt the best polo. player in the State, while Davidson and Boice will be heard from some day, if their present good work is kept up. Mr. Corder, the'manager of the rink, is well up with the times and will have this same team play another game to-night. ONE TOUCH OF NATURE. Tlie Slotlier AViis Journeying to Her Tomb. AH the passengers- but two in the slepper had doxed off., The exceptions were a young- man and a baby. • } The former was willing-to follow the example of the majority, Viit the latter objected in. a loud, voice. Its, cries awoke some of tlie others und^somc pretty strong language was hoai-3. The young man got out of his berth • and carried the baby up and down the car, trying to soothe it. But the baby was fretful and its voice would not be stilled. Finally a. gray-headed man, who was evidently an- old traveller, stuck his head out from behind the curtains and called to the young- man in a sharp voice: ''See here, sir, why don't you take child to its mother? She will be able fce' handle it much better than you.. It evidently wants its mother." '•Yes, that's it." echoed other iritated passengers. The young man continued to pace np and down for a moment, and then said in a quiet, strained voice: '•Its mother is in the baggage ear." There was an instantaneous hush. The gray-headed man stuck his head out into the aisle. "Let me take it awhile,", he said, softly, "perhaps I can quiet it. "— Living Issues. SPANISH HOSPITALITY. Frank Stapleton at San Francisco. Our ownJFraak Stapleton is keeping up his record as abase balLplayer of no mean ability. He is playing with tho San Francisco league team and dur-. ing the opening game played with the | ™* , b _ e ^ ^ ^ Oaklands :last • Saturday Frank did good work." The SanTranciso Call says: , ,,-.,, a youri* Eastern 'Astern may be perfected, bpeedthe . ..-•..' . dav! ; • gineer Osmer. Now that the initial steps have been taken in this exceedingly important direction we -will all hope for a speedy fulfillment of the plans. In the present financial condition of the city it is hopeless to think of constructing- the entire system at once, as such _an undertaking would call for an expenditure of not less than $800,00,0, but with these perfect plans to work on a little strip of sewer put in here or there as needed until the time will come when 'the eutire Kobt, Smith was yesterday tried in Squire Smith's court on the charge of stealing chickens. He was adjudged guilty and bound over to wait the aouon of the circuit court in the sum of $50, which not being able to secure, he was sent to jail to rejoin his comrade Reeder who guilty plead to the same charge the day before. James McElhaney tried his first case before a court as attorney for the defendant and although he worked hard the Squire was compelled to inform him that it was no use, the case was a clear one and that his client would have to go- ' Life I« Mlnery To thousands or people who have the taint of scrofula in their blood. The agonies caused by the running sores and other manifestations of this disease are beyond . description. There is no other remedy equal to Hood's Sarsa.parilla for scrofula, salt |jheum and every form of blood disease. It is reasonably sure to benefit ail who give it a fail- trial. Be sure to get Hood's. 2 A very pretty scene was the movements of the juvenile dancing . class at the G. A. li. hall'yesterday afternoon. More than fifty of the best little folks of the city take part in these lessons and their graceful movements were much admired-by quite a number of spectators. Prof. J. M. Gulp has a class that he. may be proud of. The Old Custom of Furnishing Strangers With Mojicy. In the old days there was not a hotel in. California, and it was considered a grievous .offense even for a strang-er, much more for a friend, to pass by a ranch without stopping. Fresh horses were always furnished, and in many cases on record when strangers appeared to need financial help a pile of uncounted silver was left in the sleeping apartment, and they were given to \m- derstancl that they were to take all they ne.eded. • This money was covered with a. cloth, and it was a point of honor not to count it beforehand nor afterward. It was "guest silver," and the custom continued until its abuse by travelers compelled the native Californians to abandon it. Among themselves no one was ever allowed to suffer or struggle for lack of help. The late Dr. Nicholas Den, of Santa Barbara, who married into the Ortega family, once needed money to carry through a speculation, and thought of going to Los Angeles to borrow it. Old Father Narciso, bearing of the mat; ter, sent his Indian boy to him with a "cora," or four-gallon itule basket, full of gold, and the message that he ought to come to his'priest whenever lie needed help.—Century. Tin-Restful JBarber Chair. •"There is only one time during a busy day." said the philosopher, "when a man really enjoys complete rest. The busy merchant, lawyer or editor wastes no time over his lunch, and is thinking all the time lie eats of what work he has to attend to when he returns to his office: Hut let that same man get into tlie barbers chair, and the turmoil in his brain ceases instantly. It is as if the passing of the brush over his face drew a curtain between him and his toil. His eyelids close slowly, and a delicious feeling of complete indifference to cai-e replaces his former anxious thoughts. Every succeeding moment increases his feeling of ease and rest, and when the bay rum sets the nerves in the skin tingling he feels like a new man. His work during- tlie. next hour seems lighter than sij any other time, and the refreshing effect passes off slowly. I would rather go without lunch than miss my half hour in the barber's chair." —X. Y. Sun. LEAVE YOUR ORDER, Suits made to Order, $15 UTD. - ; All-wool Pants $3. ' ! Spring Overcoats to order, 1 Melton and black Thibet, $15. j :',, Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. ' > No extra charge for long and slim men.. Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance upon ready Made garments. Custom made . ; ' Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition, a o * No advance payment required and If soods ordered are not perfectly ( <O i Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KRAUS, Of Course. OE SMOKED MEAT -.. Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and 'Cured oy W. C. ROUTH, Logansport Ind. For Sale bv Leading- Dealers. "Frank Stapleton, pitcher, was in the box for the victors. He had not handled a ball for nearly three months;, previous- to . yesterday, and his work 'against the Oaklands, was, under the.circumstances, .of an excellent character. Eight base hits were scored against him and he allowed six bases on balls. Stapleton has good curves which he knows .how to use to advantage and possesses con-, siderable speed?'"" He would fit nicely in a California league team." It was seen by the score that Frank struck out 7. Good" "boy, ' Stapleton, keep itu P- ..;. '.., . . . Mrs. H..--H. Owston departed last night for, Connorsville., in response to a telegram announ cin g the very serious illness of her aged father, Thomas Burton. .JMr. : Burton is quite well known among the older residents of this city, having frequently visited his daughter here. He is 82 years old. When a young man he worked on the bench at^his trade, .that of a tailor with And,rew.Johnson, afterward President of the-'United States and "Jimmie" (Blue Jeans) Williams afterward Governor of Indiana, when they all livedat Hunts.ville, Ky., together. [Card ol Thank*. The ladies of the W. ~R. C. extend thanks tO:the Broadway, Presbyterian and Baptist Sabbath-schools for their liberal Christmas donations. •- CAKKIE WINTERS, Pres't. R. EDWINA GEuy",-,Sec'y- Logansport, Ind., Jan. 22, 189L day! Looking forward to,the necessities of-the present time the city engineer was'instructed to prepare.an estimate of the cost of the main sewers on Canal street to Fifth; on'Eel-river avenue to Fourth and on-Brown. Street, West Side, the latter street • having . ueen recommended instead of Plum street for the school buildings'sewers. 1 The-questioa of the city's urgent need in the matter, of- sewerage isnow on in earnest and. by taking each district separately, putting in a little at a time, from .year to year, it will not be many years until the plan adopted by the council last night is an accomplished fact. Again,' speed the day that this is so. Coillirined. The favorable impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid f>-u.it remedy Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used it, and the success of the ' prorietors and manufacturers, ithe 'California. Fig Syrup'Com- ,pany. , Says The Southern medical World: "Mother's Friend is growing in, favor: throughout 'the south and- is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradfield Reg. Co.,. Atlanta, Ga. for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to24 ASSEMBLY PARK. Guarantees of the Success or the Project. Alexander Hardy. „ ......$210 00 State Natlo al Bank... 210 00 George Haigh..... -. 100 10 J. P. Webster 100 00 Martin tiligh 100 00 G orge B. Forgy 10000 Jehu Elliott...... . 10000 Mrs.D C. Elliott 100 (X) Will M. Elliot. 7500 Harry ElUult 75 00 Ht-nry Tu,-k«r 100 00 W H. Snider (verbal) : ion 00 E. S. El e &don (verbal) ._ 200 0 > . Send names and amounts to Weldon P.Webster. M. J. Bligh, No.,-805;Market street is the sole agent forSchlitz' celebrated Milwaukee' bottled' beer. for ; family use. jan22dlmo • *•• A Wonderful Transformation. It is on record in medical literature that in tlie year 1531 a poor old man, residing in Tarentum, near Naples, was the subject of a marvelous change when at the age of nearly .ninety years. His skin peeled off and a new and soft skin supplied its place; his muscles again became strong and plump; the wrinkles disappeared from his face, and the white hairs from, his head; black, curly hair grew on his head again, and his complexion became fresh and youthful. Sixty years .later he again became decrepit with a second old age, and died after passing liis one hundred and sixtieth year. Abraham's Birthplacr. Not far from Aleppo is situated the little village of Orfah (the ancient Or of the Chaldees), which is of great historical interest, it having been the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham. The inhabitants, mostly Arabs and Jews, still point out a small building lying outside the. town which they declare to be the place where Abraham first saw the_ light. It is known among them as "the IJOHSP <•>* the friend of God." 1'aliitlng It Red. "Many stories have been told, each claiming to give the origin of the expression 'painting it red,' and to swell the list I will tell another," said a'river captain to a St. Louis reporter the other day. "I think mine is -the right one. Away back in the '50s racing was the most exciting feature of river life, and whenever an opportunity was given for the sport every man on the boats would prepare for the contest as.if their lives depended upoii the result. . Upon entering, the race the first order-of the captain 'would be: 'Paint her red, boys!' to the firemen. Then .the. co'al would be heaped on till, the furnaces