The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 14
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FAGB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tor cons*cuiUf .............. 1 Mm* per nn* ,,,. ....... ,,, j$c • UMI«« p«r Unt p*r d»jr ...... J2c a Mmw ^«r liu» p-r a*j ...... »c • lira** p«r line per day ...... ?c LI t!m« ptr lln« per daj ...... ic AioMiA per (In* ... IKJC Count mo *ma?e word* to the line Id ordered for ibiets or «u iinirs ana •*opp*d DP l ore expiration win be cttarg- •« for me number ni ttoicf the *a »>P+*rd »nd adjustment ol b!h made 411 eJ^ssLfled AdTertlsJng copy aub- •ili^d oy persons residing out-sida ol »*i« el»y mil si 6e *ccnmpanted by cash »AM« m»jr e»«lJ> i>e cnrnpuied frnra tft< • bore l*bJe AdT«rtumg order rot rcitulai mcti Won* W,tw the one time tat>1e Ko rmponslbllLty will o< inken foi •or* ittRD one Incorrect Imerllou al any ciss.iiHed «d Ah ftdjt are restrlclrrt to then Drorei •iMtllication «tyie and type The Court.: «_*» rtfenref; the rifchl fc> «i)i or rf]*cl «nj- »d . REXAIft Bales A Ffivlci-s. Why not b<iy th. yrry best. Free demcmi>tmloti i>h BLYTHEVIIJ.E (ARK.) COUTUKR NEWS ilavo icoYcrs miulo now cul] Mrs. HOO|»T For J'ftcknf-e UpEivrry call HI.YTIII' VJLLL- COMMISSION HOUSE, j'h "05 _____ 41H ck It PLASTERING BOB MALbNE Call 2771 Hlyllieville •I-M pk 5-1-1 TUESDAY, MAYS, SPECIALS WE MAKR OLD FURNI- TUKK NEW RE BUIIU STOVKS, CAK RADIATORS GIVE US A TRY. MAC'S FLACK HIGHWAY 18 WKS'l PHONIC 3975. 4-18 ck 6-18 for Rent 3-room unrurnisticd Apartment 42< » Vlne - ' five room apartmrui. Purnlshra o unfurnished, 621 CJilcknsawba, C'tvM 357L 56 pk 5'15 Ftirnlshed up&tnfrs duplex $4250 Utilities not fur. Ph 6377 or 24W) _____ , S'5 pk 5;l 2 room apartment Furnished or^ unfurnished. Abraham Tourist Courts A ck tr 1 -room inr apt,. Utilities Highly respectable girls only Ph 2087 5-3 pk irj 2-room apt Th. 2087. 5-3 pfc om partly rur. apt ph 2n«7 5-3 pk 10 4-room unfur apt Ph 3309 Apt. $4000 Four-rooms A bath at Tarbro Ph 717 after 6 o'clocV. 5;5 pk 5|12 Furnished apartment. 3 locimn and bath. Newly decorated Butane pas. electric refrigerator, good furniture f. Simon, ph 3373 416 ck tl Auto Supplies and Services We'll launder your cnr, wnsti and greas* for 11.00 SIMPSON OIL CO call Stanley Kelter. ph 937 4.111 ck tf Fot Sale, Misc. J"8 llslllne cans, neatly to KO. SOr Tom's fifrvifp smtion. l»li. aoiy 5;0 l>k 5; Hi ^___ . 1 Ifl'IS Mnsscy llarris -22. New tractor guarantee. 1 I !)'!<) Case VAC. New tractor guarantee. 2 10'IG Masscy llarris G fy- liiuler 101 Supers, (ihtirantced. 2 Massey Harris 10] Jrs Guaranteed. 1 Allis Clialmcrs \V. C Pi-iced lo Sell. 6] Implement Co. N Highway 61 — Ph 2142 '1-1 c-k tf Uon't endanger your family with faulty tlrrs—BUT LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main * Division • Plionc 2563 12J13 ek tf It yCHI MK III trouble ROC US Rnnl cur Of irtic-k Until! en poods oy case (1 CO a case o jm m«t ca,, K ™<| « ncw DAK- We mi» .11 ci aell o[a clollier We Joan money on anything We li»,e several liiinilrr.l buihelis lybenns s-100 and ccrlllletl We'll imy oj KM aiiytlilns lot »o •nckniie delivery up to 100 ll>s 5 over lc7U ftjs IIOO 1.1)00 yards ol dirt 101 tale We nnul onymini; * When you're Hungry <nl at Blrni sm's Ilettcr CJns A: Oil Cut