The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 15
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^JESPAT, MATJ.J9BO OUT OUR WAY (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople KNOW TO 6tVE "lOU A GOOD HOIST IN TH' PANTS OK TAKE *>bij HOME TO VOUK FATHER; I FIELDED A HOT GROUNDER FROM. HEADQUARTERS TODAX , MA3OR,' ALL FOR jAk' WRESTLER. EGAD, TWIGGS/ THAT • WILL 6RIS5G 3A,*e- TUMBLING DO\t>H FCOM HIS HIGH HEK-HEH.' i PEAR t DrJTIL 6AO MEWS 8URKE, eV£M (36T A MATCH WITH A SALOOW MOP/ SUPPRESS A CHUCKLE WE APPROACHES A\e TOR TERMS / Ml THIS MA30R* BORM THIRTY -^AES TOO SOOM WMCT Television on Tuesday l:-10p.m.—News Roundup 1 :-tn—\ew.srecl Z:Oft_MidSou(h N'cws 2:lfi—Household llinls 2:30—Adventures In Sewing 3:00—Spins <fc Needles 3:30— Howdy Dandy 4:00—Caclus Jim 4:30—News Roundup 5:00—Kukla, Fran & Oliie 5:30—Spinning Images 5:15—Cartoon 6:00— Milton Berle 7:00--Flr«irte Theater 1:30—Kentucky Derby f:'4S—Slim Rhodes 1:00—Amateur Hour S:00— Boxing 10:00—News Summary We offer complete Television Mrvlce.. supplying and insUll- Ins General Electric, Motorola, »nd Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES 'ElEVISIONi RADIO J SALES AND SERVICE (' BlYTHEVILlESAlEsCo I8E MAINS! BlYTHEVIttE. ARK. /nsuronce Call 3545 For Complete .Insurance Protection •W J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Asb Ejt OUNOOI HOTKL BDILUINO FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP tart With Kaftl, Without Slcri/iclnjj Protection W. L. WALKER— Phone 1113 RAYMOND ZACHRY Phone Z266 M* lumc* Bulldint, Phone SIM 4-room house. Ph. 2905. pk 13 For Rent R1NT- rror«n rooa locker* K'c Hlcbwfcy 61 Pbo&a 3171 t|M rt u Htor* »nd fixtures for rent. Plione *"*• ill pk 5]I5 Room wlin Xltchcn prlvalcgea Mi\r- «a couple or Indies Ph. 2423 or 6244 i;4 pk 5|ll __ ^^ Pirrnlshed two room njiiirtmcnt. 137 Cherry Slmro bnth Bl .t»ne pis. l«ht«. witer airnlshed. «35. Inquln- r«r «pt or phono 205Z. 5-3 p)c :o £?° ra '«r- »Pt. with" *FrliidiTre only. 1409 w A5h 5-3 pk 10 Ho»8« for rent or sftln S N Nced- h.m. 325 M. Sin Bt. 5-3 pk 17 Bedroom, ronvenlcnt to tmth 611 WMt MnlD. ph 3325 <;2 4 pk 5|24 Comfortable bedroom Ph 2575 4|13 pi 5|!3 Comfortable bedroom, conyenJent W) town Men onlj 310 w Wnlrmt 4113 pk 9113 »«droom Close In Ph 2101 5-3 pV 10 Vlncennes was the early capital of Indiana Territory. 2-fnr. rooms with bath, muitle* ur. 18.00 wk. Ph. 4255. 519 pK 5;|2 You'll Love Our Flowers! Blyt Neville FLOWER MART Memphis fllwaj Phone 6002 FOR SALE State Certified I)1>L No. 15 Blue Tag Cottonseed 807o Germination OGDEN SOYBEANS Germinalion MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phnnc 2R11 01 2IRI h:nl ber fro ' Clrilttrnry Nnr- (on 1 * IkliliKhf* 'wkrH Mir hecMme mir*cr7 KDvrrnrxN lu llntis, Mfnnll iliniKhlrr or Jon nnU Syrlr Anilirr- Je>. who live n'ilh Jnn'M brcilhrr I'lcr*. In BW Unlntt-it Nftrlh Afrtritn Jinnif. Sjrrlf had warnpd f:ir/iirnr7 In Ml/17 away rrom 1'ferM. hm II jtnil lirrn lfii|ii>nKi>»lc rnr her to dn RO mil] Clrnienpy BO4T tlnijM k*-r»rlf tn Juvf ivKh htm. Jii»llnF. Srrfe'J. Krrnrh ninrrt. lelt» fTlpnirnrT Ilinl J«in [M wpiiL. nrrvrB tn hnntj* nf ifrtnkmK. nnrt nhe warnH Clrnirnr-y Ihnl Ililiiux nrr u n«l TlKhJ" In this lUncf. "lit. n,,l lr( roiir mind 1M- tmlsonrrl." Jusllnp nild». • • • XVII QO Piers needed someone to protect himself from" his own /oily! Clemency wanted, to know about this folly. Was it that long- ago girl that Syrie said that Piers once loved? Did first love really mean so much to some men that it shut out everything else (or- ever? It was before the war, of course — 10 years ago; he had been very young. "Who would poison my mind?" Clemency asked.' Justine shrugged her shoulders. She would very much liked to have said more, though already she had said more than she had intended to say. What she would like to have added most o( all was: tie likes you and a girl like you, young, innocent, loyal, could be his salvation. But there are (hose who will stop that at all costs — if they can. "Things may settle down," she said as she rose. "I hope so." Clemency hesitated. "Otherwise 1 suppose Uie Jon Amberlcys may go.away altogether trom Red Aloes." And that would be the best thing that could happen! Justine did not speak the thought alcud. "I doubt it," she said dryly. LI You know, Mom'selle Justine," Clemency ventured, "this must bo very sad for Mrs. Amberley." "For 'cr! Surely you r-alize she does not care tiiat for 'im!" Jusline snapped her lingers. "She could 'ava 'elped 'im. It was 'is brother who came to