Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1891
Page 3
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D. B. PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces.— . / PRES CR IPTIONS A specialty. 518 E. Broaday st. Real Estate, FOP Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. .Residence and Business'property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. TaJbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Btosk. Broadway Ordination Ceremony. Crawfordsville 'Journal, Thursday. At the Christian church last evening the ceremony of ordination was pert formed in the presence of a large aud- enee. The candidates were J. H. Shuey and A.»B. CunnniDgham. A sermon of ordination was preached'hy S. W. Brown, of Logansport, in which ae cited. Apostolic authority for the ceremony and gave reasons why it was a necessary ceremony for the protection of the church against interlopers, whose only object was the making- of money. The sermon was made up in main of Scriptual allusions to the ordination. . At'the close of the sermon the candidates stood before the altar while the charge on them was delivered by J. C. Barnhall. It was the solemn charge of Paul to Timothy, the words of the great apostle to those set apart for the preaching of the Word. The candidates then stepped to the edge of the platform and the hands of the elders were placed upon their heads. Elders Barnhill and Bope on the right, their hands upon the head of *Mr. Cunningham, Elders Moffett and Nicholson upon the left, their hands upon the head of Mr. Shuey. Between and with a hand upon the head of each candidate Mr. Brown offered a solemn prayer, the audience standing. The services closed by sing-ing the doxology. The ceremony is .void of all pomp and show, plain and simple but solemn, and the charge delivered to these two young men last evening- if obeyed and lived up to, will make them grand-and useful men to their church and to the world. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS, i Items iiTom tlie fNote-Boolt of Our UallwaylKeporter—Points Per- Honal and Otherwise. DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and ItesidoncG over 201 Sycnmore St LOGANSPORT, - - Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING JAN, 24. cures sick heact d6t at the sale Beecham's Pills ache. Come to the muslin Golden Rule. The Painters and Decorators' ball, .February 10th. Soiled bed spreads at half price, at the Trade Palace. For 'rent, several desirable houses- Apply to C. E Hale. nov4dtf Twenty-five cents .per quart is McCaffrey 'sjprice on bulk oysters. Kinport's celebrated Beef, Wine & Iron, is now on sale at Porter's. Get a gcxd hand sewed shoe at E. Winter's, 506 Broadway, for $5. The Painters and Decorators are • -hustling" to make their dance a suc- eess. The best sugar cured .hams are selling at SJ cents per pound, at McCaffrey & Go's. We are offering great inducements to early purchasers of muslins, at Schmitt & Heffley's. Fifteen cents per dozen for lemons, and 20 cents per dozen for oranges, at McCaffrey & Go's. To-day (Saturday) last day of the H. G. Edward sale of clothing in this city.— Ecnerich's old ..stand. While other grocers ask 12.]- cents per quart for cranberries, McCaffrey & Go's price is;- but 10 cents. . The clearance sale of the Golden Rule is a boomer. Come to-day, we will give you special prices on muslins. SHIXOH'S CUBE will Immediately re-, lieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Sold by B. F. Kees. ling g THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Kees- Obituarj. James W. Troutman died in Clarendon, Texas, Jan. 21, with congestion of the brain. JHe was a son of Charles Troutman of the North Side, and a brother of J. G. Troutman of this city. His death will be deeply mourned by his many friends and relatives. The deceased was born in Cass county about thirty-one years ago, and eight years ago he went with his newly wedded wife to secure for himself a home in the West, locating in Kingman, Kansas. He resided there about five years. Within that time he buried his wife and only child and later, finding his business better other places went first to Grlnidad, Col., where he contracted several public buildings, and from thence to Clarendon, Texas, where'he was building a large courthouse at the time he was taken ill, his illess lasting but a few days. He leaves a widow, he having married again a few monts ago, to mourn bis .death. The remains will be-buried at Kingman, Kan." The master mechanics of all divisions of the Pennsylvania system west of Pittsburg have been in session at Fort Wayne fora couple of days, considering proposed improvements to power. They meet