The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1947
Page 2
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near TWO Garssons Sought Trio CtMiges III-Will, Ptvjitdie* in Fraud And Bribery Hearing --K,'»* *mo> unriAEx v**** t««» SUrt C«m*|MiKUriU WASHIKQTOK, July 9. IUP)-! ^•rmu Congressman 'Andrew j. , .iy -and t)ie Garsson brothers charged tcda) thej were convicted of fraud and oilbery bctiuse of .'ocal prejudice and lll-wjll," and nsked -j, new trial in the inlerests oC fair p'ay and justice. 'The charge vias m'nde in a motion prppircd for filing with Federal court ^ their counsel.'Another motion lequested' that the \erdict bo tet aside arid a Judgment of acquital be entered. A third motion asked arrest of judgment. M4y 'Henry Gjrsson and his biothc Minnj uere convicted hy n .iiirj Jist Thitisday on a three- count indictment, Ihe outgrowth of alleged pasmein to May of »>3,- f03 for hi- picssurmg the "War De- pailnient in belialf of the Carsson :niiiutloiu empire. The jure reached Us verdict In one hour' and M The nsw trla! motion described the verdict-as-a. "legal anomaly." The motion added: 'The icrdlct of'guilty was returned under circumstances of prejudice and ill-will against the de• endRnts. 'in the District of Columbia, which circumstances and Ill- will were constantly called to the attention of the court throiiffhnm the trial, that render the verdicl unfair mid unjust and (the ver- d'ct) should be set aside in the interests of fair play and justice." Fcdeial Judge Henry A.S^hweiu- hnut has not yet se'l a date for sfntenciiiR the trio who have vowed to fight to the Supreme Court tor exoneration. Each faces a maximum penalty of six years Imprisonment, or {33,000 irt fines or both. Recession Talk Vanishes In the Textile Industry NEW YORK. July 9. (UP) — Recession talk in the textile industry is disappearing, the publication Business \ycek reported today. Hard lilt this Spring, and worrta-t for months, the cotton and v;ool industry showed definite slon 3 of recovery in New England and the Southeast, the U'o major areas. , Main rensons for the upswing •were lower prices, bctler qualify and new styles -accenting fulh'esri and length. This resulted In more sarrtage of cloth sold, if ,i o t ,, 10rc ^ clothes, the mngazlnc said. Southeast mills arc faring belter than the New England miilu somo of the latter mili«"b!osed In March- were still down'in'April. ; Rayons have not lost ground he- cause the quality is good. The sniiw is true of finer grade .woolens sue- des and flannels.. The magazine expects the upswing to continue through the Fall. Dooley WinsConfirmation As Texas Federal Judge WASHINGTON, July 9. (UP)_ TJic Senate ended a six-months-old vow between Texns Sens. Tom Cmi- nally and w. -Lee O'D.iniel yesterday by confirming Joe B Dooley r.s a federal district judge. Tiie vale \vjs 41 to 36. In approving Daoley, Iho Senate overrate a protest by o'Daniel thai Dooley was "personally ob- ncxiciis" to him." Demolition of UN Skyscraper Site Gets Underway NEW YORK, July 9. (UP) — The United Notions yesterday was one step closer to Its dream of skyci'ap- er home In mldtowu Manhattan us demolition work began with Mayor William O'Dwyer swinging the fin', crowbar. The'mayor, wearing a tan striped suit and natty sailor, pried away brick with one clean sweep. O'Dwyer was followed hy UN Assistant Secretary General Dyron Price, who also knocked n brlcx from an old tenement building at First • Avenue and 42nd Street — the first structure selected for ri»- inollllon, "The eyes of the world have turned to*nrd this spot," O'Dwyer siu!, before dlsloelng his brick. "The building of this institution will hwly assure the world that there will be no more wars." Price, representing Secretary- Genera) Tryt've Lie, ivlio Is vliMiig his unlive Norway, said in creeling the new bulicUnes the United N.i- lions was laying (he grounclwurl; for "peace mid cooperation" among nations. State Lets Contracts For Biennial Printing LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. July 0. (UP) — Secretary of Sljtc 0. G. Hull to- d.iy announced the tentative lUvardiiiK of contracts to 17 Arkansas firms for printing, stationary