The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1910* BIATIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS GS Complaints Studied DoolirUe Will Head Board Investigating Army 'Caste System' * fly \YIM.1AM F. MoM['.NAM[\ WASHINGTON. March 2;V UJPi —M. Gen. Jn.mns If. Dnoliuie. r:>.mi>t! Army iiiev. heads a board of rnscrv- jsts that on Wednesday will tarl-le I lie most explosive issue in Army personnel relationships to come oul of the vs-nr--the olficer "rasd? «"s- tfiii." " J " Dooliltle nnd a hoard of five oilier former servicemen. rnns>hiK from iioneral 1" sriTcunt. were enlivened by Seereliu-y uf War Robert P Patlerson in the wake of heavy criticism or Army ofllcer-cnlisled man relationships. Former GTs were Joined by som~ offirers in Dioir l, m <] protests tint officers (jot the best food, the pre'-- tiest ('Iris and the best, living < t i, w . ters. They complained that the officers drank up all the good liquor escaped punishment f or infract loin of minor rules nncl treated the Gl's ns "social inferiors." I.t. Col. Robert Neville. New York nc'\vspaperinrm who started out n fi Of and became officer in clinrf- of the Mediterranean edition of Stars and Stripes, is one of UK board members. He sounded off or. llic "caste system" in a recent mag.i- xine firliclc. Neville hit out at rules linn-ing en- h'sled men from "officer counlrv' (special bars hotels for officersi. lie opposed special reserved movie seals lor officers and separation of.olli- cers from enlisted men In rear ar"? hospitals. f Bni_-. Gen. H. c. Holdridge. n- fii-ed. got Into the controversy Pel) 20 when he (old .1 House military committee the Army was "umlc.m,-,"- cratic and un-American—a fcudnl- islic oi-Kaniwition carried over into iho atomic age." Joe McCarthy, former managing editor of Yank, Army weekly. s»a- 1,'esled tiial nil officers except those in technical services should be :;c- ccted from the rallies. lie proposed he same uniforms for o If leers nnd Milisted men, the same food, living liiarlers, recreational facilities JOtll. for former Gov. 1'liillp LaPollclte of Wisconsin, a veteran of two wars, jro|K)sed a base pay for private of """) u month, opening promotions officer status to men in the •nnks through competitive elvit sen-ice examination and elimination of political appointments (o West Point. IIoldrid(;e, McCarthy and LaFol- eUu are not members of the Doo- Httle board. ell's in a recent, public opinion imvey favored raising Army pay, more democracy, more advnncemc'iit sppoi'Umity and higher family allowances. Civilians thought the GI should have more educational facilities, longer furloughs and belter housing for his family. War Department officials are reported studying a proposal to discard the traditional Army promotional system based on seniority and set up a new standard based on merit. .The Army hiijli command is open to suggestions, but It contended thai, the American GI was the best, treated soldier of America or anv othcv nation in history. Arguments for retention of the present system are: 1. Russia abolished discipline')' control of officers over enlisted men. almost lost a war with little Finland and then restored officer powers before battling Germany. 2. If we expect officers 'to take the responsibility of leadership in time of national danger, officers must have some advantages as incentives. :t. There have been some bad onicers. but they are a minority. 4. nclationships between officers nnd men in the last war were more sympathetic than in World War I 5. The GI of World War II re- jceived the best medical treatment obtainable, the best pay of any enlisted man in history and his family received the best allowances of those of any nation. C. The recreational and entertainment facilities for the GI in the last war were the best on record. ~. The casualties among offlc^-.-s in World War II were proportionately heavier than casualties anionp enlisted men. Dr. Anderson Accepts Post At University FAYETTEVrU.H, Ark,. Mar. 25.-Dr. John I". Anderson, head of lh<> department ol psychology at He-i- drix College for several years, will assume his new (Uilles us dean uf student'; nt the Unlyer.