The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1947 War Department Gets More Funds Russian Attitudes Point to Need for U. S. Defense Policy WASHINGTON. ju-J 9 (UP) _ The Array General staff believes I hi, nu , ss!a " rejection of the Mar- snail Plan for European recovery hns greatly strengthened its position i,, urging Congress to provide for a strong national defense. High war department, officers »er e understood to feel confident •not Congress would prove more svnipathelic to then- picas In the i gut of events indicating clearly mat balance of power, rather llian world cooperation, is still the order of the day. In this respect. Army officials were heartened by the action of 'he Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday m approving a. fiscal l!H8 Army budget of $5816.618/189. This was $335,036376 more in cash and $'203.000.000 mure in contract authorization than an- provccl by the House, i They also were encouraged by the progress being made by the Army- Navy unification bill, which the war department regards a s a •must" for national' security. It is now almost certain that the bill will be approved before Congress adjourns Inte tins month The outlook is not ^ g'ood, however, for another Army "must" — universal military training. Despite repeated requests for Its passage by military leaders high' In congress. ' T1>c Senate increases would enable the War Department to purchase 1,100 new combat planes of all types and enable 55 air groups to be maintained^, fun. rearty stall's — snU 15 less than proposed by the Air Forces., While Elsenhower and o u lcr War Department policy planners favor i continued efforts nt world co-operation, they believe at the same time that the United States must I build up military strength to protect it against any eventuality. Body of Missing Child Found in Tarpon River FT. 'LAUDEHDALE, Pla.. Jiifi 9. (UP)—.Funeral arrangements were completed here today lor! loiir-ycnr-old Freddy 7.1ocli Jr 1 who drowned in llie"o\irpon River! two b!o;ks from his iiorne- i The chubby boy's body was 1 found at the bottom of the swift littal irivcr by bmlineu who dragged the root-choked depths with poles. Police, civilians. Boy Scouts Announcement of Engagement Of Princess Expected Tonight BLYTHEV1U,E (ARK.)'.COURIER NEWS LONDON, July 9. lUP)—The cn . Rage-mcnl of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten. the former iPrlnce Philip of Greece will be announced tonight, it was learn- e<t today. 'Highly authorUalIvc'~quarle7s with knowledge of royal family affairs said King George will announce the engagement of 10 i, 2l ,- yrar -° k1 Princess from Buckingham Ptilace. When princess Elizabeth as heiress presumptive eventually becomes Queen u)»n Her father's death Phi.'ip. us her husband, will become prince consort, He will be the lirst prince consort since Prince Albrrt, ilmsWand of Queen Victoria London society believed the roval svecldniff would occur nt Westminister Abbey in the Autumn, possibly October, with "tne Archbishop of C-inicrbiiry officiatim;. H was understood that, Elizabeth was iipsst recently bv prospects of a de'ay in the encaec- ment announcement and h'.id insisted that since her mind was made up she wanted the decision announced forthwith, The 21-year-old heiress to the throne and the 26-yenr-old naval officer, until recently Prince Philip of Greece, have teen' reported deeply in love for oiVuiy months. The report ot an imminent announcement followed an official statement from Buckingham Palace Implying that the betrothal was a certainty. "The King Was not yet authorized any statement U> te made about the engagement of JPrlncess Elizabsth. If the King decides to make a statement it will go through the usual channels." the palace announcement said. It was the first su:h palace statement which did not deny outright rumors of an engagement. and soldiers joined the 24-hour search for the 5'oun»sler who wns last seen lalivc Monday, walking along a river in his swimming trunks. Fredd.v's father, Fred Zloch. Sr., is a lumber company employe here. Likes Music Bomb Fragments Scattered Over Pine Bluff Area 'PINK 'HLUfF. Ark., July 9. (UP) —Ujiixiiluded Ijombs unil sliropnol weiy M-ulli-rrd over nn i'l!;lit-ml!u radius of Jefferson C.ninty tod.iy lolloivini! yeslenlny's surprise explosion of Old Ol'I'lUKIl IXKlllM 111 ihe Pine iiliiif nrsenal leslim range. Col. W. 11. Copphorm-. p ;)s t com- tnniuier, issued u v.uniiiiij to nil rivjlch-iil.s