and supplies (or the bl-cnnlnl IMM'iod bci'lii'il'ii! J.n. i, 1348. The contracts nre subject to approval of Hit" governor, the auditor and the treasurer. The successful bidders and the number of contracts were: iArk-jii5'.is printinc IMH! Lilho- erapMnsc Co.. cif Mllle Ro;k. six; parkin Printing Co.. of Little Hod:, fcur; Dcmocrnl rrinting ami L!thO[;roi>hins Co.. of Little Dock, four: Paragon 'Printing Co.. o( L.Htle 'Rack, nine; Newark Journal of Newark, two; Monroe Comity Citizen of iBrlnkley, one; 'Hurley PrinliiiB CM., of Onnulcn, four. QUBIM-.V 'Printing Co., of Little Hock. lw:>: C.ih'nl-,\)cI3rIde Printing Co , nf Port s-inltli. one; Cnn- way Prlnlini; Co.. ot Conw.iy. three; White County .printing Co.. of .fudsonla, three; Jordnii Printing and Stationary Co., of Little Itock, one; Centra! Friiillni; Co., ot l.ltlle Reck, two; Press-Argus of Vnn Buren, six; lAllsopp uml Chappie of l/Utlc Ruck, one; Russellvillc Printing Co.. or .Riiswllvillc. one; -and Inicrnationnl Business Machines Co., of Litlle Hock, one. BLYTHEVILUfi (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Children Die in Fire- Mother Severely Burned TEXA'RKANA, Juno 9. (UP)—A can of kerosene ixjurcd In a. kitchen stove is considered the proli- Mu cai'se ol .1 jji-e which yesterday killed two children of the H. L. Akin family, [eft Mrs. Akili in a critical condition and destroyed their farm home. \ fuller investigation hy ] OC al aulhorilics depends on Mrs. Akln's rundillon. She suffered severe facial and body hums and WJB given several blond transfusions at .1 rr.'.'Xjirkami hospital. She was burned when she rushed iiito the house ,in n fnlile effort to save her nhildriui. Tlie s'A-cet potato and the morn-' iiu-sloj-jr belong lo the same fam- i protest ngainst higli inciime ,::xes unil "reckless" tovcrn- inent spendinu. E.' II. Tilton, above, president of the Viller M'lnufiiclnrlns Co., Milwaukee, Wis.. says he will dive up his SI MO monthly salary Ihe lust (wo months of this year, phis )iii bonus. Thiit will set him hack :i probable SfiOOO. [Jut the Eovoiument will lose, loo—sev- eral thousand dollars In Income taxes he tt'on't hai'e lo priy because of lower Income. OP N'OTICE OF CHANTINQ I.IQKOIt I'KRMrT Notice is hereby given that the. Commissioner of Ucvcmie.s of the Stiilj- of \Arkan.sjs has 'issued a permit. No. 107 to .B. S. Simmons to sell and dispense vinous or .spiriloun liciuors for iicverage at retail on the premises describe'! "as 100 South Division Street, Biytlie- villo, 'Arkansu.s, This permit issui'd on the 1st day of July, 11)47 and expires on the 30 duy of June. IB48. ' 13. S. Simi'iions Permittee Lions Hear Description Of Pearl Harhor Attack The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was described for niPinbeis of the Lions Club hy noilcrt, S. Norman of Indianapolis, Ind.. retired U. a. N.ivy captain, ut Uii'lr weakly uieotin!; yesterday noon at (he Hotel Noble: Capt. Norman WPS aboard the battleship USS Pennsylvania in Pearl Harbor when it nllncketl. He retired from the Navy rc::enlly nftor 27 years service. He Is n caii- sln of Mrs; E. P. iBornm of 7Jly- thevllle. wlicm lie is visiting. Guests at tiie meeting were n. H. Keiidriek of Huiiiljoldl, Tcnn, r,iul L. M. Williams ot Little «ock. undersigned, will within the lime flxrd by law apply to the Com- 'missloner of Revenues ol the Stale of Arkansas for a permit lo se',1 beer at retail at Si. Elm, Blythe- vilte, Mississippi County. ! The undersigned state s thai lie Is a citia^n of Arkansas, of good mural character, that he has never beer, convicted of a ieloiiy or oilier crime involving moral turpitude Dial no license; to sell beer by the WEDNESDAY, JULY i), J<M? t n five yearslast past; and t?,a ouoit (he undersigned Has never bee:: ' convicted of violating the laws oi (his state, or any other state re' E sale ot alcoholic 11. Mrs. Marshall 'Blackard (SEAL) Notary Publ'c Cecil v. Conneli My commission expires March 9 and sworn lo bcfors' 1349. Help Wanted Wane Mali fur assistant manager. This job reijulres high tjpt man and pays good salary, tieri man with experience bill would consider lh« right kind of man ulihnut experience. Ca!l 861 or sre Turn A. Little, Sr. Blyrheville Motor Co. Notice i; NOTtCK j. given that the! TO EASf Soldiers Get Warning Ot Soviet Spy Activity -WASHINGTON, July 9. (DP)— The \Vnr Department is distributes to u. S. troops nil over the world 'a' book entitled "Soviet Spies —the Story of Russlini Espionage Amerlca '" to' T,;e Army Mid 13.C03 paper ed- Jtiors of the book will be distributed through its troop information ana education division The book deals with the Soviet spy rmg which sought atomic nnd ether secrets in Canada. News For Folks Who Suffer From Too Many Customers Bring Arrest of Pair JACKSONVILLE. 