The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 7, 1944 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1944
Page 5
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Sund»v. May 7. 1944 prt Shafer Betvna to Octaa »Me, CaL, Baw After spending - .- ---.-- lough in Greenville and Cleveland Pvt. C. A. Shaler of the MarineV has returned to headquarters at Oceen Side. Cal Pvt Shafer, son of Mr. and Mrs Andy Shafer of Cleveland and a relative of Mr. and Mrs. J. E petty of Greenville, received his "boot training" at San Diego, Cal. where he wa, awarded a sharpshooter's medal. s ,t William Welch Spends Hl» Leave In Oreenyllle S/Sgt. William Welch of Gall- mar Miss., slationed at Borm- qu.n. Puerto Rico, left Friday after ,pending a 30-day furlough hC S«t Welch has been overseas for two years. H« enlisted in Au- iust 1841, received basic tram- Ing at Keesler field. Greenville', Capt. R. D. Jones DlreoU Fort Sheridan Work Keeping in good repairman day'. K»peej KMwtes Brolhtrt In Stnlea of "TWrteener," official tion of tht North Carolina camp. th 25 Gl'a and K civilian worker who made up the Fort Sheridan HI, Combined Maintenance Corps Under the direction of Cap R D Jones, former manager o the Mllls-Morri, Co. office here the combined ehop, ,ystem is comparatively recent developmen in Army maintenance establish rnentfc. in AFTIR DHk WLB Threatens To Send Frisco Wage Dispute To FDR Fith ftalM Up In Tallahatchl* CHARLESTON. -- W) -- fish sales ot Tallahatchle river fishermen are showing a steady Increase ns in the price of rough fish, James i, a Tallahatchie county fish- wa announctd recently Mltchel Held, Lot* leland, . S/Sgt Abide, who WM Jormer- ly owner of a furniture «« · pliance or* · now an cfcr a 'wage rote" dispute of the j ,. prlor to the war, we carried FL Machlnlsl and CIO Steel (i h t Norlll Mississippi mar Workers Involving shipyards In! · ---- «-»« the San Francisco area to the President for action. WLB Chairman William H., some Davis said the dtspule of Lodge 6BL a l d nternational AssocWIon of Ma- _ _ ^ i n i n « . d Steel Wooers of Am- in North Mississippi and Ihe price (CIOl "iicemmR rales of ha, soared from a pre-war 26 f« ?epaTM and new workouts per pound to 35 cents." wo'uld be taken up immediately with CIO Indent Philip Mur- ·ny and AFL President William "Ikols, "'principally" Water Volley 7 Grenada, Greenwood. Cotfecvllle and Bnlesvllle. Atler shipping to Memphis dealers," he All fish are sold undressd. Fiv* Two R«ftidenc«» On North Theobald SoM Two residence, on North Theobald street have been «li by pep-' Abraham to new owner,, Settle Worthington. who hade the aalej, rcpored yesterday. The residence at 201 1-2 North Theobald was sold to Mr,. Edna Warner Melancon and the residence at 203 North Tehobald to Mrs. Mary Bright Laney. PSORIASIS RELIEVE THE ITCHIWO Aid in removing scale! and rdifve the itching of Pwriui. thea n U»»ptwattm- ,,lafn« wav with Black and WUI* Ointment. Uee only M directed. Ueuy cleanse with Black ami WhiteBaioSoay. JOSETH MASCAGNI GreenvUllan en Caaalne Front Line, far 3» Daj» "Just a few lines to Jet know that, in spite of all theae news commentators.-who had u marching into Rome a couple of months ago, we're'still here ^on cag 8 iU S wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mascsgni, of Green- V '"The heat's still on, but the scene has changed a lot since we hit the beach here 67 year, ago, Mascagni said. "I'm not talking about the houses we have bio vn country, writ where ht U ·tationed. Tenor WeMlai Ho* Lieu!. Wm. Hunt Experiences Hardships At Bougainville . _..» t*rttnrr'M nTVTK- matTsecond class of the Navy,, now .tatloned In New York, is in 9lSf^^'^i^^r T ^S^S^ »^^^^ Orleans. L four-day push during which the · ' Nlos lost heavily in their suicidal Tony FandoHl Arrive* I* 1 !" 1 '°. sl . "",-,'..-,_ TM.Hinn. on At Eal*. Okle^ "*-" dru off the landscape. This time t s about the weather. Every .third day is spring now. In between times we get our rain. And how it rains! But thank, 10 those regularly appearing day. of ·un- MfinoYd'bylmets full of water I bail L G«tC-3i». my hole every morning.' DIXIE SPECiALS connaiss"'* 1 -^ ^«v.«., --- -- T.