The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (AUK.) COUKltill NEWS THE BLYTHEVIU.E'COURIER NEWS THE COURIER DEW* Op,', PUBLISHERS 0. R, BABCOCK. Editor H. ' 6o!e Nttlont! Advertising RtpiweriUUvtS: . Arktmu D»111e», inc.. flew York, Chlca|o, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. ' Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered ns second class matter ft the post ofricc at Blythevllte, Arkansas, under act of Congress Oc„-— lober D, 1017. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the city or Blylhevllle, 16c per seek or (€.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius o! SO miles, 13.00 per year, (1.50 (or six months. 85e lor three months; by mall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive 56.50 per year, in mncs seven and clB'it, 110.00 per year, payable In advance. Sample of Society in A.D.I 933 Guessing ahoul what Llie liislorimis of the future lira gol'ip to put into their Icxl-lMJuka is a 1'utilu and profit- loss pastime, ordinarily. Nut it seems ii pretty siifc liol that Uii-y will lind iit least u conplc of iwnij-raplis for that kidnaping trial now Boiiif? on in Oklahoma City. More than any other criminal trial in years, perhaps, this 'case is symbolic of the present era. Not .since f\\ Capone was sent to prison for failing to pay his income tax has there been a courtroom scene that spoke so eloquently of the kind of society we h;ive put together in modern America. For the trial docs not simply represent an effort by tha courts to fix responsibility for a peculiarly insolent crime. It is a test whether the courts can even make sncli an effort in the first place; whether .society's ability to inquire into the acts of the underworld is to be at the mercy of the underworld's own defiance. * * * Confidcr the situation for a moment, To begin with, we have a vicious attempt to extort a large sum of money from a wealthy man — a crime whose mere occurrence indicat-js a crack in the fabric of society. Then the man suspected of h:\vins cooketl up this crime is caught. He forces his way out of one of strongest jails , in the land, is again, and finally comes to trial. • » » At his trial Ihc Authorities feel it necessary to turn the court into a veritable armed camp. The room is guarded, by machine guns, riflemen patrol the corridors, officers in oourl are ordered to open lire on the chief defendant if anything suspicions happens. Meanwhile the underworld puts pressure on the state's wilnossus. Written throats of death are roeoivcd. One witness is bluntly asked, "Arc you fool enough to think the tjovprnment can protect you forever?" The chief defendant makes "sinister asides" whenever the chief prosecutor i-isqs to speak.. Now all of this -simply means that there are desperadoes in this land whose power is almost a=: srcat as that of organized sociciy itstlf. The mere task of bringing them to trial taxes society's resources to thr- utmost. The whole .story of Ihc Iriul will tell fiiUrc students volumes about American life in the yonr 1933. -•Hi uce Cutlon. the Sensible Relief President Roosevelt's action in onler- iiiK tliu prompt expenditure of ?7. r >,000,000 to buy .surplus f:inn |>roiliu'U for I lie use of tlie nuctly seems to IK: one of the must sensible things he h;is done since he entered the White House. It provides ;i way onl of mi uxi-ewl- infjly foiilnidicloi-y siluiilion—a silmi- tion in which v;Vsl <|uaiililic'K of thoniw mutcrials for food and clothing wc-re in the process of destrnclion nt n lime when millions oi' people hud iieilher enough to cat nor enough to wear. It is an expensive act : on, of course; but in the IOIIK run Hie money should prove money well spent. So louj; as people arc IIIIIIKIT and cold, the greatest conceivable waslc is to throw away the materials Uiat might feed and warm them. Kveu ii' it