the rescue. As for Jon — she hales himl" Jus- Individuals may cut Christmas .rcas free In Alaskn, but dealers must pay the government ten cents [>er tree. m. RADIO REPAIR The Only Bonded Repair Service in BlylNeville — Every Job Guaranteed. TV Experts Piano Tuning And Repair Pianos—New and Used Music Instruments Supplies and Repairs. Everything In Music SNeet Music—Hccords— Sound Equipment— Recordings BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main _ Tel. 6811 LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency * Main Rear City Drug Ulyllicville, Ark. tine's English suddenly adjusted itself. "You must 'avc found that out." When she had gone, although it was bedtime. Clemency sal for a long time remembering what had been said, wishing with all her heart Justine had been more reticent. But at least she knew at last what was wrong between the Am- berleys. The thoroughly unfair thing was that it should be I'iers who had to be made unhappy. Obviously he must have been terribly fond of his brother to have brought him here—to have mixed himself up in this unhappy tangle And obviously it made him very miserable. She remembered how bitterly frustraled he had looked that first night when she had seen him from her balcony. And she remembered what Jon had said to her that night. "You don't know the half of it ..." And tonight Justine nad Hoped "the last act" would not prove a tragedy. • • « CHE had meant to avoid Piers, and for three days she managed to do it. There was one brief encounter- when sl:e slipped down to Ihe library after dinner to return a book she had borrowed, thinking Piers would be shut up in his own room, and she met him as she went back across the hall. He had stopped to ask if she had quite recovered from her day in Biskra, and, having escaped as quickly as she possibly could, she had gone back to the nursery wondering what on earth he must think of her obvious hurry. The second time U was not so easy to get away. She Was walking with llaba along that same road leading to the little river which lay so law between its banks, where lie had found her that evening a week or so back, when the sound of horses' hooves behind them made her draw the child to one side. Then the horseman was abreast with them, and Baba shouted a delighted: "Uncle Piers! Take me for a ride!" "What, a great heavy elephant like you!" Piers' smiling eyes met Clemency's. "Good morning. Miss Norton." "Good morning, Colonel Amtier- ley." She wished that ridiculous heart of hers would stop playing tricks. He really did look splendid on horseback. Baba was protesting Indignantly. "Not a Icfpalant The Caid likes me." Tugging at Clemency's hand, she reached up one of her own. trying to touch the lovely half- Arab horse who looked down at her with the benevolence of his kind. "Lift me. Clemency, please!" Clemency lifted her to pat the horse's silken neck, and the Caid whinnied affectionately. "Just a llkkle ride, Uncle Piers," \ Baba begged T-IE laughed and took her quickly -*• from Clemency's arms and set her before him. "Now sit very still, young wom- nn. we don'l want any funny business, if you're 'gooder' than you've ever been in your life, I'll lake you to El Qnralia with me." "Ooh! 1 will be gooder!" promised his Diece. "Well, ask Miss Norton ij you can go." "May I, Clemency — please?" Baba pleaded. "Are you sure she won't be a nuisance? And—she will be all right, won't she?" asked Clemency in one breath. "If she would be a nuisance, 1 wouldn't take her," he answered. "But, of course, she won't be 'all right.' I'll probably either let her fall or the Caid will throw us both and trample us." "I didn't mean uiat," Clemency protested. "I just meant—" Then she saw he was laughing. "We'll be back within the hour," he told her. "Don't worry. I'll bring her back safely." Then he rode ofl, a delighted Baba waving goodby from the firm shelter of his arm. (To Be Continued) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES IAII Types Eictpt Cancer! Clinic 511 Main. Bljthcylllt, Ark. SHEET METAL WORK " OF ALL KINDS tusfom n-ork for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 incN INickneas. 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AW.ll-ELL.LET5 DISCOURAGED. .VEIL FIND SOME WW TO/I HOPE FINANCE C=Ue /SO.OOR., DOCKET TRIP /CERTAINLY O VENUS .' TOO ...BUT UX>K... I THOUGHT >!S>IJ WERE SICK OK SUMPJW' BEADS WERE V.0CTH «<10TS AND HER BUnDfKS KDGAR MARTIN TO MRS. RUGfeVt-b '. \ . FOR SO OOKi'T WV\O IS CVoSV ? AttO

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