with Mr. Casanave, superintendent of motive power. Divisions of the National Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association have been established this week, at South Bend and New Albany. The South Bend division has fifteen charter members, the New Albany thirty-two. The Indianapolis Division now has 120 members. The Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief department of the lines west of Pittsburg has been in existence eighteen months and during- that time paid out in benefits $116,000; in disablement benefits, $130,142, making a toUl of §255,142- disbursed during the first year and a half of its operations. Winamac Journal: Capain John Clendenen, one of the Pan Handle's most popular and efficient passenger conductors, died of a congestive chili at his home in Logansporl on Tuesday last. The company will find his place hard to fill, for he was highly ^esteemed by the traveling public, i The Democratic Journal tenders its ' sincere condolence to his bereaved wife and children. It is announced that Master Mechanic W. C. Arp of the Pennsylvania will be transferred from this point to D^ennison, 0., the change to be made on the first of February. His place here will be taken by W. W. Reynolds, of Columbus, 0., who comes back here after an absence of a few years. It is understood also, that several promotions will be made at the shops about that time, some of the beads of departments- being transferred to other points a'nd the vacancies thus created being filled by those in the line of-promotion. RUNAWAYS. Ingenious Elcctrlcul Device for Stopping aJfiestlvo Horse. The cut herewith shown illustrates the experiment made with a dangerous horse of employing electricity by M Defoy's method. As will be seen the animal was stopped instantaneously in full gallop. Briefly explained the Defoe method is as follows: A small magneto-electric machine is contained in .a box. beside'the driver, within easy and convenient reach of his hand. The reins contain a wire, one end of which terminates in the Wood IK a Drawing Card. Richmond Telegram: H. C. Starr, County Prosecutor, finished the opening argument on behalf of the State in the trial of James A. Wood, about 5:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon. John F. Robbins began the- argument for the defense this morning and closed at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon. It is possible but not -.sure, that H. C. Fox will close for the defense yet to-day, leaving R. A. Jackson to close for the State to-morrow. No night session will be held. The court room was filled this morning, but it was not packed as it was this .afternoon, within the bar railing as well as without, and even in the adjoining rooms, and out into the hall standing room was at a premium. There ,wai not seating capacity for even all the women who would have heard the argument had it been possible for them to have got in, dozens of them being among almost hundreds of men who turned away disappointed because there was room for no more. . l>Iana Temple No. 30. Whereas, It is with profound sorrow that the Pythian Sisters of Diana Temple No. 30 are called upon to record^the sudden death of our brother John Clendenen, therefore be it Resolved, That while we regret his .loss to ourselves, our hearts go out in sympathy to his sorrow stricken wife and family, who alone can feel that : hopeless crushing grief of the hundred ties of the near and dear. Resolved, That we extend to the bereaved mother and father and to his sister and brothers our heartfelt sympathy, in this their hour of ' greatest affliction and may they not be as those without a hope. Resolved: That while they mourn the loss of a kind husband and father, we also mourn the loss of a brother who will be sadly missed from our meetings and whose place will not be easily filled, and we enjoin the family of our deceased brother to look to our Heavenly Father in this the time of deepest sorrow .and believe that God in his wisdom knows what is best. Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions of condolence be presented to the widow of our deceased brother and the. same be entered upon our Temple Record, also printed in the daily papers. ELLA B. SM-ADENEH, VINNIE McGowEN, DOHA B. LAIKD Committee. ELECTUIC APPARATUS FOR CHECKING VICIOUS HORSES. horse's bit and the other in the electromagnetic apparatus. When the electromagnet is put in action an electric current is generated which gives the horse a shock in the mouth and so astonishes him that he suddenly stops in his course. The application of the current merely causes a very unpleasant sensation. The horse is not stupefied nor galvanized by the electricity. Growing Dcman'tl for Half Cents. The half cent has become a necessity to American trade, says the A^e of bteel, and the American News-dealers' Association will petition Congress to establish a half-cent coinage. On one- cent papers the dealer's profit is only half a cent; and in many instances the half cent is lost because there is no coin of this value. An appreciable loss arises from this source in the course of a year. It is a favorite way in markino- retail goods of all kinds to rate them ul such a way that the half cent comes in and in every ease goes to the dealer This odd cent in a .forge establishment certainly amounts to several dollars daily, which the buyers lose and the seller gains, for want of the half-cent coin. The injBnitesiina 1 : divisions of industry and retail supplied long ago made these small coins a necessity in Europe. A centime is a fifth of a cent, ^witzerland. has a centime piece, Belgium a two centhne piece. Germnny has the pfennig, equal to one-fourth of a cent. I am. laden will? From %golden gate w To Iar?d5'across % Sea. I carry sweet fcope (LAU5 s ft Made only by ). CHICAGOI A5K YOUR GROCER FOR IT Mileage TIoketNjon tl.c Pennsylvania _ On and after January 20th, 1891,, . -— ._.„_„„ . t , l . aum w individual and non-transferable One | your Ve £etable Expectorant. I was told DK. J. MILLER &. SONS—Gents: I can speak in:, the highest praise of No one doubts that Dr. Sage's Cat- arch Remedy really cures Catarrh whether the disease be recent or of long standing, because the makers of it clinch their faith in it with $500 guarantee, which isn't a mere newspaper guarantee, but "on call" in a moment. That moment is when you prove that its makers can't cure you. The reason for their faith is this: Dr. Sage's remedy has proved itself the right cure for ninety-nine out of one hundred cases of Catarrh in the Head, and the World's Dispensary Medical' Association can afford to take the risk of you being the one hundreth. The only question is—are you willing- to make the test, if the makers are willing to take the risk? If. so, the rest is easy. You pay your druggist SOcents .a~nd the trial begins. If you're wanting the $500 you'ir get something better—a cure! Thousand Mile Tickets, good over all Divisions of the Pennsylvania System West of Pittsburgh, will be sold at rate of two cents per mile, or $20.00 each, by Line Agents at principal points. All forms of mileage tickets heretofore issued for the Pennsylvania Lines—still unused and unexpired as to time limit—will be honored on and after above date, on all roads operated by either the Pennsylvania Company or the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company, an only Ooe'Thousand Mile Tickels wi be thereafter sold. E. A. FOKD, Gen'l Passenger Agent Pittsburgh, Jan'y 15, 189]. d&wtofebl The New Discovery. You have heard your friends and neighbors talking about it. You may yourself be one of the many who know from personal experience just how good a thing it is. If you have ever tried it, you are one of its staunch friends, because, the wonderful thin about it is, that when once given trial Dr. King's New Discovery ever after holds a place in the house. If you have never used it and should be afflicted with a cough, cold or any Throat, Lung or Chest trouble,"secure a bottle at once and give it a fair trial. It is guaranteed every time or money refunded. Trial Bottles free at B. P, Keesling's 'Drugstore. to24 Resolution* SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. Sold by B. F-. Keesling. . 2 WHY WILL vou cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, SOcents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling/ " 7 The rink will be elaborately. decorated the night of the 'Painters and Decorators' dance, Tuesday evening, February 10th. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (6) Look out for a big muslin sale next week; due notice will be given; sale will be a big one, a benefit to the trade. Wait and save your dollars, at the Trade Palace. T. N. Harden, General Agent of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Milwaukee, yesterday paid %S, 000 in full for policy issued by tho company on the life of John Fitzgerald, deceased. ol" RcNpect ana Condolence, Whereas: It has pleased the Master Mind 'of the Universe .to call from us , our late brother, John C, ''Clendenen whose cheerful disposition and kindly manner had endeared him to all; and Whereas:. In his .death his parents . . have lost a dutiful son, his wife, a most loving and devoted husband, his children an idolizing father and Apollo Lodge No. 62 K. of P. a valued mem;; her of unsurpassing pleasantness and fidelity to his