The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 26, 1933
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Served by the United Press BCFIHEVIELE HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 1C4 Bly'neville D»Uy, New. Blytherllto Oouitar. V»11»T LtuKr. Blytherillf Hermld, BLYTHEV1LLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY,' Sm'TKMBKK 20, 1933 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NAB "MACHINE GUN" KELLY AT MEMPHIS Uncounted Dead In Mexican Storm CIT! OF' •Cupid-Rides on Dixie in New Courier ISfvws Story Shin Ra City On)v Contact Wilh Outside World 'lii'ij a i:er,stmable youny man i meets a pretty yirl on u train. I the:e is often the beginning of a ,: story—particularly when Cupid Is riilir.^ the blinds. Dob Weston, who was n:t only personable but wealthy, met Joan MEXICO CITY. Sew. 20 lUP) — Tampico, Mexico's princiual northern norr. was shattered today, with ihe bodies of scon 1 '; of its piti/ons piled in the streets, alter a hurricane that ravaged an area ex- lendiiiR 70 miles inland. No authentic estimate of casualties or damage was available. Reports from Tamntco said that i he known deiuh lisl was reaching into the hundreds wilh rescue parties still digging in the ruins of buildings. Railroad officials further inland reported that 'the casualty list probablv would tola! 5,000 and injured., From the German steamship Kiel, in Tampico harbor, Tampi- eo's sole means of communication »;iih the outside world, came this radio message: "It is impossible 10 imagine ilie extent of the trastcdv. Parts of Ihe j he had ever seen, city not destroyed by the wind arc I And that is- the 10 or 15 feet under water." On the basis of the Kiel's report the interior depailment announced: "Probably this is the v;orst disaster In the history of Mexico." The hurricane flootlcrl the Pim- uco and Tamesi rivers that join at Tampico. Floods and fragmentary reports of deaths were re- Wlicn the three of. them were tn- vilcd lo a week-Mid party nn Mississippi plantation. Jo:in soon found out that Barbara was her rival—and that she had a name for playing any game to win Rules didn't bother her. Later the scene shifts from the South to New York — but whal happened lo Joan Waring wher '.\Y: lilt Broadway would be telling You'll probably want to find on for youiself. Tliere Is n.lot of action in "For- eolten Sv-eetheart" and the suspense keeps "P lo the very end. -As for love Interest, when you have two Joan and Barbara, a handsome lad like Dob Weston and a Cupid who does his Lepanto Thieves Return i German Marks to Owner 1 Kl'ANTO, Ark. — Thleivs who 'rote Inlo the home of M. llln- |dnr»ky here Frlilny night und i'lilted' Hues old pocket books Muffed with family n-lnkels and akes. an 1 evidently vexed. For n^vl Rnl R^dimo <WTld" : '' y n ' l "" 1C(1 'hiring, the early norljtsui Kegime oct.Tib| lig ,, ls Sumlliy mui .,,i llB ilm , k , ri „ ' • hunch of faded 'Oei rtuni paper jimiilu:' scullmul over the buck j Yard, pilfered from books. Fails to Win Political Sup- ported from all 'through the nren. On 'tile' coast big steamships were itoorted blown out to sea or nfchore. Inland many trains we it: missing in flood arenas. Joan AVaring | Waring on a Dixie bound flyer. He I thought she was the prettiest girl' uegiiining -of Fot^otten Sweetheart," a story by! Mnry Raymond, which starts i n ! the Courier News Thursday, Sep'..i 28. ! Cupid may have been working; Gveilime on the train to Memphis.! Later, he look n holiday --- and v;hen lie went back on Ihe job. he j mnde a mess of things. . . | Young Weston thought he loved .loan^and along came • Barbara Courtney. Barbara was undeniably pretty herself, and wore tlie kind shooting liob Western blindfolded, you bound to get a romance that 1 vivid and