Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER. On the following items: AJJ kinds of warm weather dress foods; all kinds of gauzo underwear •for ladies, gents aud children; all kinds of gold, silk and leather belts; all kinds of laces and trimmings and all other kinds of goods. Greatest Discovery or tbe 19tli Century. Dr. Te*gue'« NSW RJUKIDY Medlcittetl Air For the Cure ol Crttlirrli, A«tliui» and nil ' Pulmonary Diseases, It bus no equul wr Sick and Normna Ut<td- »chc, 1,000.000 people > die imnuully from the above named rtlsejuws. Wny sutler and die, when Medicated Air Is Runr.»nteed to care jou. ed Air unci Drue Co., Blcbmond, Ind., U, 3. A. It Is the best remedy on earth for La ..j>pe. It will give Immediate relief •Mi will effect a core where all other MMnedles (all. •old by B. F. Keesllng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSroKT. IXD. • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson. President. S. W. Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIKECTOR3. J. r. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott ' W. M. Elliott, W. H. Snider. Buy and a^l Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certlncatea of deposits beartaK £ per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum -when deposited nix months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults ot this bank for the deposit of deeds. Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, noted at from Jo to J15 per year. To the Ladies. 'J'hosc who are-interested IB dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlngliam, who is located in the S-t. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dcr- 'matology is what every woman of in- teUijrence ami refinement needs. It is conceded by om- best minds that a beautiful complexion U n necessity ot the Nineteenth century, and which civilization mast have; and every worthy lius- band or brother will take interest in and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as .-eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, Hver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic- girls •wlslilng to work for i?10 a week should call and sell M-rs. SfrLnguam's preparations. Catherine' StriDgliam. DERMATOLOGIST. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. CIO BKOADTVAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-No. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or night. Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 121. DR. S. H. WARD. HOnffiOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewel'? store- Mutual Teiejilione No. 290. B,esidence 913 Jforth Street. .The "Twin Comet" and "Llttlo Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •prtnkle four tlmcB greater area than any •tilers, Hlghett award at tho Chicago E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. •»!• Manufacurera. Sprlnefleld, Mass. JT»r Sale 'by all Hardware and Rubber •Ures In the United States. WANTED. •1 8KNT8 WANTED: Kewbook; Illustrated and A. Draroatlo Hlstoa ot the et Loot» Cjclone til Kr»pblo account at renib and Devastation. P ;w 26c. Tero a ttef. Burciat A Co., Clncln- sum work. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day In the w«ek (except Monday) by the Loeansport Journal Company. W. B. WRIGHT.... '.....,...Present A. HARDY vlce.Pre«ident C. W. GRAVES Secretary S.-B. BOYER; Treasurer Price per Annum. ;..H.80 'Price .per Month ^ •,•.'•• - 40 • Official Paper of City ancTcounty. (Entered as scoond-cla»s. malV-matter ac the Logansport Post Ofllcc, February 8. IK*. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17,'-'lS(SCi; THE FIRST VOTE!;: . The lirst. vote is a tromendou* t'lihiR. Iu easting it ;i young man hesitates. In selix'Hiis poHtloal company heVtitiid'.es. Ho compares the aspect of one party with the face of- another. To him the future mcsins lirfJc. He sourulics history. He contrasts the claims of partisans with performances. From thinss done He pilu.s his Idea of the weight of pledges jrivcn. When he does this he liocouit'S a Republican. Speakers blatantly propose n people's salvation by some illusive process. Back of the surface protests of the party, out of ranco of the brazen voice of the stumper, where the chins of