«I H _ Ham I. Hunt of Greenyll e Miss Col. Blounl Praises Local Guard Company After Inspection Colonel John A. Blount, com manding officer of District 7 Ihe Fourlh Service Command Ihe United States Army inspecte the local company of the Missl sippl State Guard at the hi school athletic field Friday nigt All phases of training were go through, "I am extremely gratified \vi whnt I have seen," Colonel Blounl H me dispute is not settled n that way, he said, the matter will be referred to the President for hat action ho would consider cessarv to continue work in t h e j iporlant San Francisco Bay ·me unanimous decision of thol oard came after officer, of the cals involved did not appear al WLB hearing scheduled lor] its morning. Davis said no word was received from them, adding that this was tho first case "In many many months of direct defiance ol he War Labor Board by - ""1 on." STEEL WOOL V4 Ib. Carton* Cpl. on in ES^'aT^rern'be . JSffi ^ »^nfe cS ife^ST^ JayceesHere Plan To Attend State Convention Several dclcgalcs from the healthful Junior Chamber of tireenvu'i: o u t u u i ~ --- -Commerce arc exuoctcd to attend the 10th annual slate Jaycce meet- said "This Is the first unit I have | ng in Jackson on Mny 13-14, nc- inspccted with a full rostrum in rordinc to President ft. K. Mc- attendance, The War department j w pln, Lexington, w 110 ,,""" 0 """ 3 Is thoroughly sympathetic with -- · · - '- --· what is being done by Guard units and realizes the need of orgnniza- tlinl T n nn " a "* · ,: _ j iuti«r hear- ana realizes uiu ut^u ui ^^^^^^l^^^S^^S^^ 1 ' ^"OT akS' 11 " 8 ml f^° n . S oarinB hfm"elf at Among those who attended/the !r v°L a J vi " c ., c ^ I ?l en 'JL an ^ B .dm Sster inspection were General V, Mc- ~" 0 ~ -· In order les. 8 INCH PLIERS Slip Joint Stylo i, ugl. woweii =*"··--- 1 learn of the death of I Neal Hutchison. inK himsell EI rtinong i[iusc wnu ttn^-nucvi'...^ to administer inspeclion were General B. Mc- --.- ·... pcarman, brigadier commander, ot n 7"w«n^^.fa^k?as.s^T^ er fire wntle nyem^ ,,,,,,,,,,,, fer of inland; Colonel L. T. Gar- taxed the strength rett, regimental commander and n to the utmost.lhls aide, Lfeut. Col. Jack Lazarus , , advance registrations Inal- good attendance. GUARD THAT CHERISHED POSSESSION PROTECT YOUR FUR COAT THE ONLY SURE WAY . COLD STORAGE A fur coat has alwaya ueen one of women', crowning glories. Don't chances with yours. Tho modern woman know, that the only sensible thing to do i, bring In her coat to us. In our safe, vaults, y o u r coal will be free from harm, will keep its sheen and lustre from year to year. r c o l o n e l Guard On Reserve GARDEN HOES 8 Inch GARDEN RAKES 14 Tooth - kt Sidney Botue Proaote* H^f 1 S^mother, Mrs. J.l' CANBERRA, Australia WD To Flrtt IJentenaat , Hun{ Uves a t 591 Main street, Acting Prime Minister Franci Sidney Owen Bogue, !r., o QJ eenv iiie, Miss. Forde today announced approva Benoit, 1» among a group of Mis- tireenvi e, i ^ Iecommendalton by Gen . sl L| M jpp!an» receiving promotions . Lamont, has been awarded Thorns, Blarney, AustraUan com in the Anny. He was promowuU ' Bronz j gtar for heroic aehleve-| ma nder-ln-chiet, that a consider from aeeond to lirst """?*",,,, men t, hi, parents, Mr. and Mr,, , b !e portion of the Australian vol the Quartermaster C°fP"' c ;5",,i,,,r|j. E. Hulchenon of Lamont, have| un teer defense corps be placed o Department s* J- A-*y*j.5 eI J lie a BV/UU ulitjiu""·-·-· The convention will open with n luncheon at the Robert E. Loe hotel Saturday noon, May 13, and continue through Sunday afternoon. A full program of enter- iainment, including a dance Sat-1 urdav night, has been arranged. Several clubs have already entered candidates for posls, which 1 will he filled at un election Sunday The Charleston club is backing Us presldenl, Jack DeMange,| r state president, while the Jacii-i club has entered the name oi mes- Kendall. Avowed caridi-' tes for tho vice-presidency ir.' ide J. C. McCurdy, of Morton; link O. Crostwalt of Drew, and Doyle Keys of Collins. Paul Horan, of Lcxinglon, has been nominated by the Lexington ub for the post of national dlrec-1 Several outstanding speaker, avc been secured for the con-| ventlou, Mcllwain said. ALUMINUM PAINT Ready Mlx*d . . . gallon .................. 1.7* ay furlough to riendi. ^^^ I marten Leverette T* I SaVPedre, CalUornU Iheen advUed. la reserve basis by July 31 in vie Corp Hutcharton ha, h«en ov- 0 ( tha improved strategical situa erieas for 14 months. He i, «ta- Hon. I.. --, .