unusual. First installment of "Forgoller Texas Motorist Held for Drunken Driving of clothes that Joan read about in j Sweetheart" will appear fashion magazines. Uarbara had | newspaper on Thursday, ylamour—and wanted. Safe. HAVANA. Sept. 26. (UP)—i'resl dent Ramon Orau San Martin': newest conference with polltica leaders broke tip In complete falli lire early today. He still was «lll|i_ out political supjwrt bul there wa o real threat against his govern' lent. ,: Grau San Martin, gaining inurtJ trength In U:c minds of the peu} pie as he continued In oince. em- marked on a campaign nunisi agitators trying lo foment discontent In mines and on sugy ilantalions, including some owned >y Americans. .• j With no political parly allgneB behind him, San Martin faced the jroblem of allcn-jtiu gelther.the Spanish ambassador of t!ic Cuban Medical Federation. The federation seeks -concessions which would strengthen - it and weaken the system of clinics built up in the country by Spain . .; Hie pocket - Tlml Just 'real' Leachville Postoffice i Burglar Takes to Heelt LEACHVIIjLE, Ark.— An attempt by nn unknown marauder to break Into the I*«chvllle posloffiw cml- ed In Illght hist night when Night Marshal Newt Hipp u|>|*;ued upon Itif'-Kene. ;illpp surprised Ihc lone burglar us 'I ic was cutting arouiui the lock of the rear door lo Ihc iiostolllco with a brace and bit. Postmaster : Robert Lee said that If the burg- [lar Imd succeeded in breaking Hie r i v l • D«. .„„,,! i lock It would have been linpos.slblc l-cml bnployes in reiinsyl-| (or hlm to 1{nln cntnmcc ^^^ Vini-i CiO Olll Oil Strik vin.i vjo utu on ^u ii CHKSTKR, Pa., Sept. 80. Five tlxHisnnil employes of the Ford Inspired the robbery attempt. Mar- "' lton *>*rs Inside the door. Slnn> u , uc)lvmi . |uls ]10 talll( considerable sun is of money arc sometimes deposited In l!>e posl- office. and Ihls Is believed to have Motor company's plant lu-re ivf us- ''"»' '"P" « lls «"»ble lo Identify cd lo accept a inlnlri ..... "a"' ' l1 "-' *ould-bc robber, but described 50 cenls an hour for a 32-hour wwK.i lllm "s tl111 "'"I slender und, juilg- - LSI PLftlS FOR and went on strike today. •Ilu-y have been working 40 hours a week with n 50 cent minimum hourly wi«e. They wore net!fled last week of the 32-hour schedule with the snm« minimum wage. The strike came unexpectedly, plans for It having been passed from worker lo worker In a whls- i ing by the speed ' fled, young. which he -liancelloi' Gautncy Severs Martial Ties a I Brief Court Term. Twelve divorce decrees were i'.ranlcd by Chancellor J. F. Gant- ii';y of JcntsLoro in Ihe two (lay Itrm of chancery court ending ,>ere today. W. Ci. Sample was ordered to pnv $-M41 in back iillfjny lo M--S. Vclma L'dna Sample. They ».->re -divorced in 1029. C. J. Little was ordered to ad- \nnce. within CO days. $'25 for attorneys' lees. $20 for taking cvl- I'encc, and $20 a month lomporar\ alimony, starting Oct. I. lo Mrs. New Orlruiw Strike Knds NEW OHI.EANS, Sept. 20. IUP) —Alter a day of rioting during which one striker was wounded by a policeman who llred Into a crowd around the mill. t!ie I/me cotton ills strike was called olf, Workers resumed llielr Jobs this lornltiR by orders ot James llnrdc- ian, piesldent of the union. Mill wncrs and the strikers reprcscn- atlvos agreed to arbitrate on dlf- 1NILL pi ILL Small Dairymen Must Meet Requirements, Insp e c- Lepanto Legionnaires Will M »'" le , uitlc - pending nmu scttic- . .. ° .2, ' 'incut of her suit for separate Invite Nearby lowns to! -"ainlenance and his cross-com. p ,• • plaint for an absolute divorce. : in thi It's she knew what sheistmy. you'll want to follow right to [the end. G. W. Goodwin. Texas motorist, was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated Hits morning after his car crashed into a wagon near Yarbro. Occupants 'Of the car and wagon with minor bruises. Jim Robertson and family \vercl - tiUVaU" 1 ™ tot " 0m """ lU '° I Association, Will Hol Eddie j ,l Session BIPTISISr IET NE1T WEEKlis oore Named Collector for Louisiana District An- Thc arrest was made by B. David, deputy sheriff. Legion Meeting Held nual Cession at October 3 and 4. KEISER. Ark. — Tlie annual _ -* i^r.ior.n. niN. — int.