tho campaign cymbal cannot annoy, the thinker pokus ainong the inusty memoirs <>f the party of frantic promises, and turns on them the lisht of modern thought and honesty, testing them, if they be good or bad. The result is he naturally chooses Republicanism as the most reliable doctrine, aud its supporters as,'The most trustworthy associates, lie finds in history that the achievements of the Nation during the exist- once of the Republican party have been l-lie pridefiil accomplishments of that orgaraKation. He finds that the Democratic opposition has rupcntcdly blocked, nt rimes i-mpotciit'Iy, uut always maliciously, the progress of enterprise as typified In the swinging stride of the pacry of Harrison, McKinlP.v, liecil. Blainc and Lincoln; tl'.c party of ITotectiou aud -Reciprocity: the pnr- ty of happiness and general prosperity; the party of sound business and probity, the 'party of rhe Eagle, tho Scars and Stripes, and America for Americans, wherever, found, the world over. He votes as he is convinced, with ihe Republicans. There'is no f:hai.ife that Iio will regret "it Iu 1S70 tho National debt was .f'2-,'000,- 000 000. In ten years, with a pro'tec'Uve revenue, It was out to ?J,723;003;000, F.ive move years ot wise protection saw it decreased to-.$1,100,150,030. Protective revenijo producing laws ruled during the next seven years, mi-til, In Gen. Harrison's nneqiinlert administration. Ihe debt shrunk to $583,020,330 and at the same rtlmc the needed healthy improvements wont on and the nation tlwiivod within. -Revenue was raised rationally and constitutionally,' Since Cleveland and the'Democratic tinkers have been iu the seat,-Hie indebtedness (has swelled to almost $800,000,000, and is bloating indefinitely every week. It will only- shrink when McKinley- ism exerts a life-giving influence, .on tilings. Republicans arc urged to advocate.au amendment to the CoustRutJon. preventing Congress from making; laws that create, or tend to cause revenue duflclt. Such a constitutional protection .would have prevented distress had'ft mater- ialised, .some years ago. The. couutry should be firmly established on a protective, American basis. The ccrtaimly that tinkers could not break through and corrupt would stimulate every enterprise. • . • The agents of the Humane Society are here, and their worthy cause.U- receiving the hearty supporfrltmer.lts...Thc wort of the organization is recognized- as helpful and civilizing. Its great labor for humanity and against cruelty in all forms can never be truly mear-- ured. Jfexi-co is on a. silver basis. A traveler in that country presented a draft for .flOO at a Mexican bank, and received for it ?JS3 Mexican, dollars! There Is more silver in the Mexican dollar than t.hcre is in our silver dollar. No party has more reason to look with confidence to the future- than has the. Republican organization; 'and no party can gaze with -greater 'serenity or such pleasurable pride on -its';achievements.'. At no time since 18GO has so'deep a responsibility rested on a Republican convention. There Is no boast in saying it will more than come up to the occasion. ''.';- Hon Judge Baldwin declares for Mc- Ki-nlcylsm and sound, money as .opposed to Gonnanism and free silver. Has.lt occurred to patriotic citizens that nothing has been. done, toward n Fourth of July celebration?; Tbe congressional convention of Pro- GLEN Sups I hlbltlonlsts met yesterday at Marion. KOCJQCSHIt XX. Ii I j , V * k 1 ^-. , Fire Chief. Sellers spent yesterday nt Converse. Thomas Fedim was at Royal Center yc'St.-erdny. Mrs. George F, Wilde was at \Valmsh yesterday. H..-S. May,wa»at Converge yesterday afternoon., .it" « •£' Bert audvilrs. ;fo^ have returned from Ktfkomo, ,.'"'' 