glowed, like suns, aiid their crimson glare could be seenifor miles ; around on the darkriver. Then: 'paint it red' grew to.mean.simply having a good time, either on water or land, with us' river men. The pet expression spread quickly, until .now you see what- it is—almost-universal. "—St. Louis Globe-Democrat... BRIEF DISPATCHES. New York is tp have at once -a new 53,000,000 reservoir dam. Pleurisy prevails in Central Illinois, and is causing many deaths. Eight-year-old Frank Edwards was drowned in a sewer at Paterson, N. J. • Calixa. LaValle, one of the leading pianists and composers of America, is dead at Boston. The Laflin & Rand powder mills at Cressona, Pa., exploded Thursday morning-. Loss, §10.000; no one injured. At Des Jiloincs, Thursday, the Iowa Horticultural Society' elected as president Eugene Secor, of Charles City. Colored lawyers for "the first time in the South's history argued before the Maryland Court of Appeals Thursday. Cardinal Gibbons lias sent a letter to all pastors of the arch-diocese asking- that help be extended to Irish sufferers in Ireland. Robert Koux, a coffee importer at i Frankfort-on-the-Main. lias fled .to | America leaving-'debts to the amount of I 300,000 marks. . ,J Internal revenue collections for the | first six months of the current fiscal I year were $75.097,143, a comparative in- : I crease of §<i,019,<502 over the previous | six months. • • ' • '! Xlic First Step. Perhaps you are run down, can't eat,can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your, satisfaction, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning..you are'taking the first step into Nervous ProstrationT You need a Nerve Tonic and m Electric- Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its < normal, healthy condition,. Surpris- - ing results follow the use of this great Nerve Tonic, and -Alterative. Your ' appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and the Liver and Kidneys resume healthy action. .Try a bottle. Price 50c. at B. F. Keesling's Drug Store. ' . • . . •••-.• to24> vij A Hematite Mountain. Almost in tlie exa.ct geographical .center of AVyoming is a mountain of solid hematite iron ore, with 000 feet of it above ground, more than a mile wide and over two miles in length. Besides the iron the mountain contains a bed of lignite coal large enough to warm the entire w-orld for a century, a dozen dried-up lakes of soda, where the soda is deposited to a depth of over 800 feet, some of the,lakes being over 600 acres in extent. ,In, a mountain adjoining there is a petroleum basin larger than those of Pennsylvania and West Virginia combined. Out of some of the springs pure "rectified coal oil. is trickling at the rate of twenty to thirty barrels per day.— X. Y. Journal. The Behrliig Sea Question. LOXDOX. Jan. 23.—In the House .of Commons the. under .foreign, secretary, .stated that negotiations with, the United States.in regard to the Behring sea were still progressing and were not affected by the application to the Supreme Court which was made at the instance of Canada and on advice of American lawyers in connection with the seized vessel Sayward. Moody tialng Two Votes. PIERRK, S.- D., .Tan. 33.—Balloting in the joint session of the Legislature foi United States Senator was resumed a' noon. One hundred and sixty-eigh; votes were east, making, 65 necessary for a choice.. Moody (Rep.) reeeivec 75; Tripp (Dem.), 25; Harden (Ind.), 17: Wardell (Ind.). 12. The remainder among several candi- were scattered dates. Diet Wlicii the Tongue is Coated. . For one whose tongue is. thickly coated and who wishes to get his digestive apparatus in a more healthy state, a bread and milk diet is one of the best, the milk first being boiled in order to sterilize it. In eating fruit, remove the outside covering, and even then in matiy cases it would best be cooked. Unfermented bread is much more wholesome than anyother kind. 1 . Simple nutritious food in proper - quantity will keep the system in 'tone", and -healthful vigor; while improper food, or surfeiting, or both, .will'surely lead to 'the state of self- poisoning which the coated tongue indicates.—Dr. .1. H. Kullogg. Given a Five-Year Term. BUFFALO, N. Y., Jan. S3.—Stephen P. Sherman, convicted of unlawfully removing grain from the International and La,ke Shore elevators, was 'brought into court and sentenced to five yeai-s' imprisonment at hard labor at Auburn. Iowa G, A, E. DBS : KOINES, la., 'Jan. 23.—The council of administration has fixed, the .date of the Iowa. State encampment, G. .A. R., April 14 to 17 inclusive at Dubuque. 'Tfie-Melliodist. Clraroh ol" La Porte, Ind., of which .Hsv. S. V. Cojvln is pastor, lias split Into two faction,-;, on-inj' to :i disagreement overtbe Bptb. tbe method and. results whet, Syrip of Figs is taken; it is pleasat| and refreshing to the taste, and act» gently yet promptly on toe Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches' and fevers and cures iabitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tbt only remedy of its kind ever pro. duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt m its action and truly_ beneficial in its effects, prepared only'from, the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it-* to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs. is for sale in 50<? and §1 bottles by all-lead ing druggists. Any reliable druggist 'who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYBUP COSAN FRANCISCO, CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. ' "'AVFIV tORK, N.f For snle by B. f. Keesll ind all druggist*;

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