- .IILIIULU Last Night at BaSSettj meeting of the Mississiopl County WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. (UP) — •esklenl Roosevelt today appointed Daniel E. Moore of New Orleans collector of Internal revenue for the Louisiana dislricl. . | • Blow til long ''• NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 20. lUP) j —The appointment of Danie [ Moore of New Orleans, as collector i of internal revenue for the Louisina district regarded liere as Baptist association be another administration blow a i. - , ... j j 0 ' 1 '', Senator Huey P. bong, who recently The first, of a series of good will-: hcl '<-' on Tuesday and Wednesday, j ^ d hJ hc admln , 5lnulol ' r |X?, B^tist ShlTof f Z ; ';-.,go to hen ,-ilii their federa will attend the meeting, l J ^ ^ rccommenUed fo , th , job by former Governor John M LEPANTO, Ark , Sept. 20.—Plans or the holding of Ihe annual Am- rlcan Legion Terrapin Derby in Lepanto will be completed tonight t a joint meeting of the Willie .amb Post No. 26 and the Willie. ,amb Auxiliary, to be held at the Legion lint. Legion posts of the Fifth dis- rlcl will be asked to send floats 'rbm tlieir respective towns, with i princess and five maids. A Queen ot the Derby will be chosen rom those princesses to represent he Fifth district. Boyce Dlckson. post commander, and Mrs. NL' O. Whayne, president of the 'u'hll. will appoint the various committees tonight and a princess to represent this post will also be chosen. , • A date for the Derby will also be set. which will either be the second or third week in October. American Legion post in conun ities of Mississippi county, was county held at Bassctl last nieht. I which will be presided over by the A regular post meeting was held I! ' v - J - ''• Neivsnm. pastor of the Decrees were :. graiited In the following cases: Mrs. Myrtle Fo\ i's. Sau?l E. Fox. desertion; Mrs Ada Davis vs. Jlmmie Davis, dc- ^rrtlon; Mllchel Mosler vs. Jossle Mosier, adultery; Mary Miller vs Jpmes M. Miller, desertion; Dwlgh Bpntley vs. Gladys Benllc-y, deser tian; Bertha Ooforth vs. Join Goforth, cj'iiel and Inhuman treat nvnl; Madge Keltzninn vs. Gcorg Kf-lt/man, Indignities; Eva Wheel • vs. lillLs V/heeler, Indignities ArJey D. Thurman vs. Ruby Ma Tlnirman, de.s,r.-tion; P. J. O'Brle vs. Bettle O'Brien. Indlgnitle. 1 Mrs. If. D. Robinson vs. H. I Robinson, dec-ec and alimony fo ijrcrl of children; Irene Vat: rn vs. Willie Vanhorn. Osceola Deputy May Have Kelly Companion Ark. (Special)—Be"playing a hunch" OSCEOLA, ii;ved to be Will Study Development of Mississippi Valle crentcs JRA. under the provisions of tor Announces. The so-called one and two dairymen, of whom there are scv eral hundred In the city \vlll com POLICE ARREST JRSHOT Bailey Gangster Taken ait Rooming House With Wife, Two Companions MEMPHIS, Sept. 20. lUt'lWIlh- out a struggle, although heavily armed, George "Machine ami" Kelly, notorious southwest outlaw,. wns captured by federal agenla h(iru today with his wife and two confederates. A few hours after the .arrest in squalid suburban apartment Kel- openly defied ,the authorities by ircatenlng lo escape from. the , Memphis Jail, declaring: • .'. '. Tell the world I'll be out ol ere." Face Early Trial He and his lltlan haired wife, athcrlne, are under Indictment In :ie (200,000 kidnaping of Charles '. Urschel, wealthy Oklahoma City 11 man. whose life he recently .