cosls a (food (leal more than the announced £70,000,000, this step :s very much worth biking. Tl'KSDAV, SKPTKMHICU 26, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Wages Vs. Dividends Alt edilorlnl In Hie current Issue of Ihc Forum, referring to fin article In tlic .siune issue entitled "Wtaiy Feel", being tin account ot the drudgery of clerks in New York 5-and-lO-cenl stores, makes an illuminating point. . U .shows llml one of the companies In the B-nnd-10-crnl field earned in 1330, 1331 mid 1932 the sumi or $3.5C. $4.24 and 32.2V per share of common stock. In the same years, it. paid out dividends of $12.40, $4.40 anil $2.40 tier share, There are D.7SO.OOi! .shines outstanding, each with a par value of $10. Accordingly, at the present dividend rate, this ucll-iimiiaiicd company pays common stockholders a return of 24 per cent on pur vnlue. If the company, Instead of pitying n S2.4U dividend In 1012. had paid only $1.20, or 12 per cent on pnr value, it would have hail $11,700,000 to distribute elsewhere. The editor of the Fonmi, tissuming that the company luis 1,900 stores, calculate'; tin', it might. Isiive distributed these unrnlngs aiv.img its cmploye.s In the form of increased vcgcs. Assuming it had done so, at the rale nf $G150 per store. each containing 20 employes, every employe would have received S303 nddUlonnl for the year, or about $6 extra pet 1 vrck. What a ROdscud that would have lieru for these hard-working clerks! Hut. what is more Important, how much belter .11 would be for our economic system if n .shifting of national wealth would place it wncrc It is most needed and where it most profound!;- nlTecls Ihc n.i- tion's |)iin;ii,i5lns power! No douhl. ninny of the shareholder. 1 ! of this particular company need the money they reap from dividends, but it Is it perfectly sate KCII- crallzntton to say that, the vast, majority ol them arc infinitely less in need (linn (lit clerks, who work for pittances -and whose whole Income must so instantly for Ilic immediate necessities of life. There Is !'r> hoarding among (hem. Their money circule.lii almost as iiuickly as It Is handed ( to them. If the NRA docs not teach the lesson that wages are more Important, Ih-ni dividends to a nation's economic life, It will fail in one of its major objectives. —SI, Lonis Post-Dispatch. "I wish womiin." would slop referrius' (o mu ;is the iittle Chorea a Rheumatic Disease. That Often Affects Children 1!Y I)K. MOIttHS t'IS;il!i:iN ! Hi-. H. i,. Wallace found that the l-ldilor, .lourtuil nf the Aiiicrirair onset of tl\e dibeate w;is !:onietinie-s MrdU-:i| Aisix-Iatioii. nntl nf lly- iisscclatcil with an accident, a se- llir Health Chorea Is an nllmcnt rheumatic disorders and verc fright, or a sudden bereavc- ,s5ociat- ; II1C1| 1. 1" olher words, sotne form of menial shock. frcmiently seen in chll- Incidentally, in the groun of ed with Is quite (Iron, particularly in famili,> where' rn ' es Ulilt he studied! it was found rheumatic disorders are ptevnicnt. like| 5' '° contract chorea than are The condition i s mosl likely in af-: i'shl-ha:idcd people, nllhousli (he feet sirls aiound the rx:;«l of j ••'"deuce is not conclusive on this adolescciu-c but occurs also in l»ys •• l> m " L Tlir-rc is, Iwwever, a con- tlic perccnlage beinf; about ttivec sldernblc amount ol evidence which crises in plrls to one In bovs. ..'hows thaL the child ivith chorea A significant fact bearing nn the is likel - v also lo have some uffcc- rclatlonshiii of this condition to tiou ot lhc heart or rheumatic dis- rhcumatLsm is thai more lh:m one-, casc - 11lcn: WR s an involvement half of those who have the disease; °J lll(1 llKU ' 1 '" 41 - 5 P"' CC111 of all are found to have had some rheu- j [1 ^ the cases, iimtic disorder previouslv. Infer- 1 " ' tlon of the tonsils is a' com;non Chorea sometimes is called St. observation In such cases. Vltus' dance because of the strange movement.:, and uviichings brought BLYTHEV1LLE 10 YEARS AGO From the, riles ot Ike Bljihcvllle Dally Courier WeUncsdjy, Sept. 2G, 1023. Tuesday marked the highwater price In .