-hy of Arkansas on June I, it has been announced. Appointment of Dr. Anderson to the University position was announced last week at a uieqiiii;; of the University Huaui (if Trust--;s In Little Hock. As dean of KUulenls, Hi 1 . Anderson will perform the duties previou.ilv handled by the dean of men and hi addition lie will moixlinale stu- dcnt ut'tlvitic.s of all student!!, bnlli men and women. Miss Jeaunelle Sctidder will cotillnue in her present ])!).sllion as dean of women. I3r. Anderson will have supL-rv,- sioi) over the student health program mi the campus, the student. testing bureau, student lumsini;. nnd the Student Unlun building. i!e may also do some leaching. W. S. Cireuson, who has served this year aS acting dean of men In addition to liis duties as director nl religious actn-liic.'; on the campiu;. will continue his work with the religious tiftivitics of stnclenl.s and will assist Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson received an A. 11. degree from IIcmTrix College in 102:> and also holds Ihc A. M. and the Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University. Dr. Anderson taught in the Forrest City high school in ]025-aul was nn instructor in in.-ithemalks and assistant coach at Southern College in Florida lu 1320-27; director of physical education at lionnokc Rapids, N. c., high school in 192120; director of physical' education and assistant dean of men a I Gull- Would Conserve Canning Sugar OPA Asks Housewives To Wait Until Fruir Becomes Available WASHINGTON. Mar. 25. (UP) — The OPA appealed to housewives lodiiy not (o jj» out and buy i-nn- nliiB stiBKi- before ibey hnve any fruit lo cull. So many housewives fue dolnt' Just that, officluls said, that (he OPA K' distribution machinery is in dancer o( bcliiy thrown onl of «e:ir. OI'A validated spurn stamp NO. 9 on March II for live pounds of canning siijjar. H worked out " /onal dlslrilndlon system whereby supplies would be on hanff In various regions as frulls add vege- I tables were ready to be preserved. OI'A expected the first heavy jcnli for canning snunr in the south where strawberries ripen early. Bill housewives all over the country immediaiely benan using tlic stumps 'tuny of them. OPA suspects, for t'lilinnry household use. '"v .situation In New York became so bad lust week llml cllstri- biitors were delivering sugar ill '•mmiulliiued trucks to k«>i> women Iruiu moving stores. 1'Jicli ration book holder cnn gi't siiKiii- for canning purposes—five P<iiii»l.s with spare stump a nnd five svilli another .slump to be vnl- I'tiuei! in June or July. Ho plense. ^'icl Hi" oi'A to housewives, don't I'i'sli i» mid use them before you "em I lie sugar. lit Luklitlon to the spure, sucur •siiuui) an is now good anil another "in- win up viilldaled May 1. Lenchville Society—Personal PAf.B TUUEfl, State's Quota Qf Guardsmen Set 4t 7,33? WASHlNqTON. Mar. 2?. (UP) — Mil). CK'n. liulier B. Mlltoiibenjei. chfef of tits Army's NRllb'iiiil Cllinrd Hilieau, announced 'today tliat )ti stulos and the District of Columbia ulrendy liiiyc nfreW lo till their troop • allotments quo I as tottillntt 113,000 men. •j'hc jwslwnr Niiilofiil dimrd nro- gr»ni Srinovillcfii u.4t mbtllii called for tol^ul .strcintii, p( 63^,B<io offl ccrs a|id niciy-^11,00^ (fromut for s anil 41.GOO nlr forces. The JU»ES Unit have signed up eludes: Arknnsiis 7,337; Ocdrgla U85; Uniisliiufi li.iog; Tennese 11,318. All of the states inentioncd will nve air mills, ei, Mrs. hninli I Ark,, u. biollltr. F Officer 'itild Mi's. Kilnsas Oily, Mo., o ford College in North Carolina from 192!) to 10M. and graduate stndcnt ti'irt research assistant at Columbia University from I(l3(i to 1038. !!•_> lias been a member of the Hendrix •College fncully .since 1U3B. Mrs. UnKilter .Wright Is vlslllni! n-liiiives In 1'licenlx, Arl?.. | Mr. mid Mrs. Robert, Lee mul Mrs. Kloyd Hiiilth nnd son, lien, several days last week In llt'ljer springs, Ark., with relatives. Mrs. Hetty KdrhiKton of Mem- Phis Is the of her dftughlcr, Mrs. IJurcn Flaunliinn Jr., nnd Mr. I'lunniniian. Mr. and Mrs. Eurdtc Shannon hud us their gtiests last »-**lc der motli- Mrs. Ftinnli f»»t« ,of Clinton First Clas,^ ,1'ctty Fiiiioti Pule o( ...... ana »|ifal)n'r, bro (her, JUIIL'.'J Patt, anti faihlly, in- so of Cllntin. RADIO SERVICE Just Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. IS GETTING UP NiGHTS GETTING YOU DOWN? Thousand's say famou) doctor's discovery gives blessed relic! from irritation of the bladder caused by excess acidity in the urine \V(i)- Miller ncc.llossly (mm Wkncl c., run-ilowii U-cliny Irum ,-xr<-4» ncljllj In SWAM.'" C ROOT. 1 ,h7 riiJL,.!?"-^;! medicine. SWAMP HOOT nets /nil on the ktilm-ys lo iiruniolc the (low of mine «>"' <L-j [.