order. Therefore be it Resolved : 'That 'Apollo Lodge No. 62 K. of P. extend to his 'bereaved relatives our most heartfelt sympathy in this their hour of sad affict'ion and bereavement. ' 'Resolved: That these resolutions be spread upon our records, published in 'tne daily papers, and Pythian 'Journal and a copy presented to his family. GEO. GOJTSEK, WM. GRACE, SK., GEO. S. KISTLER, Com. A Tew Fast ltorne». South Bend Post: The trainer, Gib Fitch,"- who has his stables located near the race track, between here and Mishawaka, has been wintering a very fine string of horses. Among them is promising two-year-old, which -is owned by Mr. Fitch, by Gambetta | Wilkes, dam Night-Hawk, by Mem- briao Startle, that Fitch is very .proud of. He, also, has Van Buren Wilkes, 2.284, by Young-Wilkes, dain Night XHe Latci»t Sensation. The "Widow Clover," the character in Oliver Byron's new play, "The Plunger," which was written' expressly for Miss Kate Byron, is said to be one of the strongest character parts ever seen in this city, and her rendition is spoken of in the highest praise by the Eastern press. All her costumes are from Paris and very handsome. Oliver Byron's Dexter Digit is his master stroke in the light comedy line. It is a part which is so well suited to him that it is a pleasure to him to play it. But it is not necessary to say a great deal about Mr. Byron or Miss Byron, inasmuch as theatre-goers are sure to'see these two favorites here this evening. Something New in. Corn—Sew Dried Corn Meal. This process retains all the sweets and nutriments of the corn. It is this process that has given Kentucky and Virginia its great reputation for corn meal To be had at the leading groceries. We are also manufacturing pure whole wheat flour. This is also on sale at all the-leading groceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There is more nutrition in this flour than'in any other made. We are now pre- '•v nay physician that I should never; be better; my case was very alarming. I bad a hard cough, difficulty in breathing, and had been spiting blood- at times for six weeks. I commenced ' using the Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing- I soon began to get better, and in a short time l< was entirely cured, and I now- think' my lungs are >'ound.—Mrs. A. E Tur- Randolph, Mass. If the food is not properly digested it becomes corrupt, and poisons the« system it is intended to nourish. This • is indigestion. • "My wife has suffered for many yerrs with indigestion. After trying^ everything alse recommended, she'* tried Simmons Liver Regulator. In ' * three days after taking it according- to J directions she was in perfect health^^ she does not suffer at all and can eat^J anything she wants without any of her srevious symptoms." •> to2-i W. C. Subers. Bainbridge, Do You Cough? Don't delay. Take Kemp's Balsam he best cough cure/ It will cure your ; coughs and colds. It will core . t hroat or a tickling in the throat I will cure pains in the chest It will/ ure influenza and bronchitis and alii iseases pertaining to the lungs be-'' ause it is a 'pure balsam . Hold it to < ie light and see how clear and thick i t is. You will see the excellent effect j after taking the first dose. Large bot-^ ties 50c. .and $i. eo ,j l '' feed in any pared to grind corn for quantities declld&wtf D. &C. H. UHL. *Hawk; St. Joe that has trotted.a quarter in 34 seconds, and is of unknown breeding;.New Dominion, a grandson of Red Wilkes; Walkerton Maid, by Broadhead and others that a) 3 capable of entering the lists this season. STATE OF Onro, CITT OP TOLEDO ) LUCAS CODSTV, f ss - FRAXKJ. CHENBT makes oath that he Is the senior partner ot the firm of F. J. CJTKKBT& Co doing business In the City-ni Toledo, County and Sworn to before me and subscribed In my presence, this ethdiiy of December, A D 1885 .' \ A. W. GLEASON, jSEAL I < ^^_, \ Notary Public, nSJi 1 ,'*,^^ 1 .^™^? 6 " internally and acts of -Wo Wreck Axliore WM ever .more hopelessly stranded than a wracked constitution, wnether'its diaaster.be the product of some formidable malady, or that slow prem'ature decay that seems to fasten upon some constitutions wilhout apparent adeguate cause An excellent means of checking this gradual drain ol '.he sources of vitality is the beneficent tonic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which -BIO- motes digestion, enriches the blood and slves substance as well as stamina to an enfeebled frame. Constipation, feebleness of the kidneys and bladder, lever and ague and rheumatism, are among the bodily ailments which j;, remedies promptly and thoroughly. Persistence In Its use Is -well merited by It. . • to23 Notice. ^Any subscriber failing to' receire bis paper regularly and promptly will please report 'this 'fact to me 'at this office. HENRY F. Jox. Circulator. Uncle Tom'* Cabin Comlns. Wheeling Daily Register: Uncle Tom's Cabin was well played before a packed audience last night, at the Grand',and all who witnessed the play came away thoroughly pleased, with, its presentation, the scenery was surprisingly realistic, its costumes perfect, and the music excellent,its tragic scenes were well handled, and the humorous characters well taken.