'k , '£* .Toliu E. Turner of Indianapolis is vis- Itlug In the.city. Mrs. Hall of Union City is visiting; LoKansport.Teiat.Ives. • ' • ' •; Miss G-usta FoelHnger is at Wubash vis-kins Mrs. H. Kline. . ; Miss Maud MeNltt is visiting friends; at Indianapolis aud Gvcencastlc. ! Mr, Frank Starlmcfc of Marlou waft in the city last night on business. i Miss Leah Woll of Ottawa street wait visiting at Royal Center yesterday. E. L. Goldthwait of the Marlon Chronicle wns in the dry last evening. ' Mtes Mote, who lias been visiting Miss Alice Alber of Wabasli, has returned home. '• Mrs. Leo Nnssbanm of Marlon is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Michaels of rhe Wcstslde. Miss Minnie Mni'doff of Marion was here last night on her way to Liikc Mnxinktiekee. , v . Mrs. AYm, Keisci 1 , son and daughter are visiting friend* for about a mouth lu rennsylv;inl:t. ; Mrs. .T, A. McCnlloiigh aud daughter have gone to Winchester, 'lud., to spend a IVw days visiting friends., j Will E. Small le£t yesterday nfte'r- ,noon for Jeffersonvillc after a visit over Sunday with old friends. Licni. Staley M. Landry, of the U. S. Intonial Revenue service, stationed at Detroit, I's homo on three week's lo.ivc of absence. rrof. C. F. Moore of the Business col- 'lege, lias returned from Huii.Hngfon, whore he was for several days tin-guest of.Dr..S. F. Sutton. . ' Momicello Journal: Attorney E. K. Carr was at Logans-port yesterday. •-. . A. D. Gow Js at Logansport on business Leo With SMife' spent Sunday at Lo- gaosporl Bert VauVoorst visited at yesir-rday. t WONDERS OF SCIENCE. They Compnl 0H to Bollovo, Almost Any- thin); Posrtlblc. People are now fajiiilinr with the idea of storing up sound forf uture use so Uiat a man's voice can be heard long-after he is dead. It has recently been suggested that somewhere in tbc stoi-choosu of ratu.ro the sight of all that has taken place is stored np, and that Moses got his account of the creation from a, kind of kinetoscopc which was'disclosed to him as he stood iu the cleft of the rock and saw the pictures of the procession of events pass by. As Dr. Johnson said, we have seen so much that we ore prepared to believe more. .When people in New York city'can hear the roar of Niagara, when machinery can bedriven by a water wheel 500 miles dis'ta.nt, when we can sco through-boards and take photographs of n fat man's bones, and the money iu his .pockets,! when .we can tnlk with pur friends a thousand miles nwn.y and .recognize the tones of their voices, when we can warm the ba.by's milk at nig-ht by touching- a button, wo must be ohstiiiatfi, indeed, if we refuse to bcljevo anything 1 . There is.nothing in the "Arabian Nights" as marvelous as the things seen at the electrical exposition in New York. And yet, says the Baltimore Sun, if v,-e apply tie logic of Unvid Hume iii his-ossays on .the miracles to these things, we should:refuse, tc believe that a photograph of a: living road's skeleton may be taken. Hume refused to credit the miracles because they arc contrary to a.ll human experience. It is a runttor of curious speculation, hnve we reached the limit of knowledge of electricity, or arc we upon the threshold of scientific revelations? Wii! we in tirao'fliscovor'that apartment of nature's storehouse where she keeps the sig-hts and sounds of past ages? DIPLOMAT WAS'CHILLED. The French Jllnlstor nt Vfnshlnifton I/ored the Highest Pl;>co Too Well. Aii interesting story' is being told'Iji • Washing-ton regarding M. Patenotrci the French ambassador. After con- press passed the law; empowering 1 tho president .to send ambassadors to such, countries as 'would raise the rank of tTicir representatives. Sir Julian Pauncefote was.tlic first to inform tho president of the intention of hia country, to make him an 1 ambassador. M. Patenotre conceived the ambition to be the dean of the ambassadors and communicated; it to his home government, and his commission arrived before Sir •Julian's. He wcnt'to the state' department in the hope of immediate recognition as the -fi7-Et ambassador to this romitry. lie,.was told that Sir Julian had anticipated him Jby .inforrfling 1 tho department of-the. action of h,is goven;- ment. He was angry arid wrote to the president-' requesting 1 ' his 'intervention. He received instead a chilli'letter firora Mr. G'reshnm: '. ' • •••'' ' 'SWEDE WEARS GREEN. luclilent In Chicago Th»t Show* Thar* It No Nationality lu Sweaten. The fat-bicyclist'and the scorcher were leisurely pedaling along Jackson boulevard one day last week, when a bicyclist with'a bright green sweater ;v f ent rmjDrchiug- pn»t them, says .the Chiorigo Chronicle. "I wonder who..tbat was," wiid tho fat bicyclist. "It must be some patri- •oiic iTrisliBSah." ' ' "I'll .fifld-.out who he is," said the Marcher u he humped over his handle ban and overhauled the, man with the .green sweater. " ''Hello, there, old man," he sung out at he came alongside. "Oh, ae ben g-ude." "What?" cried tho scorcher. '" "Ae taidc -mae maeahane hoe ben broke." . . The scorcher dropped bnck (n silence arid the green sweater passed oil. '"Let's go over hero and get some •lemonade,".said tha scorcher when the lat bicyclist caught up with him. "I want to, take something for my nerves." "What's'the matter?" ' "Sh, that was a Swede." Theii : they agreed that one can't tell much about a bicyclist by the kind of a sweater-he wears. ; CUBAN-AMERICAN FAIR. Gorgeous Affulr Opened li^Now York for Purpoto of Raining lloner- Tlie great fair for Cuba libre, or the Cuban-American fair, waa formally opened the other night in the Madison Square garden. The garden presented a gorgeous appearance, with -many lights and the blending of the Cuban. flog 1 with "0!d Glory" while the gaily- decorated booths added to and heightened the general effect. There were everywhere hosts of dark-eyed beauties, who did their best to wheedle'the seductive coia from the purses of the large number of visitors, and there were early indications that they were eminently <juc'ccss.<!iil. •_,• •, 'A letter was received from the executive mansion at Albany stating 1 that Gov. Morton had received the invitation-to attend, but that te much regretted that public duties precluded bis attendance,. The opening address w;is made by Mr. Fidel Pierra, chairman of the executive committee of the Cuban junto, and speeches wsre aJso delivered by Tomas Estrada Palma, Arg-hentn,Ai-linc.Hamm and Jfaj. .Gen. Daniel'E. Sickles, Inte minister to Spain. LED A DUAL LIFE. Appllcutlon /or a Pconlon on Death of an Old Soldier Rcvowln a Sunsatlon. Investig-ation ot the application for n pension ot Mrs. Frederick Pence, of Toledo, 0., has brought, to light the dual life of Snnmcl Tonce, who recently died there. It showed that Pence had for rnoi-e thnn 30 years concealed from.his second wife the 'fact that within 120 riiles from Toledo there lived a woman -tc whom he w;ns legally married, and from whom lie had never been divorced; that during 1 those 30 yeara while raising n,family of live children hci-e,.be had two sons growing 1 up in Cleveland, the result of the first marriage, nnd and who now reside in the Forest city with their mother. When Psncfc came here from Cleveland, which was shortly after he had served his term of enlistment in a regiment that participated in the rebellion, he h.-ul n friend write to his wife that he hncl died in Goshen, Ind. Mrs. Pence No. 1 accepted.the statement without queston'. and never JDMO any investigation. The marriage to Mrs. Pence No. 2 followed. a • - •'."' DRINK FOR THIRSTY"DOG"S.. Hnmnno Physlclixa FarnUhcu'-Ibi Witter for Canlno Wnyf»rer>. ; '"!.iu':. : "Ice water for dofrs. 1 ' This ia.th.e-in- scription, nc.itly lettered, on a sign displayed before a sma.ll shaUo.\y.['szinc trough in front of n physician's, office in Washington, Tho trough is painted a sky-blue color, nnd-always'contains water which passes through.?, rcfrig-er- ator. By a (lonling valve the flow of water is regulated. The dogs, are not •supposcc'l to read I he sign, but they have .discovered that the water is .for their benefit, and many, of tJieiu-stop daJly to drink from the trough. . .. - ENABLE CAVALRY TO-' -'CT-'lMB. Kovcl Spur That nray Be Adopted by the Goriniu) J'roopH. . { 'y.^ ; Successful- experiments ^aje .• just been made in two dragoon-regiments in the garrison at Mot/, of a novel spur invented by a -locksmith of tha%',city. Cavalrymen equipped with jtlijs. spur are enabled in a few seconds,to climb telegraph poles to cut ;0w •'jviccs..- A report upon the e\-perimo.nts s has been ma4c by Gen. H'aesler. commanding tho Sixteenth corps, to the minis,ic5..c-i.war at.Berlln, who is considering the idyisa- bility:of their adoption by ali.tliefier- raan mounted troops. . , • ' ••'.' Flprlit with Crowi. .1 i> •'•; While Allen Newman, of Decker 1 ..Ind., was hunti ng the ofJier day he frred upon a flock of craves and wounded one. Wh-sn he attempted to capture the crippled bird if, struck at hire viciously with its beak and l.ricd to tear out, liis eyes. The infuriated crane made such a noise th'at the rest of the flock returned to its aid and utl set upon Mr. Newroan, who bcat'them off with his gun. The fight lasted untiMS cranes lay dead upon the field, and the hunter was exhausted before he won the battle. •Snow la~~Nen York Streets. During-the fi rst. two days of Inst week 50,000 cart loads of snow were taken from the New York streets. Highest-of all in leavening; Power.