The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS PAGE THREE Glory That Preceded Death City Second In )eat!i Has Ended Careers; of Presidents oi Andean Republic. Tills is Hit- £f<ond of si\ htniipl ;i< lining CM uf Hie mosl ura- natle chaiilfr.i in modern lilstirv. I lif wave of rcvolutlii»>: thai iia: pi l.alln America in l!ie I'*' 1 |:lirn- year^. nr,» climaxed Ity the idt-i5 in <:ul-i. BV HOBKKT TAI.I.KV NKA Si-rvlee Wrili'i' '1'hey say il.e tjhobt of Tian- .rsco PiKirrn. \vlro wrested I'e.-'i's ri.-hes from ihe Incas, still su'ks rhiough the grim old Kovcrnmen: ll'ulace at. Lima—where he ruK'd JlOO years ago and v.hi-re he dii'J |\ ,th an iLHS-..ssl!rs dageer in (:is 1'i-art—niutlerlng emse.s on Hi-jM 1 |/.)m uioke .Hie anck-nt grip i'f in on the rich country liu '!!•:•• 1'Cvered. ft is ir.tTCly :tn idle s'.ijjei.Mitt n . illilerale I'ernviaiib, pwliaps, f,A sometimes .superslition.s huve a :,neor way of rinsing true. And | : lii-<, seems to be such a ease. Por in tht hectic cenUuy mat ^ns followed Peru's libeiation from .hf Spanish voke. numerous pres- |utents have ri'.en swiftly to puwer vly to lall as suddenly to disaster I-and in the pasl three years one Irti.-. languishr'd anil died in a Ilteary dun^ei-si and anoilier has llallen before an nssii (-<l bullet. well- rnm Fresidtncy In Prison In Ihe whole history of lurbu- Icnl South AmerlMin ]>olilics, lliere r.o motf clr.wifitir slory limn I .ha i of Ihe ai-ort President Augns- ].o B. Leguia v;ho was overthrown |jy a revolulinu in August. 1930. |r«o years before Leguiu hud baen lo President-elect Hoover l.'.hcn the laller visited F'MII on lis South American lour. At one end of Lima's broad I liyon Union is the government ] 'a'ace. its isiieient, walls pock- n:.rkcd by Ihe bullets of bygone (.evolutions, where lor 11 year-; l=iueuiio Legia ruled as Peru's |:0lt-spoken but heavy-handed liic- :,nor. .11 the o'her end is Peru's na- k'onal penitentiary, with its iniis- J-ive doors ol burnished copper, I there the withered ex-president |.vas confined for nearly two year;* nil! death released him. Cotton Receipts The Blyihevllle- plant of tlie Federal Compress and Warehouse company ran a clsoo second to Pine Bluff In volume of cotton receipts last week, according to the weekly report of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association. Hlylhcvllle received 1,571 tales i last wivk. fin- a .season's tola! of | ll.STli. wMIe I'ine Ulull received 7U1U buys lor 11 season's lotiil of ft.MO. W.".i Memphis ranks iltli'J with 5.1M bales hist week and sciison'.^ loinl of n.S.10 Coni|)! i irccliits lust v:oek for the eillin- suile amounled to 52,M_> bahx. compared to H.2I8 bale: the same ueek a year ano. He- relp'.s lu: ihe stale 10 dale till; season aie '.IL>;KH. compared lo 191. [IDS lor i in' same period lust season Receipt f in . tlu> wrptt nnd for Hie KRSon .u iradhii! Arkansas an Missouri IHKIHS follow: Pine Minn Dlyil'.i-viiu- Wes: Memphis llopi- McOrt.T . Fort .Smith ... Ti'xiiik-.uu Helm., . Marked Tiec . JoiUKkuio Leai t:\-ill,. . C:irut!i! r-.ville Ilayii 1.01(1 1,511 ri.ioo 4.8-11 •i.nn 1,02V 1.703 1.101 no 1.312 1.650 . 329 13.500 11.870 9,5 JO 9,1170 4 : ni 3.001 4.sri:t 2.080 MM 1.023 20"! 