- hrcatened If other defendants in lie cose were convicted. Authorities at Oklahoma city iibseciuently announced that Kelly ind Ills wife would be brought- to rial miilcr Ihc Urschel indictment* here on October 9. Arrest 61 Kelly, his wife, and J. Tlclmor and S. E. Travis, ton-!. Says G'kifed Shop Banned WASHINGTON, Sepl. 20. (UP) — The controversy between organized abor and manufacturers groups ver whether the recovery act per- nils "closed shops" under Industry odes flarec?-up again today. John 0. Call associate counsel of. the. National Manufacturers. In Association an analysis the collective- bargaining sections of the acl, hel(t thai closed shop agreements "are no*' universally plants operating under void" In codes. Body Workeni Quit DETROIT, Sept; 20. (UP)— Many o[ | lie skilled tool and die makers employed by tliree large automobile body manufacturers walked out under Ihe same strict rcgulmloi and taxation as the larger dalrle unlcr the city ordinance rccentl passed and previous regulator measures. O. Shonyo, city milk Inspecto lias announced the manner of pervlslou for the one anil two co dairies which will come under h Inspection. "All OIK and two cow dalryme Inside the corporation or sellin milk and milk products Inskte t(i corporation must comply with state board of health rules and -regulations and must have d permit before selling- any milk." Shonyo declared. "Further they must also obtain a city license from the city cleric and must htve i permit from tiie city milk Inspector before obtaining licence. "All parties living- In Ihc country federalcs, climaxed a brilliant search conducted for weeks by Jod«- : eral department of Justice. agents' who were so sure of ultimate'cap? ture that they spurned an offer of surrender. :• Kelly Drop* Ills Gun , : Tlie four were captured in on unobtrusive rooming .-house In the selling milk and milk products must comply with the state board of health rules governing sale of t here loday as the Mechanics Edu- mll|f - Dnl1 <"»* products. If no de- calional Society called a strike iorl llver y Is'mjde In town no city 11- higher wages. Tile three manufacturers affected arc Murray Body, Fisher Body, and Brlggs Manufacturing company duy shifts, numbering several thousand workers. cense is required. "Tlie standard will be enforced Shonyo declared. milk ordinance on all dairies," |d -., -— - - , •rim next of the<* nicctini:<; will or Little Rock, slate secretary of!- . u u u b,- aManilaGoober"ft pur- missions. Dr. J. H. Mallory of-SerVlCCS Held Here po-c is to keep in active touch Jonesboro, president of Jonesboro II, ex-S", vice men who do not | Baptist college, and J. P Fnend of • Blylheville. president of the state i I B." P. U. organisation. Tlie meeting | Brief funen! services were held ' ~ ' this ex-service live In or near For Newport Infant Blytheville. Chicago Wheat •will be the occasion for I nual election of officers. the an-':it Maple Ornvc cemetery IVc May open 91 3-4 95 3-4 high 93 1-8 97 3-8 iow 69 7-3 9-1 1-8 eiose Month Old Yarbro Baby ! ™ ,.„! Succumbs Early Today] Barbara Gene Wn.'.'Ker. month I 7-ir.orning for Jennlsuc Wliltley. six j vear old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WASHINGTON. Sept. 2(i. (UPI — Public Works Administrator Ickcs announced today Ihe appointment of a Mississippi drainage area board to study previous surveys of the Mississippi river val!cy and to ^ ^ „.»,...