The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Nehru's Success Still a Puzzle . Indian Leader Keeps Chaos From Homeland; No Apparent Effort WASHINGTON —MV- For many treasons India's handsome prime minister, Jawftharlal Nehru, is being received In Washington with more than the usual Interest nncl euriouty accorded, foreign leaders. /Rich, educated, chosen by Gandhi to ]«d his nation, he has been con• ipicuously successful in keeping the general Far Eastern chaos from his oivii soil.' How doM he do it? , The story of the rfotir.; In the Punjab in the late summer of 1947 Is probably - the sharpest case In point. This is on the information of G. Milton Kelly, who \vas The Associated Press chief in India at the time. ''The Punjab is a northern province -that" lies athwart the lines liow. drawn between India and Palc- isian, the two nations set up when the British got out, India is predominantly Hindu; and Pakistan, Moslem. The • religions differences a'mone the unlettered of both nations is bitter. 'Right after Independence day, Aug. 15. 1947, when the two nations were • separated, rtolhi; broke out bl the Punjab. Reports were too brief tor Kelly,', who was in Delhi, so he set out for the fighting area. He '- brought out pictures to prove what he found. He saw death and destruction. Hs remembers babies, cut In two, lying by the road; whole families cut down in their homes; buildings so'-wrecked that streets were heaps'of rubble. " Half Million Dlrd V/Kelly 'estimated-that some half million iQst/.thelr lives In that rioting, although t h« says there never, be any-way to know the. death tpjir.jTo' a'dd to confusion. Hindus in the Moslem 'areas trekked home to their own kind. Moslem- did the same. Kelly says perhaps nine mil lion people migrated that autumn: just picked up what they could carry and walked. No one will know that figure, for sure, either. The result for Nehru was hu^e refugee camps In India. .Kelly saw camps with 40,000 to 50,000 people •"hungry and living in incredible filth." It seems the Hindus were prevented by their religious pine ttces from denning up their own filth. So they lived In It. Miraculously, no epidemics occurred, although untold numbers died of disease. But there was danger beyond disease. The Communists moved In. They disdained to t*lk to crowds, but they did appear to go after leaders. Kelly sat in on one such talk In a small military shelter. The group Included a Hindu Communist. » Moslem Army officer, a Japanese radio commentator, and two Hindu newspapermen. The Communist told them that "In Communism there is no room for eommuna] fighting." That sounds like gibberish here. But he was saying that different religious groups would never' be forced to live .together. At the time G«ndhi was trying ta prevent Hindu and Moslem from . separating. I.uck on His Slilr. Also at that time the Communists had Infiltrated into Indian communications: telephone, tele- friph, trucking and railroads. They could have paralyzed the country. Nehru faced that when he had to Use Enameled Double Boiler To Scald Milk When a recipe calls tor scalded or boiled milk, avoid heating the milk over direct heat. Instead, pour It into the lop of a porcelain enameled double boiler and heat It over boiling water In the lower portion of the utensil. Porcelain enameled double boilers heat evenly and quickly. Being n'o'ri- poroits, they are extremely easy to clean, For preparing the tasty orange dessert below, they are especially practical: Orange Itrllfhl Pudding 14'cup granulated sugar '< cup cormtarch % teaspoon salt 12'3 cups erap'oralod milk 1 cup orange Juice 1 leaspoon grated orange rind 1 orange, slicfd Mix sugar, cmmtarch and .salt in upper pail of the double boiler. Add milk gradually, Mrting until smooth. Place over boiling water and cook until mixture begins to thicken, stirring fipquenlly. stir in orange juice and rind and continue cooking about 20 minutes or until thick. Serve warm or cool, garnished with orange slices. Makes 5 serving.