1.SWU I.H'JI; •J71 .Reckless Driver Fined $25, Negro Acquitti iere's a Plant Behind Schedule President Auyuslo li. Leguin 'right), who rilled Peru with a hand of Die xcnlih of his jio.vcr when lie welcomed President-elm Hoover to Lima upper picture, bin u revolution overthrew him, he spent weary months In u:oken old man. Below are typical Peruvian soldiers. iron fov 11 years, was in 1D2B. as shown a prison cell anil Kel.sU' Webb wns thu'il $2f> I leckU-M dilvlng by Mmilclp | .Indue <:. A. Cunningham ycMerit : for hi; |i:iri In nn iicrldoju o Hlgliwuy HI. .south of Ulytlu'vllle. I II. J. CiiUendeu, negro, who i flamed in iln' KIIHI> niTldcnl, WHS I denied uf n slinlliir charrjc. I Lareiis nned $100 for umis- liurtliic liiiuor. A very I'niDliifiton of Lrnchvillu wns .fined $50 nnd sentenced to 20 nl chiys In jnil for resisting nn of- in the (leer, died n racked and br.rned i:al residence. I.ct'uia's pala-j assailant 1*. .Lilted—and Furguttin Lcgutn was placed aboard v.-.iishin 'and started for exile. \vas sentenced lo death, with n great, show ol magnanimity the president, coimnmed the punishment to imprisonment, a ... A I Asiatsin Kirds Mark Plans Nursery School MUiden change of plan by the' Bui a mon'.h later, another as- ;overnment resulted in the war-I laiiin's aim was truer. As Mifs Kelt Williams of Armorel, formerly a teacher in the University oi Tennessee at Knoxiilic. Is to open a. kindergarten and nur.s- Presi-! erv school October 1. ! She received her later education Judge Would Swap Cards With Famous Lion Hunter A dinner membership In the In- tenintionul Sheep Shooters for B rliin'loi 1 membership In the American Lion Himk'is clnb.lntcrnullon- nl—thnl Is the propuMil made by Municipal Jmlui- C. A. CunnliiK- liiun of Hl}lt:vvllh.-'ln response to nn Imiliillun iriiin Denver M. Xvi-Ujlil, the fnined "American lion hunter." lo become a ctiarie: member of tin- lion hunting or- cnnl/atton for (10. H wns Wright, Hit- Si. l-ouls Knlhcr good. 1 ! maiwfnclurcr, who held tin 1 famous lion luiiii on a Mississippi river Islnlld 111 soulll- easl Missouri IBM January. Wright's llrsl lion, » circus iinimii!' men, It has been my ambition to become n member of and help engineer some thoroughly eni>o.yablo njsoclatlon of sportsmen'who can conduct the.'* d.'inneious enterprises, miller conditions suitable to their leniperamcnt. "Some time ugo I ornnntzed a club similar to yours. It Is knuv.'n us "Iiilernailoniil Sheep Shooters." We have only one rule: thai (3 that the sheep be securely muzzled ami hog-tied before our members lire subecied lo the ten Inc. dnnge rof getting bit while shooi- nu Ihi'in. "If it Is satisfactory, lo you. I as 1 can Lion lUuial." club. v Amcrl- Interii'.i- Want. Ads. Ingredients of Vkks iiicci'Cded In killing n second lion I ifter all efforts (o make the llon| leave the.well fovllllvd camp of ihe; Hunters had failed. Tlie lume. uf-j folr received widespread coimuenl j the press, piirllciilnrly'' uf ilii! IIIIUIIK.T In which the docile, smlimil mel his fate. i Wrlyhl's letter pimmshig mem-> ber.'hlp admits ihiit he received ; <l much publicity us u result of tin 1 ! limit, niter \uileh he conceived the f VapoKub In Conv«ni«t C»ndy Form need uf mi Intel imllonii! oi'Kunl-- MI tlun uf lion hunters, i in his reply Jui^ blated "Your Invlliillon mudf my blond lenp . . . Thi-j j chvitin-stniu'rs iiiiilci 1 which your lion wns killed chullengcs the In-] Ici'c.M, of every :|iorlsm:ui In I lie world. | ".Such a movement hus been In bv bind lor yeurs, having grown I up In Hie West where men inn" VICKS COUGH DROP HKMOItlillOllJS ll'ilrs) cured wltliuiil llii> knlfr. Skin caiucr. \arh'(m'd xclns, tonsils rfino\eii nim-surclcully. lilts. NIKS and NIKS Ollkc f.14 Main rhonu US A .chaw of ussaull nnd battery aeainst Charley Lutes was nolle pressed on motlnn of the prosecuting iittnriicy. nudily liujiik.s was lined $50 on n charge of Illegal possession of | hitoxlratln,; }^"> r - i OLO plant that', not warklui Rnlpli Crordon was fined five dol- ; ovan i,, la ,i, CBB dByB lu lb , Inrs lor dlsunulng the peace,, funtiiry I'lant In Tb« Br«ni Barney Darker was flnud live dol- ,M. y., Botanical