„ .. recommend a national program of ,.,^ C. T. Terrall, self-admitted ] development, former convict taken into custody __™c personnel of the committee at Keiser Sunday night mighr be .1 companion cf George "Machine Gr.n" Kelly. Hale Jackson, chief j deputy sheriil here, was en route ; to Memphis this aflernoon wilti I Terrall to have him questioned byj row s. Chicago. officers tliere. I — Terrall, who was recently dis- Uklahoma Hunters charged from the Missouri stale at,-Jefferson Cily, was plcl;- eil up by officers aflcr he and a Included Charles H. Paul. Dayton. O.; Harbcrl S. Crocker, DDiivcr. Col.; Samuel M. Wcodward. Iowa City. Iowa; n. Solon Graves, New Haven. Conn., and Harlan H. Bar- Suspense Pool Will Pave Way for Loans on Cotton Cotton growers desiring to take advantage of the 'forthcoming 10 cents a |»und loan on cotton may draw an Immediate, advance of 8 cents a pound from Ihe Mld-Soulh Cotlon Growers assodallon, pending working out of details of Ihe loan plan, C. G. Smith, local director of the Mid-South, was advised In a communication from Memphis today. The assoclalton hns cslabllshed a Infantile Paralysis Fatal to Baby Girl Barbara Ann Lcndcnnie, U- months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Undennie, of the Recce community southeast of Blytheville, died at 4:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon at tUc Blythevllle hospital. Her death was attributed to Infantile paralysis. Funeral services will be held today at the home of W. M. Lenden- nle, grandfather of the deceased, with the Rev. Mr. McCauley officiating, interment will be made at Elmwood cemetery. Tl'.e Cobb Un- suburbs-of Memphis. A long line ' ol houses of the same archltectu- : ral design Is on either side. • A cordon of police surrounded tlie. dwelling at 8 a.m. and a detail of ' heavily armed detectives and pa- . Irtimen made their way to the en- ; trance. A patrolman faced Kelly's door with a poised Cnwed-olf shotgun and rapped. The door, swung open and K*Uy stood there with » 45 automatic in his hand. ' ... " "Drop it. Kelly,", the patrolman snapped, "or you'll die right there." The weapon dropped to the floor and Kelly's hancis went up quickly. Police Selie Arsenal '' Police announced that more than a dozen machine guns and riot guns were found in the apartment and In automobiles. The machine guns, about riitJl- mornlng, wiire unloaded at the por lice station! H was the greatest array of ammunition ever seized, jn or near Memphis. .It* "He has more ammunition th»n the police department," a patrolman. \~ . . Kelly was handcuffed to a. da- tectlve and two patrolmen were ordered lo keep machine guns trained on tlie prisoner at every move he made. AH doors leading to the police station were locked and -'were in .-. : r.uikj.M.i *_n.i>* - - tyO Lorn . U-d daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. Ered|« . ! walker, at eight o'clock this. The few Whitleys lived here until months ago. May 0]>en 52 1-4 58 1-2 high 52 5-8 SJ 7-3 low- 50 1-2 55 1-8 New York Cotton 57 l-l' Funeral sen-Ires will bo held lo- nioirow aflernoon at • two o'clock .it the home of the deceased's pmidfnthcr. G. J. Walker. 626 n*h street. Failures at Lowest Level in Years NEW YORK. Sept. 26. (UP)— Tre number of business failures In the NEW YORK. Sept. Cotlon closed steady. open high 0:t 98J 9D4 I>c 1008 1023 J.-.H 10H 1029 March 1072 1041 May 1051 1001 July 1070 10SO 2G (UP) — low close 979 919-80 1003 1008-09 1014 1017 1031 1034-35 1050 1050 1008 1060 is in .nenls. ^,_ u Undertaking company! week ended September 22 was the charse of funeral arrange- 1 smallest for any full week-in sev- viiut^v w „„„. ,. nnp - nun anH Prflrictro*»l companion, Van Dealon, said to wanted In Mississippi for forg- eiy. were surprised in a cotton iROn. Dealer, has so far escap- I arrest. No reason that Terrall companion ::nced. for the probability might have been a ol Kelly's was ad- Prospector Found Gold — But It Was Old Ring spccial "suspense" pool any lenderabie cotlon may be placed. Eight cenls a pound will be advanced at once, and as soon which ! dcrlaking company