-seed cotton, 9.95 l:eing paid In the seed. 'Hie eo'.ton is sappy as are the seed, and all admitted the market did not justify It, but a sort of gct-lt-wliilo.- you-can notion prevailed. j - 'THIS CURIOUS WORLD -j Sue Unit, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. unit, received n painful injury Tuesday | afternoon. She was walking the } horizontal ladder on the play- j ground at school and fell, break- I Ing her left arm. She is handi- ! capped as she Is left handed, but ' she snys she can learn over. All cars found parked on the following streets after twelve p. in. will be brought to the city hall and held for fine and costs: Main, bctv-eea Franklin and Fifth; First, from Main to Ash; Second, Fourth and Fifth, fro:n Walnut to Ash. Chief of Police. HALCYON DAYS.:: OAVS OF PEACE AiNO TRANQUILLlYv/ ANCIENT SAILORS BELIEVED THAT THE HALCYON, A6IRDOPTHE. KINSFISKECU. FAAMU^ NESTED ON THE \X'AV5S ABOUT THE TIME OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE, AND THAT .THE 5eA REMAINED CALM DUR[,N!& THIS PERIOD/ HAND GftENADES ARS. NOT A /V.ODSRN V/EAPON THEY WERE USED EX- IK rue RFTB&NYM AND SIXTEEMTl| CENTURIF.S/ OCTOPUS HAS ITS SHELL /,\'S/D£ ITS 600Y/ C IttJ Or ht> S^r:E. .sc. faa A company of Grenadiers, men tri'ncd to Dry Leader Declares Forces Must Work Harder SYRACUSE. N. Y. (Ul'i- -Thenis nothing left- for the dry \vork3rs to do except baiul together nnd light as they never have foui'rt before, according to Dr. Lonis P. Tucker, .superintendent of the Central New York State Anti- Saloon Lcnguc. "Of course there is nothing us tD do except face the they stand and go oui and fight, i I believe If Veimcnt i-ad voted dry 1:enod - but " lc u ™ch warfare- 0:1 th? • front during the V| it would have slopped the ^avc War orou^Jit out these deadly v/eapons i:t great numbers. which is swe'cpln-j the country. Maine voting wet will have an in-I M-:xT; Where llnence on Kansas and some of the i _...' other dry states and add them ;j • ~ ~ the wet list." lie said. J pictured prohibition as n failure Kansas City, including local, "If former dry leaders and sup- ] and t::e (hivel, last and most im- and national, decreed from porters have been turned to the i portant cause is nsnc other than'ci in 1031 to $35.53 in 19IW | opposite side it has been brought | the present administration ii.wlf. H.Ciuc newarch Institute abot:t tlirougn three very specific : has licld a dub ever th^ n:mocrat- . cd. reasons, thj first being the bus!-: ic states and almost hns forced. company o renaers, men tri'ncd to ilvow- hiriil grenl hing for • wa3 usecl by Charles 11 as a teuy e m:d, in 1BCO. The hand gr:l idfi^ht 5 ! Ca " le VC ' y " eav to c ' litil " :lio " duriiss I hi: centuries tollowing I are liiuuiiian jiincaniiles ness depression. People were lead them to vote wet. Especially is I PEABOUY, Kan. iUP)—On| to believe the return ol beer would j this Irue in ti:e south." Tucker! r.lrs. o. J Robins' hens bring in additional taxes ami help!said. j cml j, wcm ln fo r hoarding vl balance the budget and give many | | the fowl was dressed -Mrs people employment. Secondly, prpp- ' <-'ily (.loveriimenf Cut Dnu-n | cr ; s found Ihe lien comair.cil aganda put out during the last cam-1 KANSAS CITY, Mo. iUPi- Tho j ejKi. a!! of which should have paign and kept up until no'.v has |»r capita cosi of government in j laid several days before. .that evening si at botel wlicro an In a recent investigation ot moie than 2QK cases in Edinbsiigh. nvvIrSS iircllyitHsIslnnl iu.y H.\II.