- «-i.. However, unit, of the VDC dp Ing anti-aircraft or const orti lery searchlight duties or protec ing fortress areas would contlnu as at present, Forde said. r- TM r»Tv H Peebles ir «onl The Volunteer Corps is com I f ME ifarv McGowan of this prised mainly of World War I ve dt y ha, a" vld »f«ly in Italy «- eran, and men with deferred o city iioo a**iv ,_ i .^_ _ -J _i,,-j thlq minfltionB. . HT t . tvea and ArriTei ta Jtal , who hi. been on patrol du- week by hi, mother Rule Suspended BUTTE, Mont, (/P)--The military ule that military men can't ride with WACs even though their cars are in the some train was suspended for Sailor I. Finch Da- 1 vid, Lcwtston, Mont. , Enroute to a new station, David spotted a WAC, his wife boarding a special car attached to his troop train. Commanders consult ed. David was permllted to ridel with the WAC«. CtfANERS DYERS COLO STORAGE PHONE 113 DIXIE STORE HARDWARE * SPORTING GOODS 60S Washington Av«. I » I w*L«verette of Greenville, is tioned In Texas, Pvt. Herbert I fmotormachinists' mate. He en- p«bles, engineer of a B-25 and COT D ea wmianr Wilson Hutcher-Li ac , vacated by two sons before v v ' i ··-n-s--aa^amsaKher. USED CARS SELECT YOUR AUTOMOBILE FROM THE CLEANEST STOCK OF USED CARS IN THE DELTA WE HAVE EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN LOW MILEAGE EASTERN CARS WITH ORIGINAL HIGH TREADED PRE-WAR TIRES 1941 FORD TUDORS 1941 FORD SUPER DELUXE FORDOR 1941 CHEVROLET 5 PASSENGER COUPE 1941 CHEVROLET TUDORS 1939 CHEVROLET TUDOR 1942 FORD TUDOR ALSO LOW PRICED LQCAL CARS 1936 FORD FORDOR 1938 PLYMOUTH COACH 1941 MERCURY TUDOR WE ALSO BUY USED CARS I Lynn Smith Commlealonea II Lieutenant at Btnnlni Lynn P. Smith of Rosedale, was ..commissioned a second lieulenan in the army of the United State, I May 2 upon successful completion I of the office-Candidate Course I at the Infantry School at For IjBennlng, Georgia. 1 Lieut. Smith Is the son of Mr I and Mrs, Veaman Smith of Rose I dale. He enlisted Dec. 8, 1942, and liserved with the Infantry at For McClelian, Ala., before going t office-Candidate School fou months ago. He held the rank o corporal before being commts ,ed. I, n graduate of Greenville 'school, the new officer attended Istate College. I ' -: f Junior Ma«a«Ji1 Promoted lito Berfeanl in V. 8. Army li Junior Mascagni of Greenvill J'son of Frank Mascagni, has bcc Ipromoled to the rank of scrgea llin the Army lnfantr in Englan 1| Sgt. Mascagni's wife recew I word this week of her husband |j promotion. "Clln Up", Lleat. Ma««T Writei P»rtnts From Nail Prlwn Camp The first letter from Lieutcna ijohn W. (Sonny) Massey, j r . , I prisoner of war of the Germa !was received this week by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Whit The letter from Lieut. Mas follows: 'Dear Mother and Dad: i Well this is the last letter I write you thi, month, but Its so long till next month -- w ['mother I've given up d.atlng Ithe durst'.cn, jtaying home nig 'so 111 probably have plenty ; energy when I get home--ha- 'ha. No kidding, rweet, It's half as bad as it «ound»--prison i of war--could be a lot worse-i beside, look at the money 1m saving. Mother, please tell my ifriends that I can't write them, ibecauM I only get three letter*, ia month . . . and they gt to you \l r .A "Dad, Tell Uncle Frank 'Vfc^ ""··"! ·^i. ^ ""****-"«**- '+*?**'·Z£ 5ssi:S~' ---^'-^ "-.'Z-^ HARJ MARX This is a duplicate of the full-page, full-color Hart Schaffner Marx ad appearing in Esquire for May and The Saturday Evening Post (April 29th). The gentleman may be hot under the collar, but not from the weather. You see this good-looking pin stripe is the Dixie Weave suit, the famous ^ weightless all-wool, all-cool s\iit that keeps you cool and crisp as the well known cucumber in the stickiest weather. Yet Dixie has the appearance of a regular weight. Keeps its press like one, too! And the Hart Schaffner Marx label guarantees the quality. HART SCHAFFNER MARK Clothe* · ^ ,,_ ^,. ^t-^ »-»vi OaJ, Te\l uncie iranx toj I -- , m^m A k 1*^ k A Jr^^^f f^.Wi f^f^ i'write me, and anybody elte.-causcii riKlAl AND MOTQR CO. t"^-?-^!-BE: .sal I»T?.' 2-aT"~ ' ' ' 81* ItalU St Ichnstm,,. r a ^ » WAR BGHD5 THE CMLY SETTER BUY IChrtBtrnM.' Jli T Iftv* you ana Daa. ll'Chin us'," 1_

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