*,. Special Cheese Cake Served as Sunday Dish . Want a very special calce for Sunday de.sse.rt? Try this, it's by Pritzt Ryderen. noted American home economist and it comes from "Onok Book R.p.n." compiled by th'e ladies of South Salem, N. Y.. Presbyterian Church. Cheese Cake lit I.uxc Pour efifis, separated; 1 pound collage cheese, rather dry; 1 nip stiRar, t cup heavy cream, not whipped; 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1-2 teaspoon salt. ' . Beat yolks until thick. Add cheese, sugar, cream, vanilla and salt. Fold in stiffly beaten whiten. Make crust of sugar cookie dough. Roll thin and pat Into pie pan. Pour in filling. Bake in 450 dcgres p. oven tor 10 minutes, then reduce heal- to 325 decrees F. for « minutes longer. Note: For a very special cake, use soft Ice cream inslcad of cream. move. Into the Punjab to bring about order. He moved anyway. He sent in some military. He sent i housing .materials to throw up little "bashas" for the refugees—wooden hulls, many with thatched roofs. He sent in food. Luck was on his side. Once the migration had separated most of the Moslems and Hindus, the bitterness died down. Gandhi's death finally slopped the rioting. Nehru again had comparative pence in his newly free land, nnd the Communists had won not a single province. Now most of the Communist lenders are In jail. Among Nehru's Far ' Eastern neighbors, China is almost lost to Communist armies. There Is sllll no settlement In the Indie' Viet- Nam and Burma have sporadic uprisings. Korea is split between Communist and Democrat. Nehru's 400.111)0,000 people may be hungry, as many have ahvnys been. But there Is no civil war. Tlmre IK no real Communist Ihreat at the moment. 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I ••--'vj«- !,.-> > ., 1 ui.i oi 1 1,> I r ShWKK 1MJ.-I10VKMKNT DIS- TKICT NO. 1 OF TIIK Cl'l Y OF BI.VTIIKVII.M.;, AHKANSAS WHEREAS, partie.'i claiming to be owners of more than two-thirds in sdi ir cream, !i cup finely chopped onion, 1 clove garlic, minced. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, dash tabasco salice, 1 teaspoon salt. l ,a cup grated American cheese. Add 1 tablespoon salt to rapidly boiling water. Gradually add macaroni so? water continues to boll. Cook," uncovered, stirring occasionally. until tender. Drain In colander. Combine macaroni with cottage cheese,. sour cream, onion, gnr- lic, Worcestershire sauce, tobasco sauce ami suit. Turn into greased i -quart casserole and bake in moderate oven CiSO degrees F.) 25 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle with grated cheese, return, to oven and bake IS minutes longer, or until , cheese melts and. Is lightly browned. Vegetables au Gratin ' (Makrs 6 servings) One lablesprjnn salt, 3 quarts. ATTKNT1ON EX-G.I.'s lo Mimialn four Benefits, •PAY VOUK LEGION I>UES NOW DUD CASON POST 24 From the farms COMES YOUR GCNUINE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN WHITE SWEET CORN THE CREAM STUE SWEET CORN All AMERICA tOVES ILLINOIS THI 'AVOBITI IN DIXIELAND FOR 72 YEARS m _ so very young _so very tender _ and so sweel Yo, .OUTL FIND COUNTRV GENTI.FMAN SVTrr CORX M in fUvor ... icmpjing m usit ... , delight 10 your f»mily. Il'» «> «s>- 10 strvt .. . i,' 5 ilre^cty cooked. Just heat, thtn OA High in food fntrg r , loo. Wholesome and nourishing. \Vondcriul for corn fritters, corn puddings, cho»dcrs. Get Pride oflllinois .. . Crejn, Style While Sweet Corn •* your grocer's toda^. IIUNOIS CANNING CO., HOOPISTON, 1LUNOIS (fotlti, o/ femeuj Jowi 4 Arc KiJnty RK*K) cated within value of the property to- portion of the John Dewey 90 Today" NEW YORK, Oct. 20. W>— Jolin Dewey, Internationally known phll- o^opher, was 00 today. He will he honprcd at a dinner attended by statesmen and educators. Part of the ceremony will Ite a gilt, of $80.000—a (hmisancl dollars for each year of his life—to tie used as he sees til. He plans to donate It lo several educational projects In which he is interested ' J. P. Pride ami Gateway Subdivisions, prepared In May 1949 by Jerry Cohen, engineer, and Ben S. Sh.-inks, county Survoy"-«£, of record in rial Book I, ' page'172, in (tie Oiroiit Coint : Clerk's office in Dlviheville, Arkansas; Blocks A. B, C, D, E, F. G. H. I. j, M, N, O, P, Q and B; Irregular l/)t.s 2CA, 37, 3JJ, 42, 43 and 50; and tluvx 1 portions of Lots 2C, 27. 28. 