Unrd«o. four lar.s fur disturbing the peace and weeks oierduo ou Its icheduted B. RoWjins was cleared of a dis- • blooiuinB. tbe tornparuiueiiUI «i- urbauci- charge. hlblt hero iHSliuwn as It afip««red la BANISH THE FEAR OF BLOWOUTS 1 Tire*totie 1 td Firing Squad '.eguiii's life ouirivals ol j.lic fictional chnroctcrs in O jai-nry's colorful stories of Latln- l(\mericun revolutions. '. Before him. Leguia's father had lloughl in tlii- armies of Simon |nolivar, South America's libera- for independence fro:n Spain. |Ai an early age Leguia entered I'.wntU's and in 1808 he was elect- president of Pern for the first ging There, until death released him in February. 1032. Lcguia wascon- nucd like a Won. forgotten by all e>:ccpi his jailers. Daily he lis tered In Ihe silence of his narrow i'-" c C'?:i for th? i:!3:nnr ol a revolution \vhieh Vvoulil restore him to Ihe palace, but it never ciimc. Wearing a Vaded blue dresslng- LI'WII over a ronrse cotlon night- s-jiii'l. thus wizened okl man who had rnleil the land. 1 of the Inea r.-i-jisiires mac H pnlhelie. figure. I i Spain . . j TfistilEous The new executive had hardly his term when a revolution orokc. he was dragged from the :ulacc by a mob and paraded '•I.rough the streets raid placed before a firing squad beneath Lima's equestrian statue of Ihi 1 Bolivar in the Pliwa de In-j lepci'.dencia. j There, v.ilh rifles trained on L,,.,,,. .ini. Leguia received Ihe allc™"- me'ii^ investigated"aiul prepared for; """ v "" «"••»'"" «i ^.^_ ij-j^j Deail: released him from: ht capiors on Feb. 0, 1932. a short 1 lime ailei' he liad been removed, (.vlically ill. to a Lima hospital, lie was nearly 70 years old. I But perhaps a is not well to: txilc—Then Dictator . ! :1 )c-iid too much sympathy on Lc-1 He returned to office, but in 1013 j j^,; ;( , for there is another side. A , jthe. tide turned against him agniu | ;-,i'h!eK> tyrant. he dealt with hisj .ird he was first imprisoned and j opponents with a heavy hand; he t'-iin exiled. He went to Nev: York condemned numerous political foes .1 peddled life insurance for a|- o dreary dungeons and others he r.g. Then in 1919 he returned | txjictl r.i- excciilecl. |lc Lima to drive another man out 1 * • • 3.' the palace by means of a revo-j"!f.iiui.s" Never Fuiind iution nnd rei'nin it for himself., 2\\\ no trace of the vast fortune From that day until August, I that Leguia i« sup]iospd to have I^3Uia ivas dictator of Peru., giv.fled ever wns found, in Peru other American ruler'c:- abroad. He died protesting his hacked the assassin to pi thtir swords on the spot. . n =«r """ b>lll t ° Two days later, Sanchez Cerro " eai ' Grce » Lakc hollowed (he wizened Lcguhi lol ltw WOTk s wtorc ' ' 8 rave as he was buried with I clune B stall; - stl11 military |»mp from the great Lima cathedral whose deep-tl'.roatcdj Ve'.ls liad tolled a requiem for the murdered Piznrro -ICO years befoic. It is merely an idle superstition cf illiterate Peruvians, ol' course. . »iat the curse of Francisco Piznrro iv:-ts upon these who wrested Ihe • few silver Creek u 1848. Just a Wisconsin bc- ^ in operation. nioncer mill Is one of the, of Us kind slill standing. ; tick the tongue, headache — when due to a or constipated condition ol ' "* bowel, usually may be tiou with an accident that led lo | by a dose or two of purely v the fa'.al injury of his son. ' TIIEDFOKD'S DLACK-DKAtlOIIT. the police division of court. Saturday Arty Moody was Heath "Solves" Problem Fiom a narrow table, over whicli flies swarmed, Leguia ate the fru- pal food that the prison supplied. No \isilors colled upon him; no vi.'iloi's were allowed. In another u-M resided the old mini's son. Juan, accuscu