\|.:S. r.itvLTiisinu t-r nr ni\[,y'M ,]ciinr dunu ,,cVl,m l ", 1 !Jrini.,,"'"!! : 'iVkk I to mkc rhnTRr nf n mn. orchestra lliat Kate had heard over | fron: even tbo little hardsll the radio was ulayiliS- Mem iheiwlicn yon wcie a cliild. I lhou-1 - l>al rol:s wcro ^™>>«ed to select njlhcre would be time enough of tlie musical program aTHpyoi] to face such tilings \viien General Johnson is not so much an adimn- ls(ra(or as an evangelist, llllle as he may like Ihc part. —Prof. Philip Caboi ol Harvard. » * * It is doubtful It there has been uuothc: period in American history so opulent in Hie number of strong and brilliant prearhrrs ;is our own. .-Rev. Edgar U. Jonc3 of Detroit. CHURCH EXCUSES Bj Geo. W. Harhani OUT OUR WAY about by this disease. Those tnovc- ' iucnL<i must not be confused with , those of Ihe habit siitisui In which ', Ihe movcmenls arc nliuui the same but follow a ccrlalu routine. j : Because the rheumatic disorder associated witit chorea is of such' . great significance to Ihe future • health ot the child this condition I ihoiii-l never be neglected. It is im• ix>rlnnl to have a complete study I made o: the whole constitution or ! the child with special emphasis on '• Ulir heart. 1 liavc been told Hint my old i Tlie child with chorea should church that 1 served so long as | also Uc ijivcn every pawiblc opiior- chairniait of Hie board, ricfacto, tmiity to Improve its general nu- miinnccr. and yon inlsht say. ex- • trilion. It. should have plenty of cfficio pastor and preacher is plan-! rest and recreation. The ' die! nlng lo have a big high powered! should be watched carefully and. and. I guess, high-priced preacher if necessary, foojs particularly val- to ecn'.e In and hold a meeting. uab!c for building up the blood Now. n man of my knowledge ami! should be selected, ability must put this down as Ihc j "^/m^ay!'"S '- ^ckie CoOgBH Movie -If you could cull it a board -is j C r [ t j c f 0r Publication bound to be marie up with a lot of I Inexperienced men. No; only are: C-AM A CLARA. Cnl. IUI )-t\i- k! Ks '°- ""know" lo * mother, sent compli'le. ljuf Uvc iv I 111 him. JHl.V.l Al.l.l:\, XsliLcn !-:>•.• n ml c'timlli^ trouMe. l'i I a note to tho leader ot the orchcs- jtra. asking for two or bnr mother's ] favorite sotic?. After dinner they went lo tlie early fhcwius of a . r . n r i'ifi:iio\ ni:i:ci-: : and ready for bed. I'likriniin to ll rt:i>Iii^ Ihr- ,,1,1,-k n,;ir T,,«vlnK nioiiry fruin hi- nml «i»l<T. She ln»c» ni m-ll nt :ill lu-r o^n ^:I i'ltlll IllrU k-fc hi IIic. l AR1.1-JXR SMITH. »ir In Ihc Iti.xliv oltu-t-, r,rr ^::i^ril tu ^A^l 11(11. f-:n l were ohler. What 1 overlooked J to rr.alie you M-o tlint when icft home anil went out into business world rind into a )iom<| yoi:r own you'd to do some of tlie hard thijisi y| self and sacrifice your own and comfort. .somuirac-3 for oth I I thought you'd sea it yonr:j l--ve. I didn't realize that |:I^K anj innk. i,srii[ilicr In which Hick. 'l'<i «fir i n^ n nilstmilf r the and vrtdifr. not lit-nr frtifu In ailnllt hcf- ^hc rclis.sp^ lu nx to sec Iirr- '""TUESDAY cvcnin.-; Evo tool: her | -*- mother (o sco Marya aud Hay !in their charming hcrnc aud \Vcd- : uucilcd to be told.' iienlay Mrs. Penney entertained j "lint I do hard things—load! them at dinner. Arlcne aud Sam i them!" Jiv.i Insisted. "All also were Invited, 'deadly, reiilin-: tilings that Rat \ "You l:nva nice friends. Evo,". bates to do be- gives to mo. ICale Bayloss said attcr the visit I you':] ever sco bow hard I w to Mrs. rcniicy's apartment. She i at Bixby's. Mair.a, you woiil had picked up her crochet v;ork— fsay such a tiiiu a little cap she was making for "Wei!, ruayba you ilo—at Bis' Esther's _bal>y—aud^settled herself, whero it doesn't really matter. d they;;>t home. Eve? Did you do MJ| homes. I the hard things at homo or j Daughter, when arc you going to ! you nut them nil on Dick? |mitt w<irl;i:i!; for other reoplc aud ! rjh:iit that ho did nearly all settle down to ivarriaso in earn-, cook in;;. Was that fc.jr? Was 11 cst? " jsoins lifty-lidy as you're so fl 1 "I—nick .and 1 have a nico|ot itulliug it?" too. Mama." •tit us a niiiriTr. in a chair by tlio lire. "And lhey'r>t liome Fvr>' i:vc irnrks hiirilcr nt the onirp Invn ' ' ! •-•'"-• UTinir In lorsi't licr IrimlMi*. !'""" 