Fist Ompple Phono Qy? Ulvthevlle Ca,a,,amlaa House IBIIWUJ 61 North lly Wailc'F Sltlvai; Yard I'nono 1)37 Stan/ey Kellci Simmon KUKllo Couch, rollawny be< nnd 5-bunicr New perfection oil Sic 2120 Kciuvood Drive 511 Services TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 111 W W»tnu« I'hone 3382 Plenty of Parking Space WATCH-AND JEWELRY. REPAIR 1-Day Mrrlc« on Jewelry—3-daja on w«tches and clocks Guaranteed work * o n • by expect repairman Lowest price*. PATO'BRYANT, Jewelry Main & Second ck 5[19 ATTENTION For bricklayers contnct locnt union No. 10 o. B. Kleue Bccretnrj-. Plionc 46M - 5J8 pk ijlS Clirt.ina UniKlred Jc slrelclied >hon« 6259 Wrs J • Lftwrencc 4JI4 pk 5|If - - - Ui v» CJPHOLSTICRINO OUAUTT WORK HANS HIP PROMPT BBRVICH THB HOUSE OF CHAHU "»AL .190 - | f2 | ck „ Washing maonnes repaired, AH mAkes Blythevllle Machine Shop ph BJ3 - ii|a ck tr AUTO AND FCRNITUHE LOAHS Prompt Personftl Service General Contract Purchase Corp 106 Bouth 5th Phone 6S03 4[5 c)c tf Want to buy H tarniV VV have it. Karni 40 acres up t large plantation in Nm'Uip.ns Ark.' and Southeast Mo. Se us for a farm loan. CATES-WIGGS CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. . Blylheville, Ark. Ueors« w W|RR« ot W o Cute. rn 3751 10'M c« t BABY CHICKS CUSTOM HATCHING BLAYLOCK HATCHERY NOItTH 61 PHONE 3172 12 ck t Stale Registered (Purple Tag) Breeders, Koimdatim slock. H;ite Dcllapine No 78 ottonseed Ceresnn trealoc 0 percent germination. Plar.t the best by Test. HALR S1SED FARMS Erri-:, ARK. ITI. 702 •i-18 ek t'l FOR SAI..B Soybean Seed All K c L'U rrrlr.i n c<) UerinltmtLoti tc.sli B0% R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 314! or 4<100 S-3 ck 17 raller House, nood condlilnn BAll- AIN. SOI Holland. 4 jc) pls j" 2 NOW YOU CAN ORDER YOUR New CHRYSLER or New PLYMOUTH THESTRiKF IS OVER! It's been a Ion;; 3 months thai the Chrvslcr Cori.on- ion has been »n strike. . .„„,! wc klunv ^ H ' .™ t , " • " be here, so vve invite VIM, lo <-;,l| all<t .,,....„ ' ' Get a Big Trade-in Allowance on Your Present Car! T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 Eosf Main Phono 2122 HII7 TORI) I>ICKU1>, has radio X heater .,„ cx 11C||C|U llu - v '.'.. S7!)5. 1«.IS KOIU) I'lCKUC . . . p.-jccd at only S8<)5 J S* 1 '•'•>» ISM!) CMIOVKOIJCT IMCKUC . . . here's B buy.. .S!lfl5 i!»l I I'ORI) 1 y, -Ton LWli, C;,h * Chassis §5^5 !!>•!« I-'OUI) I 14-Ton UVH slake Truck 5095 lillti (,.MC 1 l/z-Ton IAVH slake Truck $795 IfMfi MKHCaRV ir or(Ior Stl ,|. in> ,;,.,,.., nk . c $s)f) Mil!) MERCURY Konlor Sedan, now only 57.15 LOW DOWN PAYMEKT • EASY MOHTHLY TERMS 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 STATE CEIJTIFIEJJ OI'L 73 COTTON SEED BUKDKn-E PLANTATION 0°? SOTS S.J\H"sH I'llONIfi 782 S" "UlJ.O-OFFICS 808 HEARN or DA, UAVla- l.AKK- .MAIN- UI UA. NOUTII 10TI1 i S35UO.UO HEiil'ECTlVELV 3 LOTS NORTH SIDE CAN OPH PHONE 782 2-13 ck tl fryere 207 W. KaoseveR it will •^C"' 1 ""- ' 5;S pfe 5|12 Tomato pliinu for Bale 2001 \V Wnln " - 1125 l>k 5J25 One Wheel C'hntr. SUO: Slxe 38 Tux- do. $10, CMI Mrs. p. W. Turrcntlm- 95 or 083 Osccota. is p k 51,3 Clndi-rs ror drl»o waya. No nails, •h. 6017. 5 8 ,, k S; .j 2 EN , TO PHONE P1EI.D J394 _^ ______ 5-3 pk 10 One five-room hunyalow slwcllli^ .' " Omr ""'' . I. ,,n c e $3 500 VC ""'' ••'• Looking For A USED TRACTOR! CHECK THESE REAL BUYS: 1 A Ills-Chalmers "\VC", molor overhauled, good tires, has cultivator and plow ...... 