Is In charge of uneral arrangements. Trie deceased is survived by her parents, and one sister. OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (UP) as the government loan plan Is pcr- Dpor SpaQnn i fcctcd the balance of two cents a UKCI OCHMJII pound or morfi wm M pjj^ WJiile details of the loan plan have not been announced, it is ex- Samuel Insull Laughs at Prince's Accusation on deer in 11 years «°-!? h ° m!l i*' 1 " havo ,, 1Us first own pected it will provide for a loan , „. .,.._ i ^ cents n pound on seven' eighths Inch middling cotton, wilh larger amounts on colton of longer staple. season Inu diir- of Ho] limiled to resident Okia- imans wearing red coals. The DUTCH FLAT. Harry Kindlebler Calif. (UP) — arrived here dates are Nov. 7-11. inclusive. The slate game and fish commission decided the long closed season had not been successful in adding to Ihe number, pf.deer in he state, because of Illegal hunt-. Ins; during the period. , Hunters will be limited to one each, and the buck must Levee Projects Will Give Thousands Jobs | eral years. Dun and Bradstreet, I Inc.. reported today. The total was 259 as compared with 10 pennies and a week's supply of beans, but he refused to bo- come downhearted. He started "panning" nearby streams, just as any prospector would do. with 529 in the corresponding week | He found gold, all right — but of 1932, and 483 in the corresponding week of 1931. Spots closed quid but steady nt j MEMPHIS. Sept. 26. (UP)—Al- 1(05. unchanged. Itnost 4.000 men will be given em- Iplouiieiu in three weeks In another »r s\ I f*lt~*,', 'ink of the federal levee construc- New Orleans Co«on; llm proj( , ct . on tho Missi!al p p i. I Tlie engineers office said today NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 26 (UP)—(that work will start at a nearly I the family nome at 3:15 o'clock Colton closed ([Ulet but. steady. date on construction of 13,000,0001 yesterday. Her death was said to Hcnson Baby Dies Helen Louise Henson, 10-months- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Henson of Promised Land, died at in the form of a, heavy ring set with an Immense diamond. It bore the date of 1852, and had queer Chinese designs worked with scores of little nuggets—a relic ol the real "rush" days in old California Railroads May Get Loan to Buy Rails Jim March May J.'ly open 975 933 1006 1018 1016 1025 1031 1043 lOSO 10CO IOC!) 1012 htfih lo\v close " 973 975-17 1003 1004-05 1016 101G 1030 1030-3: 1047 10-11 1CW9 10C4 . Spots close:! sle.idy al 981. off 4. cubic yards of levees in Ihe lower I have resulted from an attack ot St. Francis and White fiver dis tricts. A 30-hour working \vcck with minimum wages of 40 to 45 cents Mrs. Tressie Rhodes Dies at Sandy Ridge Mrs. Tressie Rhodes, 24, wife of Leslie Rhodes, died at three o'clock , this morning at the family home have horns six inches or more in I in the Sandy Ridge community. -ength. Hunters must w«ar bright! Funeral services will be held this red "upper outer garments." lo I afternoon at Sandy Ridge ceme ' helr fe " ows from mistaking t ery with the Rev. Mr. Stanfield them for bucks. malaria fever. Funeral services were held this morning at Maple Grove cemetery. The L. O- Moss Undertaking com- an hour will prevail under provi-1 pany was in charge, slons of Ihe public works admlnis-! The deceased is survived by, be- trallon, i sloes her pirents, a. sister, Ruby. WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. (UPI — Possibility th»t J25.000.000 of public works funds would be allocated to railroads to buy steel rails was foreseen today as Federal Railroad Coordinator Joseph B. • Eastman conferred with Col. Henry M Walte, deputy public works jidmtulstrtlor, Yale Boxing Instructor Volunteer Life Saver MADISON, conn. IUPI-MOSCS