'rirril null I«vcl5, nlir tcliiru^ tit her npnrtntcnt unc nl^ht lo Ihul her mother tlicre. .>o\v <iti n>" \VITH 1'ifi: s'rouv CHAl'TEIl XI.IV pVE awakened ne.\i luorulng to By Williami utAv/E. IT 3OM1PER. MOOMTlKj', t_ FV.AT, "SE.EK1 A PIECE. O 1 TrtET MA&A-ZIM&? keep house and Icl your husband • fiul ( i 0 "Wafflles." Kvc Enc.-scd. because cnrn tlio money. Then, when l)icl« . kind of homo lie looked ME.VJ HE fTort &O "KAno To IT. . £\ PIECE' o' THET TO GREASE PAMS 1 . \_ESSEE~ "L TKROW uuderttanditis that tier was to meet her at noe:i O\JER AT SPRIM&&. 1777-Bi'itish, troops <ar\terPhilAdeJi4iia. composer, born. CTerman-v reach, an, 8?reemeat cort- Morocco n4 tV\a.t arv 1 you so any more, i Or iua\bo you've til c'ii:i{;j. A womin gels cral [ whrn slia works outsiilo after s:;c's nimricd. Tlio i up. yuiir j,,], s Rlc [00 ,,. l]c tj { or ) lcr S ( ron I and nerve?. You ought to bo bu 1 lug np reserve strength that ;| :iir,!it need in case ot sic*u;| ''Xow. loaiorrow night we w to a show or anywhere. "Cliilil, you're not hnr-py living -[f^ [his way. You dnn't !or,k ]i.T;iiiy. '- lonablc tea room. After a leisurely Aud yo;i never even sp.vik nt yo;;r li:r.ciicon thoy went to the arr. n:u. jliusbanil uiilc.-3 1 liriu; up t!;o suh. i : ,-. n . e Ectiiu. Vi'heu Kato Uiiyless pro-jl^ct- Why dnn't yn:i jive tested at Eve's devoting so much : work at Hixty's nr.:l ^-o i,> h:m, time to her culcrtr.iimieat her''- v o? Don't you want lo so?' 1 il.iiislitcr explained. "1 li.i.] to go : * * ° to the museum EOP.IO timo tills j pOK answer Kva rose. m:ns week to lake notes for my column | self Into her mother's ar:r.s and .5, __ _.. _. _ I asked Mr. Bnrnc3 It 1 couiil ;s o h b c il a;;,in;t her c.n::rort:ns i-,nvc a co:d hot supper ready do it totlay. Usually I go in ilio : shoulder. Kntj patic;! her. n;nr- : minulo 5011 Bet lion-.e. You'll ll evcnlnB, though there's no real ic.v 'muring rnrlcarir.ei:!?. .ir.d cncoiir- ihai and you'll realize how R I fon why I should. It's office work .aged licr lo relieve her unb.ipj.l-1 would like that, too, and aflcr ^1 nnd I'm within my rights to dolncfs In tears. I'rcscr-.ily ivbea Kvo : per you'll sit down and write l'| It in ofiicc hours. " ha-1 gained some coulrol ov^r her .a nice long letter aud tell him V "\Vhy ot course, It that's U." her I voice she contesaed, "Oh. I want ; you'ro giving up your work '• mother agreed. "Xow you just ai-|hlm so dreadfully, Mother, but I'm 'DlsbyV j I teud to your notes and I'll take not sure be wauls me!" i Eva did not prom!?e, nor did I c.ire of myself. I've always wanted AnJ shr- told uer mollicr o! the \vriio the letter. The nest even' to take my llmo nt a place like lesirnngcmsni that had nrl.'m. ^slic c.imo homo ai swiftly na a t' ! tliis instead tt hurrying through , "I ; 1;C ss I'm partly lo biiiaio for could hring her with the. news 1 | and uot getting moro than a jail thir," l\?.ir. R.iylcss went on Dirle Banifs to leave BUI ' glliniise ot anything. When I've'when r.vo lind dried her eyes ami .Juno first to become general * s-ctu enough for one time I'll tio silting or, st low ttocl at Ler'S^cr of a iiiitcli larger dcprirtm ; ;i liltlo shopping. There are £nn:o ' mother's (o-t. istoro in Chiraso and that : thiugj Oilier v:anti='l me 1,1 • g$: "Yo-i? \V!:y hiw W>'. yo'i ^e f Ili-.-hy 1''*1 askf-1 litr in take s-V t!t« babv." : W3H'.«.' \t- mr-. i-.sjii-ircOs o'. rijcs h» sx.i-, 50110- I K^ JACU Ler mother to dinner , mi!c; av.'syl , (To lie

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