1 Kiirmall "A" in excellent condition, lias ploiv, busier, disc, planter, & cultivator . . . $745 $500 $625 $450 $650 FALL TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED lussell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Blytheville 1 .l.ilin Dt'fi-e "11", if | (M)ks , lm ; ,., IMS ljke new, has fiillivator ami buster ........ 1 Case "VAC" equipped with planter, cultivator and mower, a |>i K value al ...... Several K o»(l Koi-d-Ferfruso,, Traclors thai are rmmdilioued and j,'tiai anteed HOMES 2 and 3 Bedroom Quality Homes . At Economy Prices KENWOOD DRIVE 100% F. H. A. AND G. I. FINANCED Holly Development Corporation Phone '1445 4-27 ck tf for Sale, Can, and Trucks MOI'HEIIS ,t FATHERS OH- I'HA'I OlliL OR UOY LUOOAGE FOIt ORAD- JATION SEE IIAMUUIITON ' LINK -ALL &2I8 FOH APPOINTMENT <;M nk 5|io Bmnll Cubic Nelson Plutio In first Iftss condition Climrniitecd Call 2071 letlts 2053 _ 4;24 c* i.2J -.Wftlnut arm chi\lr. inahoviiitly liun- Phyle card table, liravy [jlatlortn ocXer. inlscollancoua Itetns ph 4140 • S-'J pit 10 _ Nlc« a-rnoin modern nome lliuii- nod lloors. I acre or ground, located i Norm l1l K liwny SI within city nuts. Very cheaj . HIALES LAND CO. Pit 3122 Ilussoll E. Hlnlis. jili 4101 W. T. Barnclt, ph. 22H2 ' J.-i ck 7 Anliyclroun Ammonia Custom m,ik yrs e.^perlisnct: Jnlin Dri"lLi s ,|i '° 52 pi. 62 2 formals. size 9. I'll. 22<«7 Hydrangea, hyblscus .t clirysnnlbi!- um plants. Ph 3310, 54 pk 5|1 , ANHYDROUS AMMONIA We can supply fertilizer. Apply tide raising or umlcnlrlll See WooUrow inlln or Ueralcl Owlln !,„»„» nt Thon& 2005 Blytllevlllc. 5;4 p)c 5511 Pr. goort small nules 705 Clark su S.6 pk 5jlO For Sale. Real fstate Business lot on Hlw.-iy 61 North ross rrotn Camp Moultrlo. so by 150 sleep. Price 52.000 '« down will mile. Ph. 2057. 5:8 ck i, \V. M. BURNS, REALTOR PHONE 38(51 ' 5j9 rk 51 6 ___ 100%'G. i LOAN GUAP.ANTEED One this G-i-ooin house will bath, loc.itotl at r] 708 WEST MAIN. This house js extra roomy 1500 square feet! Has just been renewed inside and out It is riglK in tlic midst of several good churches, two blocks fro m C E N T R A L W A R 13 SCHOOL and a minute's walk downtown to everything! It's worth looking at if your total income is $3.850 a year. JOHNNY MARR .REAL. ESTATE Phone 411] Res. Ph. 259B , &KES PAID; BURNKIT AUTO SALES E Mam 1317 -Mercury a-lll tmdo "or sell. Good condition. Ph. 37S7. 5^9 >k yij CALL OK SKE CARL PAUL New I'onilRc,, New Pickups NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. Plmne G330 01 4371 j 3 4 cii i.4 117 tl _ Nice 4','a room home by owner oil 'toor ftiruncc. screened In back porch ind nttlc stairway. 2^04 Kenwood Drlvr 5,6 [ijt to [jirBO tni on Hlirhiray 61 iVortti Jtislrtc city IhnHs. Sultnhle for 'residence ot commercial purposes Write f O Km Biythcriiie. 5,6 P k e c CHECK YOUR SPEEDOMETER! Does Your Car Have 12,000 Miles? Then You N'ecd This Complele brake inspec- lion including repacking (if the u-liecl bearings. . . U rakes rclincd. i-Egard- le.ssof the make or mndel of your car '1.00 THIS WEEK ONLY Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. 