of ihi- area to rruHin in their liomcs last nii;hl sine,' there WKS danger of further i'X]>:o.slons,. He suid yt'Mi'idays' W:\sl.s cnusctl Man Held in Connection With $25,000 Thefts Tolisc Oatliings, daughter of Representative ar.d Mrs. E. O. Gathings of Arkans.u;. has witnessed more jmisicil events than the average adult can boast 'f bin-ins attended lin a lifetime. And her tastes are not four routine nursery rhyme tunes. She likes symphony, concert:; and liijhf opera, she iitu-iidcd l:i-r first symphony this week when lire National syini>hi>ii.v stihiled (he Stale of Avk!ins:i« with a svniphonic composition nt the Walcraulc -.11 Washington. D. c. This Kiiiimu-r Tollse Is Inking hrr first Ilhi'j lit a formal musical rtluratiun wild lakes slnKlnu lessons afternoon. It is Ihe )-i>pe of the ,CJ:itWn?s linuily that .she will heroine lnti>ivst«l In the •-volin. Sumo time njso !»>r K raii!l- mcnhrr prr-snnU-il hor with « 20J- ycir-old violin, n family heirloom. 1'ollse, wlo has m i ],„),. , lllfl blue eyrs, likes to p':iy Avith dolls •n vc'ir m,i : ,'" rld( ' ! )01>ies " K well as most n->c.n-old j ltll( , KM , ,, M K ,, r wll , (|l . ()i) nny _ thlnu she is doini; to nttcnd u musical show. ecovj,,.,, V(M . JJ5.CCO «x>rtli of sliver mul jeweli'y al.eiscdly sioip,, f| . om llomet . ln ()|[l «>n rr.mclsco area. SnyUh wvis iipprehcndPci hciv bv Sheriff ctmrlrs Uowilcn of San 1.111V Obispo, calif., ««,.,. |u K nln B 11 slhvr-plmed ciisravod pistol r.i- portcd im.s.slii K hi the w ra i ,-ou,st burjlnries. Smith said he ub'.aliuM Ihe nls(,,i from Hoberl Snn'jfr^ whrse iiiollicr-lH-hm- lives lu-iv. mul muhnhllcs Inmu-dijilolv |)»t out a warrant, for simbci K 's 'nno.s;. Olflcers also reported rei- « «20,003 silver lea set, -.1 watch. a ill m , 10 ,i<i 0 ;,, SIJi ,, a»d a'J »ilu>r pieces ol .sllv Meni!W>illo, Winston Sulem reported llndli. B „ v:,jiiab!« Livesto.dc ' Elderly Woman Swallows Poison After Learning Her Home Has Been Sold Mi'l! rcci'lpls it.iido: ;;al;il)|(. 7.000; MKMl'lllS, Tenn., Jtily 9 (UP)— ii '«!.', '.•",' llW ,V"' <t l '" 1 '' '•'•'•' l " " ll « l - 1 '" llcc ivporlcd today that Mv-s. «„;;"; .p 1 ^ 1 ^.:'";"!^'"^ 1 '^ w" 11 ! 0 ^ Mw - ° D ' ^ **>• ™ .,,,,.11 , ' " ", ' '""••<'> J«.-j (o me last niuht utter learning the (.it hl(il)i T ; fnvM lilchn-, dull; |. A ,,I<| Jloll <« '" «'iildi shu lived luut been and I'Mnl^-i- hid tu 'Jto ]ixs '' r >, r )0 | S() 'd. S'SSlirS 1 ?• ^ '»"»'«-- 8 ^ cr3 5 i ^ B r ° ccuiiy '•• >"',- ". ..'' '' '-' - 1<5u -- >ri0t| : HID I I'olli-c- snld she died tiller laklnj iwl.ion. ° SI 50) . i)olk-i- sllvi-r service in a ,, lvvl , K ,, OI , .;,„,,.,. wh(ch th they .said WHS Pran:isco loot. l-'iilllo iri'dptr; :i,'iOU; s:ilubh- •'. r>(K|- <:nlv<-s (.(HOT; nil sululil.:; win,,. rlr | v MI-IT lully Mcsitly to Mmii" l"!> niraimn ID I : , V H| MI-ITS •/.) , t {f' •JU.rx): smiu. uoml mul ,'luilc;! lii-l.l "HiMil,.r;,!,lj. hliiiu'r; i-huliy misnl xiwr.s mi,! iij.jiiTs, •>'i.;,n- i t ,; mt hl . |r WOMEN *—•— • A_._ft who feel iliw to the functional 'raudit-Sv S crl «l_P«cuHar to . womtn ; (3«?a ffiti&sss&SstsgsS part of bill no om> small |)i<)|n-rty ;(„ was hurl. KriuiiU'iiU of the bombs, which wore lioiu K deslroyi-d wlu-n tlicy exploded iireiiiiituri-ly. were rcp-irt- ed as far as l';isti>rhi' Tiitviisliln -in-l Shcrlll, some eluht miles iiwiiv, •A limn, rackcl-shiipcd cib]e.-l plowed into Hie Fersunon I'hinlu- lloi) iini'Ms I ho rlvrr fr<i, u 11,1- leslinu riniKo, but did not i-xploiU-. Must of tin- jiroiv nniuiid ll«> IUK-- iinl Is (iirjii land und not hi-nvilv populated. WOKE In Your Vocation Travel WITH THIS COMPUTE PRC-VACATION Help Wanted Office Manager and Bookkeeper. Han preferred, soorl salary, goort working conditions and permanent position. Job requires person that is A-l bookkeeper. Call 801 or see Tom A. Little. Sr. BiythcviUc Motor Co. Rugs Cleaned Safely! Careful handling 'iifetjur.vds color nnd textures. Have them cleaned while you're v.-ic'iUoimig. Complete resizing. Work guaranteed! PEERLESS CLEANERS 116 So. Franklin Tlnine 2433 Lowest Prices Since Before the War! 45 Lb. RofSed Roofing . $j 35 55 Lb. RoHed Roofing $2.25 65 Lb. Rot Jed Roofinq $2 75 Crooji or llotl Slale 3 -.'#)»'in> »i *• Oft j« rtit IK ,,'* ^ •JOT I ' r> a, VO Lb. Rolled Roofing $2.80 160 Lb. Hexagon Shingles $4.98 210 Lb. Square Butt $6 75 105 Lb.BrickS«din g/ all D TiMK'.up the c-(i s iin; for Cl l.nliri-.'au- ihe ih.issis. 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