35, 30, 47, 48 and 49 lying wittn'n Hie city limits of Blytheville, Arkansas, for tile of building a .sanitary sewer system to serve said <irea, with the necessary outfall sewer or disposal plnnl, which may be either within or without the corporate limits of said City, in such manner and with such materials as the commissioner.? shall deem to he for the best interests of said district, and the erst (hereof, over and above any aid received from of Ihe Federal or City government stall be nsscmci and charged upon the real property above described. Said District shall be known as Sewer Improvement District No. 4, and C. S. Buggett, O. W. Copnedgc and U. W. Moore arc hereby named commissioners, whrj shall compose the Board of Improvement for said , . boiling water, 8 ounces elbow macaroni. 1 cup green pepper! cut in '.1- fuch squares. 1 cup sliced celery, 2 tablespoons minced onion, \'~ pound frankfurters, sliced. 2 tablespoons butler or fortified margarine. 1 12-ounce can whole kernel corn, 2 large ripe 'tomatoes, cut In wedges, 1 8-omice package processed American cheese, sliced. ' Add salt id rapidly boiling water. Gradually add macaroni so that water continues to boil. Cook uncovered. stirring 1 occasionally, until lender. Drain. Dot with butter, if desired. Smile green pepper, celery, onions and -frankfurters In butle margarine until vegetables are .endei and frakfurlers slightlj browned. Add corn with liquid from can,, tomato sections, and cheese Cover over low' heat, stirring occa. Southeast Quarter ol Section n, Township 15 North. Range 1) East, of Mi.wis.slpp! County, Arkansas that is embraced within the city limits of Dlytheville, Arkansas, have filed a petition praying that an improvement 'district be established for the purpose hereinafter set out; nnd WHEREAS, after due notice as required by law. the city Council of tin. City of Blytheville, Arkansas has heard alt the parlies desiring to be heard and has ascertained that said petition was signed by more than two-thirds in assessed value of the owners of real property within said territory; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Blyihcville. Arkansas: Section 1. 'mere is hereby established an Improvement, district embracing all of Ihe real' property lying within the following described area: All that portion of the Southeast Quarter of Section n Township 15 North, Range 11 . East, of ' MUslsMppI County, Arkansas, lying ivllhln the city limits of Blythevllle, Arkansas which embraces the following described lots anil blocks as shown on the Second Replat of <, District.. Section 2 ordinance shall fake effect and be in force from and after it.? uavage. Passed: October 18, 19J9. -^ , Approved: W. C. Coates, Prc.srdeiit Pro Tomjiorc Attest: • W. I. Malm, City Clerk j? of 6vt spicy hot CHILI the quick-to-fix 'economical main dish IIMPHU P»CKIN5 CO. lnBiy.the'ville,TQO...It's Tfie Swift's dcliontn lilcmlinj; of finn spices with selected Clils of puro pork results in a aupcr-tnsl.y sausage. Nut ton spicy, not too miW—it's "/<«( right"! Anil it's made fresh daily in linlis or moat for putties. America's favorite. . . rich i Vitamin & proteins Look for your dealer's special display ' THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1949 LUTTRELL'S FINE FOODS Sixth & Chickasowbo We Deliver Phone 2011 PEAS —————_ Vita Vista fresh—No. 303 can CROWDER PEAS -10< No. 303 Can School Day 10' No, 1 taJJ can Jack Mackerel ea Stokely's, 12 oz. jar APPLE JELLY - - - - Stokely's, 14oz. bottle CATSUP - - 2 for 35< /Swansdown Instant CakeMix16oz.box36c Our every day price Pet Milk-3 tall cans 35< Ground While You Wait, La Roma COFFEE Ib. 42 Sungold MARGARINE - Ib. 18c Large chocolate bars HERSHEYS - - 2 for 350 Delicious vegetable soup CAMPBELL'S-2 for 25< Hunt's Tomato SAUCE - - - can 5< Fresh, firm PureLard-4lb.ctn.69(f Chuck or Thick Rib Beef Roast - Ib. 49c KREY MELLO BRAND ^H —— • •'•»»fc^ wnm^Lx SLICED BACON Ib. 46 • DELICIOUS COUNTRY STYLE I PORK SAUSAGE Ib. 29' Sugar Cured Bacon Squares - Ib. Tender, fresh PORK LIVER - - Ib. Lean, juicy PORK CHOPS-lb.49< Tender, tasty FRANKFURTERS Ib. 35< Lean PORK ROAST - Ib. Half or whole Tender Hams--Ib. 49(£ U. S. No. 1 Fresh RED POTATOES 10 Ibs 37 £ Large, full-of-milk COCOANUTS-2for25< Large, yellow ripe BarlleftPears-3forlOc Stokely's FRUIT Cocktail - No. 1 fall 19? Mrs. Arthur's Home Made Angel Food Cake - 59c Sterling, 2 Ib. 10 oz. box SALT - - 2boxes15< 200 Count Box KLEENEX - 2 for Richer Suds — New White OXYDOL...25 Just Arrived: Fresh Shipment of ELMER'S CHOCOLATE FIDDLERS .. Lb. Box r.

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