120 So " I'hone W71 M. W. "Hill" Spencer. M<r r . t'scd Cars—All makes nnd models. Krom $50 to fl5!»5 61 MOTOR CO Hwy. SI North—Ph. 2-4 ck t Help Wanted, Male Want a man qualified for position of assistant manager and -sales-manager for both new and used car sales department,. Alan will have to have liacJ experience both before and after war to qualify. Not interested in anyone wlio cannot fill this position. Here is an apportunity for you to have good position with top salary and bonus. Also a chance to work up to the top position. Blylheville Motor Co., Dodge - Plymouth. Ph '1422. 5 . 5 ck , 2 RECONDITIONED MONEY-MAKERS These Trucks Checked from Bumper to Bumper 19(0 Chevrolet 1/j-Ton I'ickup Truck, driven only 12,000 miles. It's a steal at. . .$10.15. 19J8 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck, hot waler healer, low mileage., .only ?S<15. 1939 Ford 1/,-Tpn Pickup, a good one f ...$395. 1917 Studebaker !/ 2 -Ton Delivery Truck, extra clean .. .?695. 1317 International l/ 2 -Ton Pickup ruck...$695. 1917 Sludebiiker lonjr tvheelliase Cab & Chassis, t- sueed axle, 750-825x20. . .$695. 19.16 Ford long wheelbase truck, 12-fool body ..In period condition...! 695. HIIO Chevrolet long truck with 32 foot gram body.. .today's price. .. J395. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN / Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON, CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phont 578 Help Wonted Store Manager Wanted Need man to manage and Salesman Wanted Appliance Salesman wanted. Commission Basis only. Ex- salary and bonus. Must have had experience and be capable of operating this store or no need to answer this ad. Will sell part interest to person who can manage (his business Write Box 1234, C-o Courier News. 5.5 ck 12 Wonted to Buy «KAL ESTATE WANTED 2 .t J OGUHOO.V HOME BAST WEHT SIDE SOME LOW PRICED HOMES ANY I.OC.V.ION TO SPLL ON WOO OR S30I) PAYMENT BALANCE MONTHLY AT 8% BUYER WAITING PHONE P1ET.H 2394 1-3 pt II Dining room table and chair* or ' coui nlete suite, rcnsonable. Ph. 6:156, 56 pk II CHICKENS Bl.AVLOCK'S North Hwy 61 Ph 3172 tnenesi prices pnin mi CH1CKKNS- IIS.T& Asn Street CJrrjcrrj it Ma r in w A«n «,-. -,. Higliest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Nabcrs Gro. &. Mkt. STAMP COU.KCTIONS sj S. or Foreign, old U. B Envelopes Co/jlrdrrnto or Clrll \v» r Enrelopca. Duck Stnmpfi, CJoocl prlrr.s p^ld Call or write: T. I. STOtt, co Telcplione Ho. I'M HI. lllnnrtllle. Ark 5 6 ch 6 6 Y/anted to Rent 5,12 GROCERY STORK Highway f.l South AI Dojfwootl Hiiy siock. rent rmllcllnit -*llh IKlnr ;-Kir:rri nm- rixlurcs Kent vrry re»- KAKDKK, Y'S (JKOCKJIY Ph <510 Private Rooms I.nrve l>(-tlroorn niljolnlMt; hath Near >'t» C-Tcnttcinan prcferretl I'h 24ao llr-slrooin aiHolnlns bnth MerT^rTnTv ••13 W Walnut. Til 2496, 4,33 pk 5 » a rirciroom.i ror rrn*l PrTs-.itr ..». u.incc- !>h 2S1B 4 j. % pk 3 ^ Hcdmorn ntl]olnlns hath Phone 2.138 . VIO Pk S'lO Mcc Hir bedrooms Close In ~Fh 319 »< pk 6;n ____ Mo«isr Mlh K1IA or" O '.'.III p.»>- equity I'h 4126 Pis 5jl!i Lost Lost from tnick. between Cerll Lowe's (Iro. ^ Charlies Klrctrle ane p*>-APr inowrr with out motor PlnnKe notify tt-lillff nriulcy. I'h. 2.177 \Vant a man to operate our radiator and battery department. Must be experienced ii rebuilding and repairing radiators and would also like him to be able to repair and rebuild batteries. Good salary permanent employment See Mr. Little Sr., Blythcvilln M O - tor Co., Ph 4422. 