of complicity with Hi? father in graft. . But have a true. sometimes 511- quccr way of | of signing his resignation or (receiving n hail of bullets. He dill Ir.ot flinch and he did not sign. He Ilield his captois in argument un- l:il ioyal troo|js came to his rescue. I NEXT: Brazil ....... a i resident is overthrown hy :i rev- i olutioii and sent into exile . . | '• it new presidert finds his liumb, , fl'N and there follows a civil \vir.j ,. I narked by thr; greatest hMllcs ill , Peru's "Lc S i.ia problem as It|, he m h[ . mi ,, crc , in( . c ,„,. I c; to be known, rocked on for t . ivi , „.„ |n (h( , VnlM s(aRs nearly two while tne govcrn- Aged Man Joined ! Wife in Death! NAPLES lUP) — Luigi noinniK. 8D, always had snid that when ilii wife Angelina, 87. died he would do likewise. She died recently, nnd when i children, relatives and friends had tired of crying around her bier. Luigi asked them to leave the room. I The old man stretched himself I out on the bed apparently to make up for hours of steep lost during , his wife's death. Wlion visitors I tiptoed into the room to wake him up, he *as dead. i lipassecl him in undisputed now-1 l;r; he ran all things lo suit him-j lit'if. somewhat like his illustrious | i^edecewor. Pi7nrro. whose ijodv |!ry ill the er.thedrnl across tlie Ipiazn in a r^'riss coffin with the Iruif staple tolton ol the Aiulc? l;.t.i(Ted into tin- daxgci wound that leudcd his reign Hewer arrival in Lima on hu jond-will to'.ir and was feted at llhe.ialace by this Ihin. old man l»-!io held Peru In the hollow ot |li,s hand. ii::.ficcnce as lliis final statement. 666 tl:e Divine Trbunal and when f hiive placed mv soul in the hands of fiwl. the nuc source ol truth, i i-a-.h to decla-c that I am guilt- !ers of the crimes, enrichment and extravagance, cf which 1 have been .\ccused with an injustice that cues aluud lo heaven. . . I am t.;c victim of political passions •A nich have ilegeuerated into an in'-aliable ihirr* for vengeance." Drop.. I Chrchs Malaria In 3 days. Coin's first ilay, Hcad.iclirs nr NVuraljla in SO minutes. Kinc I,ax;\ti\c anil Tonic Most Speedy Rcmcilics Known |l)(prceslon Stirs Revolt In 1930. after 11 years of I (imputed pover, came Leguia' | itr.v.-nrnll. The world-wide depression \vhlch IhaO reduced Peru's exports to n lir.irp trickle, hfltcc' the revenue Illn/spcxpoits had formerly brought, lihres.' tliousanils out of work, and I Urned popular dlscnntent to a I flame. Also, there rcrc rumblings lilml the old dictator liad grafted Ic-uciinniiFly on public wovks nro- and plunged his country lir.|>elexslv iiuo dclit by beco/ilnn I tile paid tool of scheming Wnll tieet bank'-:s. Revolt bioke out. President Lc- |;ina was fonvil to resign by an Isnny junta hendcil by General I Manual Ponce which, in turn, was brushed a^.idc by ] Ccrro's Slcrniv C.irecr lm ."j Tht term cf President 11 Cerro, w'-o followed Leguia. was equally turbulent and ended in his murder. Cerro liad hardly entered office when he was forced out and then restored to power in n quicic of revohtUons. lu March came another revolt, U 0 which Cerro put down with heavy I Uss of life. Overthrown again' At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic inochcster. Minn.) Hie health officer. Dr. D. C. Lockhoad. recently sale" In a statement through the l-i r\ c s, ' l Wc In the health dcpart- are concerned about milk • two ancles. Because it i; , best food obtainable, we want ! DC It cons'iined In great quan- and because of the posslbll- of Its spreading disease, we f r ,, m Lh Uss of life. Overthrown again |( y D f | ts spreading diseas ;>::'ld bloody fighting, lie was* ex- v , nnt to |, now that our loca il.