The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1949 Congress Putting Nation in the Red $5 Billion Deficit Seen If All Allotted Money Is Spent Bj- William F. Arbojast WASHINGTON, Oct. 20-{ffl-It 'he government spends all th° . money, the 81st Congress has pro vided, it may inn about $5,000,000 000 In the red this fiscal year. The federal financial piclt-e f the fiscal year, which ends ne. June 30, looks like this: 1. Direct appropriations by Con Bress, $37.682,102,389, In additlo <o indefinite funds, such as Inte est on fhc national debt whlcn ai "thnated t(. boost the aggrc,;a ««&."> something over $45,000,000,00 "•The indifinite Items'arc those ov which Congress and the Presidei have little control. 2. Anticipated federal revenu for the year, approximately $40 000,000.000. 3. Excess of outgo over intak The direct appropriations do n include additional billions tn con tract authority voted by Congress. This Is a go-ahead congress givi the federal departments to contra- for expenditures with the nnde standing congress will put up tl money in another year, or late as needed. The president's budc called for an estimated $4.000.000 000 In such authority. Congre Voted $4,550,000.000. lenores Tax Hike Plans Senator Ferguson (R-Mtch) to the Seriate that Congress this yes has approved government spendh of 150.991.449,997. He Included this total the direct anpropriatloi the idelmite funds such as Intere on the debt, and contract authorit Coneress voted less In direct ap proprlations than the president re quested, but it Ignored his tax Increase recommendations. Th President said at the start of th session that a deficit would resu If Congress didn't do something get more revenue. Mr. Truman called reoeated earlier this year for i $4,000,000.00 tax boost, mainly on corporatio and high bracket personal income But In'July, after a business turn, *i down, he suddenly abandoned h ^^ tax demand in favor of In-the-rc finnncfns. ' In direct appropriations, th President asked for $39.492,042.93 or $1,809,939,941 more than Con gress gave him. This Is based on final actlo on all appropriation bills excep one, and the final outcome ma vary slightly. • . In the preceding Congress, th second session of the Repubicai controlled 80th voted direct appropriations last year of .832,699,846 730 in addition to an estimated $2 300,000,000 in contract authority an the customary Indefinite funds. Equestrienne With Circus Promises Plenty of Thrills Here October 26th Hollywood Continued from Page 8 did James Goodfriendly, an er- Alabama slave, showed up at hfo home—to thank him for being nice to his grandson at a USO base during the war. Ida lAlpino has turned directo for her second Independent movie "Never Fear." Other day she wa shooting a scene in front of •Santa Monica real estate office an went in to explain the action to th owner. His secretary was alone. "Does'l Hurt a Bit" "All I want," Ida told the gir "is for rny leading man, Keef Brasselle, to walk up as far as you door." The secretary took a long, linger Ing look at Keefe, standing besld Ida, and replied: "As far as I'm concerned he can come right through the>door I' love it." Nearly 3.000.000 persons are no! collecting monthly checks undei old-ajje and survivors insuranci (Social Security). Employment Through Placement Service Miss Lorene . Everett, a graduate of Sparkman High School and a Draughon School of Business student, is now secretary to t li e Reverend Roy E. Fawcett, Executive Secretary, Little Rock Conference, Board of Education of the JI e t h o d i s t Church. She is LK d S. ushier of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Lverett of Ouachita, Arkan- . A{le r having been thoroughlv trained. Miss Everett was assisted >n securrag a preferred position through the systematic free em- ^oyment service conducted by ^Jraughon School of Business During the past year, one hundred per cent of all thoroughly qualified students have been placed by the Draughon School. , The Draughon School of Business is the only private business college in Arkansas that is fully accredited and approved by the t'.tale Department of Education Jjow in its 43th year of continuous operation, the Draughon School is one of the oldest business training schools in the south {?-_, Wrm With P ride to more t.--n 50,000 graduates. It you desire information regarding any type of busme* Rock, Arkansas There is no obligation whatever on your part. CIto Christian!, 21, equestrienne. who will be among the performers «ncn the King Brothers Circus comes to Dlylhevillc October 28 for two performances at the sliow- grxnincfc in Walker park The life of sawdust, and spangles Is the only life she has ever Known as she was born while her parents were with a circus exhibit- Ing at the time In Copenhagen Denmark. She represents the third generation of a famous circus While her act lasts but eight minutes, months and years of constant practice ivas required by Miss Christian! to perfect her act. There s no act with a clreus more dar- ine than that of a bare-back rider It requires extreme skill to turn a somersault from a galloping horse to the ground without experiencing a sprained ankle. Equally important is the mg train- of the ring stock. A circus ring is 40 feet In diameter and to keep from throwing a performer off balance a horse must take just so many measured steps. The gait must be mathematically uniform. A serious injury to a' performer might result if a horse stumblEd- Miss Christian! is one amonb the McMath Extends Pate For Killer's Execution LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 20-(/P)Governor McMath yesterday extended the execution date of Thr/ii- as Edwin 31ack v convicted for the rape-slaying of a Port Hoots nurse, to January 6. Black had been scheduled to die November 4, after his conviction had been upheld by the' Arkansas Supreme court. .. T . 