-Iti-VL' lroi|[»L-soinp exccbi ncfdity. OdgJ- n.ntly crL'.tleil l.y n innctlsitic |>]iy&!cl»n, Dr. Kilmer's Is A carclully blended comlil- licrlj*. rooU, ^ taoliibl.-a, fial- lutely nothing hnrih or fiilili- (Ilia puro. t-clcrUIfic Jir«par*- Koo.l Ingredients m,lMy of Ifi licrlj*. rooU, ^ taoliibl.-a, fi- sama. Absolutely nothing hnrih or fiilili- (ormlrti- in (Ilia puro. t-clcrUIfic Jir«par*- lln.l. J,nl Koo.l Ingredients m,lMy «ct on tl, r in t,,E r(i i s 6 the lluS. ill urlnr anil rnsi- .1 i.c »,„ l u , I , p | bladder Irrl- t.-ill<iri. All .lti.Kcl»l> iL-M s;>amii Root. Announcement I.KWIS PINION tia* Juii joined our arKanizutlon und will specialize in srrvlcr work, llrlrn; your electrical problems in us, Just Received— A shipment «f Apirtmeht Type Klcrlric K»ntW. Charley's Electric Service I'hone 2993 through • W. J. Pollard Olthcoe Hotel Bldg. Telephone 3546 lit North lit Notice o£ Change of Our Routeman Will Stop for Your Bundle U-WA Laundry—Cleaners Now Under New Management S. E. Webb, long connectedwith the cleaning business in Blytheville, and J. M. (Mac) Williams, have purchased the interests of J. G. (Bob) Barnes in the NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS. They now join with O. E : (Dutch) QUELLMALZ in the management. It will be the constant aim of the new management to perfect the methods of this Cleaning Institution to the highest degree—and assure you the. very best in modern, sanitary cleaning service. ••>•<(• ' NU-WA lAUKDRY-CLEANERS ™ ^" ^^^^ ^" ^* ™ •• O1O«_JT5ftr. i_ _»!.«• i». _. ;:..:::.;::_._.i 218 ond 220 North Second St. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Sailor Lives lip to K«p CitlCACIo tl)l')— Mnyue It's line Ixiiit (iallurs hiwiiiK a «lrl In cvtry or 11 A bliiejuclevl recently wnlked Int'j ,lx)op i-aiuly shop to order 14 Ixixe.s f ciihdy to lie mailed lo u dlrTer- ul fslt\a in nil parts of the nation. FUDRvSALE , •••': C*Mr*to CvJvcft TU« Sii.i 12 j n . to 36 iH. A. H. Webb / Hwy. 6i a( Slate Line Phone: BljthtviUe 714 OUR FRIENDS IN OSCEOLA ahd VICINITY... Will lie interested In knowing thai we have ri'-opjenod our I'alnt and Body Shop in the new addition to our building. W* are equipped to work on ull makes of cars . . . and . the work will be dime Under the supervision of WALTER GARWOoh, a factory trained export. Louis George Motor Company Dodge and Plymouth Sales'jind SerVice Yiiur Allis Chalmers Dealer OSCEOLA, ARK. WANTED! Mr. Dnvift i» tonnecled with the coUhtrfs largest lioullry buyers nnd offers highest prices at all times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens —23c Cok-lfSc BRING YOllil POULTRY TO US; 1711 West Vine St. Blythcyilte - I-ricn Subject to Uhnncc Without Notice Radio Service Haby StrpllerH — Jumper $Swings £ 1're.sto 4 (Jiiart Gtiokers $ 1'remlum -Vacuum Cleaners •!»:• and Refrigerator Service f red Lawler Washer, Irorter and Gas Engine Service Philip Fret . Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. Phonograph Records Accessaries Fari!4—at (to, window, pedestal, arid table types.. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. ' I. W. Adatm, M«r. Successors (o Hardtrway Appliance Co., Inc. Phohe 2071 206-08 West Main WANTED . . . Two Colored families to muke sharecrop. Good houses. Good land. Griod Ki|Utpmcnt. H. C. KNAPPENBERGER BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney .138 Fast Main Phone 3616 8»lti . PhlUlpi RabUtton iMilin . F»lbt Carat) Business Opportunity! Due <o <Hfc fact that we have no brie to hiiinnge our Appllarice Store wfc offer lo sell the business and tease the buiidirig—or wilt sell an interest in it to person that ie capable of managing arid operating it. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO, s Phone 861 >>::»>>>;:o>>::o^v^ ••••••••••'•-•-" ••*-*••*••*"*"*-»"»••*.• D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Delinted, Geretan Treated. G«rrniriaHon 80 to 9ti p«r cent. Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 90% Gemination Lloyd Stickmon Phone 3210 FARMS FOR RENT On* n« »ere turn, one 3M wre firm, «w tM ttte Urm, MM 87 acre farm, one 75 acre hra, awl MM 41 acra farm, aJi mil Improved, with electric!** We alto want 25 SHARECKOP FAMILIES Win en«let*lr »ct •» iM tmatt, k* tana, « MatM *^- ber t< lute f anJHo. : - ~ i •, •* Be* E. B. O« OtU> C», tf*r***, Mta, rnUtey, Ifa. M ^ta tt rwtornMi), *M fajflmfci. Ait,

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