5-5 ck 12 V.'ant a man to manage 0111 used parts business that we will open for business Mny 15 Man must have had some experience in the auto parts business, either new or used to qualify for this position. Permanent position with chance for anvancement in future See Mr. Little Sr., Rlytheville t Mo C °- Dod ^-Plymouth. . 4422. 5.5 ck , 2 Notice Ircnt Schercr 3693 Burnett 5,9 pk 5!I2 Marlorlc Yountt Rt 2 Bo* 417 rit* Alma Schercr 618.1 C " r 5,5 pk 5;<? Any G. I. leaving town and wishing to sell equity in his ionic, call RIAI FS I,AND CO., Ph. 3322. 5-4 ck 11 for ncrs-lce ReKtstered blon " "SI 1 "" 11 * P tdl "« "I ch •hon« 6719 Don Wllhelm pk 5]36 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippieo animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142. Klythe vilfe, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. Loons Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS ir iBt«r»*t.M in Hujint or 4*iMnE ««* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil E»rfs — lencoe lildg. I'h \Ve are opening a new cafe in this city in the near future and need a manager for this business. Interested in man '«• lady, but prefer man. Must have experience and be able to operate a' high class cafe We are not interested in any beer joint operators. Cafe equipped with new, latest type fixtures. Only medium size, "as 15 stools, tables with 98 chairs... Certainly will be one of the mosl attractive cafes in city. Write Rox DBF. C-o Courier News. 5.5 ^ 12 GJrl carhops wanted at Razorback Drive in SI-! clc i|7 Instructions PIANO LESSONS For as low as 50c IN SCHOOL OF MUSIC Pbnn« 3049 4|ia ck die ~ ^tw.ucuj. njgpiy uard & Hoke. 5-5 ck 11 Can use man or lady, working in Blytheville selling a new special item that everyone 1.5 a prospect to buy one or more. No trouble to earn 510 a day and up. Only want Iivo salesmen for (his nosi- t'on, so hurrv or youMl'ipe sorry. \v,-ite Box LAT, C-o Courier News. 5.5 ck ]2 Can you sell the very best assortment of merchandise, when the price is right? We want only one salesman for outside selling, and certainly the sky is the limit on the possibilities if you will work and cat, sell, -nns i s one of those opportunities that happen once m a lifetime. Write us. Box lo, C-o Courier News. 5-5 ck 12 The CJlerokees o f j^orlh Carolina o not know what the name of heir tribe means. They call tliem elves "Ani-Yunwiwa" o r "real neo- Wanted to Rent (Continued on Next Page) What Kind of Truck Do You Need! WHETHER IT'S A 10-TON DIESEL OR \ i/ TON PICKUP. HORNKK-WII.SON CAN SUPPI Y von" wS US FOR NEW CMC TRUCKS OR USFD TRUCKS Used Truck* Now on Our Lot with Chevrolet 2-Ton S\VB, 825x20 tires, 2 - speed 19 IS Docljje ]i/,-Ton I^VB, new low pric«. 1019 Chevrolet '/,-Ton Pickup, deluxe cab, heater, only 8,000 miles, exceptionally clean. 10 IB CMC Ji-Ton Pickup, radio, heater, licenses... ]usl like new. x ' iniS G,MC J/i-Tnn Panel at a real bargain. And Many, Many More! Factory Guaranteed New CMC Truck* * Eoiy GMAC Payment Plan HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO OI,I)SMOHILE-GMC TRUCKS

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