- Taken -as a whole Peck '& Fursman's Co., is by far the best Uncle Tom's Cabin Co., that has visited Wheeling; for years. At Dolan's next Thursday night. The dictionary says "A Balsam is a thick, pure aromatic sobstance flowing from trees." Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs is the only cough medicine that is a' real balsam. Many thin, watery cough remedies are called balsams, but such are not. Look , through a bottle of Kemp's Balsam and notice what a pure, thick preparation it is. If you* cough use Kemp's Balsam. At all druggists' Large bottles 50c. and $1. eo d A VAST DIFFERENCE.—It makes a vast difference to the average man whether he picks up a carpet tack with his fingers or his his heel. There is also a vast difference between Dr. White's Pulmoharia and all other cough remedies. It is entirely unlike any other. It is perfectly harmless, and acts like magic in curing a cough. Three sizes, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1, and every bottle warranted. to24 The Press (NEW YORK) FOR 1891. .Daily. Sunday. Weekly. 6 pages, l cent. 20 pages, i cents. 8 or 10 page*, 3n. ;f The Aggressive Republican Jonnuil Of tlie Metropolis A NEWSPAPER FOR THE MASSES Founded December 1st, 1887 Circulation over 100,000 copies I DAILY. THE PRESS is the organ of no faction 'nulls n« £lres;has no animosities to, avenga '••""« The most remarkable Sewspnper Success in Sew York. The Press Is a National Newspaper ** Cheap news, vulgar sensations and trash tod no place In tlie columns of The Press. Tbe Press has the- brightest -Editor!! pass-to.'$ New York, It sparkles with points. .-.,... ^^M The Press Sunday Edition Is a splendid twenty! " page paper, cqverjng every current topic! of•-. Old Clotliius: Wanted. We will be -at the North Street House for the next five days. Will pay the highest price for cast-off clothing,, old gold and .silver. All orders promptly attended to. Call on or address. PANAMA BROS. , J'an23d3t North. St. House. For Sale and BcHvery. Pure timothy hay for horses, and clover and timothy; • mixed, for cow?. orders at my office. novlodtawtf D. Last chance to buy 'olothing at your own price, as I close the sale this (Saturday) evening — Harry Ed wards. auctioneer, Emerich's old stand. Or oldoryoung.orgriiveor gay, Those who now let their teeth decay, With breath we can't endure; The thought, their after life will haunt That tney neglected SOZODONT, That would have kept all pure. tolO An Interesting »<;rl* or Sermon*. .Regeneration will be the subject of a series of four sermons on. successive- Sunday evenings in the Baptist church by the pastor, Rev. W. H. Marsh. The topics and dates of the sermons are: •Third Sunday evening, January 25, "Necessity of'.Regeneration twofold." i Third Sunday evening'Feb. 2, "jRe- [ generation an act of God.'" -Tame* t. Gott, Carail, III., Says He paid thirty-one dollars doctors bill for his wife in one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator did her more gaod than all- the medicine she had taken before. H. DALE, Druggist; Carmi, 111. . Write Bradfield Reg-1. Co.. Atlanta, G-a., for particulars. Sold by" Ben Fisher. ' , . Tie Press Weekly Edition contains ail the good?! things o£ the Dattr and Sunday editions. -^ ? ; ' -€ For thuse who cannot afford the ' Dally' or ar«l'S preventea by .distance, Irom . early -receiving- The Weekly Is a splendid substitute. . ! AS AN ADVERTISING MEDHlii The Press has no superior. In New York.''; THE PKE8S. ..... Within the reach of all The best and cheapest Newspaper published in America. ' Daily and Sunday, one Year, • *5 'O »ally only, one Year, . " " Fourmonth*, Sunday, one year, Weekly I'ress, one year, Send for Tlie Press Circular. Samples tea Agents wanted Liberal commissions. . ' THE PRESS, • SS'Park How. New Yo - 3.OO i.oo ; i ff little f , for UM, by Al.i.n ,. w «u..« went, Ollirmiircilvfogn It,vou? Sonic VWIVOVCI. T.^V.^W^V lojjDi. Voti aiiido (Jiff worfc-Mvnivfc* .J.nonifi, n'licrovcr vou «iy JtvN [Inner* arc rntllv rnmfnir from I ,'!««dnjr. A II..CO,. HVrt,mvyou' «»fl .Inn j oil. c«iv work-fa' «h«w oral! H,.. HnM. ]>!„ „,„„,,,. .1.:.;.

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