King. Yale University boxing instructor, spends his vacation at the beach here, but saving people from trie surf keeps him almost as busy a s though he had a regular Job as a life saver. King has rescued 11 men, women and children this season, and his record for the last several years Is around a hundred. Kine has saved swimmers and rescued persons from disabled boats until he "rids It second nature lo krrp .in eye on the beach and his marine glasses handy,- officiating. Interment will be made I at the cemetery. The Cobb Under taking company is In charge of fu neral arrangements, The deceased Is survived by, be sides her husband, two children :ier mother and two sisters. ATHENS, Greece, Sept. 26. (OP) ^Samuel Insull, fugitive Chicago utilities operator, laughed today when informed that Prince Serge Mdivani had named him in a divorce suit against his wife, Mary McCorralc, grand opera star. "I cannot l-.eip it if he names me corespondent," Insull said. "I only knew Miss McCormlc as one of a number of opera singers In Chicago." Lamson Will Appeal Sentence to Gallows SAN JOSE. Cal.. Sept. 26. (UP) —David A. Lamson was sentenced today to be hanged at San Quen- tln prison (or the murder of his wife, AHene. Lamson's attorneys said they would carry their fight to tic state appelatc court. Evangelists Preaching at Two Lepanto Churches LEPANTO, sermons arc Ark.— Two series being conducted the Baptist and Church of Christ here this week. Rev. Thomas T. Martaln, veieran southern evangelist, is conducting the services at the Baptist church, and Rev. George W. Dchoff, youthful evangelist, Is leading the services at the Church of Christ, WEATHER guarded by machine guns to prevent a possible attempt to liberate : Kelly. Admits Identity •>-> All doubt of his Identity :was swept aside by the announcement of w. A. Rorer, U. S. government agent from Birmingham, who, declared "they admit their identity. 1 ; Rorer made his report to J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the bureau '6f Investigation at Washington, by long distance telephone. ' " ' "We haven't finger-printed them yet, but shall do so shortly," Rorer told Hoover, "t have a coded telegram," the agent said. "It was sent lo Tlclmor from Fcrt Worth, TeK., and it Is being sent to Washington to be decoded." .... Kelly not only is wanted in connection with the Urschel kidnaping case, in which he boldly threatened death to tlie victim of the country's costliest abduction if convictions resulted from the- trial, but also in connection with a spectacular robbery In Chicago recently. .. Wanted In Chicago KUUtij That incident cost the life of Policeman Miles Cunningham of Chicago when Cunningham, off duty and carrying home his first paycheck In weeks, tried to frustrate a bandit holdup of a federal reserve money automobile. Tl-.e bandits roared away from the- scene In a burst of smoke ingeniously emitted irom the exhaust of their car. Cunningham died In a parting volley of machine gun shots. • Aside from admitting their identity, authorities wfco effected the arrests here said the four declined Arkansas — Occasional showers tonight and Wednesday. Cooler in extreme northwest portion tonight and In north portion Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Occasion a! showers tonight and Wednesday The maximum temperature here yesterday was 90, minimum 11 clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weatlwr oUmer, to comment on their recent activities and remained sullen. Physicians Aided Employes SALT LAKE CITY, Utah tup)— County hospital workers here found a Jrler.d In the advisory tfard of physicians./ Members of the board served notice of resignation unless the county corrected overworking of employes.

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