-^- Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PURE - LOGANSPORT, Saturday, June 27 Absolutely the same exhibitions will be given here as the dedicatory exhibitions which were 'given for two weeks, .lime 1 to 14, 1S9C, ai the great. Chicago Coliseum. ( . . BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST .AND . Congress -OF- L ROUGH RIDERS > OF THE WORLD r« An exact duplicate, man for man, ajid horse -for horse of the exhibitions glren at the Columbian World's Fair at Chicago in 1S03. all summer in New York i,u 1S94, and in ICO of the principal ernes of the east in 1S90. ORGANIZED ON THE MOST LAVISH SCALE, WITH HORE MEN, MORE HORSES, MORE CARS THAN ANY TWO EXHIBITIONS. And perfected in M the details that, the combined managerial experience ami weal'lih commanded by the trio of Triumphant. Careered Caterers to public instruction and entertainment, NATE SALSBURY, JAS. A. BAILEY AND COL. WILLIAM F. CODY. Assuring l.o the public a production, of America's National Entertainment In a colossal manner,'equaling if not .surpassing the magnificence of massive NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, ROME, VIENNA, BERLIN, BRUSSELS, and at n. The Colnmtian World's Fair CHICAGO, Where the multitudinous millions meted equal honors to TUe wiiite and Tented Cities New, Enlarged and Augmented, The Original Wild Absorbs Primitive and Civilized Horsemanship. READ THE' ARRAY That Nations Furnish and Races are Exhausted to Complete. All kinds, all colors, all tongues, all men fraternally mingled iu Uie pictures- One racial camp. All born Hereditary Princes of the Saddle. 100 INDIAN WARRIORS, „ Ogallalla, Brute, TJnca.papp, Sious, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribes. 30 American Cowboys. 30 Mexican Vaqueros and Rnralies, 30 South American Gauchos. 50 Western Frontiersmen, Marksmen, evo. 2o Bedouin Arabs. •20 Russian Cossacks of the Caucasus. Detachment of U. S. Cavalry. Royal Irish-English Lancers. French Chasseurs. German Cuirassiers'. All under tilie command of Col.W,F. CODY-BUFFALO BILL The X AS * HERD ot BUFFALO ONLY HEJ7D ON EXHIBITION. ~This enormous outfit -is trans-, ported ia special railroad trains. Using its own specially constructed rolling stock, the largest, oi Traveling Commissary, Dormitory, fllld Equen-y; Accomniodaidons, complete in every. particular, and equaling the requirements of the modern methods of mov- iup ' " . . A rULLY EQUIPPED ARMY. I7C TIME OF WAR, Carrying all t^c paraphernalia ueces- siry to 1 • A covered grand stand seating twenty thousand persons, assuring perfect shelter from the sun or rain. So organized and so arranged as io camp close to the city In an easy accessible location. On the first day of arrival there will 1« given A Free Street Cavalcade At 10 a. m./by detailed detachments Irom each division (Wdld Horses, Buffalo, Cattle, etc.. being necessarily,; guarded in camp), "So that he -who runs may read." The march vcill be enliven-, cd by S JIAGJflFICENT IfTTfilr' BANDS OF 1U.UOXV' .Led by the Famed, World-Traveled ; Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band. At nteht a" brilliant electric display by the largest Portable Double Electric or 230,000 ««HD B Power yet constructed lor any similar purpose Two ensuring a perfectly reliable nimbtaaiton, making night as light as v%ffr&z&e $?&#& day. Two Exhibitions Daily. Rain or SDine. Afternoon at 2 o'clock; eight at S o'clock. Doors open one 1 hour. ,earller. ' Night as light as day and as complete la detail. General admiss.oa 50c cMk . dren under 0 years, 25c. Numbered coupon, actually reserved, seate^l^e,, y sold on tiie day of exhibition at Johnston's drug store, corner Fourth *™*?^ and Broadway. .1!. > - ' ,i,.!i,'

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