-d but hi- returned to Peru and :,,]., , s produced imder all U MUII the |:r-.. : dentlal election in i flncmeiit-s of production co October. ! L , a n y po^iuip a nd thai It h One of his first ii^l and exile 23 members of Con Ei oss who hud opposed him. Mor-? revolts occurred as Cerro was accused us a tyrant; at Trujillo, lelels seized '.he city and massa- 150 soldiers and civilians. The vant to know that our local sup- II ic rc- comincr- -lally pof-sible. and It he p:is- acts was to ar- j (u cr i 7c fl so (hal we can giurantrt - it safe." I Lieut-Col. Sanchez C«rro, leader ol | gcvernmcnfs revenge was equally j'uc revolutionary forces in the M! ith. Cerro become provisional president amid rioting nnd gen- I eral disorder durinc which mobs as bloody. ] In March 1933, Cerro was • w.nnded by nn as.sassln while nt-1 kndiiiB church at Mirafiores. His L Telephone No. 7>l Bennett's milk is safe — it's properly pasteurized. Bennett's Dairy GIVE 58 GREATER PROTECTION CONTROLS THE ENZYMES TVTHAT U an enzyme? It ia a myntcrious gull*' .sluiice put by nature iuto all living cells—ill, your mouth—in your stomach—ia malt, hups and yeast. Enzymes ore nature's digestive agents. Tbcy digest the food you cat. They digest mult, hops, and yeast into solution—which we know as beer. Ixiuis Pasteur, the famous French scientist, protad the mysteries of enzymes seventy years ago, but he left no formula for their control. When enzymes are uncontrolled, they run wild — and yield beer that is rank and indigestible. SC1ILITZ has evolved a sccret'enzynic control that encourages the enzymatic action to exactly the correct point. Thus does SCHLITZ effect complete fermentation at the brewery in Milwaukee—not in your stomach. That is the answer to SCHLITZ full-bodied flt- vor, to its brilliance, to its healthfulness — for SCHLITZ is a predigested food. It is never green—never turbid—never Bat. It la mildly exhilarating. It flushes and tones the sys- tern properly—and at bedtime it induces sound, restful sleep. It is good and good for you. The Brown Bottle protects il» purity from the brewery to your glass. Try it today! You'll like it. By lh« caie or in tht attractive SCHLITZ Handy Six. Ask your d«al«r. IMSTHIHUTOH: f Miller-Crcnahitw In Brown B^H" Bottles \'F.H six iiillliiin prapltt have i^ecn l!u: T-'xlru l>alrnUMl Firt:ntnnn enml rurlioii t'riilure.4 al' ^;un- un<l 7'tl'O K*tru f.'nm-J>iji/iei/ (.'jirif t'lies Under Ilin Treail ul "A <!i-illliry of I'rugrcss." iuiLLii>iii Unoir UIHI*—inure Ihnn e.vcr !>t!forc^why Firtslonc >ttr. ln>M nil uiirld iccordH, on rulid mill Iniek, fur Sii/rly, S|li'nl, Milt- jr, nail h'/iillirfiriec. If joii liavi! nn! a«n Iinw FircstunoTires pro Mimic—If you Jo not now whut is iiiiJer HID IreaJ ol " lire—Dr'nuin ItHluyund liit us show you llio fatrn Strength' — Krlru Th» NEW Sajrly — Ijingrr Milfug'' — ""'1 11 r.'n-iilcT niiiininr. I'rutrctlon hiiilt inlo l-'ircslotie (jiinl-l)ip|H-it Ttrrji. SUPER OiDFltLD TYPt liuill lo rrjiiuf all firnl litii:Htiiiulnri) hrmid lircn in You jire I hi 5 full a oil 1 huviiiB ai pay mort: hit TruJc anil u p- l»riir:iiice., tiul It^ver in priet;— ami t her ii:v«:nienT in^ Mioiiey "K t« ncctl new lirrs wiriUr — Don't put iUirr tiny! You will r—i>rnu an NOW! * llic tinnier In yiuir present tlir. Sitfoly in l-'irrstoiic [•or.]. . t:br*'lt 4.50-21 (7-10 i! 8.35 l.T.VI'J . .1 00-1'J . f. 30-19 II.D. 7.00-111 II. P. TOCM'S FIKE $8.40 4.00 10.00 11.50 12.70 15-60 20. U EVERY FIBER • EVERY CORD IN EVERY PLY is BLOWOUT PROTECTED BY GUM-DIPPING ^ ^ "The Beer That Made Milwaukee famous PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. BlyUteville, Ark.

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