1 i e new date wils set b y Mo- Math at the request/of defense attorneys who arc seeking an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. ISO performer's who will be seen here with the circus and Is one of 2D riders. She js an accomplished somersaulting rider, just now she has about perfected, after six years of practice, the turning 'of a backward somersault from one running horse to another galloping horse. A feat that only a few male riders have accomplished. J°e Mix, America's No. I cowboy and western screen star is among other high lights on the King Bros, program this season. BLYTHEVIU.E Readers' Views Editor, Courier News:— I should like to express my Ion about an ordinance recently passed by the city council in re- Bard to children using flic cemetery lot on Chtckasawba .for a play, ground. I think It is a shame that they are hot allowed to piny there any more. ' f have a grandfather, a grandmother, R brother, a sister and a number of aunts ,uncles and cousins whose remains became a part of mother earth In {his plot yeans and years ago, and who, I am sure would be pleased to know that happy children were \ising this spot for a playground. For what Is any more beautiful or any nearer Heaven than a" group of lovely children happily playing together? I can think of nothing that would make me happier In Heaven than to know that little children were romping and playing over my grave I would much prefer that (o the loneliness of a deserted "graveyard " I am sure there will be wor«c things take place on this hallowrci spot, than precious little children Playing, judging from the liquor bottles and other rubbish to be seen there. It seems to me that we are prone to make on issue of unimportant things and overlook the vital ones Alter all, which should concern as more, the future generation or lhr> past? It Is what we do for the livlii" snd not what we do for the dead" that counts In this Jlfe, as well as the one hereafter. Sincerely, A Friend of Children THAT LAST CHECK—Theodore J. Klug*, * twltchman «t the Carnegie-Illinois Steel plant at South Chicago, 111., kissei his last paycheck (or the duration of the steel strike. The company rented a hall to issue the last paychecks due striking workers. rlano's Source The modern piano is a descendant of the primitive clavichord which appeared In Italy about 1400 A.D. Invention of the pianoforte Is credited to Bartolomeo christo- fori, of Padua, about 1709. Why Are You Weak, Rundown, Nervous or u AlwaysTired"? How to Feel Peppy,Younger o > «rt, „ Talileis I'ourae I! loi MW vep. yoMDttt looks IWi rn-out. p u«rfllc conjii i "'irwter, Trr On reiTo t Ik'or, lipittr nerves i lroduetoo' I!M only i Beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON Creo muljjon relieves prow p I lyb<ci us* ![ goes fiR^t to the iMt at the trouble 10 help Ioos«n and expel germ liden phtepm ind aid nature to soothe and heat /aw, lender, JnManned bronchial mucoiu membrane*. TeJj jourdrtippiit to sell you • bottle of Creomuliioo with the understanding you must like (he waj- it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back, CREOMULSION tor Couiiris.CnestCoUrs, Bronchitis BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS 2-ttW, =i s *« ' you nW ' D Phone 34 J 8-3152 PAUL D. FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Hlyfheville, Ark. It's all yours for less than you think THIS WICK SMCIAl 1-PAISINOtl COUPI (Mod.I 46) do«i d«uU. duly 01 a butlfwii tor ond a »poclo<n corrl«r f»f tti« imall fomily. R JN your eyes over this fresh new beauty. Take in its style-setting non-locking bumper-guard grille, the graceful down-sweep of its fender lines, so unmistakably Buick, and we think you'H agree— It looks like a lot of money—but the fact is, it's a lot for your money. Take in those bigger interiors, the sofa- soft seats, the easy control and the high visibility you get from the more-than- generous glass area all around-and you'll beam at the news that this one's priced for really modest budgets, right down near the "lowest-priced, three." Beyond that-put this gorgeous new Buick SPECIAL through its paces. Sample its valve-in-head straight-eight power-the lively, ever-thrilling kind that, comes from a high-compression, high-pressure fireball engine. You'll find a ride that's pillow-soft smooth, level and steady. You get ample wheelbase-in shorter bumper- to-bumper length f or easy parking, garaging, maneuvering. TEN-STKIKE! On , y Buie oil these Featuresl I.ackmg Rumpcr.Guura Grilles - Hial, P ^ ^""' liady by I'isher You'll find a car that handles light as lace—made even more of a.breeze by Dynaflow Drive, available at your option at moderate extra cost. Oo why not do a thorough matching- up of price tags, and what they'll buy around town? In particular, [>ttt this sfraight-cig/it beauty tip against the sixes, feature for feature, dollar for dollar-and you'll see for yourself there's nothing to touch this Buick as a buy. Yes, go see your Buick dealer, take in the SPECIAL from every angle—and learn how quickly you can have one for your own. ire <«i HI-AR O/.SK.V mm* J9m.\.\o.\'x finemAi.1. Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home portraits. ..yiclurcs which you will enjoy throughout (he years. Cull tor appointments. Phone 0011 DEVEIOPED tNLARGED FAUGHTS STUDIO 112 South 1st. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 DEFOLIATE • •by AIRPLANE Perfect coverage. Defoliant available at competitive prices. SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 Miles South of Blytheville Phone 4388• FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Automobile tal] formj) 1 , Burglary Business Interruption* Dyers & Cleaner > Extended Corerar* Fir. General Liability Marine (ill form.) Personal Pripertj F Plate Glass ' Residence Liability' Tornadn Truck Cart• Windstorm Workmen's Compensation W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY (o\n>\\y - \lorJuunc lonns- Insurdn. BM IIIIMI I I Phone 3075 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS *'*<•* bfttrr automobile* «re *milt MVtCK mtlt bmllt tkrmt LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Go. WALNUT & BROADWAY TELEPHONE 555 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service SHEET METAL WORK. -OF ALL KINDS work tor gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thlcknesi Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Bruadwaj Phonl 2,4,

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