'Pin.. July 0 (UP)—T. W. MsPcnk and his wife El'zilolh. of Pensacoln, Flu., were held nuclei- 52503 bonds today because tliclr , "whoisssiic liarclware , business" attracted too many cus-1 A wuminl charged -they operated last April under the iinnic of Jimmy Day at Ashcvillc. N. C., using maifed circulars la inctiicc hardware jlealers -'lo send prrp.iid orders for scarce merchandise. iPcsUiftke InsiicQlor E. O. Jones charped thc.v had operated earlier at Nashville. Tcnn., us the Joo K. Gilbert 1 Company. After receiving several thousand dollnrs worth of orders. Ihe warrant clunked, the McPonhs would leave- town witlioul delivering the goods. T!ut orders would coiiltn'.ie pouring In after the MoPcnks departed. Suspicions of postal inspectors led to Die couple's arrr.i hiT',', Jones Kitd. One tanker of gasoline :s cnousii to drive 5000 automobiles for " a whole year at the normal rate. , Notice to the Public: ' ;I huve moved my office to ; Hot h rock Dnigslorc \ Dr. C. E. Wilson IKS , K ACI» IIIIIESTI9K iKsns&^ss^SffS^^^ sa^^^^ss ^ffiS 0 SJr"Liss!i i ««- """"^eight --»-. .^ i i tq ^. re»! relict jou mist »»trlc lu c »jort«, n Independent i,bor»- tory^teate on huam «5n»chs. hlveby ' For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation N. Finn st. Blythcville, Ai-k. Quickly iiijnly soothinj; nnd com- f«/rtl«K OUAV'M OINTMKNT will, its wholesome untisiiijlUiti nnd nu- liuc iiidiiiK iiiciliciilion. NotliltiK else Jjlte it -iiotlinii,' so comfortinp ___ or likiistint lor exlurimlly cnntinil \skln tronhlesi. 35e. Ciet u )nicl<ui;u today. We ran rehulld a shoe fmiu • heel lo (oe — wlilch iK-fiiunts Jftir (lie evitcrtiu^s tif our repair • uurK. \VHIi new slio^.s costing Jsn much, t;ike cure of ail your »sluies—extend their wear — liave us rt'nair. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop NEW ZEALAND ABBIT SALE Buy recjsstered doci For $9.00 Get Pedigreed Doc or Buck For $TtpO Buy Registered Itlck ot $9.00 will give you pedigreed doe For $1,00 Lots of Bunnies $1.00 and $1,50 The Dixidiatef Rabbitry Chk'kit.s;t\vlui (^ F> /^ii:~,. f\. C. R. Collins, Owne/ Well now, w? don't really put your car in a washing machine' ... or hang it on the line to dry. But, we sure do know how to WASH CARS . . . clean the old grca*,, ^ —n dirt off the engine—and get ft thoroughly LIQUID GLAZE OR PORCELAIN1ZE A scientific treatment that cleans, polishes and renews, tn« automobile finish. Removes scum and dirt and gives ail-1 weather protection against fo», 1 sun, grease and makes it easy! to Keep up the appearance of your car. fi, | let Us Liquid Glue oi Poreehlnln Yo«r ejf. ^> : SPECIAL PRICI NOW $.15.00 LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Wolnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 ARKANSAS' OUTSTANDING MISSISSI i JULY 13TH. 2:30 P.M. THRILLS! SPILLS! GALORE! ADM. 60c Sponsored by Dud Coson Post 24 B(ythcvif(e, Ark. sA.TU RB AY .0 N LY FAMOUS HOMESTEADER VJORK SHIRTS FOR MEM j|]S U Regularly, 1.39 Specially priced for savings! They're sanforized cliamhray, won't shrink cnu I'i lilue 1 M to 17. "* >, SOFT WHITE' COTtoN SHEET BtANKETS... i / i > 1 American 3 inis. Thickly 'napped, ex- li i liravy ((iijilily for warinih «nil wear. 72x99". INNERSPRING COMFORT IN FOIOAWAY OUTFIII / 24?. 88 Convrniciice ami Sa%'ings! A couilbrtalile 39-in. in- ncj'.<|),-iiig iHxl at night! r HURRY TO SAVEI TURNOVER TOASTW 2 88 figvtoilr 3,59 l.rnrrr I IIP rliromc-plalcd <loors am) Urcail revi' ilsrlf lo hrovn tiuth siilrs, 2 slices nl once. AC-DC.

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